Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 48

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 48: The Third Round (Part 3)

Ten helicopters were quickly approaching the repair center.


Jin Gang took the lead to attack, pointing at two armed helicopters in the distance and used Telekinesis to cause them to collide each other. He did not expect that just before the two helicopters crashed, all T-750s would jump from the helicopter at the same time.


The two helicopters crashed into two large fireballs in the air, falling and burning, but none of the T-750s were harmed.


They landed and rushed ahead towards the repair center.


Jin Gang’s eyes were slightly straight. “Damn, it’s true that they are smarter than Hong Lang. If they had been ordinary T-600s, would they have known to jump down?”


Hong Lang rushed over, holding a heavy machine gun and madly sprayed outside. “F**k your mom. Did you think I wouldn’t know to jump if I were in that helicopter?”


Jin Gang ignored him, but shouted to Zhou Yiyu, “It’s the time to pull your big guy out, and give them a head on attack. Don’t let them fly over our head and lay eggs!”


Zhou Yiyu, who had been sitting on the shoulders of the Harvester, heard Jin Gang’s words and laughed. “Well, let’s see how this Harvester deals with T-750s.”


He fiercely lifted the tarpaulin around him, and the whole person floated down from heights with this lifting force. As the tarpaulin kept dragging down, a big iron guy gradually showed his huge body. The massive heavy guns on its shoulders aimed towards the front.


“Open fire!” Zhou Yiyu shouted.


A cannon shot hit a helicopter flying in the distance.


As the helicopter exploded into a large ball of fire in the air, the Terminators in the air jumped off and, as soon as they landed, they similarly started making their way towards the repair center.


Some Terminators even stopped and began firing back from distant places.


The giant Harvester fired three more cannon shots in the distance, and three helicopters suddenly blew up. The adventurer wanted to blow up all the flying vehicles before they could enter the walls of the repair center.


At the same time, another five helicopters began firing at the Harvester’s huge body.


Ten missiles dropped from the sides of the helicopter and flew toward the Harvester.


Zhou Yiyu yelled, “Beat the missile!”


The Vulcan gun fired continuously into the sky.


In the end, he was no Shen Yi: he did not have Expert-level Firearm Forte, and he could only rely on his luck to hit the bullseye. In fact, his shooting was not even stronger than the ordinary soldiers of 2nd Paratrooper Battalion. Fortunately, Jin Gang, Hong Lang, the soldiers, and those Terminators they controlled also fired into the sky in unison.


Six out of ten missiles were torn apart instantly by the barrage of bullets, but the other four passed through and struck the Harvester’s body, exploding and breaking a large piece of steel.


As if he had been heartbroken, Zhou Yiyu barked, “Destroy all helicopters!”


All of them opened fire on helicopters in the distance.


A flying helicopter that was flying closest to the ground was scrambled by ferocious bullets. The bullets bounced off a large piece of the fuselage causing sparks and finally tore the fuselage down.


Two more helicopters were hit by the Harvester’s heavy artillery shot.


But the next moment, four more missiles were launched from the enemies again.


Zhou Yiyu once again raised his gun and tried to beat the missile, but this time his team was not so lucky.


They only managed to shoot down one missile, and the remaining three missiles struck the Harvester. Half of its chest was almost completely blown up and its AP value was took a massive hit caused by seven consecutive air-to-surface missiles. Each attack cleared almost 200 AP. In the end it only had 100 AP remaining, and the heavy artillery on its shoulder was completely smashed.


The next moment, the Harvester lased its cable at the helicopters in the air.


One helicopter was smashed on the spot, but the other helicopter flew  over the repair center and gradually sent troops downwards.


One after another, T-750 Terminators jumped down and began to attack the repair center.


Jin Gang waved his hand and the two Terminators that had just landed flew out again. He was becoming more and more skilled at using Telekinesis, and he had already figured how to save more energy. After carrying four Terminators, Jin Gang waved his hand and 15 Terminators now surrounded the remaining Terminators.


In his mind, these guys were enough to deal with the remaining T-750s, because after all, they had the advantage of fighting two-on-one.


At that time, Zhou Yiyu entered the most painful moment in his life.


After the Harvester destroyed the ninth helicopter and fired three saw-blades toward the tenth helicopter, dozens of Terminators raised their rocket launchers and fired at Zhou Yiyu’s Harvester.


Dozens of rockets flew to the Harvester, and after just one round, they blew up the Harvester.


“My baby!” Zhou Yiyu gave a hysterical cry.


He was not expecting the Harvester to suffer such a tragic fate in just one minute after it made its appearance.


At that point he finally remembered Shen Yi’s attitude toward the Harvester earlier.


Perhaps Shen Yi had already foreseen the current scene of “countless Terminators fighting off against the Harvester”.


The dodging ability of the adventurers was obviously far more practical than the Harvester’s defensive ability,especially when facing the strong firepower of the numerous Terminators.


In contrast, when dealing with adventurers who were flexible and had strong individual fighting power, Harvesters were much more practical than a large number of ordinary Terminators.


That was like a game of rock-paper-scissor.


In that mission world, their main enemy was the mission itself, not other adventurers, and so the value of the Harvester could not be reflected as the Terminator who had the advantage of firepower.


However, Zhou Yiyu did not realize that at the time.


Without the Harvester which played the role of attracting firepower, all the Terminators finally began to storm the repair center.


The firepower blew off dust around the repair center giving rise to a thick smell of gunpowder.


More than a dozen rockets roared and blew up near the first line of defense at the repair center. Several T-600s on the forefront were blown apart and one fort was destroyed. A soldier died on the spot.


Not far from that, Hong Lang was screaming, “They are cleaning up with cluster fire!”


The T-750 Terminators did not blindly rush toward their enemy, but instead used rockets to rid all the surrounding resistance before charging ahead. Nearly one hundred rounds of rockets were used to clear the resistance; their power was unimaginable.


Facing this situation, Jin Gang could only shout, “First, we’ll fight with long-range firepower!”


“Our long-range firepower is weaker than theirs!” Hong Lang shouted aloud.


“Damn!” Jin Gang stomped his foot.


In that world, the skills of adventurers were mostly non-essential, and strong one-on-one abilities were only a waste there. Therefore, Bloody City would arrange for Survive mode. It had no intention of letting adventurers win against the Terminators.


Maybe what Bloody City had envisaged was that  adventurers would slowly consume the pursuing force while fleeing, and then fight back in the last moment. It certainly did not expect that Shen Yi would even use Xi Xiaofan’s ability to create a mechanical army of his own.


However, even so, the adventurers were lacking in power if they wanted to confront the machines on a level field.


Fortunately, although the Harvester was finished, there were at least several heavy guns from other Harvesters. These heavy artillery was the biggest threat to the T-750s. Each shot could take out one T-750. Unfortunately, all the artillery shells came from scavenging, so availability was seriously inadequate. There were only about 30 shells, some of which had already been used by the Harvester.


When a heavy artillery struck a Terminator, the latter suddenly jumped to the side, and the heavy artillery struck on the side of the open plane, blasting a large pit.


“Damn! They also know to dodge!” Hong Lang screamed.


The Terminator even understood that the power of heavy artillery was unstoppable and made an escape in a timely manner, but they ignored the ordinary bullets and continued to walk forward.


That level of AI, which could distinguish different forms of attack damage, was already sufficient to give all adventurers a headache.


“No, something is wrong!” Fatty cried, “That is not T-750!”


He saw a Terminator rushing forward. The humanoid skin on its face had no expression. The entire body’s alloy skeleton was still covered with a layer of human skin. The outline of the face was quite a bit similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger.


“It’s a T-800…” Jin Gang whispered.


Looking around, he saw a few other T-800s also walking towards them. Their actions were uniform and their eyes were fierce.


“It was right,” Zhou Yiyu murmured next to him.


The situation was tense, but he could not help but feel joy.


“What did you say?” Jin Gang asked.


“I said it was right!” Zhou Yiyu replied loudly. “I’ve been wondering why the machine enhancement is so weak! External enhancement should be stronger than self-strengthening at the same level. Machine enhancement must be combined with special Energy Core to be obtained. It should be more valuable, and a Rank DD robot should be more powerful than a Rank C skill. But why is a T-600 is so easy to deal with? Now I understand! These guys are real machine enhancement! These T-800s are very strong! It’s just that their strength is not their firepower but their AI!”


Zhou Yiyu exclaimed with some excitement.


When facing a large number of robots, other might suffer from headaches and fears, but Zhou Yiyu would not, because he naturally enjoyed those kinds of things. At that moment, although he he had seen the T-800s demonstrate their power,  he instead excitedly shouted, “I have understood! I understand why the Harvesters have Rank C strength but are only the regular force of the Skynet, whereas these guys are the main force. For Skynet, the increased intelligence is a more significant improvement! Although the Harvester’s firepower is stronger, its AI is not enough, so it can only perform as a fort. These Rank DD Terminators may not have strong enough firepower, but their AI is much higher than that of Harvesters, and therefore the cluster offensive power is even stronger than Harvesters! So they can really exert their power! So for Skynet, one hundred T-750s or T-800s are much more powerful than several Harvesters!”


Indeed, just as Shen Yi had said before, once the network had intelligence, it generated needs and aspirations completely different from human beings because of their different living conditions and requirements.


While humans were committed to the development of powerful weapons, large-scale fortifications, and absolute advantages, intelligence was more important for Skynet.


Therefore, the invention and creation of the anthropomorphic robot became Skynet’s optimization and it committed to that. In contrast, the Harvester’s stupid mobile battery was not on the scale.


Skynet would continue to develop individual combat strength only after it had met the demand for intelligence.


From that point of view, one could understand why China did not even have an aircraft carrier, but could create atomic bombs; the United States did not invent VCD, but it first landed on the moon…


Technology would always develop in a leapfrog manner according to needs. It could not be considered that the latter’s technological content was higher because of the successive appearances.


For Bloody City, the grade of machine enhancement was different.




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