Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 45

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After playing PvZ, I decide to change “goblin” to “imp” in Book 1.

Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 45: Arrow Head

For adventurers, cleaning the battlefield was always the happiest moment – it was the moment when that their risks were rewarded.


After opening the chest of the fourth Harvester and looking at the Energy Core, Shen Yi finally breathed a sigh of relief.


It was the fourth type of  Energy Core he needed.


Four Energy Cores of different types could be collected among the nine Harvesters. It could be said that his luck was quite good.


The next moment, the Bloody Crest sent a message: “You have four different Energy Core models of Harvester. Do you want to combine? Yes/No.”




In the next moment, the four pieces of Energy Core merged into a single piece.


The Bloody Crest prompted, “After paying 9000 BP, you’ll gain one Harvester.”


“I know.” Shen Yi smiled lightly.


Not far away, Zhou Yiyu came to him and sat down beside him. “Is your collection completed? I was hoping that we would have a Harvester before the third round came. You have several other Harvester’s Energy Core, right? Maybe there will be a few more.”


“How did you suddenly become so kind and concerned about me?” Shen Yi was a little surprised.


“Your team members are all together. Aren’t you supposed to…”


He did not finish, but Shen Yi understood.


Zhou Yiyu referred to his request of joining team #641.


Shen Yi smiled, patted Zhou Yiyu. “Don’t worry, it’s not necessarily a good idea to let them make decisions now. Why don’t you get along for a while first, wait until they’ve seen your performance, be sure of your character, and even establish a degree of friendship. Don’t you want them to make a decision afterwards? It’s better than letting them decide in a hurry to benefit you.”


Zhou Yiyu also thought about it, nodded, and then left.


After the fighting had ended, the soldiers were responsible for cleaning the battlefield. Adventurers introduced themselves to each other. In addition to The Monk, the thick-bodied adventurer called himself Jing 12 and another claimed his name was Lu Duc, but Shen Yi had long used Appraisal and found that both people were lying. However, Shen Yi was not interested in debunking those lies. Everyone had the right to protect their secrets, including their names.


There were various special items in Bloody City. Some were even be able to take effect just by using a target’s name. Therefore, it was still necessary to be careful. Of course, those items were extremely rare, and they often did not have a lethal effect.


Being shocked by Shen Yi’s ability to wipe out the Harvester in a clean and neat manner, the two new adventurers became more honest and no longer provoked him. The Monk also came and paid 400 BP.


After surrendering the Bloody Points, The Monk thought and suddenly said, “I thought that since an adventurer who was not a melee fighter was the captain, then the strength of the team was not worth considering. Now it seems that I was wrong and I want to apologize to you. ”


Shen Yi surprised. “Why do you think so?”


The Monk was also surprised. “Didn’t you know that in Bloody City, the captain of most teams is held by adventurers who are melee fighters?”


Shen Yi shook his head.


His had not lived long in Bloody City. Although he had achieved rapid growth and even learned Bloody City’s secrets that many people did not understand, there were some ordinary contents which he did not know.


At that moment, The Monk saw the confusion in Shen Yi’s face, and realized that the other person did not even know this, and he laughed. “No wonder your teammates will choose you as the captain. None of you knows this. This is, after all, Difficult Level 1, and few people can register a formal team.”


“If you know, then please tell me.”


The Monk laughed.: “It’s actually very simple. It is a tactical need. Generally speaking, mót ò teams in Bloody City has a common view: a team is like an arrow, and the captain is the arrow head. Where the arrowhead points to, the arrow will go there. To know whether the arrow is good or not, look at whether the arrowhead is sharp or not.”


Captains were adventurers who were skilled in the close combat, and it  actually comprised a set of experiences that adventurers had gradually accumulated in their battles.


For most teams, smart captains and ranged-fighting captains were not actually meaningful.


This was not because thinking was useless, but because it could not replace powerful force in short time battle.


Strategists could fully play their roles only in big and large scale battles. In a partial battle with only a few people, the effect they could exert was extremely limited. This was just like the existence of a commander. Only the size of the regiment could it truly reflect the significance of a commander. The soldiers under the regiment needed more courageous leaders who could inspire them and boost their morale to encourage them to fight, instead of a leader who would only issue commands.


The so-called “winning a battle from thousands of miles away” was a kind of self-deception given the low number of high-intensity battles. It did not possess any substantive significance, and intellectual warfare was extremely ridiculous. The practice of repeatedly testing Bloody City’s actions like Shen Yi had already been, was the result of applying the mind to the limit, but it remained impossible to make fundamental changes.


Therefore, for adventurers, tactical capabilities were always more meaningful than strategic capabilities in Bloody City.


The latter was too broad to apply to the way of fighting in various worlds in which adventurers were only passing by. Tactically, you could not farm, make allies, engage in diplomacy, and spread ideas in a mission world. Strategically, with adventurers’ limited manpower, it is even more implausible to conquer fortress, encircling all sides, clamor in the East but attack in the West, and interrupting the cities and the countryside…


The tactical arrangement would not require much wisdom from the team leader. It only needed the other party to have sufficient combat experience and good psychological qualities.


It was precisely because of that that close combat fighters were best fit to be team leaders in Bloody City – they were the front-runners in combat, and they were both the main force and the tactical core of the entire team. Their task was to connect all fighters together in taking offensive and defensive integration.


For example, if the captain directly ordered, “Whoever I attack, you will follow me to attack them”, then all the fighters will follow the captain’s actions.That was the most common way of fighting, the most effective way to maximum lethality in a moment, and the fastest method to weaken the opponent.


Not everything complex was better. In the battle, “simple” meant easy to implement, signifying that it was not easy to make mistakes, and therefore the action was efficient.


In that case, when the two teams had to fight, often the first to win fight was dependant on the team leader who was more resistant, and also had a stronger attack. If a party could defeat the other’s main leader first, this would greatly increase that party’s winning chances.


For example, Xie Rongjun of team Strike The Blood was such a typical close combat captain. All of his team members rely on him as the core to conduct unified attack actions.


From the perspective of leadership, adventurers with great personal strength were also more likely to be followed by others, making it easier to establish prestige, to ensure the effective execution of orders, and to integrate a team.


Therefore, when The Monk first saw Shen Yi, he found that the captain of team #641 was not a melee fighter adventurer and immediately felt that the team would not have any bright future.


Unexpectedly, Shen Yi’s later performance was a shock to The Monk.


The so-called leadership ability, in essence, ưas the ability to control other people’s emotions. If a péon could make his fighters hate what he hated, expect what he expected, like what he liked, then he had completed the most important steps to lead others.


Although Shen Yi was not a melee adventurer, his strong confidence in the face of death and his ability to control his team’s thoughts were unparalleled.


Compared to a simple and practical tactic, it’s obviously more significant.


“Although most of the team captains in the city are close combatants, the most popular are not always the best. This does not signify the strength of a team, so you don’t have to worry about it.”


At that moment, The Monk confessed his mistake to Shen Yi.


“It turned out to be this…” Shen Yi’s eyes narrowed slightly.


To be a strong, close combat fighter, to use the power to the extreme, like rushing back and forth in the crowd like a tiger, letting the blood boil and spray in savage battles, may be a good feeling.


However, if it was optional, Shen Yi actually prefered the way it was now.


After thinking about it, he traded back 400 BP to The Monk: “This is your information’s fee.”


“That much is not necessary.”


“Then think of it as my gift of friendship, sorry for my previous rudeness.” Shen Yi laughed.


The Monk left with a smile.


Looking at The Monk’s back, Shen Yi murmured, “I may not be a sharp arrowhead, but I can be the arrow’s body which always brings balance to the arrow.”


Then he took something out of his Bloody Crest and looked at it. His face froze and became ugly.


“Hey, what is it?” A sexy, sweet voice came from behind.


Not needing to look back, he also knew Wen Rou was behind him. Shen Yi quickly shuffled that thing back into his Bloody Crest. “I just wonder if I can sleep with you tonight.”


Shen Yi’s abdomen was punched, causing slight injuries. Wen Rou did not go easy on him.


The next moment, Wen Rou’s white arm wrapped around Shen Yi’s neck. She leaned against Shen Yi’s ear and whispered, “Do you believe I can kill you with a strike?”


Shen Yi smiled. “A minute ago, someone told me that the greatest benefit of a strong melee fighter captain is deterrence and conviction. Now I really believe it. As a captain being threatened by my own team members, I really feel I’m losing face.”


Wen Rou laughed. “Who told you not to live up to expectations? Even now you still has no offensive skill.”


Shen Yi suddenly took a side step and swerved his body. Wen Rou was unguarded and her arm was twisted; then the invisible Vampire Touch pressed on her soft neck. He smiled and said, “I have no offensive skill, but that doesn’t mean I can’t kill.”


Wen Rou’s charming eyes stared at him. Suddenly she bent back, and her neck escaped Shen Yi’s dagger, then she kicked him. With Super Reflex, the speed of her kick was fast, and Shen Yi was unable to dodge it. After sending him flying, Wen Rou swiftly lashed her whip, wrapped it around Shen Yi and pulled him back. A katana was held against Shen Yi’s neck and she smiled. “I’m afraid it’s more difficult than you thought.”


Her lower body suddenly felt a hard object poking her.


Wen Rou, stunned, found that the Spirit Flame Gun was pointing at her lower abdomen.


Shen Yi laughed. “There are two guns down there. You can choose which one you want to be shot with.”


Wen Rou blushed, and the katana and whip disappeared.


“I don’t want to joking with you,” she said. “Come with me. By the way, tell me what happened today.”


“I’m happy to be with you.”


So just like that, the two walked together under the moon, casually gossiping.


The soldiers do not bother them. Adventurers were less likely to be so indifferent.


Together they walked out of the repair center and arrived at the empty wilderness.


Looking at the sky and watching the night of silence, their heart felt a strange feeling.


Suddenly, Wen Rou squatted, pointed to the distant night sky, and said, “You said, will Bloody City be among the stars we’re gazing right now? It is now staring at us. Perhaps it is still saying: ‘Hey? I have laid out such a difficult task for you. Do you still have the mood to gaze the stars here? Wait for tomorrow, I will send a lot of robots to crush you!'”


“It’s possible!” Shen Yi answered seriously. “I don’t know why. For several hours, I have been feeling that I was being spied on, as if someone was staring at us. Perhaps it is Skynet. ”


“If it’s that case, how about we not resist tomorrow and run early?”




After a moment, Wen Rou shook her head and said: “Forget it, it’s always good to try, but it’s too late to run again.”


Shen Yi laughed. “OK, then let’s try. If we can’t beat it, then we run again.”


Wen Rou’s voice dropped suddenly. “I’m afraid it will be too late.”


After a long pause, she laid on his lap and murmured, “How many hours are there till day time? I’m tired and I feel sleepy but I can’t sleep. I fear that when I wake up, the enemy would already point its guns at us…”


Shen Yi patted her face. “You can sleep. I’m here, it’s okay.”


“That… unless you promise me not to do anything to me when I sleep.”


“Of course, I have always been a gentleman.”


“Where are you putting your hand now?”


“Aren’t you not asleep yet?”


“… Pervert.”


Wen Rou rolled over, lying in Shen Yi’s lap, and fell asleep.


Shen Yi looked at her smile, but suddenly in his heart an unknown feeling rose.


The sense of warning in his heart grew stronger by each second, but he did not know where it was coming from.


A sense of crisis without reason left him with a chill.


Wen Rou turned in his arms and whispered, “Don’t move.”


Shen Yi felt confused.


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