Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 54

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: TimberLord

Book 4 Chapter 54: Divide (Part 3)

The Monk and Zhou Yiyu watched the five adventurers in front of them carefully.


At the foot of Hong Lang, Lu De laid down dying. He had completely lost his ability to act. He was just a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.


With two-vs-five, The Monk and Zhou Yiyu could be said to have no chance of winning.


Around them, the soldiers and the Terminators had surrounded them and sealed off every one of their escape routes. All this was happened quietly but precisely when Lu De was attacked. No one could tell when Shen Yi ordered them all.


At this time, The Monk also realized that Shen Yi was not only going to kill Lu De, but even him.


All he had just done was to hold him steady. After he had killed Lu De, he would continue with him. In this moment he was scared and angry, and his white hair was sharp and long.


Zhou Yiyu looked at Shen Yi angrily. “Shen Yi, what do you want? You want to kill us all?”


“No.” Shen Yi shook his head.


He pointed his hand to The Monk, and then there were Lu De and Jing 12 on the ground. “I want to kill them three, not including you.”


The Monk shouted, “Don’t believe him! Zhou Yiyu, he is still playing the tricks. He wanted to kill us one by one!”


Zhou Yiyu looked at The Monk and then looked at Shen Yi. “Why? Why do you have to kill them? Where did they offend you?”


Shen Yi smiled slightly. “This is exactly what I want to ask.”


His face suddenly became serious: “The Monk, where did I offend you in the end, you actually want to harm me?”


When this was said, everyone looked at The Monk in surprise.


The Monk’s face changed: “I don’t understand what you are talking about!”


Shen Yi sighed and then said: “I said … In fact, I did not want to kill you, but someone wanted to kill me. I just counterattack in advance.”


Saying that, he took one thing out of his Bloody Crest.


It’s Crystal Tears Pendant.




Touching the pendant on his hand, Shen Yi was like looking at the beloved object. His eyes were full of tenderness.


“This Crystal Tears Pendant is what I got in my beginner mission. It gives neither attributes nor skill. It’s not very useful. Until now, I have only used it twice. But on these two occasions, it saved my life.”


Shen Yi referred to the first time in the beginner mission, “Hatred of Marishka” warned him of werewolf Velkan’s sneak attack, so that Shen Yi could escape with his life. The second time in the X-men mission, Jerry was snatched, “Reminiscence of Aleera” allowed Shen Yi to always lock on Jerry’s position.


Crystal Tears Pendant consisted of the Hatred of Marishka, the Reminiscence of Aleera and the Slyness of Verona. Of these, Slyness of Verona had never been used.


But at this moment, Shen Yi slowly turned the three faces of the crystal pendant, revealing Slyness of Verona. He opened the display of its function, showing row of words in front of everyone.


“Crystal Tears Pendant – Slyness of Verona: Clever, suspicious and calm was the Vampire Bride Verona’s nature. Different from her two bride sisters, she voluntarily accepted the conversion to become a Vampire because of her love for Count Dracula. She put her feelings for Dracula into crystal tears to help Dracula find all potential enemies, and to guard Dracula against any possible fraud. Crystal tears can be used to record any designated stranger’s Information, to show if they are friendly or malicious towards you, so you will not be deceived by outside appearances. Can only be used three times in each Mission World, and only once on each target.”


Zhou Yiyu naturally knew about Crystal Tears Pendant, but he only knew its introduction of the overall function, not the specific content.


At this moment, Zhou Yiyu saw this Slyness of Verona’s feature and was unable to react.


When The Monk saw this thing, his face was even more ugly. He obviously did not expect Shen Yi to have such an item.


Shen Yi whispered in low, soft words: “Slyness of Verona is actually a thermometer. It has a variety of changes from white to black. The shallow color stands for friendliness, the middle color stands for neutrality, and the deepest color stands for hostility. These eighteen kinds of faces also represent different levels of feelings. If you have doubts about a stranger, then using it to test these people’s attitude towards you is the best way.”


Wen Rou exclaimed: “You put the names of the two guys on the crystal pendants? Then their name shows hostility?”


Shen Yi took out Slyness of Verona at this time, it is clear that all the problems have been explained.


Shen Yi nodded: “If you are just hostile, I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, I was blackmailing them and took their BP. Although I personally think that it is not extortion … The problem is that their hostility has exceeded the normal level.”


Saying this, Shen Yi revealed two names on Slyness of Verona.


Lu Ming and Wei Yu, of which Lu Ming’s name was dark purple, Wei Yu’s name was light purple.


In the Slyness of Verona, the six kinds of hostile repute were composed of black, purple, dark purple, purple, red and pink.


All black meant that the attitude of the holder of the pendant was the enemy of life and death. Light red meant mild hatred, not rising to level of live or death.


Pale purple meant that the other party wanted to die, and there was a certain possibility that they would not pass the chance to sneak attack. Dark purple meant that the other party hoped him to die, and there was a higher probability that they would take the initiative to attack.


The two men, Jing 12 and Lu De, were in deep purple and pale purple for their enmity. This meant that their hostility to Shen Yi had exceeded the safety rule line. Both of them hoped that he would die, and there were a high possibilities for them to attack.


This is why Shen Yi had to start with them.


Because it was the two individuals who had long premeditated plans to deal with him, but it was only found in advance.


At this moment, seeing the names of the two people, Zhou Yiyu shook his head again. “How is this possible? You just took them some BP and gave them a lesson, but they couldn’t be so hatred to want to kill you. What’s the point?”


How could Jing 12 and Lu De be so stupid because it was going to kill some people, and what was their relationship with The Monk?


At this moment, after hearing what Zhou Yiyu said, Shen Yi shook his head and smiled. “Yes, I also feel very strange, but what really makes me strange is not this…”


Saying that his eyes swept toward The Monk, The Monk could only coldly snort.


Obviously, everyone had already realized that “Slyness of Verona” could accommodate three names in each mission world.


The next moment, Shen Yan’s finger moved again, and the third name appeared.


Tang Zeng.




Red, in Slyness of Verona, represented the person who wished the owner of the crystal pendant to die, but does not want to personally do it.


Everyone was surprised to see The Monk had this kind of intention.


Shen Yi then said: “Don’t blame me for not believing you, Monk. Actually, I didn’t even think of using this thing for you at first. After all, I didn’t offend you. But when I was on the bus, I used Slyness of Verona on these two bastards. When they were blackmailed, I was surprised to find that when their hostility toward me was so great that they were going to kill me, this matter was seriously beyond my expectation, and I had to be careful.”


The Monk croaked and said: “Isn’t it necessary to put me in, too?”


“Actually, I didn’t test you because I was still suspicious of you. It’s just because the two of them are very strange. The name of Jing 12 is dark purple, and Lu De’s is pale purple. On the bus, I hit Jing 12 once, and from this point of view, it was because of this attack that the degree of hatred of Jing 12 to me was slightly higher, but I could not figure out that being blackmailed and being hit, these incidents could make Jing 12’s hatred of me a deep purple rank; then for Lu De who was simply blackmailed, his hatred of me should not reach the degree of purple, but at best it should be red or pink. Red is right, that is, he is hostile and dissatisfied with me, but it won’t get to the point he wanted to kill me with his own hands. After all, those BPs, which came after my eradication of the Terminator, should have been mine. Why does Lu De’s hatred for me directly add to this high?”


Indeed, if Jing 12’s hatred was justified because he was insulted, then why Lu De’s hatred was just one grade lower? It’s really unacceptable.


Shen Yi smiled: “Since I was using Slyness of Verona for the first time, I would also like to know if Slyness of Verona’s standards of evaluating the other people’s hatred. In order to make a more accurate comparison , so I put your name up too. At that time, I think I just collected your 400 BP, and it is more polite to you. So your name should be neutral, but when I put your name on it, I was shocked…”


On the bus, Shen Yi put the third name, Tang Zeng, in Slyness of Verona, and suddenly discovered that the name of The Monk appeared red.


He actually wanted him to die!


This was what made Shen Yi really confused.


At that time, he thought that it was probably caused by the small heart of The Monk. This was the only reason why it was plausible.


After the battle, The Monk came and told himself about the fact of a team leader must be a melee fighter. It was still relatively pleasant to talk to The Monk. By this opportunity, he returned 400 BP to The Monk.


When he thought of it, he had shown enough respect and gratitude to The Monk. Because The Monk received 800 BP, there should be no more hatred.


In fact, any normal person would feel relief. So, the name of this time should be friendly.


However, after The Monk left, Shen Yi took out the Crystal Tears Pendant and saw that The Monk’s name was still red!


He still wanted him to die!

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