Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 49

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 49: The Third Round (Part 4)

“What’s the use of saying that now?” Jin Gang did not care how Skynet classified its robots. He only knew that the current situation was very bad.


Zhou Yiyu immediately answered: “Of course it is useful! It means that we can pick out machines that are more suitable for us! When you need the machine to perform tasks alone, you need high AI, such as the T-800 Skynet sent back to the past to execute an assassination mission; that was not something a Harvester can do. However when you only need the machine to obey commands and fight, then you can save up since the Harvester is obviously more suitable! This means that we can have various options to maximize our strengths, rather than simply choosing by Rank!”


Jin Gang glanced at him and said, “What you’re saying is for after we go back, it is not useful for our current problem! There are 10 T-800s and more than 80 T-750s attacking us now! What should we do now?”


Zhou Yiyu was dumbfounded. “Yeah, what should we do now?”


He was just too excited and he did not realize the current situation.


That sentence made everyone who was listened roll their eyes.


At that moment, a soldier who was operating cannon made a successful hit on a T-750 and seriously injured it.


Zhou Yiyu’s eyes brightened and he shouted, “First we need to focus all the firepower to eliminate T-750s! Those guys still don’t know how to avoid heavy artillery damage! Right, heavy artillery fires one shot, don’t waste the high damage.”


“What about the T-800s?” Jin Gang shouted.


“Stall them first and clean up other by focusing firepower!”


Hong Lang looked at Jin Gang, “Should we listen to him?”


Jin Gang thought about it and nodded. “Do it!”


A fierce series of explosion began.


Rockets from the Terminators flew toward the repair center wave after wave. The sky was full of rumbling gunfire. The flying rockets were just like frightened birds. Every time they bombed, they would set off a layer of smoke, also covering the entire repair center in a cloud of smoke.


Despite the adventurers’ vitality, there was no doubt they would perish after being hit two or three times by such rockets.


At that moment, Jin Gang suddenly heard a strange click.


He was certainly familiar with this voice.


That was the sound of the T-600’s neck breaking.


He hurriedly turned back and saw not far away, 15 T-700s and several T-750s were scattered on the ground like metal garbage.


Did they all die?


Jin Gang was surprised; had the result of 5 T-750s versus 15 T-700s been mutual destruction?


Wait a minute, weren’t there 6 T-750s just now?


When Jin Gang’s heart just felt a chill, a metal shadow suddenly hit him.


A humanoid robot, with a face that had horribly half melted, punched Jin Gang’s face, and then its other hand’s  fingers were menacingly about to stab into Jin Gang’s eyes.


It was a T-800!


Instinctively, Jin Gang raised his head and only felt a sharp pain in his left eye. One of his eyeball was dug out, but he could not take care of it now. He overdrew his HP and activated Telekinesis. The Terminator was lifted and then slammed to the ground.


“My eyes!” Jin Gang yelled.


That T-800 sat up, lifted its hand and fired a rocket at him.


Compared to a T-600’s incompetence, that guy was the primary priority for using powerful weapons.


Fortunately, Fatty timely buffed a Mana Shield around Jin Gang. The 250 AP of Mana Shield dropped to below 10 after the rocket explosion, but Jin Gang himself did not receive any damage.


Hong Lang quickly rushed over. Two big axes aimed at the T-800 and chopped it like a hurricane. At the same time, The Monk, Zhou Yiyu, and the two other adventurers, and even Marcus and Kyle rushed forward to shoot down the T-800. One of the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion soldiers even fired one rocket.


It was reasonable to say that the attacks that the T-800 bore at the moment was at least 600-700 damage, yet that T-800 actually still did not die, but instead  continued to attack Hong Lang.


Hong Lang screamed, “How much AP does this guy have? How can he still fight?”


Given that a T-750 had only 380 AP, how could a T-800’s AP can be as high as 700-800? That was really unimaginable. With such an AP value, coupled with its level of intelligence, even a Harvester was no more valuable than it.


The next moment, more Terminators have already rushing over.


Those T-750 Terminators were significantly tougher than the T-600 cannon-fodders; they had higher AI, and even knew how to avoid bullets. After the heavy artillery shells were exhausted, ordinary firepower could not stop them from advancing.


“What should we do now?” cried Hong Lang.


Jin Gang shouted in pain, “Bring all T-600s out and stall them! We will retreat to the second line and divide them using the terrain!”


He was blind in one eye, but he did not care. Anyway, when he returned he could pay BP to heal it. However, the huge pain and bloody vision made it difficult to adapt for some time.


All the T-600s and Moto Terminators were left on the battlefield to stall the opponents, while everyone else evacuated to the factory buildings.


After the T-800 Terminator crawled on the ground for some time, it finally fell to the ground and stopped moving.


A large area of the periphery of the repair center had been razed. Several T-750 Terminators took the lead to enter the ruins of the repair center.


Many pair of electronic eyes closely searched for all nearby heat-radiating organisms.


A rat was spotted drilling out of the rubble and a T-750 quickly locked on the target while raising its gun, but then lowered the weapon a moment later.


“They also have the intelligence to distinguish between friend and foe, and can distinguish the more specific characteristics of the target life.” After seeing that scene, Hong Lang, hidden behind the factory, murmured, “The basics are the same as the Terminator in the movie.”


There was a cry from the team channel, “Jin Gang, how are you over there?”


“We’ve lost the periphery. I was wounded, but it’s not much of a problem. The Harvester was also destroyed, the heavy artillery shells have been used up, and your robot army is depleted. Now everyone is back to the square one… They are… sending teams to search one by one.” Jin Gang’s replied in a weak whisper. “A bunch of stunned machines actually knew the danger of being splitted into small forces. I originally wanted to apply the  ‘divide and conquer’ tactic, but it looks like it’s impossible now.”


“This is like a real war between humans and machines.” Shen Yi calmly answered, “If Skynet really wants to conquer humans using things that have almost no intelligence like the T-600s, that’s a big joke. The scariest part of machines is not that they are smart enough, but that they have enough learning ability. They have the ability to learn and digest all the tactics of humans. They can learn from historical textbooks and use that knowledge in their own applications. Therefore, the T-750 Terminators,which is the main force, have already begun to possess basic tactical qualities. However, the Harvester does not have it. Perhaps its powerful attack capability and high armor value make it positioned by Skynet as humanoid artillery, and not as humanoid robots.”


“What should we do now?” Jin Gang’s voice was careful and hurried.


“Take them to the factory center and start the contingency plan.”


The contingency plan was that once the third round of chasing power became too fierce and the situation was unfavorable, adventurers would prepare to escape. Before fleeing, the best way to get rid of the enemies in pursuit was to direct the chasing machines to the repair center and blow it up with a large amount of explosives. Once the contrast in fighting force changed, the chase would be reversed.


Although that method of burial by explosives was old-fashioned, it is also very easy to implement.


They had used it when dealing with Magneto and during the pursuit of Hong Lang’s group yesterday. Reusing would still be effective.


Hearing Shen Yi say that he had initiated the contingency plan, Jin Gang hesitated. “Do we have to give up so soon?”


Once they gave up the repair center , it might be difficult to find another place later. Jin Gang was actually not willingly to do it.


“We can afford it, let it go, brother. You can’t bring it out, why do you feel so distressed?” Shen Yi’s voice was as calm as ever. “Don’t worry, I’ve sent Wen Rou to help you guys; she should arriving soon. I may be slower.”


“What happened to you?”


“It was a little bit unexpected. It’s okay. I can reach you before the last wave.”


“I understand.” Jin Gang nodded and waved at others. “Kill these and lead them to the big forces, and get ready to evacuate.”


At the next moment, Hong Lang rushed out of the factory building for the first time, and the big axe in his hand waved an arc of fierce light which fell on top of a Terminator.


Despite his full Strength of up to fifty points and the additional twenty plus points of damage from the axe itself, Hong Lang only caused more than forty points of damage to the Terminator, and he even took a punch. Hong Lang made another chop, but because of the rush, the power was not as good as the first axe. He only caused slightly above  10 points of damage. The next moment, Hong Lang’s knee hit the Terminator and his left hand, letting go the axe, formed into a fist and punched at the chest of the Terminator; Strong Impact was activated.


The force of the level 5 Strong Impact hit the T-750’s body. Because the critical hit was triggered, it finally caused the Terminator more than 100 damages. However the Terminator still did not die, but instead grabbed Hong Lang by the throat. Its steel fingers began to squeeze the neck as a  pair of electronic eyes kept scanning Hong Lang.


Hong Lang roared loudly; the muscles between the neck and head soared, and the veins were swollen. Then he rammed into the Terminator and slammed his head to its chest.


As a dignified close combat adventurer, it caused Hong Lang to lose face for not being albe to get rid of a T-700. Therefore, he did not bother to protect himself, and even used a his head, a vital part of the body, to attack.


The head butt hit the Terminator’s chest. Hong Lang was surprised that he actually dealt more than 70 damage with that strike. Then he discovered that he had hit the spot where the Terminator’s Energy Core was located.


Hong Lang stretched his hand and dug his fingers it into the Terminator’s chest. He pulled the Energy Core out and the Terminator immediately fell to the ground.


The previous time Hong Lang had killed a T-800 was because it had already been half-crippled, and everyone fired at the same time, so he had not realised  the individual strength of the Terminators. Only in that one-on-one fight did he realise that he had to go all out to kill only one T-800 while losing a large amount of HP himself.


At that moment, he shouted in an embarrassed voice , and he discovered that the people around him had long been tied up  fighting other Terminators.


Up to 28 Defense rendered T-750s almost immune to normal damage. Normal bullets could only cause basic damage to them. Guns with worse power, for example those of the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion, were not able to deal even basic damage.


And these T-750s did not use just guns. When the adventurers rushed out, they would also use a certain degree of fighting techniques to put up resistance.


While lacking firepower during long-range bombardments made the adventurers’ situation become bad, then their experience in close combat assaults was worse.


The only good news was that the T-750 Terminators did not come in large groups. Instead, they sent small squads for reconnaissance. Those T-800s were not in the squad.


That had given everyone a chance.


Jin Gang pushed back a Terminator with a punch and shouted at Hong Lang, “Hey, why are you still hiding your card?”


Hong Lang screamed and activated Berserk. His big axe fell on a T-750’s head. With 40 percent damage bonus and speed bonus, Hong Lang finally had enough damage advantage when facing the Terminators. At the same time, he exclaimed, “F*ck, do you think it’s easy to deal with me?”


Zhou Yiyu suddenly rushed out and fired the Vulcan gun at a Terminator. “Don’t talk nonsense, get rid of them!”


A large number of Terminators on the periphery had begun to gather towards this side.


One of the Terminators facing Jin Gang fired a rocket.


Jin Gang lifted his hand, the rocket went round and flew to the other side, and bombed a T-750 instead.


However, the next moment, more than a dozen Terminators came out from behind the ruins; they rushed up and lifted their rocket launcher, and aimed at a target.


Hong Lang face changed. “Mother f*cker, they sure know how to ambush!”


More than a dozen rockets whistled in the distance.


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