Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 47

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 47: The Third Round (Part 2)

There were two remaining T-750 Terminators still behind when Wen Rou and Shen Yi looked at each other.


“One for you, one for me?” Wen Rou proudly puffed out her chest.


“You don’t have much Psychic Energy left, right?” Shen Yi asked.


“So it’s fair!”


“Without weapons, only bare hands! Whoever wins will give the other a kiss.”


“Well, I want to change the bet. If you lose, you promise to stay with me for a good day. Don’t think about anything!”


“Ok, deal!” Both rushed toward their respective Terminators.


Just halfway in, Wen Rou suddenly realized something and shouted toward Shen Yi, “You shameless man!”


It turned out that she realized she had been tricked.


Although Shen Yi did not have melee fighting skills, but in the absence of weapons, Wen Rou herself also possessed no melee fighting skills, so in that regard he was not worse than Wen Rou. On the contrary Shen Yi could rely on Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand, and his attributes were also slightly stronger than Wen Rou’s.


Moreover, he did not say that they could not use skills. He only said that they could not use weapons. At that time, she did not realize that problem and immediately agreed. She took a few steps before realizing that in the close combat, her weapon power was far greater than that of Shen Yi, and that her skills had an even greater reliance on weapons. If no one used weapons, in fact, she would suffer a large loss.


From here, you could actually observe the difference between a smart person and a normal person. Sometimes it was not because one thought more, it was just that one sought to be faster. Wen Rou did not expect Shen Yi to figure out how to gain advantage in just a moment.


Shen Yi laughed and hurriedly rushed to the T-750’s side, and facing the machine, he threw a punch. He used the Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand technique, and he was able to intensify the damage of his normal attacks by 30%, but this improvement was based on the actual performance value instead of the maximum.


The strike hit the Terminator. The Terminator also reacted very quickly. It didn’t do something silly like to fight back with a gun, but punched back.


Shen Yi whispered “Oh”, and caught one of the T-750’s arm. When he was about to attack again, the T-750 unexpectedly elbowed him. Shen Yi was shocked, quickly stepped sideways, and exclaimed, “Tougher than I expected. Wen Rou, be careful, these guys have been programmed with melee combat martial art!”


“Take care of yourself first,” Wen Rou answered.


The T-750 swept its arm toward Shen Yi, who also swung his arm to retaliate. Flesh arm versus steel arm. The Terminator’s body just shook, indicating that the Terminator’s Strength was at least 40 points. If also factoring in its response rate, the personal strength of a T-750 was already equivalent to that of a Difficulty Level 1 adventurer without skills and equipment, and it even had advantage in physique.


When Shen Yi just blocked that attack, that T-750 swung his arm and tried to break his left arm. Shen Yi’s response was to kick the T-750’s chest. It did not bother to dodge, and its hand chopped at Shen Yi’s calf.


Suffering minor injuries, Shen Yi shouted again, “Be careful, they don’t evade attacks at all and prefer to exchange hits!”


“I know!” Wen Rou’s voice emanated a tone of caution and care. Obviously, without using Super Reflex and her katana, she suffered a significant decline in her ability to face a T-750.


However, for Shen Yi, his interest in fighting had gradually grown.


He snorted and was suddenly stunned, facing the Terminator with a claw. When the Terminator was about to fight back, Shen Yi turned to hit the Terminator’s arm and then slammed his hand into the Terminator’s face, followed by a flying kick.


Shen Yi’s fast counterattack at That moment had finally begun.


Having experienced many missions, Shen Yi had never acquired offensive skill, so Shen Yi had gradually become accustomed to the use of continuous fast-breaking ability in melee combat to interrupt an opponent’s rhythm and oppress the opponent continuously.


In the X-men mission, he had fought against the Southern Region adventurer, the mutant Kinnear, Angelica, and Jardin Bonnet using that style of attack. In the fight against Magneto, he even used it to the fullest.


Although his actions had initially merely been the result of complete helplessness caused by his lack of melee skills, he unwittingly developed his own fighting style.


From the start of the unconscious imitation to the subsequent formation of conscious actions, he gradually formed a unique battle system, but it was not clear because of he was still testing.


He only knew that as an adventurer without offensive skills, he should not try to defeat any strong opponent in an instant. His only way was to suppress, desperately suppress, and then press his opponent.


That time he was facing a T-750 Terminator. Although they were all robots with combat programs, and each had a highly advanced AI, Shen Yi did not believe that they could be smarter than humans. Therefore, he was instinctively thinking about and calculating the robot’s response.


Completely out of instinct and his unyielding character, Shen Yi’s brain was rapidly churning, as if it was a computer that was rapidly observing, remembering, analyzing the opponent’s actions, determining the opponent’s reaction and his own response. It was as if Shen Yi was back to the X-men world and he battling against the adventurers of the Southern District.


In fact, that kind of thing was not unusual. It happened occasionally among ordinary people, like a person who had never danced before, but danced extremely well at the first try. It was only because he could feel the pace of the partner, and making a timely and correct response. However, this phenomenon was very rare, and the operative duration was not long, often only lasting for just a moment.


However, Shen Yi had made this temporary extraordinary affinity his norm and could make it persist for a long time.


Even the speed of bullets could not be faster than people’s thinking. However, human’s thinking was too hard to control. Fortunately, Delicacy increased Shen Yi’s ability to control himself, not only in terms of the flexibility of his body, but also his brain.


This feeling was like the effect of soaring adrenaline in ordinary people, except that ordinary people would more accurately be represented by old ladies lifting large trucks for the rescue of four-year-old children, or by an author who could usually only write a 1000 words chapter, bursting into a sudden eruption 30,000 words. As for Shen Yi, it was reflected in the height of observation and full analysis of peripheral things.


Whenever he entered a state of excitement, everything about the target opponent entered his vision, and he could quickly analyze their actions as a computer.


At that time, Shen Yi felt as if everything around him had slowed down.


Every punch, every kick that he made, when hit the T-750, caused a powerful sound impact. He could clearly see the dented marks, hear the buzz when the gears moved, and the T-750’s whistling sound from its counterattack.


He could observe every response of the Terminator. It was always accurate like a constant principle, never be different.


Perhaps in the eyes of others, that was a symbol of power, but in theShen Yi’s eyes, he had found their weaknesses.


The next moment, as Shen Yig’s brows lifted slightly, he suddenly said, “A machine is but a machine after all. The existence of a program will never be comparable to human intelligence.”


When the T-750’s right arm slightly lifted, Shen Yi’s left hand protruded, deflecting the Terminator’s rocket launcher. The Terminator’s right arm pulled the trigger, but shot at an empty space.


Shen Yi smiled and said, “Left hand, chest.”


The Terminator raised his left hand and punched himself against his chest. Shen Yi bent his body, avoided the Terminator’s fist, and then slammed his knee into the Terminator’s waist.


Then he yanked backwards, spitting out two words, “Sweeping legs.”


The steel right leg of the Terminator wiped his face.


Just after a few minutes, Shen Yi had thoroughly understood the Terminator’s action processes.


Machines were machines after all. Even if they were smarter than T-700s, the T-750s still have their own fixed reaction procedures. Therefore, they were still rigid, clumsy, and predictable.


Compared to the Southern Region adventurers he had previously encountered, the opponents in front of him now was even more predictable.


The more excited he was, the more he could not bear to kill the Terminator. He stopped at almost the same time, and then let the Terminator attack him with a punch from the left and he took his hands and dangled them, watching his opponent. The powerful and ferocious attack, like everything else, was easy to follow and it was like taking a walk in the backyard of the house to Shen Yi. He also reported that the Terminator’s offensive tactics and offensive goals from time to time.


It was fortunate that the machine could not feel shame, or else it would already have committed suicide.


After a long time, Shen Yi finally felt dizz. He took a shot, hitting the Terminator’s head with an easy and random blow, and knocking out its remaining AP value.


The Terminator fell to the ground.


Looking forward, he saw Wen Rou looking at him with a smile. A Terminator was at her feet.


In that competition, it was his loss.


Wen Rou had, apparently, been watching for a long time, until Shen Yi’s closing hand. She said carefreely, “Should I hate you for giving up the opportunity to kiss me once? Or should I be glad that you can stay with me all day? Or should I congratulate you on entering this state again? It looks like you are getting more and more of that ability.”


Shen Yi laughed. “Whatever…”


Suddenly, his eyes darkened, and his body swayed a few times. The nostrils actually shed a great deal of blood, and even his ears had traces of blood.


Wen Rou hurriedly rushed to support him, “What happened to you?”


Shen Yi shook his head. “Nothing, it’s a headache. It should be a side effect of using my brain excessively. It took more time than I did last time. I now feel that my brain is empty and I don’t want to think anymore… ”


The consequences of excessive exertion of strength was the exhaustion afterwards, or even the loss of strength. The consequences of excessive use of the brain were headaches and tears, which made Shen Yi almost faint just then.


Wen Rou angrily said, “The Terminators are attacking the repair center. Everybody needs you to direct, but you have this problem now.”


“… you let Jin Gang take charge of it.”


“If I had known I would have stopped you.”


“The problem is that we didn’t know, but even if we did, I would stick with it. This state is very difficult to come by. I must grasp every opportunity to become familiar with it until I master it.”


“But Jin Gang and others are…”


Shen Yi suddenly seized Wen Rou’s hand, saying, “No one’s world will stand still, no one will never change, so never see yourself as so important. Without you and me, they can do just as well … maybe better.”


“What now?”


Shen Yi paused and took a long breath. “First let me rest for a while.”


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