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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 5 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 5

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 5: Strike The Blood (Part 2)

Just after walking out of the training ground, Zhou Yiyu hurriedly ran out and rushed to Shen Yi’s side and angrily shouted: “Are you kidding me? I took you to see him because I thought you’re his friend. Don’t be fooled by his looks, he is very illiberal, he definitely hates me too! Why didn’t you tell me that you killed his brother?”


“Because you didn’t ask me,” Shen Yi casually replied.


No matter how powerful Xie Rongjun was, from the moment he accepted the contract and killed Xie Hongjun, the result wouldn’t change, so he didn’t care too much.


“Ha!” Zhou Yiyu cried: “You’re very calm. Yes, you’ve accepted the contract, so you’re mentally prepared, you’re not afraid of it. Who do you think you are? You should also not be weak, otherwise it would be impossible to be so calm. What is your team called?”


“You have too many questions.” Shen Yi hurried forward.


“You’d better answer me! I just got into trouble because of asking you too few questions!” Zhou Yiyu shouted, trying to catch up.


“How about you tell me about the Wilderness ?”


“I’m asking you questions, not you asking me questions!”


“But now I don’t want to answer the question.”


“Count you ruthless, I think I’d better stay away from you. Don’t try to get any answer from me, any answer! I’m telling you, no matter how strong you are, after all, you are only a Slums District adventurer, you can’t fight against the power of the Common District, even if you go into Common District! I don’t want to die because of you! “


The young man rode the motorcycle and ran away.




In the Slums District store, Jin Gang and Hong Lang waited for a long while.


When they saw Shen Yi coming in, Jin Gang quickly asked, “What happened?”


“He scolded his brother for a moment and spoke about how his younger brother didn’t live up to his expectations, then vowed to flay me alive, as we guessed beforehand.”


“How about the parts we didn’t guess beforehand?”


“… he’s strong.”


“How strong?”


“He is a captain of one of the teams which has overcome many life-threatening dangers and is recognized as one of the top three teams in the Common District. Oh yes, he also has some sort of detect-type ability, as he could sense me use Appraisal on him. “


Hong Lang and Jin Gang looked at each other, Jin Gang whispered: “It must be at least Rank C ability. Did you determine his enhancing direction?”


“Melee fighter, Strength-Type adventurer, secondary attribute is Agility, high attack speed players. He is the type Hong Lang loves the most.”


“Hey, don’t say such misleading words,” Hong Lang objected.


“How about the other people around him?”


“Didn’t have time to look sice Appraisal was sealed. It seems like some kind of counter-detect skill, but the user shouldn’t be him, it is estimated that there is another person.” Shen Yi laughed.


In the meeting just now, Shen Yi’ situation was equal to one person against one team, being suppressed wasn’t strange.


Thinking, Shen Yi said: “When I saw him, he was in the training ground. He didn’t wear any special clothes, I also didn’t see any equipment, so what I saw may be his attributes without equipment, thus his training content was possibly combat technique training. Considering that he gave his brother Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand, so I doubt that his Practicing Manual is a technique type. He also has a Bloodline, if his Bloodline is also specialized in melee combat, then this person’s melee fighting power will be quite frightening. In addition to one support skill, he had three other skills. If all those skills are offensive skills, coupled with Bloodline skills, once he uses all his skills on one target he can instantly kill any of us except Luo Hao. Finally, his Strength is 52. If this is the attribute without equipment, then he must have some high-level equipment needs to achieve this amount to use. In this regard, we can check the information in the store to analyze what his equipment is.”


Jin Gang shouted to the young man in the store: “A Luc, help us to see what kind of equipment needs more than 52 Strength to use.”


“What rank?”


“Rank C or CC, melee type.”


The young man quickly opened the energy screen, made a few moves, with rows of weapons and equipment flashing over, eventually leaving several ones.


Shen Yi walked quickly, looked at them one by one, and finally, his eyes fell on a weapon. This was a long-handled sabre, its handle was engraved with dragon patterns, the dragon’s tail had been extended to the tip.


Dragon Blade (Rank CC): attack 25-32, passive effect: Dragon’s Flame, after the blade causing damage to the target, the target will continue to be burnt. Deals 5 fire-element damage per second for 3 seconds, Priority 28. This item can’t be upgraded.

Item Skill: Furious Dragon Strike, deals [3 x Strength] damage on a single target, and produces 3 seconds Binding effect, making the target immobile. After this skill is successfully activated, it can’t be dodged or interrupted. Cost 0MP, Priority 25, cooldown 10 minutes.

Requirements: Strength 56, Agility 30, Advanced-level Fighting Forte.”


Shen Yi pointed at the weapon: “Xie Rongjun has a dragon tattoo, it should be from before he entered Bloody City. That dragon and the dragon on this weapon are very similar. If I was Xie Rongjun, after seeing this weapon, I would like it very much because it looks very close to myself, so I would definitely choose this weapon, and his Strength and Agility are almost exactly what the Dragon Blade needs, so I don’t think this is a coincidence. “


Hong Lang and Jin Gang looked at each other and laughed at the same time.


Shen Yi held his hands, as he took a few steps back: “Hong Lang, look carefully at this weapon. I believe sooner or later, we will run into it. Until then, you should know what preparations you need to make.”


“Of course,” Hong Lang replied in a deep tone, showing a fanatical look.


“In addition, he should have a piece of equipment that added 4 Strength. For his position, retaining an equipment which only increases a bit of Strength is too shabby, so that equipment should be accompanied by additional power. There are other special effects, we can find it from this. From this analysis, his other equipment doesn’t increase Strength, then it should be more Agility and Vitality. Once the guy starts to fight, his speed will certainly be fast. He is a frontline warrior, and he may also be a Tanker … “


Shen Yi continued to analyze the clues according to the conclusions he drew up, an image of a strong melee fighter gradually appeared in everyone’s mind.


“Ok.” Shen Yi clapped his hands: “The first analysis ends here. He is now in the Common District, we are in the Slums District, he can’t trouble us for a while. No matter what enemy we need to deal with, strengthening ourselves is always the best way. Jin Gang, how about the task I assigned you? Right, where are Wen Rou and Fatty?”


“They went to the market to help me collect Psychic Energy Spheres, sorry I didn’t tell you in advance. I was afraid we’d be too late if we waited for you.” Jin Gang said, turning on the energy screen and showing him the redistribution plan as Shen Yi had asked.


Whilst Shen Yi had gone to confront Xie Rongjun, Jin Gang had not been idle. In order to complete Shen Yi’s task, he listed all the rewards from the X-men world and then sorted them once.


First, he listed the megaphone and Energy Charger as public items, placed into the team public space. The captain would decide how to use them.


Then he calculated all the bloody points that they had received. In this mission, in addition to some useful equipment, they also gained some worthless items such as trigger explosives, which could be sold. Selling these items, they gained more than 2000 BP, plus the remaining BP, four of them had a total of 35,500 BP. As for Luo Hao, he was not yet an official member so he was temporarily not involved in the distribution.


“In the original distribution, I have carefully read the general plan and it doesn’t need to be modified. After all, it’s already based on each person’s abilities, but some small details still have to be changed. For example, that Belt of Guardian, after we returned it went back to Wen Rou, but I suggest it still be used by Hong Lang.” At this moment, Jin Gang told Shen Yi about the distribution plan he was considering.


“Wen Rou’s Bracelet of Lover is not only a fighting force but also a burden. Now she has marked me as lover, whenever I was injured, 30% of the damage was passed on to her. Without Belt of Guardian, I was worried that she could not hold up “Shen Yi said somewhat worried.


“This problem can be solved by adding more Vitality.” Jin Gang quickly said: “Hong Lang is the one with the highest Strength among us, but his Vitality is only 20 points making his tanking ability insufficient. A melee fighter with low Vitality is too troublesome. You see, in the two previous missions, this guy was beaten like a pig.”


“Your motherf*cker was beaten like a pig.” Hong Lang angrily snapped: “I didn’t add Vitality because of the Ring of Violence. This damned stuff, once it’s used, it instantly takes half of my life. I add 2 points of Vitality is only as effective as others adding 1 point. So I thought it’s better to add Strength to quickly knock down opponents.”


“So we will give Belt of Guardian to you and let Wen Rou add Vitality.” Jin Gang summed up the situation.


Shen Yi agreed: “I support that, next?”


“I suggest you use Crystal Heart.” Jin Gang continued: “You can use it on the Vampire Touch. I noticed that when you use it to attack the target, the dagger wasn’t stained by blood. “


Shen Yi nodded with a smile. In fact, when he saw Crystal Heart, he realized that this thing was most suitable for his own use. After all, Crystal Heart could make the weapon transparent, unlike Jardin Bonnet who could make everything he touched become completely transparent. Once there were bloodstains on the weapon, it was bound to show.


But Vampire Touch had the ability to absorb blood, which greatly enhanced the value of using the Crystal Heart. However, these words mustn’t come from his mouth. To deal with strangers, Shen Yi could bluntly grab interest, but when dealing with friends, using this approach is a very easy way to hurt their feelings. Fortunately, Jin Gang did not let him down.


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Jake Wright

thanks for the chapter


So, why has the MC gone to provoke the brother of this guy into a death duel?
They had killed hundreds of dudes til now, but this is the first family they go to aggravate into a blood vendetta.

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