Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 42

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 42: Army of Robot

After an hour, Shen Yi stood in front of the repaired Harvester.


He had recorded all the data this Harvester. Although there were many parts he did not understand, it did not matter. When he returned to Blood City, he would have time to study it.


The PDA showed the current situation of that Harvester.


“C400 Harvester, 15 percent damage, AP 400/1500.”


Although manual maintenance did not accomplish much repair work, the replacement of parts and some simple repair work could greatly reduce the amount of energy consumed by Activation repairs, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency.


Although the AP value of this Harvester was less than one-third of its original value, the degree of damage was greatly reduced, and the basic functions were roughly repaired. The subsequent repair work would be much simpler.


Shen Yi calculated out loud, “Two hours are saved, and the next part can be done within four hours.”


Zhou Yiyu immediately said, “Don’t you have a lot of MP? You can directly overdraft HP to carry out full repair.”


Shen Yi laughed. “It’s not painful to spend other people’s money, right?”


Zhou Yiyu’s face turned slightly red. “I’m just anxious to see its power.”


Shen Yi smiled and patted the Zhou Yiyu’s shoulders. “Don’t worry, I promise that before the third round comes, we will have a complete Harvester to fight for us.”


“Are you going to eliminate all the Terminator troops that hunted us to complete the mission?”


“As long as the conditions permit, why can’t I do?” Shen Yi answered slyly, leaving Zhou Yiyu shivering.


He was increasingly recognizing his guilty and indulgent thoughts, but his awareness did not bring him any positive feeling.


Being inferior would never be a good feeling.


Seeing Shen Yi walk toward the factory, Zhou Yiyu chased and shouted, “Hey, you’re not really going to do this, are you?”


Shen Yi did not turn back, but answered, “I honestly hadn’t thought this before, but you’ve reminded me now. I think it’s a good idea.”


Zhou Yiyu shouted, “Are you crazy? We can’t beat those machines. The first wave was just T-600s and T-650s. The second wave brought the Harvesters. God knows what else will be sent for the third and fourth wave! I don’t want to wait for death! This is Survival mode, not a f*****g Last Stand mode!”


Shen Yi stopped and looked back at Zhou Yiyu. “You’re right. This is Survival mode, not Last Stand mode, but it’s not a run for your life mode either. Hey, the problem here is that there are a lot of means to survive: you can choose to hide in a hole like a rat, run wild like a deer, or fight like a tiger… As long as you survive, you can do whatever you want. In other words, Last Stand is also a good choice. ”


“But you also said that the difficulty of the Terminator world itself is greater than the Difficulty Level 1! It is the mission mode that balances the difficulty. If you fight it, it means you will be challenging the high difficulty level!”


“We have already challenged two rounds.”


“It does not mean that you can challenge the next two rounds. You should know that we can survive because a lot of luck in the second round of fighting!”


“If you don’t try, how will you know? Bloody City has given us an imposing task. Marcus and Kyle are here, so it means we are destined to face big trouble. Kyle will definitely give me problems. In this case, why not try to resist since we have an advantage?”


“It will be too late to run again if it fails.”


“I never regret my decision, even if it leads to death.” Shen Yi laughed and then hooked his arm around Zhou Yiyu. “Come on, come in with me, I want you to see something.”


“No matter what you show me, I will not change my mind!” Zhou Yiyu yelled in answer.


Jin Gang sighed in the distance.


After all, Zhou Yiyu did not know Shen Yi. He did not know that if he made up his mind to get someone to work for him, then most of the time that person could not get away.


If Zhou Yiyu saw Shen Yi’s preparation, he would definitely change his mind.


At least he would decide to keep fighting for another round!




The control center of the West Coast Repair Center was in the main production plant.


It was a large factory with an area of ​​up to 30 meters and an extremely large area.


When Zhou Yiyu entered the factory building, he was stunned by what he saw in front of him.


The surprise in the factory building was a large Terminator repair line. One damaged terminator was being dragged after another onto the repair line by a soldier and then transported by a conveyor belt. Numerous metal arms flew across the air and worked on those broken Terminators.


Those parts of the Terminator that were originally damaged were being dismantled and replaced with new parts, arms, sensor eyes, and even weapons.


There were also some Terminators which were seriously damaged. They were simply dismantled, salvaing only the good parts to be used as accessories.


Once a worn out Terminator was placed on the assembly line, it took only half an hour for it to be repaired into a brand new Terminator robot.


At the other end of the line  stood two full rows of Terminators and a large number of Moto Terminators, forming a small Terminator legion.


“What the hell!” Zhou Yiyu almost fainted.


He glanced at Shen Yi, and the latter shrugged. “Xi Xiaofan is completely controlling them. Now, they are our troops.”


“Where did they come from?”


“What else can it be? They are from the battlefield, of course.” Shen Yi smiled.


Zhou Yiyu recalled that before they came here, Shen Yi had already put a lot of damaged Terminators in his own space. He had long been prepared.


In fact, when Shen Yi decided to go to repair center, his initial motivation was to use the equipment here to repair a large number of damaged terminators.


When he first studied T-600, he took into consideration the issue: since Appraisal informed that the Terminator could be repaired after it got damaged, repairs was certainly not limited to abilities like Activation. Otherwise, it would not make sense.


So in the end, what kind of situation would allow adventurers to repair the Terminators without any special ability?


Shen Yi thought of the repair center under the control of Skynet.


Only that kind of place could guarantee that a Terminator that had been destroyed would be fixed to operate normally.


As for the fact that the repair center was a fully automated repair in the form of a assembly line was not surprising at all. If not automated, how could Skynet successfully control the rest of the world? Especially when it could not use humans?


However, it was precisely because of that that Shen Yi was able full use of the existing conditions to repair the Terminator in batches after counterattacking Skynet. Compared with the controlling authority of the mothership, the control authority of the repair center was obviously easier to obtain.


With those production lines, plus Xi Xiaofan, Shen Yi was able to effectively organize an robot army of his own in that mission world. Compared to the huge number of troops, the Harvester he gave Zhou Yiyu did not have much significance.


It was precisely because of this boldness that Shen Yi dared to clamour with the next round of chasing Terminators.


“I hope this will give you some confidence,” Shen Yi told Zhou Yiyu.


“How many of them?” asked Zhou Yiyu.


Zhou Yiyu suddenly felt that he was now confident. As for what he had previously said, it was already completely forgotten.


“Not a lot.” Shen Yi thought about it. “There are almost 20 sets of T-600s, 15 sets of T-700s, and 30 sets of Moto Terminators. Unfortunately, there aren’t any T-650s. The sort of self-exploding Terminator is actually quite easy to use. The effect of the mobile bomb is very effective, but it’s quite rare. I think it also belongs to a rarer category of the Terminator series.”


Once a T-650’s AP value reached 1 percent or less, it would explode immediately, unless its Energy Core was removed before it blew. If it were a one-on-one fight, Shen Yi would be more than happy to oblige.


But in a one-to-many situation, that would be meaningless risk. After all, not every shot would guarantee a piece.


“You fool, we can make them carry explosives on their body. When did your mind become as rigid as a machine?” Zhou Yiyu immediately said.


Shen Yi’s eyes brightened. “Yeah, I didn’t think of it! Get some explosives for each Terminator. We can make them take suicide charges and then detonate them… Anyway, the Terminators do not fear death.”


“I still have some magnetic mines that can be timed and detonated. If there aren’t enough explosives, we can use the magnetic mines. If they do not work, we can directly detonate rockets. If used properly, three or five ordinary Terminators can kill a Harvester.”


“It’s best to attach them on the Moto Terminators. They are fast and weak, and the best option is to use them as a bludgeon…”


“You have to leave some Moto Terminators for your soldiers. Their defensive power is too low. The Moto Terminator can increase their speed and increase their survivability.”


“It’s a good idea, oh yeah. There are some weapons here. You can help me by explaining how we can use them.”


“What are these weapons?”


“Do you still remember the heavy artillery on the Harvester? I brought it all back. I can fix it with my abilities. There are a total of four.”


“Then we need to build a temporary fort.”


“How about a buggy? Anyway, my soldier want to change the bike.”


“It’s a good idea. We can free up four off-road vehicles and put two T-600s on each car. One will be responsible for driving and the other will do the firing.”


“And, if necessary, rush over to create a detonating truck.”


“Hey, how about I tie them on the cables of my Harvester…”


“Then you must take it easy.”


The two of them were passionately discussing the use of these robots in a tone that resembled a group of terrorists designing how to place a roadside bomb, a discussion which would cause numbness to the scap of anyone who would listen.


“I said… can you stop talking about it for a moment?” Jin Gang interrupted.


“What’s the matter?” Shen Yi asked.


“Look at your positioning function,” Jin Gang replied.


Shen Yi was a little shocked, and looked at his Bloody Crest.


The positioning function showed that the three little red dots were moving toward them.


“It is Hong Lang!” Shen Yi, excited, opened the team channel and said, “Hong Lang, how are you?”


“We are hurrying!” The cry of Hong Lang’s anguish was heard on the channel.: “Wen Rou and Fatty are hurt, and there is a big horde of Terminators chasing our butts!”


The next moment, Shen Yi shouted, “Little Zhou, come with me to greet them! Everyone else, prepare for full combat!”


All the people started taking action immediately.


Shen Yi and Zhou Yiyu ran to the Moto Terminators.


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