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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 50

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 50: The Third Round (Part 5)


Seeing more than a dozen rockets flying over, Jin Gang face went pale.


His Psychic Energy was far from enough to control so many rockets.


Zhou Yiyu rushed over and threw a magnetic mine.


The magnetic mines flew in the air and detonated all five rockets around it. At the same time, Jin Gang used his Telekinesis to control a rocket and made it crash to another one which was flying towards Xi Xiaofan. The two rockets exploded in the air. Fatty rushed to Hong Lang’s side and used a large shield to cover them both. He had the highest Defense of all adventurers present. After that blast, his Rank DD shield was partially blown, as its AP went down to 170 points, but the two were safe and sound. Hong Lang stared blankly at Fatty, but could not figure out why Fatty chose to save him first despite the fact that he scolded Fatty every day.


Fatty had saved two people, but he still looked at Hong Lang’s face and giggled.


Among the rest, Xi Xiaofan was dumbfounded, and the adventurer called Lu De had released a shock wave in a straight line which detonated all rockets coming his way.


Another rocket flew towards The Monk, but he did not evade. The rocket hit and exploded, but after the smoke was scattered, only saw a wooden stake could be seen, and The Monk himself actually appeared in another place.


As for the last, the pudgy adventurer named Jing 12, he suddenly grabbed a soldier around him and threw him away.


The rocket hit the soldier and tore him to pieces. Flesh and blood sprayed everywhere.


Hong Lang glared at Jing 12, but when he was about to get angry, Jin Gang rushed over. “Just go!”




“I saw it!” Jin Gang shouted. “Remember, when Shen Yi is not here, I’m the commander. Listen to me, go!”


A large number of Terminators appeared, and all adventurers and soldiers retreated immediately.


Three SUVs rushed out of the slope on the rear of the repair center and stopped after a descent.


Four soldiers who were responsible for defense at the back were doing their best to block. The Terminators rushing forward dug their steel arms into the soldiers’ chests.


“The terminator in the front row is about to rush out! Just blow it up!” Hong Lang screamed.


Jin Gang’s one-eyed stare at the repair center and he said, “Damn, they are very scattered and never gather too long in any place. It’s harder to deal with than mutants! An explosion won’t cause them much damage!”


“That time it was because we were the encirclement side, so mutants were concentrated.” Hong Lang actually took the chance to explain, and then immediately said, “Fry them, one more the better!”


“Blow it!” Jin Gang groaned hysterically.


A soldier on the off-road vehicle slammed down the old-fashioned tow line detonator from World War II.


With the press, large pieces of explosives located underground in the repair center were detonated at the same time. The dust rose in an instant, covering the entire sky, and the loud ringing and roaring sounds echoed in everyone’s ear causing a shaking sensation to the head.


As the waves blasted outwards, even the adventurers hundreds of meters away felt the fierce aftershock, and the ups and downs.


Numerous machine parts from the repair center whistled and flew out with this explosion like deadly pellets. Everyone was frightened and tried their best to duck their heads.


When the messy metal winds were over, the people raised their heads and saw the debrids of machine parts everywhere on the ground. Two soldiers were wounded, one had been scratched by one screw, and the other’s thigh arteries had been cut off by a piece of metal fragment.


“Damn!” Hong Lang stumbled. “How many explosives did you put below? How could the explosion be so huge?”


Zhou Yiyu immediately said, “It was Shen Yi’s soldiers who had buried explosives. I heard that they buried all the explosives they found, and put a lot of inflammable and explosive materials at several detonation points…”


As Zhou Yiyu’s words fell, a loud noise rang from the repair center again, followed by countless squishy explosions.


Zhou Yiyu shrugged. “This is called a secondary explosion.”


Hong Lang did not respond well. “I know.”


The scope of that explosion was extremely wide, including almost the entire repair center. Shen Yi himself was not an expert in detonation, but some soldiers in his airborne camp were.


The elite soldier who was responsible for pressing the detonator was called Lyle. He was an expert in explosive ordnance. Of course, he was only good at the original blasting method, but this did not affect his knowledge of using available explosives to maximize their intensity. The last time dynamite had been set off in the X-men world, it was also him who had chosen the safest place for them.


In the distance, the sky above the repair center could be seen burning bright red.


Hong Lang exhaled and said, “This time, these guys can’t survive.”


Zhou Yiyu’s tone had become extremely erratic. “I’m afraid … it’s not easy as you think.”


As the large smoke and dark fog started dissipating, a metal machine was stepping out of the smoke and flames on the battlefield. Most of its body was incomplete and even its guns had been destroyed. Part of the metal skeleton was burning in flames and had become red hot, but that did not affect its actions.


A pair of electronic eyes pierced the dark fog and focused on adventurers.


“Oh… crap,” everyone shouted in unison.


Hong Lang shouted, “How did this not die?”


On the contrary, Lyle replied calmly, “Sir, the explosive force of underground explosives is actually limited. The direct destruction of individual machines is no stronger than that of rockets. It’s just that the explosion has a more effective area. The wide coverage area, coupled with enough dynamite force can form a large enough impact force to destroy and cause a burning effect to a large area, so the effect looks even more intimidating, but the destructive force isn’t that great. And we don’t know the specific situation of the T-800s.”


“In other words, it is normal for them to not die?”


“The commander said that in any case, we can’t avoid a tough battle. He simply doesn’t like being chased but he never thinks he can kill his opponent in one strike. Anyway, the situation is better now. After all, they were are injured… The last sentence is my opinion.”


“Shen Yi, you bastard… even your soldiers are bastards,” Hong Lang muttered. In the World War II mission, he devoted his precious potion to this soldier, but Lyle now ignored him and refused to recognize anyone’s order beside Shen Yi’s. This made him very unhappy.


“Thank you for your compliments, sir,” Lyle answered blankly.




A large number of Terminators gradually walked out of the repair center.


The power of decentralized explosives at the time of explosion depended on a variety of factors and was far less likely to be as decisive as a rocket missile. But one certain thing was that there were about 50 Terminators which had entered the repair center, and less than five Terminators were killed directly by explosives. Most of the Terminators only received minor damaged, a small part had their weapons destroyed, and a few Terminators were seriously damaged.


More than 40 Terminator robots that still maintain full combat effectiveness began to rush aggressively toward adventurers.


Jin Gang used his only eye to count the rest of the Terminators. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, “There are still less than half remaining. Their weapons are basically destroyed and the rockets are basically used up…. Lyle is right. It’s better to deal with this situation than before. What the matter is now is – how many should we deal with? By my calculations, the average ratio is one to six. Any problem?”


Hong Lang was stunned. “Fear my ass, a total of nine sets of T-800s and 35 sets of T-750s. I’ll use my maximum effort, take the next two T-800s and four T-750s. You deal with others.”


Jin Gang replied coldly, “Well, then I deal with two T-800s and four T-750.”


Zhou Yiyu smiled. “Then I take care of  a T-800, and six T-750.”


Everyone looked at him at once, and Zhou Yiyu shrugged. “Maybe I can’t fight them, but I can outrun them.”


The Monk nodded. “There are still four T-800s and twenty-one T-750. Each deal with one T-800, five T-750s. There is one T-750 remaining, who can deal with it? First of all, my ability is probably not enough. ”


“I’ll take it.” A voice suddenly sounded.


The sound’s source turned out to be Marcus.


“You?” Jin Gang was surprised.


“Yes, isn’t it the responsibility of every human being to fight against the machines? Let me contribute too,” Marcus answered.


After thinking about it, Jin Gang pointed to several soldiers. “All of you, protect Kyle and Xiaofan and take them away from the battlefield. The farther you go, the better. Don’t join the fight unless we call you back.”


In the current situation, their fight force was less important.


“No! I will fight with you!” Kyle cried.


Jin Gang said to Kyle, “Shut up kid, don’t resist me. If you object to our decision, I’ll have to stun you. But the consequences of stunning you will have a major impact on me. That’s equivalent to someone firing a shot on my head! Do you understand? Yes, you may not understand it, but if you really want to help, the farther away from the battlefield, the better. Your life safety is very important to us! If you die, we are also finished!”


Kyle stared at Jin Gang; he did not understand what his words mean. Why was his life so important to them. But seeing Jin Gang’s angry and earnest expression, Kyle knew he was not joking.


“So… OK.” Kyle instinctively nodded.




The remaining solidiers took Xi Xiaofan and Kyle and departed.


The seven adventurers took a glance at each other, and laughed at each other a few times. Suddenly they put all the guns into Bloody Crest.


Then they shouted, “Kill them!”


The Terminator in front of them accelerated.


When two sides met on a narrow road, the brave one would be winner. Even in that age, muscle power was still the most important thing for survival.


Flesh collided with steel as the biological brute force and the mechanical power competed; the creator and the creature had a bloody fight for survival.

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