Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 46

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 46: The Third Round (Part 1)

When Wen Rou woke up, Shen Yi was no longer there.


The sun had risen, and the day was bright.


When Wen Rou sat up, she found that Shen Yi was standing on a large stone not far away and was watching with her telescope. After a moment, she realised she  had been covered with the his Armani’s trench coat.


Her heart felt warm. Wen Rou walked over, and threw the trench coat over Shen Yi’s body. “What are you looking at?”


“The third round of attack,” Shen Yi said casually. “They have come.”


Wen Rou’s heart jumped a little as Shen Yi gave her the telescope.


Through the telescope, Wen Rou saw rows of Terminator soldiers standing in the distance, arranged in large squares. Those Terminators looked taller and more solid than the T-700s.


“So many! Do you know the exact number?” Wen Rou asked softly in a low voice.


“Not less than one hundred units, I’m guessing they are T-750, but it is too far away. I can’t use Appraisal.”


Wen Rou calculated. “We have adventurers who came from four air carrier, so there should be four times the offensive forces. As it happens, 25 T-750s have been dispatched for every three adventurers? ”


“If that’s the case, what are they waiting for?”


“You mean…they have reinforcements?”


“The third round has not yet officially started, and many things are not clear. In the previous rounds, every three adventurers were assigned to two Harvesters and four drones, and each Harvester included 16 small Terminators. If only 25 T-750s are sent this time…”


As Shen Yi was saying this, ten helicopters suddenly appeared in a distance.


“It is an armed transport helicopter!” Wen Rou quietly whispered, but Shen Yi was puzzled. Why did Skynet send an armed transport helicopter?


Shen Yi laughed. “The first round was the chasing of cannon fodder. The second round was the chasing of Harvesters. In the third round, the strength of the chaser was not increased by the same extent, but it has become  airborne instead… Could it be said that what has increased in the third round is not the strength of the chasers, but their speed?”


Wen Rou blinked. “You mean…”


“As we know it, Bloody City will not adjust the difficulty of the entire mission world for an individual. It is all based on established procedures. So even if Bloody City already knows that we already have direct opposing force to this group of pursuers, it will still not easily change the balance of power.”


“But you said that it does also stay not strictly to rule, for example  changing the quests, as well as giving you sudden additional Hidden Quests.”


“So, unless you push it, it will not do that. Considering that it has retaliated against us once, it should not be stingy to retaliate against me for the second time, after all, it is still very easy for Bloody City to kill me. “


Wen Rou smiled; she felt a pride in these words. An adventurer who could provoke Bloody City .. looking at the entire city, there were only a few of them. It turned out that Bloody City which was extremely terrifying, was now nothing more than this.


At that moment, after seeing the third round, Shen Yi was determined. Although 100 T-750 were strong, they still did not prove much threat to Shen Yi, who had amassed an army of his own.


The only thing that he felt was a pity was that he did not see the emergence of any Harvesters – he still had four duplicate models of Energy Core in his possession.


Shen Yi walked quickly down the hill and said to the team channel, “The Terminators have assembled. We have determined that they currently comprise 100 Terminators and 10 armed transport helicopters.”


The croaking voice of Jin Gang came from the channel, “I have seen it. I thought that you and Wen Rou hid somewhere, doing something, and forgot to come back.”


“I leave it to you here. I’m going to take a closer look at the T-750’s strength.”


“What are you doing in such a hurry? We can wait for them to rush over and observe. We now have 9 combat adventurers, 21 other combatants, two cumbersome people, 20 T-600 Terminators, 15 T-700 Terminators, 20 Moto Terminators, a Harvester, three cannons and six turrets. It is enough to fight against 100 sets of T-750s.”


“That depends on the strength of the opponent. I have not seen the opponent in a real battle, and I can’t rest. Since Bloody City thinks that 25 sets of T-750s are stronger than two Harvesters, four drones, and 32 attached small Terminators, it means that the individual strength of the T-750 must be absolutely overpowered. It is best for everyone to be careful,” Shen Yi answered as he walked to the opposite side. Anyway, the third round of pursuing began with only 100 sets of T-750s. To claim that these T-750 was slag… Shen Yi could not believe it.


He turned back, only to see Wen Rou still behind. “Why are you following me?”


“I’m coming with you.” Wen Rou flicked her long hair.


Shen Yi shook his head and smiled. “Don’t talk nonsense. I will just rush closer, use Appraisal to explore, look at their stats, and then leave. What’s the use for you to come over?”


“I don’t care. Anyway, don’t think of going by yourself.” Wen Rou readily took out a motorcycle from Bloody Crest.


Shen Yi had gotten 10 Moto Terminators at the beginning. In addition to one which had been destroyed, there were 9 Moto Terminators assigned to each of the 9 adventurers. Once the situation became unfavorable, they each had to flee. That move greatly eased the dissatisfaction of the two newcomer adventurers. However, they neglected the fact that after Shen Yi had extorted their BP, only two Moto Terminators were successfully used to keep the two men down to work for him.


The tenderness of a woman was sometimes very vexing. At that moment, facing Wen Rou’s “tenderness”, Shen Yi could only helplessly say, “Okay, let’s go.”


He took out his Moto Terminator, and both rushed toward the oncoming Terminator army.




In the distance, a large number of Terminators had begun boarding.


The third round of pursuit was about to start.


Unless adventurers could eliminated all the Terminators, the Terminators with the ability to launch in the air would be more difficult to deal with and would escape.


For Shen Yi, the only thing he cared about right now was the strength level of T-750s.


At the time when there was only a 300 meters to those Terminators, Shen Yi stopped by suddenly braking.


After a quick walk to a rock, Shen Yi used Appraisal on the nearest Terminator:


“T-750 Terminator robot, Defense 28, AP 380, equipped weapon:

  1. M59 heavy cannon, bullet damage 14.
  2. Small rocket launcher, rocket damage 200, with 5 rockets.

This Terminator uses Neural Net Processor CPU version 4, has faster response sensitivity, is equipped with power boosters on the legs, and applies the Cyberdyne artificial computer system type 100.

Evaluation: Rank DD, role evaluation: Main force. Weak points: 1. Control Unit, 2. Energy Core. Features: Can be repaired.”


Seeing those stats, Shen Yi’s heart shrank sharply. In the next moment, he had already entered all the information on the T-750 Terminator into the PDA and sent it to the other adventurers.  At the same time, he said, “I think we are still over-optimistic; it won’t be easy to deal with these guys. They may not be as strong as Harvesters, but their individual strength is much better than the T-700. Moreover, I find it especially strange that their use evaluation is the main force. Damn, Rank C Harvesters were only the regular force. This is very strange, we must be careful.”


380 AP, a faster neural response system, greater kinetic energy acceleration, and better artificial computer systems. The T-750 was far stronger than the T-700, and was infinitely close to the T-800.


At that moment, Shen Yi suddenly discovered that there were still several Terminators in the distance that seemed to be different. He was about to go closer and use Appraisal to detect their stats. A strange Terminator suddenly turned its head and its electronic eye faced his direction, and releasing a light which scanned the stone behind which Shen Yi was hidden.


Shen Yi knew things had gone bad, as he pulled Wen Rou and started running. Immediately four T-750s begun striding toward them, and ten armed helicopters slowly rose into the sky and flew toward the repair center.


Outside each armed helicopter, two T-750s were standing on the landing gear, ready to jump.


On the ground, Shen Yi and Wen Rou drove back, and screamed while saying, “Careful, there may be some T-800s. I found a few different ones, but I didn’t have time to analyse them, but they looked more like humans!”


“Understood.” Jin Gang’s voice was vigorous and apparently surprised by the information.


Shen Yi and Wen Rou’s speed was not fast; they monitored the four T-750s’ movements through the mirror.


Compared to the T-700’s clumsiness, the T-750’s actions appeared more dexterous, and its leg speed was significantly faster.


Shen Yi looked down at the speedometer which indicated the motorcycle had accelerated to 40 km/h.


“They’re fast!” cried Wen Rou.


“I know, speed up to 50 km/h!”


The motorcycles accelerated again. That time, the four T-750s finally could not catch up.


Shen Yi and Wen Rou just sighed, when suddenly Shen Yi saw one of the T-750s stop.


After a short while, he exclaimed: “This is not good!”


A  rocket was sent flying over. Shen Yi quickly turned the handlebar, and a rocket flew over his side.


At the same time, the other three T-750s suddenly accelerated, as if they had rocket boosters at their feet.


One of them was firing a rocket towards Wen Rou, forcing her to slow down to turn.


The remaining two T-750s opened fire at them.


Shen Yi took the motorcycle and rolled it on the spot. He ran towards Wen Rou. “These guys actually know how to cooperate!”


“It even know pretending to be weak!” Wen Rouly shouted.


The new T-750 not only had a more responsive system and a faster running system, but more importantly, their AI Had greatly improved. They were not rigid machines when fighting, but were closer to human beings.


Except a layer of artificial skin, they were almost no different from T-800s.


At this time, four T-750 Terminators fired continuously while constantly coming at them. Shen Yi called to the team and the soldiers. “Everyone, be careful. These T-750s are very smart. Stop treating them like the idiotic T-600 machines!”


Hong Lang asked with a little care, “How smart are they?”


Shen Yi bowed his head to escape a rocket and shouted, “At least 20 percent smarter than Hong Lang!”


The reply from Jin Gang had come from the channel. “That’s not too bad.”


Then came the angry roar of Hong Lang.


At that point, the two T-750 Terminators had rushed over, and facing Shen Yi repeatedly fired. Shen Yi raised his hand, and his Spirit Flame Gun fired out a series of bullets, and hit a T-750 Terminator’s alloy skeleton. The bullet damage was obviously not enough, and the bullets that could not break through enemy’s Defense were not as good as the fists, causing only sparks to fly.


Shen Yi shook his head helplessly and shouted, “Piercing Bullet.”


He was about to use the Piercing Bullets to forcefully kill the two robots. Suddenly, a chilly and beautiful voice echoed beside him.


“Leave it to me!”


The katana in Wen Rou’s hand fluttered. Her body suddenly became elongated in the sun.


Shen Yi winked, and realized that what he saw was actually a residual image of Wen Rou.


The after image was like numerous figures were stretching out in space. It ran straight forward. Shen Yi could only see the sturdy blade in the air.


In the blink of an eye, countless shadows of the katana danced. The entire space was filled by the glow, like countless petals flying in the wind.


When the shadows disappeared, the two T-750 Terminators issued a shattering noise and scattered into a mass of scrap iron.


This was the terrifying killing effect brought by the Wen Rou’s Super Reflex.


Although Shen Yi had already seen Wen Rou use it before, it was not until that moment that he could truly feel the power inside the girl’s body.


After thinking about it, he whistled and said, “Wow, it’s beautiful!”


He suddenly shot at Wen Rou’s hands.


The bullet whistled, flew past Wen Rou’s body and hit a flying rocket.


The impact caused a violent explosion.


Shen Yi’s face turned a bit ugly. “O.M.G., I forgot to switch to normal bullets and wasted a Piercing Bullet.”

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