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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 55 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 55

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Al-Farouk

Book 4 Chapter 55: Divide (Part 4)

All the guns were directed at The Monk.


A gust of wind blew, blowing the white hair of The Monk’s head.


Dressed in a belted robe, The Monk’s fists clenched and his eyes stared at Shen Yi.


For a long time.


Then he said with a hoarse voice: “Your cautiousness is far beyond my expectation, Shen Yi. Yes, I want you to die, but you have said it yourself. The redness shows that I may wish you to die but not I will kill you personally. I admit that I am hostile to you. Maybe you can’t understand it. I don’t want to explain it, but since I don’t want to kill you, you don’t have to attack me, right?”


Shen Yi sighed with a slight sigh. “You speak very much, The Monk. Yes, you wouldn’t attack me. This is what the Crystal Tears Pendant told me, and there is nothing wrong with that. From the truth, this happens. I should have killed Jing 12 and Lu De, and then I will give you a lesson and let you leave. After all, you will not take the initiative to threaten me. It’s just that if I really do that, then I am too stupid. You know, items of Bloody City don’t lie, of course, but that doesn’t mean you won’t lie…”


Speaking of this, Shen Yi’s voice slowed down. “Don’t act on me. You won’t attack me, it doesn’t mean that you won’t harm me. Your malice isn’t just malicious. It may contain other meanings. Your intention is that you want me to die instead of doing it yourself, but if you extend this idea, you may have more content. For example… You will do something that is extremely unfavorable to me. Things may directly affect my life … don’t you think this extended explanation is more reliable and more consistent with the current situation?”


The Monk gave a glimpse of his heart, but he only sneered. “I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Anyway, I don’t have anything to say to you.”


Shen Yi did not care about him but he walked slowly to Lu De, who was badly wounded. Lu De shouted: “Don’t… don’t kill me. I told you why The Monk hated you. Actually…”


“I know.” Shen Yi interrupted him coldly: “You don’t have to explain it to me.”


He suddenly took a flash of lightning and held Lu De’s neck tight. He twisted his hand and twisted his neck.


His shots were so fluent that no one could respond.


Killing Lu De, Shen Yi also used Steal skill for him.


Bloody Crest prompted: “Skill failed.”


Shen Hao lifted a foot to kick Lu Yuan away.


For him, this guy was no longer useful.


He patted his hand and came back, standing beside The Monk: “You think by not telling it to me, I can’t guess why your three guys are hostile to me? Why the two bastards want to go back because of a simple trifle? It must be because benefits from other source. Hey, does Xie Rongjun tell you to come?”


When that word came out, Jin Gang, Hong Lang, Wen Rou and Luo Hao, four people’s expression at the same time changed.


Hong Lang shouted: “Shen Yi, you mean Xie Rongjun that bastard ordered them?”


“What other reason could these three guys have so much hostility to us? Especially if we are now facing this kind of mission mode!”


When Shen Yi returned BP to The Monk and discovered that The Monk’s name was still red, he would desperately ponder over what was causing the situation.


He was sensitive enough to realize that The Monk’s attitude to himself was very strange. The Monk wanted him to die for no reason, but The Monk did not do that himself.


Did that mean that there were other people who would attack him instead?


Then in the Bloody City, who else would always want to kill him? The answer was self-evident.


When Shen Yi attempted to find informations of team Strike The Blood, team Strike The Blood was also likely to look for the origin of team #641.


Xie Rongjun did not seem to care about strength of team #641. However, a person who could survive in Bloody City for a long time would never arbitrarily look down on any opponent. Even they were in different Difficulty Levels, he would try to understand enemy’s details.


When Shen Yi thought like this, he found that answers for many of his questions had suddenly become clear. Something unreasonable was now reasonable.


At this moment Shen Yi looked at The Monk and said. “You really don’t attack me, because you didn’t have to do that at all. You were just entrusted by Xie Rongjun to investigate our team, collect information about our skills, our attributes, our fighting style. So you told me about melee adventurers as captains and talk to me about the team. Actually your real purpose is to get information about our team from me. In the past few days, you and my people have fought together and learned a lot about their situations, including me. You know that if you just send these messages to Xie Rongjun, I will only have a dead end. So what the red color represents is not that you want me to die, but that you know what you are about to do will lead to my death, and you do not intend to change this approach. Human is the world’s most complex behavioral animal. Using only 18 kinds of colors to classify people’s emotions and behavior, it is too simple… … So even if I have this kind of item, it still needs further careful analysis to understand the hidden meaning behind it.”


“Talk about it, who else Xie Rongjun also sent to spy on me?”


The Monk gave a long breath.


He claps his hands. “Absolutely, it’s amazing! There’re very few people who can set up a team in the Difficulty Level 1, all of them are superb. However, even though you see through me, it’s a pity that you still guessed something wrong. I really do want to spy on your details, and waiting for the completion of this mission, I will sell all the intelligence about you to Xie Rongjun, but … he didn’t send me. Xie Rongjun didn’t even know me at all.”




Zhou Yiyu suddenly shouted. “The Monk, you bastard! Die!”


The Vulcan artillery in his hand suddenly fired violently against The Monk.


A phantom flashed, The Monk’s body suddenly disappeared, and only a piece of wood remained on the ground.


“He was there!” Shen Yi suddenly turned, and the Spirit Flame Gun fired several shots in the air outside the encirclement.


An image of The Monk flashed in the air. As soon as he appeared, he was hit by several consecutive shots. A Fire Bullet hit him, left a bloody hole and lit a flame.


The Monk bore the pain ran out. He did not seek to kill the enemy but seek self-insurance. As long as he could escape, and waited for the completion of this mission, he would send the information about Shen Yi and his team to Xie Rongjun. For him, they were dead.


At the same time, Shen Yi turned his muzzle fiercely and pointed to Zhou Yiyu’s head, saying. “You don’t move!”


Zhou Yiyu stayed and looked at Shen Yi: “Are you crazy? What are you doing to me?”


Jin Gang and others are also surprised.


Shen Yi turned back and said: “Why are you still here? You are going to chase him and you must kill him! Let me deal with Zhou Yiyu!”


Jin Gang, Hong Lang and others retreated a few steps and looked deeply at Zhou Yiyu, they apparently also aware of Shen Yi’s reason.


They turned and chased The Monks away.


Wen Rou sent a concern: “Be careful, open the team channel, so that I can hear your voice.”


When she saw Shen Yi open the team channel, she left.




The muzzle was aligned with Zhou Yiyu, Shen Yi’s eyes were indifferent.


Not far away, Marcus and Kyle were both surprised to see this scene, obviously did not understand what happened.


Shen Yi looked coldly at Zhou Yiyu: “I’m not mad. I’ve always been very clear. Zhou Yiyu, tell me why did you not let The Monk go on?”


“I do not know what are you talking about?” Zhou Yiyu shouted.


“I said you deliberately let The Monk escape!” Shen Yi waved his left hand, all Terminators and paratroopers at the same time surrounded Zhou Yiyu.


Zhouyi Yu stepped back a few steps and his fingers had been caught on the trigger of the Vulcan gun: “I just wanted to help you.”


Shen Yi sneered: “Come on, The Monk has admitted that he wants to sell our information, but he also said that he did not know Xie Rongjun. What does this mean? He cannot rush to collect our information without contacting Xie Rongjun. He doesn’t know Xie Rongjun, then how could he possibly know about our hatred against Xie Rongjun? You and I both know there’s a problem here, but you didn’t let him continue to spill it.”


Zhou Yiyu squeezed an ugly smile on his face. He spread out his hand and said. “What is it about me? I said I just wanted to help you.”


Shen Yi sighed and said. “Zhou Yiyu, do you think you can deceive me with such naive lies? Is it too much to look down on me? I know that you deliberately interrupted him. You don’t want him to say anything more… It’s because of you also take part in this.”


Zhou Yi Yu’s face changed. “It’s not like that!”


“Shut up!” Shen Yi sternly said. “Zhou Yiyu, I don’t regard you as an idiot, but you treat me as a fool! In fact, I’ve suspected you for long. From the first time you asked to join the team, I was surprised. You, of all people, must know that we have enmity with team Strike The Blood, why do you want join us? Team Strike The Blood is quite strong in the Common District, and with our current strength, it is impossible for us to be their opponents. Join us now this time, you are looking for death! So I refused you at the time because I didn’t believe you. It was just that I didn’t understand why you were being like this, but now I know because only by joining the team can you understand the details of each of us!”


Zhou Yiyu shouted. “It’s not like this, Shen Yi, I didn’t think about killing you!”


“Oh, right? Then why didn’t you tell me the strength of team Strike The Blood? You know they came back from the wilderness. You also know where the wilderness is, but you never told me about it. If you really want to be a member of our team, even if you don’t tell me about the Marksman class, why don’t you remind me to be careful with team Strike The Blood? Why don’t you tell me how powerful team Strike The Blood is? Why do you just want to join us but never worry about them? Why don’t you tell me that in Bloody City, the fact that a close combat adventurer is more likely to become a captain? Even The Monk knows that, how could you who have long been mixed in the Common District not know? But you never said it!”


Zhou Yiyu was repelled by Shen Yi to speak again.


Shen Yi sighed. “I like your car skills, Zhou Yiyu. I also like your character, I think you are a good person. I really hope you can become a member of our team, if you can become my team member, we can be much stronger! So I’ve been waiting… Slyness of Verona can only be used by three people per mission. When I wrote the third name, I used to hesitate for a long time… Between you and The Monk, I actually have no doubt about The Monk, but I have doubt about you, but do you know why I still put his name on it?”


Zhou Yiyu looked at him.


Shen Yi said. “Because I regard you as a friend and I cannot test my friends, it is a disrespect to my friends.”


Friends? Shen Yi said because he was a friend and would rather not test himself suspected?


Zhou Yiyu completely froze.


He approached Zhou Yiyu two steps, his voice murmured. “Yes, my friend, I see you so, even if I doubt you! Give me the answer, Zhou Yiyu, tell me that the part I do not know, like a man! Stop lying to me!”


When speaking of the last sentence, his tone was particularly sharp.


Looking at Shen Yi slyly, for a while, Zhou Yiyu finally reluctantly said:


“Xie Rongjun made a reward. He sent out 15,000 BP to buy the heads of five of you. If sending him your information, each person will receive ranges from 300 to 2000 BP, depending on the level of detail. I think adventurers in the entire Slums District know this…I, The Monk, and the two dead ones. So The Monk does not know Xie Rongjun, because there is no need for that…”


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