Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 43

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 43: My Hand Slipped

Two Moto Terminators rushed to the rescue under the control of Shen Yi and Zhou Yiyu.


Their headlights penetrated the darkness, and from the distance, rumbling cannon sounds could be heard and fiery lights could be seen.


Shen Yi grabbed the handlebars and jacked the speed to the upper limit. After three minutes, he finally saw an old bus driving wildly on the road, followed by a large number of robots that kept firing.


Shen Yi took out the rocket launcher, threw it to Zhou Yiyu, and shouted, “Little Zhou, I’ll go to their car first, and you will stop the robots!”


“Don’t call me Little Zhou!” shouted Zhou Yiyu in a dissatisfied tone as he took the weapon.


Shen Yi immediately turned the handlebars, and the Moto Terminator lifted off the ground. While flying over the top of the bus, Shen Yi performed a beautiful backflip and firmly landed on the bus in an extremely elegant posture. Meanwhile, the Moto Terminator continued ahead and crashed into the horde of robot chasing behind the bus.


A glow of red light lit in its body and it instantly became a huge fireball, blowing many Terminators surrounding it.


Shen Yi turned around and quickly went inside the bus. A figure threw itself into Shen Yi’s arms. Then it kissed him in a swinging sensation. The fragrant tongue stirred Shen Yi’s heart, giving him a sweet feeling.


It was Wen Rou.


“Ahem, ahem …” Several rough cough broke this rare silence.


Not far from them, Hong Lang was croaking throat, said, “Come on, next time don’t be lovey-dovey in front of me. It feels so nauseating!”


Shen Yi noticed that apart from the Wen Rou, Hong Lang, and Fatty, the bus also had three adventurers he did not know. It appeared that two group of deserters had met and become one.


He looked at Wen Rou and asked, “You are not injured?”


Wen Rou smiled and replied, “Hong Lang said that was the only way to make you come quickly, but Fatty is hurt for real, you should take care of him.”


Fatty was lying not far away. There was a large red patch on his chest. It looked like the injury was not light. Shen Yi walked toward Fatty and as he passed by Hong Lang, he to him and said, “I’ll deal with you later.”


Hong Lang grinned and did not care.


Shen Yi’s arrival made Hong Lang, Wen Rou and Fatty feel a sensation relief.


This sense of relief was entirely due to their trust in Shen Yi. They believed that as long as Shen Yi came, there would be no trouble that could not be solved.


But for the other three adventurers, things might not be the same. They were neither familiar with Shen Yi, nor did they know his abilities. They only saw that guy get into the bus and kiss the beautiful woman there, completely ignoring the current situation.


One of the adventurers slammed on the window to the rear of the bus demonstrating his dissatisfaction, and shouted, “Don’t say so much nonsense, can you? Come on and get rid of those Terminators!”


Shen Yi quickly went to the Fatty’s side and used healing skill. “Hong Lang, your new partner is not very friendly.”


“Don’t link that bastard to me. That guy is Fatty’s partner. My new partner is driving,” Hong Lang said, putting a gun outside the vehicle.


Hong Lang, Wen Rou, and the adventurer who was driving the bus had come  from the same aircraft carrier, and Fatty had come with the other two adventurers. The adventurer who previously spoke was from the latter group. He and Fatty had fled all the way and he eventually found out about Fatty’s abilities. In his eyes, Fatty was a coward who could not do anything but escape and dodge.


If it were not for the usefulness of that guy’s Danger Perception that always allowed them to find a relatively safe place to escape, the two adventurers would have just abandoned him.


However, it was precisely because of that that they completed despised Fatty.


Given Fatty’s personality, even if he was more powerful, he would never be able to display a mighty performance, and the military phrase ’obviously a strong man, born bearish’ was quite applicable to him.


Since the teammate was a joke, not much could be expected from his captain. Therefore, the two adventurers who just saw Shen Yi also looked down on him, and spoke some impolite words.


As for Hong Lang and Wen Rou, because the mission mainly required firepower, their skills could hardly play a decisive role.  Moreover, since neither of them had any special offensive skill, they did not display much performance and were also ignored.


At that moment, when he heard Hong Lang’s reply, Shen Yi had already understood some of the reasons, but he only smiled and then said, “Take my new friend and let him drive.”


“Good!” Hong Lang answered without asking. He unconditionally trusted Shen Yi. As long as Shen Yi said something, he readily accepted it. Although some people might think that was stupid, he did not care much for personal opinions.


At that time, Zhou Yiyu was still fighting with the Terminators who were giving chase. He drove the moto Terminator past the bus, then made an sudden stop and took out a rocket launcher.


Looking at the Terminators who were catching up to him, Zhou Yiyu yelled, “COME ON, BABY!” (1)


A series of three rockets hit the three Terminators that were most ahead. Zhou Yiyu raised his left hand and dumped large pieces of explosives from his Bloody Crest.


The Moto Terminator accelerated and chased after the bus, and Zhou Yiyu silently counted for a few seconds.




The huge explosion rang in the rear and the flames swept the area. Zhou Yiyu slammed the handlebars. His Moto Terminator was lifted by the force of the air wave and steadily settled on the top of the bus .


After putting the Moto Terminator back into his Bloody Crest, Zhou Yiyu turned around and headed into the bus.


As soon as he got on the bus, he saw Wen Rou who was pleasing to his eyes. “Hey, beautiful gal!”


Shen Yi rushed over and grabbed him by the collar: “She is my girlfriend, you’d better stay away. Now go and drive this vehicle.”


Zhou Yiyu made his way to the driver’s seat and said, “Hey, buddy, let me be take care of the rest of the journey.”


The current driver was a tall adventurer with white hair. He had not spoken yet. Another big adventurer yelled, “Hong Lang, these two guys just got on the bus and have already begun to command. Who do they think they are?”


Hong Lang rushed to that adventurer’s side like a tiger and punched him in the lower abdomen. He grabbed his neck and said in a vicious tone: “That’s my captain, and his new friend. You better learn to show respect.”


The savage adventurer showed an angry look on his face. “F**k, who do you think you are?”


His body started to emit a strange light.


A glimmer of cold light flashed, and the katana in Wen Rou’s hand was suddenly pressed on that adventurer’s neck. “Put your hands up, both of you! Hong Lang, what are you doing? If you want to fight, then you rush out and fight the Terminators outside!”


Wen Rou’s katana had come so quickly that it was almost impossible for the naked eye to capture her actions. It was obviously the effect of Super Reflex.


At that moment, a sudden loud noise came from the rear.


A heavy artillery bomb had crashed near the bus, and caused the bus to flip over.


The driver was trying to stabilize the bus in a hurry, and Zhou Yiyu rushed up one step at a time and shouted, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll help!”


He put his hand on the steering wheel , and the bus fluttered like a cloud above the flames below.


The adventurer who was driving responded quickly. He was originally Hong Lang’s partner, so he knew that Hong Lang and the others were very capable. Therefore, unlike the two other adventurers, he did not dare to underestimate Zhou Yiyu. The moment he saw Zhou Yiyu’s performance, he knew that that guy’s driving skills were absolutely extraordinary, and he gave up his driving position immediately.


Zhou Yiyu sat in his seat and yelled, “The right rear tire has exploded!”


He did not have to look at it to know what was wrong with the vehicle.


“A piece of cake.” Shen Yi put his hand on the bus’s body and the damaged tire was instantly repaired.


At the same time, Zhou Yiyu hastily drove the bus out of the flames and landed heavily on the ground.


The two adventurers also knew that it was not the time to behave in a childish manner, and went to the rear and started firing. In the distance, the giant figure of a Harvester was approaching.


Hong Lang shouted, “What should we do now?”


Shen Yi quickly walked to the back of the bus and said to Wen Rou, “Give me your telescope to me.”


The far-infrared telescope was thrown to Shen Yi. Shen Yi used it to observe the rear side. “There are four Harvesters but no drones. Did you shoot down all of them?”


Wen Rou replied, “All the rockets we prepared were consumed.”


Before entering this mission world, Shen Yi had prepared rocket launchers and rockets. After all, they were going to enter a robot world, so such portable heavy weapons were naturally the best choice. They just did not expect everyone would be separated, so when preparing they only brought one rocket launcher. Shen Yi chose to leave the right of use to Hong Lang. The consequence was that he and Jin Gang had been in danger of failing to complete their escape.


Shen Yi immediately said, “We can get more rockets later. Since there are no drones, dealing with Harvesters will be easy.”


Hearing Shen Yi say that it was easy to kill the four Harvesters, the two adventurers looked at Shen Yi at the same time. One of them shouted, “Did you become the head of these wastes by blabbering nonsense?”


“No, by this.” Shen Yi took out one thing from Bloody Crest: a heavy artillery from the shoulders of a Harvester.


Two adventurers’ minds changed in an instant.


It was not just because the power of the heavy artillery was greater than that of rockets, but more importantly, it fully demonstrated that Shen Yi’s group had already killed the Harvesters before, and they were likely to eliminate all pursuing forces. After all, they could not have gotten rid of a Harvester and taken its weapons, unless they controlled the battlefield.


The two adventurers had originally thought that Shen Yi’s group solely relied on speed to escape the pursuing force. It was only at that moment that they realized how wrong they were.


Holding heavy artillery, he said, “I must admit one thing to you: in fact, I have never been a good-tempered person. Unless I think it is necessary, I seldom endure it especially when someone talks coldly to me. Particularly now that I have come to help, those whom I am helping should know how to be grateful. If they do not understand it, then I don’t mind teaching them my way. What do you think?”


Those who could survive in Bloody City for a long time were not good-natured. Even if Shen Yi had demonstrated some strength, the two adventurers would still remain somewhat dissatisfied.


After saying that, Shen Yi aimed at the Harvester in the distance and fired a shot, while the heavy artillery hit the Harvester’s chest, the huge recoil pushed the weapon and shoved it backwards, hitting the chest of the adventurer who doubted him earlier. It propelled him directly from the rear of the bus to Zhou Yiyu’s feet at the front of the bus.


Shen Yi slowly turned back and looked at the two adventurers. He said slowly, “Oh, sorry, my hand slipped.”


TL’s note:

  1. Zhou Yiyu said it in English here.


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mirai key

Shen yi’s delicacy make him comparable to legolas


Meatbun Delivery~
Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

Fatty brought some newbies to punch around~

Jake Wright

Thanks for the hard work.

should be “my hand slipped” or maybe “my hand was bumped/nudged/jostled”

A person can slip, but they can’t BE slipped. If that makes any sense.


I want to make it sounds “unintentional” like the original, but yeah, your opinion makes sense. I’ll discuss this with my editor.


Ty for the chapter.

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