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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 40 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 40

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 40: Repair Center

When Shen Yi had previously repaired that big guy, he consumed 100 energy and 8 points of mana. Even so, it only repaired 90 AP and fixed a small amount of damage.


For the degree of damage, he would have to do it at least 14 times before the Harvester could be fully restored.


100 points of energy, even with his double regen rate, would also require 2 hours for him to recover. 8  MP would take half an hour to recover. Calculating the average conversion, 1 hour of recovery time would allow him to perform such repairs twice, then 14 repairs required full 7 hours of recovery time.


When he was previously repairing, he naturally would not share that information with Zhou Yiyu. At that time however, Zhou Yiyu asked, and Shen Yi answered.


Zhou Yiyu stunned when hearing the details.


In other words, he paid 300 BP for this Harvester and still had to let Shen Yi use it for another seven hours.


That made him nearly go mad.


However, Shen Yi’s next words struck him even more. He looked at Zhou Yiyu with sympathy and said, “This is not even the worst thing, there is another problem.”


“What?” Hearing Shen Yi say that it was not the worst thing, Zhou Yiyu’s heart sunk even more.


“It’s too big to fit into our Bloody Crest.” Shen Yi’s extended his hand: “Moreover, it’s not fast enough to keep up with the speed at which you drive… In other words, before it becomes a fighting force, it is first of all, a burden.”


“What the hell!” Zhou Yiyu now learned why Shen Yig had been so generous. He actually forgot to consider the size of the Harvester. He shouted, “Is this Harvester not going to work?”


Shen Yi smiled slightly. “Don’t worry, if you really couldn’t take it away, why would I be repairing it?”


Zhou Yiyu felt like his mood had become a plaything for Shen Yi, and he shouted, “So what are you talking about?”


“Disassemble it,” Shen Yi answered very seriously.


Zhou Yiyu was so shocked that his jaw almost fell out. “Disassemble? Do you mean we should tear it down?”


“Yeah!” Shen Yi nodded affirmatively. “Our storage space has ten cubic meters. It’s definitely not enough to store a whole one, but there should be no problem if we disassemble and store it into everyone’s space.”


“The question is whether it can be used after it is dismantled?”


“Aren’t you forgetting that the last shot which almost killed you was from a Harvester with only half body?”


Zhou Yiyu remained dumbfounded for a long time and finally spat it out, “Motherf*cker!”


The large armored robot was going to be disassembled and packed away in pieces. How could Zhou Yiyu think there was nothing wrong with that?


Shen Yi clearly intentionally sold him a chicken rib(1).


“This cunning businessman …” Zhou Yiyu gritted his teeth, but he did not still dare to offend Shen Yi; if Shen Yi decided not to repair the robot, what would he do?


However, considering Shen Yi ‘s costs for repairing the Harvester, but not charging for it demonstrated a very humane performance, Zhou Yiyu suddenly felt that he could not stand up for himself. He was in a moment of conflict and did not know what to do.


Shen Yi said to Jin Gang, “You, come help disassemble this big guy; remember, do not split it, since you have to assemble it later.”


“How do I take it down?” Jin Gang asked gloomily. “I don’t understand its structure.”


“Remove the screws.”


“You want me to use Telekinesis to remove the screw?” Jin Gang screamed. Wasn’t that purpose too mundane?


“Don’t worry, it’s also your job to screw it back when we reassemble it.”


“…I’m starting to hate my Psychic Power,” Jin Gang complained.


Shen Yi continued to shout to the soldiers he had summoned, “Dismantle all the weapons of all the Harvesters, especially those shells, and take everything that can be taken! Get it done in ten minutes!”


Even if they had already obtained a Harvester, Shen Yi would not pass on acquiring those heavy weapons.


In addition to the Harvester’s, Shen Yi had also received a T-700 Terminator’s Energy Core. Zhou Yiyu got three, and Jin Gang got two. As Shen Yi had predominantly focused on fighting the Harvesters and the drones, his harvest was less than that of Zhou Yiyu.


The most regrettable thing was those drones.


Except for one Energy Core he had previously taken, since the other drones had been bombarded in mid air and were scattered in a large area, it was extremely difficult to find their Energy Cores.


Shen Yi also stored away some of the more complete Terminators and moto Terminators into his own space.


Ten minutes later, Kyle returned and brought back five SUVs. Most of those cars had some problems and could not be forced to start. However, with Shen Yi’s ability, those minor problems presented no trouble at all. Moreover, those off-road vehicles had low technological content and did not consume much energy for their repairs.


After repairing the vehicles one after another, Shen Yi jumped onto one of them and waved his right hand. “Drive!”


Five SUVs rushed out of the city.


“Shen Yi, where are we going now?” Zhou Yiyu asked loudly as he drove.


For the convenience of dialogue, Zhou Yiyu, Shen Yi, and Jin Gang were all in a car, while Kyle, Marcus, and, other soldiers drove the other vehicles.


However, taking into account their previous performance, even if they heard the adventurers’ conversation, Marcus and they others already knew that those people were extreme humans. It was only because they were very clear on the situation that playing dumb was a necessary action.


Shen Yi opened the PDA containing the map they had bought before entering the Terminator world. While looking at the map, he replied, “There are two things to do now. One, find our other partners. Jin Gang, have you contacted them?”


Jin Gang replied in a loud voice, “Yes, Hong Lang and Wen Rou have just gotten rid of the Terminators. They are walking down the road and rushing towards us. Fatty is coming too. This guy is an escape-expert. His speed is even faster than Hong Lang.”


Shen Yi did not lift his head, and his fingers kept moving on the PDA. “Tell  them to go to the new designated gathering place.”


“New designated gathering place?” Zhou Yiyu asked, “What is that place?”


“That’s the second thing. That’s where we will head to now.”


Shen Yi pressed a key on the PDA and the outline of a factory appeared above the computer.


“The repair center?” Zhou Yiwu said, “This is a repair center in the suburbs. What are you going to do there?”


“I got some information from the air carrier. Obviously this place is a repair center occupied by the Terminators. It is designed to repair damaged robots, but only for the Terminator series. Don’t you want your Harvester to be able to resume fighting as soon as possible? Let’s go to this repair center and let me fix it.”


“You mean to use the most ancient method – manual repair?” Zhou Yiyu looked at Shen Yi in shock.


Shen Yi nodded. “Before entering Bloody City, I was a mechanical engineer. I have some expertise in mechanical engineering. This is my old business. Do you know that you don’t need to rely on special abilities for everything? For things that can be repaired by Psychic Power, hammers and screwdrivers can also do that. Although the repair center cannot repair the Harvesters, there will be some tools and equipment I can use to try to fix the Harvester manually.”


Zhou Yiyu moaned, “I think you should still use Activation, that makes more sense. The Harvester is not so easy to repair. Besides, you don’t understand its manufacturing principle. Even if you understood it, it would be impossible to repair it in a few hours.”


“Because I don’t understand it, I have to study it. I like mechanical engineering.” Shen Yi’s face gave off a bright smile.


At that moment, Zhou Yiyu suddenly had a bad feeling – that Harvester belonged to him in name only, and soon his precious robot might become scraps in the Shen Yi’s hands.


“What a f*****g hell! Why does this guy always have all kinds of bizarre things in his head?” Zhou Yiyu could not stop muttering.


Jin Gang provided a meaningful answer. “You’ll get used to it after a long time.”


At that time, Shen Yi quietly muttered, “Strangely, why do I suddenly feel like I have forgotten something important?”




The off-road vehicles rode in a hurry along the way.


The West Coast Repair Center was a repair center located on the western edge of Los Angeles. After Judgement Day, Skynet took control of the factories, and the West Coast Repair Center became the Terminator repair center in the city of Los Angeles.


Shen Yi’s thinking was clearly very fluid and adaptive; when his own energy was not enough, unlike other people, he did not choose to waste time waiting for energy recovery, but decided to immediately go to the repair center. It was akin to people who are accustomed to using lighters to light cigarettes: when the lighter runs out of gas, they often do not realize that matches can also achieve the same outcome.


When it came to the practical reality  their situation, it meant that missed battles could have serious consequences.


There were about 40 T-600 Terminator watchers on the West Coast Repair Center, supplemented by a few forts. However, in the adventurers’ eyes, that level of defense could not cause them any trouble.


The buggy rushed into the repair center. After the door was knocked down, Jin Gang jumped out and lifted hands. The two T-600s had already been wrecked and were deformed in the air by an invisible force.


Then Zhou Yiyu made the off-road vehicle flyin the space above their heads. The Vulcan artillery projected an array of bullets, tearing the Terminators into scraps of iron.


Twenty minutes later, the battle ended and the repair center fully fell under the control of adventurers.


Shen Yi jumped out of the car and quickly walked toward the repair center. He then ordered loudly, “Charles, you go to the highlands on the west for observation. White, you and Newman guard the door. Black, you look for the control center of this factory, then take my partner there with you. I want him to take control of that place first. Your mission is to protect him. You must put his life above your own!”


After saying that, Shen Yi pushed Xi Xiaofan towards the soldier and the latter took Xi Xiaofan to search the factory.


“Marcus, I need you to take care of Kyle for me. Is there a problem?”


“No problem.” Marcus nodded.


Shen Yi turned around and shouted towards Zhou Yiyu, “Take out your Harvester and then assemble it with Jin Gang. I’ll help you fix that broken thing. This factory should have some accessories and can save a lot of my Psychic Energy. The other soldiers have gone to familiarize themselves with the situation of the factory and to clear up the remaining robots. I want this repair center to be under my absolute control within ten minutes.”


He shouted loudly and all the soldiers moved.


Zhou Yiyu complained as he jumped out of the off-road vehicle, “I haven’t joined your team, yet I have to listen to his orders, and the worst thing is that I can’t refuse him.”


Jin Gang shrugged. “You’ll get used to it after a long time.”


“This is the second time you have said so.”


“You’ll get used to it after a long time.”




TL’s note:

  1. “chicken rib” means something has value but hard to use.


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