Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 52

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: wisehelm999

Book 4 Chapter 52: Divide (Part 1)


The battlefield was soon cleared.

Lyle reported to Shen Yi: “Report, all Terminators have been cleared. There is 62 recoverable debris, 34 of which were severely damaged, 12 were completely damaged, and 6 were slightly damaged.”

“Bring the lightly damaged Terminators to Xi Xiaofan, let him convert control and hand it over to me. Then let the others dig up the Energy Cores of the remaining Terminators and see what can be achieved.”

Shen Yi’s order was quickly implemented.

The collection of Energy Cores was the first to be done, but the adventurers did not get much.

For a highly damaged Terminator, the Energy Core was extremely easy to break, and only a complete Energy Core could be counted as official rewards.

In the end, among the 94 pieces of Energy Cores were harvested, only four were intact. Team #641 got two pieces. Zhou Yiyu got a piece and The Monk got a piece. Zhou Yiyu’s one was from a T-800.

Zhou Yiyu tossed the piece he got to Shen Yi’s hand. “You originally owed me two T-600 and two T-700. I don’t need it anymore. Adding this piece of crystal, you give me a T800, and you pay the cost.”

Shen Yi took it: “No, I want this T-800, I give you a T-750, two t-700, all cost me out.”

Zhou Yiyu shrugged: “Okay.”

Fifteen minutes later, the six Terminators have also been converted and controlled, becoming one of Shen Yi’s men, one of which is the T-800.

First of all, the five t750s were repaired by 1% to make them stand upright. Then Shen Yi put his hand on the T800 and used Activation. Bloody Crest prompted:

“T-800 Terminator, 26% damaged. Technology evaluation: Rank DD, AP 0/420. Can be repaired, needs 188 energy to completely repair…”

“Use all remaining energy for repair.”

“At present, the remaining energy is 80 points, and one-third of it can be repaired.”


After that, the T-800 stood up.

“T-800 Terminator robot, Defense 30, AP 140/420, 17% damaged. Equipped weapon:
1. M59 heavy cannon, bullet damage 14.
2. Small rocket launcher, rocket damage 200, with 7 rockets.
This Terminator uses Neural Net Processor CPU version 4, has faster response sensitivity, is equipped with power boosters on the legs, and applies the Cyberdyne artificial computer system type 100.
Evaluation: Rank DD, role evaluation: Main force. Weak points: 1. Control Unit, 2. Energy Core. Features: 1, Can be repaired. 2, Reduced effects for explosive damage. 3, Can continue to combat for a period of time after AP is zero. 4, Can use human language and have learning ability. 5, Has camouflaged skin and can be artificially disguised.”

Since this Terminator has already belonged to him, Shen Yi did not need to use Appraisal to detect its stats.

No wonder these T-800s are so hard to kill, they could continue to fight even after the AP value hit zero.

Those adventurers who do not know the situation continue to attack these “zombie” machines, but they are only wasting time and firepower.

The investigating skills like Shen Yi’s Appraisal seem to be useless in combat, but at this critical moment, without his Appraisal to know the situation of the other side, it did give the adventurer a great deal of confusion in the battle.

When this Terminator got up, he took a ceremonious dedication: “Commander, number T80-5579 report to you!”

“Your original number has no meaning. From now on, your name is No. 1. I am your immediate commander. The order I give to you is the highest order. All my fellow team members except me are the second-priority, the order they issued to you is the sub-privilege command, and my team member information has been input to you.”

“Understood, sir, you now have three formal partners and an informal partner. I wish to know who will I give priority to when the four second-priority officers give different directions to me?”

Hong Lang exclaimed: “Is he still aware of subdivision instructions?”

That T-800 seriously replied: “My program requires that I strictly distinguish between instruction levels. As a program executor, my program does not allow any deviations and vague instructions. Other models of Terminator can only listen to an officer’s order, but I am a Terminator who can listen to the directives of the chief executives.”

Shen Yi nodded: “In addition to me, the order of priority is as follows: Jin Gang, Wen Rou, Hong Lang, Luo Hao.”

“Understood, sir.”

“I knew I was the fourth.” Hong Lang muttered.

“Don’t worry.” Shen Yi laughed. “We have enough Energy Core now. After I go back, I will give you a real T-800.”

“Good.” Hong Lang grinned.

But the next moment, he looked at Shen Yi: “Shen Yi, there is something to tell you.”


Hong Lang suddenly pointed to Jing 12: “The bastard tried to save himself by using your soldiers as a scapegoat. At that time, I wanted to give him a lesson. It was Jin Gang who stopped me. What did you say?”

Shen Yi’s face immediately sank.

Jin Gang quickly explained: “At that time, the situation was in critical condition and it was not suitable to immediately turn his face.”

“You did right. Hong Lang, you have done a good job too for telling me now,” he said coldly.

He looked at Jing 12 with eyes full of murderousness.

Jing 12’s face changed: “Hong Lang, what do you mean? Isn’t it just a summoning soldier? It has no use, I’ll pay you 100 BP as compensation!”

“That does not depend on you, Lu Ming!” Shen Yi suddenly cried.

Hearing that “Lu Ming” name, Jing 12 was shocked. The next moment, Shen Yi had already taken out Spirit Flame Gun and fired. Jing 12 tried to run, but a silhouette flew over and kicked him down. It was Wen Rou.

Next, to them, Lu De was about to take out his weapon, but Hong Lang, Jin Gang, and Luo Hao have already surrounded him. “You better not move!”

Shen Yi put Spirit Flame Gun back into his Bloody Crest and rushed to where Jing 12 landed. At the same time, he shouted: “I have a one-on-one fight with him. No one else interrupts. I will teach him a lesson!”

Jing 12’s face was full of hatred.

He was a melee adventurer, but a ranged adventurer like Shen Yi dared to fight him in close combat. His heart felt extremely uncomfortable.

Since Shen Yi was going to fight with him one on one, he certainly would not be afraid.

In particular, Shen Yi even took the guns away. Obviously, he was planning to fight with his bare hands. Seeing that, Jing 12 felt determination in his heart. As a close combat adventurer, he liked to fight with his opponents without weapons. He didn’t look muscular but his skills were quite strong.

Seeing Shen Yi rushing over, a fierce look flashed in Jing 12’s eyes and he punched. The peculiar sound of a tiger roar suddenly echoed. The image of a white tiger was displayed on the arm of Jing’s 12th.

Rank DD skill: Roaring Tiger Fist!

This was the melee skill Jing 12 used the most. It dealt 140 damage and produces a one-second Stun effect.

The white-eyed tiger screamed and rushed toward Shen Yi, but Shen Yi did not evade. He rushed toward Jing 12 and faced the attack head-on. His eyes were disdainfully cold.

His body has started shining, he activated item skill Courage Blessing, his Will raised by 10, while increasing the special damage resistance by priority. He now has 38 Will, adding 10 points it would be 48 points, plus the Priority brought by Bracelet of Lover, his resistance was far more than Roaring Tiger Fist’s power.

At the next moment, the tiger’s shadow passed through Shen Yi’s body. He just swayed and quickly approached Jing 12’s side.

That punch did not seem to cause much harm to him, but Wen Rou’s brow furrowed suddenly and she held her chest.

This unexpected approaching surprised Jing 12 and he didn’t have time to use the next skill. Shen Yi punched him in the face, causing 12 damage. With a bang and a backhand frame, Shen Yi quickly bowed, his right fist fluttered and hit the lower abdomen of Jing 12, causing 7 more damage. Then he did a volley of kicks to Jing 12’s head.

Jing 12 was forced to retreat, and his body was suddenly full of light.

Skills: Speed Blaster – Attack the target three times in a row, each punch deal [1 x Strength] damage and cause 0.5s Stun.

A record of three flashes of lightning flash hit Shen Yi, who even actually did not hesitate to bear. Not being Stunned, he quickly came close, two fingers poked towards the eyes of Jing 12, it is the Two Dragon Catches The Ball.

Jing 12 threw his head backward and dodged the strike. Simultaneously, Shen Yi had already slammed into Jing 12’s arms with a fierce shoulder bump and sent him flying up.

Jing 12 flipped in the air and fell back to the ground. His eyes were full of anger.

At the moment, he really could not figure out why his skills hit Shen Yi’s body but had little effect in damaging him.

Even if counting 50% weakening when adventurers attack each other by weakening and Defense, the damage of the two skills should at least have reduced Shen Yi’s HP by 70 or 80 points. Why does it seem that Shen Yi does not seem to be hurt at all?

Shen Yi only smiled coldly. His healing skill was activated, the HP he had just lost had been fully restored. At the same time, he flew again toward Jing 12.

Jing 12 issued a strange yell.

Skills: Rising Punch – After hitting the target, it will produce an impact effect, which will cause damage to the target and produce a shock effect on the target’s internal organs.

Shen Yi’s left fist blocked and the two men’s fists collided at that moment. The Rising Punch skill finally came into effect, and Shen Yi’s mouth was bleeding out of a trace of blood, apparently as a result of the internal organs being damaged.

Jing 12 was about to be proud but suddenly felt his hand in extreme pain, as if something was plunged into his bones.

This time, he felt sore so he looked down to check and saw his right fist burst open a hole, a blood spring came out.

“You!” Jing 12 wanted to say that Shen Yi was shameless, he had used his weapons. However, he found that Shen Yi used both hands to make fists and he did not have any weapons on his hands.

Others couldn’t understand what was going on, why Jing 12’s hand had a hole blown open by Shen Yi’s punch, but Jin Gang and others saw it clearly.

This cunning guy was simply holding invisible Vampire Touch with his left hand, but his method was different from the past. His dagger is shaking hands, and the tip of the tip protrudes between the ring finger and the middle finger as if it were holding a pointed cone.

The biggest feature of this approach was that the damage caused by the sharp tip of the dagger instead of the blunt force of the punch. When the enemy thought that he successfully landed a hit, it was actually sending his own fist towards the blade.

Shen Yi’s incomparable use of Vampire Touch successfully wounded his opponent. The three skills from Jing 12 were reduced by 50 percent, and the effect of 30% damage transfer of Bracelet of Lover actually caused a result that only 70 or 80 points of damage to Shen Yi, far lower than Jing’s 12 had expected. In addition to his Despicable Healing Art, Shen Yi suffered only limited injuries, but he made his opponent spend all three skills.

Shen Yi’s 35 point of Strength was originally extremely high in the Slums District. If fighting with the bare hand, even Hong Lang wasn’t the rival of Shen Yi who has Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand, let alone Jing 12.

The next moment, Shen Yi has once again rushed over.

At this time, Jing 12 had all three melee skills used up, but it was not able to cause much damage to Shen Yi. This moment is really to the point where there is no way back.

Shen Yi got excited.

Jing 12 in front of the attack using only his ordinary fists, looked as stupid as a big bear.

Shen Yi swung his arms, playing a wave-like fist barrage……

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