Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 44

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 44: Scenery

“A*****e!” The stout adventurer climbed up and tried to fight back. His right fist shone.

Another adventurer bear-hugged him and shouted, “Don’t be impulsive! Now everyone is in the same boat!”


The stout adventurer squatted. “I’ll remember this!”


Hong Lang looked at him with some worry. “Aren’t you asking us to learn from Jin Gang and not to clash with other adventurers? Why are you so impulsive?”


Shen Yi whispered, “The situation is different. We can’t be too friendly if we want to talk to them about conditions.”


When Hong Lang paused, while Shen Yi was already pointing the cannon to the two adventurers. “Look, whether you believe it or not, after a while my partner and I will kill all the Terminators who are chasing us. However, there is a problem: after the second round is completed, only the six of you will each receive 800 extra bonus. That would mean I would have put the most effort in this battle without receiving any benefit. If you were pleasant, maybe I would’ve been generous for once, but this is obviously not the case. So, let us get straight to the main point.”


He looked at the three adventurers and said, “I’ll help you get rid of those Harvesters, and you three will give 800 BP to me. I believe this is not an excessive demand!”


Hong Lang understood why did Shen Yi displayed that attitude.


Obviously he had been ready to do this in the first place.


For Shen Yi, it would always be of top priority to maximize the benefits of his actions.


He did not allow other teammates to have conflicts with other adventurers because their first priority was to survive. However, Shen Yi had never faced any great survival crisis so far. Since his survival crisis was at its lowest point, he would instead always consider how to raise his profits to maximum.


In that case, he changed the way he engaged with other adventurers deserves slightly. There was no need to be too polite to some newly-met adventurers. As the other party was impolite, that only presented the opportunity to charge for better prices.


For Shen Yi, friends or enemies were just made for needs.


The pursuing Harvester at the rear was still chasing after the rumbling of guns, and successive rounds of shells landed near them, exploding in flames drifting in the sky.


Inside the bus, Shen Yi and the three adventurers were facing each other.


The tall white hair adventurer glanced at Hong Lang and said, “Hey Hong Lang, I didn’t participate in the fuss just now. How did your captain pull me into it?”


Hong Lang whispered to Shen Yi, “He call himself The Monk, and he’s got a good ability. He didn’t behave rudely to us.”


“400 BP,” Shen Yi immediately said. “If you don’t want to, everyone will part ways; I never do charity work for people.”


The Monk immediately nodded. “Well, I want to see how you get rid of those Harvesters.”


The other two adventurers looked at each other and nodded at the same time. “Okay, you guys! If you can get rid of those Harvesters, the extra rewards are all yours.”


“That’s what I want to hear. Right, tomorrow morning the third round will come, I’ll also get rid of it. If you’re interested, you can stay with us. I have the same conditions.”


“You must solve the current situation first, then we’ll talk.”


“You will see.”


Shen Yi grinned as he put away the heavy cannon, and then slowly took out the charger from the public space. Previously, Hong Lang had used the charger once, and because of their distance, he could no longer take it out. At that moment, he finally had the opportunity to recharge his already exhausted bulletproof item and Flying Claw.


It seemed that he was not in a hurry.


“What are you going to do?” asked Wen Rou, concerned.


“Don’t worry, let’s take them somewhere else. Don’t drive too fast, Little Zhou.”




The bus moved forward through the fire.


It did not head to the repair center, but led the robots to a nearby highway. Under the Zhou Yiyu’s driving, the vehicle was like a flexible fish, shuttle in the barrage, not the least bit affected by bullets firing from behind.


Zhou Yiyu’s facial expressions indicated he seemed to enjoy the thrill of this death race, as if he was not being chased after by robots at that moment, but being cheered on by an audience.


“Your new friend is interesting.” Wen Rou laughed.


Shen Yi immediately replied, “Don’t praise him, please. It will make him ask more than I’m already paying. For allies, sometimes we need to encourage his combat will and play down his combat merit, so if you ask me to evaluate him, I will tell you that he is a scum.”


Zhou Yiyu cursed loudly, “Shen Yi, I curse that your child will not have a d**k!”


Wen Rou grinned and laughed. “Are you jealous?”


“No, I’m suggesting that you not fall into the trap of a pervert.” Shen Yi laughed.


Wen Rou was very good-looking even when she rolled her eyes. Shen Yi suddenly had a thought.


He said, “How about I bring you to view the scenery?”


“Scenery?” Wen Rou’s voice was somewhat strange.


“Yes, scenery,” Shen Yi answered with certainty.


The next moment she was pulled by Shen Yi and they stood in front of the bus’s window.


Pointing out the window, Shen Yi said, “Relax your mood, look carefully, imagine you are standing in a garden now, seeing the flowers bloom…”


In front of the Wen Rou’s eyes, the bullets flew around and the sparks bloomed like fireworks.


The flame at the tip of the muzzle bloomed like a lotus, and the red was dazzling.


Shen Yi helped her look outside the window as if they were standing on the top of a high building to watch the festival fireworks.


A rocket whistled and flew by, and exploded, bursting into flames. The bullets kept coming out from the muzzle, forming a blossoming lotus …


“It’s beautiful,” Wen Rou said softly.


She never thought that she could look at everything that was happening in front of her from that point of view.


At that moment Hong Lang also stood up, then so did Fatty.


They stood in the back of the vehicle watching the fireworks.


Hong Lang took out a cigarette and put another to Shen Yi’s mouth. Then he retrieved a lighter and lit Shen Yi’s cigarette, then his..


The Terminators dumped a large number of bullets in front of the two lights. A few people leaned slightly to let the bullets swipe by their bodies, and the expression remained indifferent.


“Luo Hao, how do you feel?” Shen Yi asked Fatty.


Fatty leisurely replied, “I never thought I could stand here and look at everything in front of my eyes from another perspective. You’re right, this scenery is beautiful. We are so close to death, but I feel like we’re seeing the most beautiful flowers. The flames, the life, the blood… They are so beautiful… It’s weird, I don’t have any fear in my heart.”


His tone right then was sound like a poet.


Shen Yi smiled and thought for a moment. He said, “Take off the bulletproof item and stretch your hand out.”


Fatty was very resolute in carrying out the Shen Yi’s order.


A round of bullet flew across the air, penetrating Fatty’s hand.


Fatty staggered in pain. When blood had just sprung out, Shen Yi put his hand on the wound. “In the past, you would need to recover at least two months for this kind of injury, and now, it only lasts a few seconds of simple pain.”


He activated Despicable Healing Art.


Fatty’s gunshot wounds healed.


Shen Yi said, “It’s like watching a fireworks and accidentally squeezing your hand a little.”


“Yes,” Fatty laughed.


Four people suddenly sit down at the same time, facing the Terminators in the distance, and pointed their fingers.


“The appearance of these robots is frustrating.”


“It’s okay. Machines are machines after all. Their joints aren’t as flexible.”


“Wow, that shot was beautiful.”


“My ears have been hurting, and it’s really annoying. Hey, Shen Yi, when are you going to get rid of them?”


“Don’t worry about it. Give Jin Gang some time while we continue to look at the scenery. Be careful, there are shells coming in… Oh, unfortunately, it didn’t hit.”




“Sorry I misspoke, fortunately.”




Affected by Shen Yi, everyone found themselves getting accustomed to living on the edge of gunfire and death.


At that moment, they were standing on the cliff of death, and were laughing and talking, like straddling on a high rope between two mountains.


There was no tension, no fear, but only calmness.


That was adaptation to their new lifestyle.


Instead of fighting for survival desperately, they were merging the battle into life, making it a part of life. Only in that way could they make it through,  and truly be no longer afraid of fighting and death.


Today’s teammates might also have to stand beside Shen Yi and feel his self-confidence  which they appreciated also made them feel at ease.


However, he believed that after a while, everyone there could do this – as long as everyone could live.


The three other adventurers kept watching slyly.


They were stunned by the behaviour of four people.


Before that, there had never been any adventurers who could be so calm and free when facing that kind of situation.


It seemed like they were playing games in their backyard. There was no death or danger in their eyes. Only indifferent self-confidence seemed overflowed in the situation.


Before that, just before Shen Yi had come, Hong Lang and the others were the same as them. They were desperately running to escape the Terminators.


What made these people so quiet, so confident, so uncaring?


It was because of the man who later got on the bus, in Hong Lang’s words “my Captain”, the guy with a confident smile and relaxed look.


Emotion is a very strange thing. It is completely controlled and influenced by people around a person.


Fear is like a plague. It is contagious and spreads.


Confidence is the same.


When Shen Yi came, his confidence first spread an infection to his teammates, making them less afraid, and giving them the feeling of confidence, and therefore making them powerful.


Even the few strangers who ventured at that moment witnessed the power of self-confidence.


Within a few minutes, they saw a completely different Hong Lang, Wen Rou and Fatty.


If the other two adventurers still felt a bit uncomfortable, then for Zhou Yiyu and The Monk, that moment was deeply felt as the magic emanating from Shen Yi.


That man was indeed extraordinary; his presence alone could calm people, and just that power was enough to make him the captain.


Zhou Yiyu could not help but shake his head and sigh at Shen Yi’s unique charm. He was like a sedative, a strong one at that, such that no matter where he went, it could bring special effects to people, like peace of mind.


The next moment, Zhou Yiyu suddenly turned his head and rushed toward the repair center.


A large number of Terminators trailed behind, and the tall figures of the four Harvesters became particularly prominent in the dark night.


When the bus whistled and rushed into the repair center, an explosion came from beneath the ground and shrouded the whole area with dust. Then a large number of gunfire from all directions rang, with rockets torrentially raining dramatically. All of them poured onto the robots behind adventurers, and powerful heavy artillery sprang up one after another.


The heat wave generated by the huge explosion behind the bus could be compared to the spark that would ignite the Olympic flame. Colorful fireworks also rose to the top.


The ambush firepower from the soldiers, the Terminator corps, and the Harvester’s heavy artillery performed like a large symphony orchestra. At that moment, a large symphony of ambush was played and raised its volume for the first time.


The music rose.


Then silence suddenly fell.


In the flames and explosions, adventurers were perfecting a counter pursuit and weird strangling methods on the robots.


In the bus, the passengers focused on the beautiful picture, like they were observing attentively the bloom of the most beautiful flowers.


“So gorgeous!”


Everyone whispered together.


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