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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 56 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 56

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Al-Farouk

Book 4 Chapter 56: Divide (Part 5)

Shen Yi’s face became ugly.


The news he just heard was very shocking.


According to Zhou Yiyu, after he entered the world of Terminator 4, he received news from Xie Rongjun. Zhou Yiyu did not know how the other party sent the message to him. However, from the content of the message, it was obvious that Xie Rongjun’s message was sent to the entire Slums District, except Shen Yi and his team members.


From a time point of view, Xie Rongjun was very clear about the time he had entered the mission world. He counted the time, and waited after Shen Yi entered to send the message. This way, he would not have to worry about Shen Yi’s friends notifying him.


Those adventurers who entered in the world of Terminator 4 therefore learned early on that there was an adventurer in this mission world called Shen Yi. He and his team offended the most powerful team in the Common District.


Now they were wanted – in a very special way of showing their opponent’s own strength.


It must be said that Xie Rongjun’s approach was more direct, more effective, and more discourteous than Shen Yi’s which was entrusting A Li to collect information.


Being able to send messages to every adventurer in the mission world, except the target team alone, this was not something anyone could do.


Compared to adventurers in Common District and Slums District, it was like high school students dealing with primary school students. Perhaps Shen Yi was a genius student, but he was constrained by his own abilities. Compared with Xie Rongjun, his strength and knowledge still a little bit worse.


The next thing had become a matter of course.


When Jing 12 and Lu De met Shen Yi, they deliberately ridiculed and mocked him on purpose – to see Shen Yi’s strength. Shen Yi’s action later made Jing 12 lost face, the original purpose of stealing information directly rose to kill him in exchange for more benefits. The Monk, on the other hand, did not plan to attack, but he wanted to sell information. Therefore, his name always showed red.


This also explained the reason when Shen Yi saw Zhou Yiyu on the mothership, he immediately be attacked. When he fled to the control room later, there were so many terminators blocking the way – he was intentional.


As for the mothership’s subsequent explosion, Zhou Yiyu deliberately stayed and waited Shen Yi, mostly for the same purpose.


It is a pity that he did not expect Shen Yi to see that he had a problem long ago, so he rejected Zhou Yiyu’s application to join the team twice.


At this moment, Shen Yi looked at Zhou Yiyu. “You have seen all my information and signed a contract to keep it confidential. If you disclose my information to Xie Rongjun, the consequences of violating the contract will be obliterated by Bloody City. Tell me, how do you solve this problem?”


“There is no need to solve.” Zhou Yiyu replied. “Xie Rongjun has a special kind of item that can be used to get rid of the restrictions. He advises anyone who sees your team, if can’t kill you, try to deal with it as much as possible. Pretending to be your friends, taking your details from you, even if signing a contract does not matter, he has a special item that can cancel low-level contracts, but it is not valid for high-level contracts, but the signing of high-level contracts requires BP, thus very few people would do this. I guess the method he used to send us messages was similar: use a special item. He had gone to the wilderness twice, it’s no longer be a surprise that he had some unique gadgets.”


There was a special item that could cancel contracts?


Shen Yi was very surprised after hearing Zhou Yiyu.


He suddenly realized that in Bloody City, there was probably nothing or system which was eternal. If you were superstitious to some rules, then you were likely to encounter the terrible attacks of such rule breakers…


Thinking for a moment, he murmured. “If the rules of Bloody City can be broken by what it produces, and there is an item that can break the contract, then it should be possible that there is an item to allow the adventurers to kill each other in the city…”


Zhou Yiyu’s face showed a bitter smile. “I’ve thought about this question too. I don’t know what the answer is. If you can survive Xie Rongjun’s wanted, go along, maybe you can find the items there… Maybe, there are items that can get us out of the city. If there is such a thing, then it should exist at…”


“Tower of Babel.” Shen Yi coldly spit out these words.


Zhou Yiyu showed a loss in his eyes.


The two of them realized this at the same time: The bloody city might have been, from the very beginning, encouraging everyone to break the rules it had set.


At this moment, Zhou Yiyu looked at the sky overhead and murmured. “I really hope that I can go to that step…”


Shen Yi did not speak, but watched Zhou Yiyu.


They had a chance to become good friends.


However, because of Xie Rongjun’s wanted announcement, the entire matter was changed.


Looked at Shen Yi, Zhou Yiyu smiled:


“Shen Yi, maybe you can’t believe me, but there’s something I still have to say.”




“In the beginning, I did not have any plans for you. I wanted to kill you and use your head to exchange a lot of BP from Xie Rongjun. But then I changed this idea. I feel more and more that you are a good person. Maybe I really can be friends with you…”


“But you didn’t take any real action. You know I’ve been waiting for you to tell me these things?”


“I’m sorry, because I hesitated. We spent side by side fighting on this day and many times. There were times when I wanted to tell you about Xie Rongjun’s wanted, but I always felt that it was so silly to give up a chance to make money. I am not a cold-blooded person, I also good with my friend, but it also depends on what kind of friend is, right? The time for us to know each other is still too short… You also know that you want to survive in this Bloody City, BP is the most important key. On Earth, money does not determine life and death, people have already died for it, and here, BP determines life and death, and people are more crazy about it and obsessed with it. Bloody point is the only meaningful existence in this world. No one will be noble enough to talk about stupid things like money, because that means finding a death, so I have always been very ambivalent… I like your friend, I want to be friends with you! Make a partner! But I still don’t really understand you! The friendship between us is not enough to let me give up the bloody point! But I know that if we can continue to cooperate, maybe I will give up my plan and tell you. But I do not know when it occurs. Maybe today, maybe the next day, maybe it still need more time …… “


“In other words, when you and I return, you may betray me or not.”


“Yes…may or may not. Don’t ask me the answer, because I don’t know it myself. I didn’t tell you because I needed to give myself time to think, but I didn’t mean to harm you.” Zhou Yiyu’s face was helpless wry smile.


Shen Yi nodded. “Very good, you finally said the truth.”


Shen Yi knew that Yiyu did not lie in this matter, because in the subsequent performance of Zhou Yiyu, he did not have any intention of detriment to his own. From the fact that after he got Energy Core, he took the initiative to give it to Shen Yi. At that time, he had never thought of killing him.


But he also did not say the truth.


In this regard, Zhou Yiyu was not a firm-willed person. He was easily shaken, his mood was vacillating, his feelings and his intelligence were in conflict, his IQ was not low, and his EQ was not high. Feeling emotionally and intellectually, swaying in front of friends and interests, and always being uncertain…


After saying this, Zhou Yiyu suddenly threw the Vulcan gun and said to Shen Yi: “Do it.”


“Don’t plan to try for the last time?”


“I can’t beat you anyway. You have seen my details, you know that without vehicles I’m nothing.” When Zhou Yiyu said this, he was infinitely jealous.


The indulging guns pointed to his head, and the bullets had been switched to the most powerful – Piercing Bullets. The distance between the guns and the head of Zhou Yiyu was even less than ten centimeters – with his current ability, Shen Yi was able to sense at least ten bullets  to Zhou Yiyu’s head before he could escape.


Even if Xie Rongjun was in this situation at present, he dared not say that he would win, not to mention Zhou Yiyu.


However, at that time, Shen Yi laughed.


The gun disappeared. He said. “Go.”


“What did you say?” Zhou Yiyu choked.


“I said you’re f*****g free. Get out of my sight right now!”


Zhou Yiyu stared at Shen Yi, and suddenly he pressed a few times on his Bloody Crest.


Shen Yi’s Bloody Crest prompted: the loan contract was canceled.


After a long absence, Zhou Yiyu took a few steps back. “You no longer owe me anything.”


He turned and fled.




After an hour.


Jin Gang’s group were back, looks depressed.


Jin Gang jumped to the car and said to Shen Yi: “I couldn’t catch him. The guy was too slippery. All of his skills were life-saving skills.”


Jin Gang’s tone was full of bleakness. After all, in his opinion, the escape of The Monk meant partial exposure of his own strength.


However, Shen Yi was very calm and did not give any thought: “Let him run, I do not care about his escape anyway.”


This statement surprised everyone.


Hong Lang looked around and saw neither Zhou Yiyu nor his body.


“What about the kid? He runs away?”




“You let him go?” Jin Gang was a bit surprised. “It’s not like your style.”


Shen Yi extended his hand: “Occasionally I will be very kind.”


Hong Lang took out a cigar and said. “No wonder you turned off the team channel. You don’t want us to stop you from making decisions? Don’t blame me for not reminding you, letting go of that kid can give us endless troubles. He knew about us better than The Monk, it’s more likely to bring more harm.”


“Are you scolding me?” Shen asked.


Hong Lang touched his head and replied: “After experiencing so many things, I have learned to trust my captain. Since you had never been wrong before, I believe that you will not be wrong this time. Of course, if Zhou Yiyu’s words will give you a soft heart, I suggest you commit suicide as early as possible.”


Shen Yi laughed.


He laughed loudly and took pleasure from his heart.


Wen Rou hit his shoulders and said. “Is it necessary to be so happy with this guy’s half-ass compliment?”


Shen Yi replied meaningfully. “Of course it is necessary. A strong team, first of all it should be a team that trusts each other. I think we have finally done this step. From now on, between team 641, there will no longer be suspicion, but only throughout cooperation and friendship.”


“What about Xie Rongjun?” asked Jin Gang.


Shen Yi blew cold air from his nose. “He is still not qualified to stop us!”


This overbearing discourse made Jin Gang, Hong Lang and others were at ease at the same time.


“It seems that you are sure that Zhou Yiyu will not betray us?” asked Wen Rou with a smile.


This question should have been a very simple answer.


But at that moment, Shen Yi’s face showed an extremely bizarre expression.


He replied. “No, I don’t know, because for me, he will do that or not, it doesn’t really matter.”


“What did you say?”


Hong Lang and others shouted.


Shen Yi smiled slightly. “No surprise, I naturally do this for my reasons. I know you can’t figure out why this is, but before I give you an answer, I hope you think first why I want to do that.”


Wen Rou and others looked at each other, and they tried hard to understand.


For a moment, Hong Lang shook his head and said. “I only know that if we let team Strike The Blood know our strengths and weaknesses, it will be a great disadvantage to us. I can’t think of any benefit.”


Shen Yi shook his head in disgruntation. “Ok, in this case, I will remind you of a few things. First, this news spying is an important confrontation between us and team Strike The Blood. From the psychological point of view, whoever succeeds in getting the other’s data will have greater initiative, but for this reason, it is easy for one another to ignore one thing: intelligence is always intelligence and cannot be replaced combat power. The collection is of course a very important task, but it is by no means the only condition for victory, not even the most important one.”


“Second: If someone who has lost intelligence knows that his intelligence has been leaked, then the value of the information that is usually leaked will be greatly reduced. Only information that is lost in an unknown situation is the real, most valuable information! It is also the most deadly message!”


“Third, intelligence is always effective for a limited period. All adventurer are making progress and become more powerful at all times. Everyone’s strength progresses rapidly and sometimes far exceeds everyone’s imagination. An ability is our trump card today, but tomorrow may be just an ordinary good card. So intelligence may not be intelligence, but a trap.”


“Finally, I want to remind you of one thing. Don’t just focus on information. Learn to look at the whole situation. The real threat of this incident is not at all related to the leakage of our information. Give your time and think about it. Wait until you have the answer before telling me. And for now, bury the dead.”

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