Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 53

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: wisehelm999

Book 4 Chapter 53: Divide (Part 2)

Relying on the advantages brought by his high attributes, Shen Yi’s attacks came from all directions toward Jing 12, and Jing 12 could not fight back. As a melee adventurer being beaten by a ranged adventurer in close combat, Jing 12 felt like he would die because of shame.


However, he did not have much time for shame now, because Shen Yi’s attacks were getting faster and faster and the damage he has caused was also getting heavier.


Jing 12 quickly stepped back and took a bottle of Healing Potion from his Bloody Crest. When he was about to drink, Shen Yi has already arrived like the wind, his right fist hit Jing 12’s left hand.


The bottle fell out of his hand, and Shen Yi’s left foot kicked it and sent it flying far away.


Jing 12 took a step back, it’s was too late to grab the bottle, thus he could only take out a second bottle. Unexpectedly, Shen Yi waved his left hand. Vampire Touch wiped the arm of Jing 12 and was stabbing on the second bottle, crush it.


Jing 12 continued to step back and took out the third bottle of medicine. However not only could his speed not match Shen Yi’s, but Shen Yi moved as if he knew what Jing 12 was going to do. The right palm was chopped like a knife to the left arm of Jing 12.


Just listening to the snap sound, the bones of the left arm of Jing 12 were actually broken. He painfully screamed out and could not hold this third bottle, it fell in the hands of Shen Yi.


Shen Yi took over and suddenly said, “For you.”


The bottle was thrown to the face of Jing 12. He instinctively catched the bottle. At the same time, Shen Yi’s left fist was already flying as fast as electricity. The Vampire Touch rose from the palm of his hand and reached out to the entire tip of his hand, penetrating the right hand of Jing 12 and actually nailed to his face.


Jing 12 issued a painful cry, and the Vampire Touch had cut off his right hand, slipped down and brushed his throat, left a bloody line.


From the adventurer of the Northern Region, Shen Yi learned that is the most effective way to do the finish blow, since it stopped adventurers from drinking potion.


Jing 12 took a few steps back, held his throat, looking shocked as hatred filled his eyes, he couldn’t figure out why this happened.


Shen Yi had walked forward, his left and right fists made a fist cuff as heavy rain, crazily hit his body.


Jing’s 12th chest turned into a sieve in an instant. Blood sprung out like a shower.


At this time, even stupid people already knew Shen Yi’s hands hid weapons.


Lu De shounted in horror: “Despite! He uses weapons!”


Jin Gang sneered: “Does our boss say no weapons?”


Lu De’s became stunned, he realized that Shen Yi really did not say no weapons.


It was just his approach that made everyone misunderstand that this was a freehand contest.


In the next moment, Jing 12 could no longer withstand the terrible and sharp attack falling backwards.


His body fell heavily on the ground, causing dust to soar.


At this time, there are still more than a dozen poor points in his HP. Just give him a light punch and he will die.


Looking at Jing 12 lying in a pool of blood, Shen Yi stepped on his body and looked at him with compassionate eyes. He said: “Is there anything wrong with you? First, you are too dependent on skills. If you are a good melee adventurer, if you only rely on skills to fight, it means there are only a few tricks. The result is that after your skills are used up, you do not know how to continue. Second, your three skills are still quite a threat for me, the biggest problem with my healing skill is the cooldown time limit, so once I’ve used it once, I can’t use it for a minute or so. If you can stick with it, then when your skills cooldown, you still have opportunity to defeat me, but unfortunately you did not insist on that moment. The third is you lack the courage to fight desperately. If you were not in a hurry to drink potion, then you can beat me, and you can give me some damage. Unfortunately, you are too afraid of death, so you can only die.”


If Jing 12 survived, perhaps he would grow up to be a melee adventurer. Unfortunately, Shen Yi would never give him this opportunity.


The Monk scowled and said, “It is enough, he has fallen. You have already hurt him so much. I think he already learned lessons.”


Unexpectedly, Shen Yi smirked: “Not enough.”


Saying, he suddenly squatted and stepped on the neck of Jing 12.


Jing 12 died on the spot.


Skill Steal was activated, and Bloody Crest sound came: “Skill Steal failed.”


Shen Yi shrugged and did not care about this result.


Looking back at the crowd, everyone was silent.


No one thought that Shen Yi would actually kill him.




Lu De suddenly raised his hand and shouted: “It was him who killed your summoned soldier. I did nothing! Shen Yi, let me leave, I promise I won’t trouble you.”


Shen Yi slowly back, cold eyes watching Lu De, with endless fierce and murderous intent.


“I’m afraid you can’t go, Wei Yu,” he said.


When he heard this name, Lu De was yelling in his heart. He jumped up and ran toward the distance.


A chain flew across the room and wrapped Lu De’s body and yanked him back.


It was Luo Hao!


Jin Gang, Hong Lang and Wen Rou trio also flew up and started in front of Lu De.


The axe, katana, and fists fell on Lu De, and he made a terrible groan and his whole body was snarling.


He shouted: “The Monk! Zhou Yiyu, you watch them kill me? If I die, you will be the next!”




The Monk rushed forward, his white hair suddenly skyrocketed, and he swept away a silver gleam.


This skill was a ninjutsu from the body of the Naruto world: Needle Jizō (incomplete version) – Rank DD skill, cause 20 damage to all lives within a radius of 2.5 meters, can also be used to block attacks.


The hair shrouded around him like a silver moon , pointing at the Hong Kong wave of them, The Monk shouted: “Shen Yi, what’s the meaning ? In order to revenge for a summoned soldier, you killed Jing 12, do you feel not enough?”


In Shen Yi’s hand, Spirit Flame Gun sunndely appeared and pointed to The Monk: “They are a group. I don’t want to leave behind troubles. When I pick grass, I want to remove the roots. The Monk, you should understand this truth. Stay away from this!”


The Monk hesitated, and Lu De shouted: “I promise never to come to you! Your team have so many people, I cannot be your opponent!”


“I believe more in the assurance of the dead.” Shen Yi replied coldly, and he suddenly shouted, “Attack!”


The next moment, Jin Gang and other four people also made a crazy attack on Lu De.


Although they do not know why Shen Yi suddenly became so fierce, and even Lu De also in his kill list, but they still listen to Shen Yi’s order.


If it was before, they may still be puzzled and ask questions, but after having experienced these missions, they have learned to listen to orders first and ask questions later.


It takes time for the establishment of authority. If in X-men mission, Hong Lang dared to question him with screaming indignation, now this possibility may have been reduced indefinitely.


With Lu De’s strength, he could not even beat Hong Lang, let alone face the four adventurers at the moment.


Jin Gang’s armor strikes, hits, smashes, and the powerful impact of Hong Lang, axe and combo strikes, gentle winding, chaos blade, power, plus Luo Xi shields and chains, the skill of the four people fell on Le De like a rain. The four men were trained for a long time and had already worked together for a long time. Lu De was beaten without be able to fight back.


However, the four people have jointly kept the bottom line, only to knock down his HP, but do not abolish his body, it is to save the situation and leave some negotating opportunities.


The Monk was pinned down by the deterrence and watched Lu De was wounded from time to time. His HP dropped in a piece-by-line manner. He did not dare to shoot. He only looked at Shen Yi’s eyes but was full of dissatisfaction.


In fact, not only him but even Zhou Yiyu frowned.


As adventurers, sometimes they not only learn to face quests, but also learn to deal with the relationships with other adventurers. The quest were obviously dangerous, but adventurers may be more threatening.


Especially in the current situation, being mixed with an already formed team means that their own strength is far from their counterparts, which means risk.


If Shen Yi wanted, the strength of team #641 can completely eliminate anyone except their team.


It is precisely because of this that Zhou Yiyu, adventurers, Jing 12 and Lu De were psychologically closer. Because only four of them are united, they are eligible to fight against team #641. If one or two of these four people are missing, then the problem is serious.


That means that if the team #641 wants to start to kill the remaining adventurers, then The Monk and Zhou Yiyu are definitely dead.


It is for this reason that The Monk will oppose them to save Lu De. It is not only to protect Lu De but also to protect himself.


As for Jing 12, The Monk  and Zhou Yiyu could not stop it in time.


Since Shen Yi did not call the Terminator during the fight with him, he did not even use a gun, so that at first everyone thought that he did not want to kill Jing 12. He only wanted to teach him a lesson, so he did not care too much about it. Until the injured Jing 12  lied in the ground, everyone also thought things stopped here.


So The Monk said the sentence “Enough.”


In his opinion, things should have ended here.


However, Shen Yi actually killed Jing 12. This is contrary to what everyone expected.


After Jing 12’s death, the situation changed suddenly. Before everyone reacted, Shen Yi even ordered to attack Lu De. The speed is so quick that he does not even give people the opportunity to think.


Zhou Yiyu felt it was wrong at this moment, but it was too late to react.


He was smarter than The Monk. He knew that After knowing that after the death of Jing 12, the situation has completely fallen into the control of Shen Yi. In such circumstances, it is no longer meaningful to do another objection. Instead, it is better to keep silence and reduce as much as possible . Of course, taking into account his previous friendship with Shen Yi, Zhou Yiyu still had the confidence that Shen Yi would not attack him. After all, he had said that he would join the team #641. Even if he is not a member of the team, she should not have him. Malicious, in this case, it should be more neutral.


Even so, Zhou Yi Yu still smelled a hint of dangerous atmosphere.


He did not know where the danger came from, but he had already felt something wrong.


He suddenly remembered one thing.


Before Shen Yi killed Jing 12, he did not use neither the Terminators nor guns. It is for this reason that it is for everyone to think that it is only because he just wanted to teach Jing 12 a lesson.


However, it turns out that Shen Yi is obviously not angry at the moment. He is intent on killing people.


Since the intention is to kill people, why he only use hands to attack and increase the trouble of killing for himself?


Does this mean that his previous actions are totally confusing to everyone?


In other words, he actually did not kill Jing 12 to summon the death of a soldier. It was just an excuse!


If this is the case, does that mean that he is dealing with Lu De now, but isn’t for what he just said?


Like he said that he wants to teach Jing 12 as a matter of fact, it is only a distraction!


A distraction for continued to eradicate The Monk and Zhou Yiyu…


Everything is just an excuse!


One can kill them one by one, and it won’t lead to a joint!


So who will be the next one after Lu De’s death?


Thought of this, Zhou Yiyu suddenly raised a hint of chill in his heart and a huge sense of crisis shook his entire body instantly.


“Ah!” Swearingly shouted and interrupted Zhou Yiyu’s thoughts. At this time, Lu De could not withstand the joint attack of the four men and fell to the ground.


As long as they make up a few more punches, Lu De would die.


Zhou Yiyu rushed out suddenly and the Fire Artillery had been aimed at Shen Yi. He shouted: “Release him immediately!”


Everyone’s actions also lag.


Hong Lang stepped on Lu De’s body and looked back at Zhou Yiyu. “Are your f*****g mad? We haven’t dealt with you. What are you so excited about?”


Zhou Yiyu sneered: “I’m afraid that after he died, the next one would be The Monk and me.”


He suddenly turned to look at Shen Yi: “Shen Yi, what do you want to do? If I didn’t guess it wrong, wait until Lu De is dead, and you’ll take The Monk next, in the name of ‘he is disrespectful to me’? Then the only one left is me. Everything you said is a lie, it is an excuse!”


Jin Gang screamed: “Zhou Yiyu, what f*cking are you saying? Shen Yi will not do that! We just deal with these two guys only, and it have nothing to do with you! You and we are friends, we will not deal with you!”


“No!” Shen Yi suddenly said: “What Zhou Yiyu said is right, after Lu De’s death, I will kill The Monk next. Even if Jing 12 did not kill my soldier, I will kill them! His action just gave me an excuse to distract you!”


“What did you say?” Everyone at the same time shocked, looked at Shen Yi in disbelief.

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