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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 4

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 4: Strike The Blood (Part 1)

Hearing the young man say so, Shen Yi laughed: “Sometimes people can’t live for survival only, we must always find something we like and feel it is worth pursuing. Using precious bloody points to buy a car, in the eyes of others it may be a luxury and stupid thing, but as long as you feel it’s worth it, why should you care about other people’s view? The happy mood sometimes is more important than one or two pieces of equipment. The quality of life sometimes is more meaningful than the quantity of it.”


That young man’s eyes became bright, grabbed Shen Yi’s hand and shouted: “That’s right! That’s right! I think so too. What is the meaning of living for survival? Those people are simply brain-broken. To talk about the quality of life, in Bloody City there are so many things to enjoy but many people pretend not to see them in order to save some bloody points, it’s meaningless. I’m not so silly. When you’re still alive, you must live to the fullest.You’re the only one who has appreciated me till now, haha!”


The young man laughed so hard.


Shen Yi quietly pulled his hand back: “I don’t appreciate, but everyone has their own attitude to live by. The road of life is your own choice, as long as you like it, it is your best choice. Moreover, if you buy a car, it may not be just to enjoy it.”


The young man stunned, his expression became serious, and then turned into a hippie smiling face: “Not only to enjoy it, but for what else?”


“Use this rhetorical excuse to deal with other people, not me. Buying a car to show off, this behavior must first be based on the fact there are people worth showing off the object to. But in Bloody City, where can you find people to show off to? Who will envy your car? They will only be distressed about the wastage,” Shen Yi said:” Moreover, if you buy just a motorcycle, may I think you only want to enjoy. But with an infinite energy battery, well … if you just want to drive in Bloody City, why did you need to set up the infinite energy battery? “


Zhou Yiyu fell silent. He put on his sunglasses again, gave Shen Yi a thumb up.


Shen Yi asked: “Do you have Driving Forte?”


Zhou Yiyu shrugged. Not prying about other’s secret, Shen Yi no longer said anything as he turned and left.


“Hey, wait for me!” The young man started the motorcycle, lifted the handlebar and used only the rear wheel to drive along the ground, saying to Shen Yi, “I think you’re a good guy, maybe we can be friends. “


“I already have friends.”


“Then adding one more won’t hurt, right? Formal introduction, my name is Zhou Yiyu and before entering Bloody City I was a model.”


Pop! Zhou Yiyu put the handlebar down using only the front wheel to glide forward along the ground. His riding skills were pretty good.


“I’ve guessed that too … your clothes are worth dozens of bloody points.”


“Not much, a total of 50 points. How about you? What’s your name?”


Shen Yi ignored him and continued to take the initiative to move forward.


Zhou Yiyu was disappointed: “Well, if you don’t want to then no need to say it, but if you need any help, you can tell me. I’m familiar with this area.”


Shen Yi looked back at him: “I’m looking for a man named Xie Rongjun, do you know where to find him?”


Zhou Yiyu grinned: “Of course.”


“… My name is Shen Yi.”


“Nice to meet you.”




In the Common District, the training ground was the most popular place besides the market and the bar. It was bigger and its conditions were better than the shabby environment of the training ground in the Slums District. In here, adventurers could hire their own room to train alone, or hire a team room for team training. The training room could be bought, however most adventurers chose to hire it.


Zhou Yiyu brought Shen Yi to a three floor training, half of which was the most luxurious training hall in the Common District. Training in here, such as skills, one could get a 10% increase of the regular training effect. Of course rental prices were not cheap.


Arriving in front of room 312, a big guy was guarding in front of the door. Seeing Zhou Yiyu coming, he frowned: “Kid, why aren’t you outside and flirting with girls? Why did you come here?”


Zhou Yiyu pointed at to Shen Yi who was beside him: “This person wants to see Xie Rongjun.”


That guy took a look at Shen Yi: “What’s it about?”


Shen Yi replied: “Tell him it’s something about his brother.”


That guy had a slight shock as he looked deeply at Shen Yi, then pushed open the door to enter. A moment later, he came out and said to Shen Yi: “Captain said to let you wait at the cafe outside.”


The training ground cafe was very elegant.


Shen Yi sat in the corner of the cafe, as he asked for two cups of coffee for himself and Zhou Yiyu, and then casually said: “It seems like this Xie Rongjun is very famous in the Common District.”


“You’re looking for him, but don’t know who he is?”


“You heard it too, I am just passing his brother’s message.”


“Why didn’t he come here himself?”


“He can’t come.”


Zhou Yiyu was stunned, as he muttered: “The hell, don’t tell me he’s already …”


Shen Yi nodded. Very relaxed and drinking a coffee, he said: “What kind of person is Xie Rongjun?”


Zhou Yiyu thought as he answered: “He is the captain of one of the three strongest teams in the Common District. I heard that they completed several difficult missions. However, the most important thing is that they have gone to the wilderness. Any team who has been able to return alive from the wilderness would be recognized as a strong team in Common District.”


“What is the wilderness?”


When Zhou Yiyu was about to answer, a man who had a gold dragon tattoo with his upper body bared and dressed in a red cape came out. Five adventurers followed behind him, all with fierce looking faces.


If the adventurers in Difficulty Level 1 were still in the process of adapting to Bloody City, then for the adventurers in Difficulty Level 2, their basic attitude had gradually been adjusted, thus truly adapting to this world. Their ferocity didn’t come from their looks, but from their bones. Everyone here was a homicidal butcher.


Zhou Yiyu seeing them come out, whispered: “We’ll talk later.”


The tattooed man sat opposite Shen Yi. From his appearance, he and Xie Hongjun were really similar, but compared to Xie Hongjun, this man appeared to have a calmer temperament.


Xie Hongjun had said before his death that his eldest brother was invincible. Shen Yi had not take his words seriously, but for the time being, this Xie Rongjun really was not ordinary adventurer. Think about it, he could easily give a Practicing Manual book and and a team covenant to his brother, his own power would be quite strong.


At this moment, the dragon tattooed man said: “I’m Xie Rongjun, is my brother dead?”


Shen Yi nodded. In Bloody City, this outcome was not too difficult to guess.


Xie Rongjun’s expression wasn’t changed, simply asked: “How did he die?”


Shen Yi calmly presented the contract with Xie Hongjun to Xie Rongjun and then said: “I killed him.”


When the answer came out, the audience was shocked. Xie Rongjun eyes expressed a storm-like pressure as he looked at Shen Yi.


Shen Yi calmly told him what happened, a neither tortuous nor complex story. Xie Rongjun quickly understood how his brother died in the end. He did not show too much grief as he just stared at Shen Yi.


A man near him stood up, saying: “Captain…”


Xie Rongjun lifted his hand and the man immediately shut up without saying anything. Shen Yi’s heart felt a little chill. This meant Xie Rongjun had high prestige in his team. In Bloody City, the only way to establish prestige is strength. Thinking of this, he quietly used Appraisal.


“ID E2297, Xie Rongjun, Strength 52, Agility 32, Vitality 40, MP 37, Will 26. Team: Strike The Blood. Role: Captain. Skills 1? 2? 3? 4?. Practicing Manual ?. Bloodline ?.”


Because Appraisal did not belong to the attacking category, it could be used within Bloody City. Xie Rongjun’s attributes, although they were higher than his, also basically belonged to normal cases of adventurers in Common District. However, this Xie Rongjun also had a Practicing Manual and Bloodline although the specific circumstances were unclear.


Since Zhou Yiyu said Strike The Blood team was quite powerful, then Xie Rongjun must be extraordinary in some aspects. Thinking of this, Shen Yi also tried to use Appraisal on the man beside Xie Rongjun.


At this point, Xie Rongjun looked Shen Yi, suddenly said: “Seen enough? E5371.”


Shen Yi was surprised as he suddenly found himself temporarily unable to use Appraisal.


Xie Rongjun’s gaze was as sharp as a sword, severely poking Shen Yi. His voice had become low and long: “I already knew this day would come … Rongjun made a big mistake, he was too greedy.”


“It’s no wonder that when we were still on Earth, he was the most favorite young son in the family, my father loved him, my mother spoiled him, and everything followed him …” Xie Rongjun slowly said, his tone was cold and calm.


“So he developed the habit of ‘must gain what I want’. As long as it seemed good, he wanted to have it. In fact, sometimes I hated him, hated him for having my parents’ love, hated him for always giving me trouble, hated him for disappointing me and for depending on me to solve all his problems.


“When we arrived in Bloody City, I knew that this boy was going to have problems sooner or later. Even if he did not die through the quests, he would die under someone else’s hand. He was the type of person such that you would not mess with him but he would still mess with you. In Bloody City, the first thing to learn is to not be afraid of troubles, but the second is to learn not to stir up trouble. A truly strong adventurer would never make enemies easily, but be more willing to make more friends. Being good at provoking people … such people always don’t live for long.”


Talking about this, Xie Rongjun sighed.


He reached out his hand and the man beside him handed him a cigarette whilst another lit the fire for him.


Blowing out a thick ring of smoke, Xie Rongjun looked at Shen Yi and said: “In fact, when I had the opportunity to let my brother to join my team, I had a way to break through the level restrictions. But I didn’t do that because I know he is a curse, a problem. With him in the team, the team would fall into disasters. As a captain, I am not only responsible for myself, but also for my teammates. So at that time I didn’t let him into the team… I didn’t expect that this bastard would give me trouble even after he died, but it doesn’t matter much anymore.”


His eyes gradually getting icy and glared straight to Shen Yi’s eyes, saying, “My brother was a bastard, I know that very well, but he’s still my little brother after all. And since you’ve killed him, I have to slaughter you. From now on, count your days left. If I am not wrong, you will quickly be promoted into the Common District, right? Then that is when you and I will have a deathmatch, I will find you … I will do to you what you did to my brother. “


Shen Yi stood up: “I’ll be waiting.”


He left the cafe, walking out of the training ground.


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