Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 58

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: wisehelm999

Book 4 Chapter 58: Counterattack (Part 2)


The words of Shen Yi were like a bomb that went off in everyone’s heads.


Jin Gang stared at him in surprise and shook his head again and again. “This is just crazy!”


Not only Jin Gang, even Hong Lang, Wen Rou, etc. all exposed eyes of surprise.


The Terminator 4 mission world, in essence, met the standard of Difficulty Level 2. Therefore, Bloody City adjusted the difficulty through the mission mode. It does not require risk takers to touch the Terminator. Eliminating pursuing forces was already the limit of performance for most adventurers. As for counter-attacking Skynet headquarters, they did not even think about it.


In theory, the guarding power of Skynet’s headquarters would definitely not be less than the sum of the four rounds of killing forces. Going to that kind of place was no different than goats entering the tiger’s mouth.


But at this moment, Shen Yi had just put forward this idea and put it so right, so obvious.


But for him, it seems that there is nothing abnormal.


When he was a newcomer, he got through a hundred percent of the standard beginner mission. Along the way, he always challenged the extreme task. For him, the joy of living in this world is not survival but challenges.


Of course, he did not blindly challenge the advanced difficulty. Since he decided to head up Skynet headquarters, he naturally had his own ideas.


At this moment, seeing as everyone saw him in disbelief, Shen Yi laughed softly.


“There’s no need to be so nervous,” he said. “In fact, attacking Skynet may not be as difficult as you think.”


Look at everyone, Shen said: “First of all, we have to understand one thing: The trouble we are currently getting is the most powerful team in the Common District. After we finish this mission, we will enter the Common District. In other words, the next mission, we will probably have to face team Strike The Blood. If before this, we do not even have the courage to challenge the difficulty of a Difficulty LeveL 2 quest, then to deal with such a team … we can only be defeated. We must change our views, and we can no longer think of ourselves as adventurers in the Slums District. I mean, from now on, the world we have currently experienced must be treated as a mission world in the Common District. If Common District adventurers to come to this mission world, I guess the Main Quest should be to eliminate at least one of the Skynet bases. If we can not complete, then we do not even qualify as team Strike The Blood’s opponents.”


Since it is necessary to compete against the strong in the Common District, it is naturally necessary to have corresponding strength. Before using them with Xie Rongjun, it is undoubtedly the best way to use the mission world to test their success.


“Secondly, if we can complete this quest on the current basis, the rewards we receive will be greatly increased. Suppose we are now Common District adventurers, and we can be sure that the same task will be completed and rewards will be greatly reduced. So I’m sure If we complete this mission, our strength will have a swift increase. This will help us to confront the team Strike The Blood later.”


“Third: The essence of adventure is courage. Without the courage to overcome difficulties, even if there is no better reinforcement, we will not become a truly strong team. Our team, everything can be missing, that is, courage cannot be lacking!”


“The fourth and most important point is that the counter-attacking Skynet is originally a Hidden Quest that the city has given us. What we have to do is only to implement the city’s order…”


“what?” Everyone was taken aback and looked toward Shen Yi.


He chuckled: “In fact, I have always been very strange. It was before the second round of killing that we received a Hidden Quest. The biggest difference between this quest and Hidden Quests in the past is that we cannot restrict the protected targets.”


The Hidden Quest of protecting Marcus and Kyle has given a strange feeling to Shen Yi from the beginning.


He always felt that this task was not simple, but he could not tell exactly what was the reason.


The first problem is that he got the quest too easy, there is no hidden meaning and even had some compulsive. Shen Yi was very skeptical of Xi Xiaofan’s acceptance of the fact that it actually interferes with Bloody City. That choice of authority is only one of the criteria used to examine them.


The second problem is that this is the first time that he has encountered the quest that requested not constraining the protected target. Taking care of this will make them have a lot of trouble when performing other quests, but in fact, the trouble is not so much.


The third problem is that the city has not given any criteria for rewards. Prior to this, the only quest that did not give award criteria was Jerry’s protection task. The reason why the task was unable to give a standard was that even if the quest is completed, it is necessary to achieve the backup condition to be rewarded.


In other words, this quest’s reward may require other special conditions to be met.


What kind of backup conditions do you have to complete? Obviously, he can’t count on the city’s repeated routines.


Thinking for a long time, until he remembered the World War II mission, he received a conclusion about the soldiers who came to the airborne camp: The plot mission can be continuously developed.


Is this the same kind?


The real significance of the requirement that it can not impose restrictions on protected targets is to guide the direction of the story?


In the original story, John Conner discovered Marcus’s cyborg identity and was furious. He thought he was a spy sent by Skynet and seized him. In order to understand why he became a machine, Marcus decided to return to Skynet headquarters to find the answer.


In other words, if the story moves in the original direction, then as long as Marcus finds his identity, he will certainly go to Skynet headquarters. And because adventurers can’t force Marcus, the consequences can only be…


So he understood that this is the next story of Hidden Quests.


In other words, as soon as the time comes, everything will become a matter of course. At that time, adventurers who want to go to Skynet headquarters are actually not important because they have no choice.


The only way to avoid this step is to not let Marcus get hurt and find his identity. This is the reason why the city ordered Marcus to be protected. Even without their protection, Marcus would not die.


From this understanding, Kyle Reese is the initial protection object of this Hidden Quest, and Marcus is the object of further development of Hidden Quests. These two people complement each other and constitute a special Hidden Quest of sustainability.


If Marcus is not injured, the hidden mission does not develop downwards. Once injured, the new second mission may open at any time…


Everyone looks at Marcus together.




Marcus was still immersed in the shock of his own body.


It was very difficult for him to accept everything that happened to him.


Shen Yi strode to sit beside him, put a cigarette, leisurely and said: “It looks like you have not learned to accept your new identity.”


“You know all this?” Marcus looked at him.


These people are not surprised at the changes in their bodies. Obviously, they are already mentally prepared.


“The point is not what I know, but whether you can accept reality. To be honest, everyone here has had more bizarre experiences than you are now. Many people cannot accept reality from the beginning. The result is that they are dead. There are too many bizarre things in the world beyond our understanding, you can’t understand it, you can’t control it, the only thing you can do is to integrate, experience, and adapt… Tell me, Marcus, how long will it take for you to accept your new body and new identity?”


“I want to know what made me like this!”


“What else can it be?” Shen Yi asked.


Marcus froze a little and he muttered: “Skynet…”


He looked at him: “Why? Why is Skynet turning me into a monster? I should have already died.”


“There are too many people who should be dead and even are already damned, including you and me. But we haven’t died. Our presence here has our own meaning. Some history has changed because of us, some future has been created because of us. Marcus, don’t worry too much about who you are. As long as you think you are human, then you are human.”


“Oh? Is that right?” Marcus laughed. He pointed to the metal skin on his face and the steel stand on his chest: “Would a human have this?”


Shen Yi shrugged: “Why not? Just like people need artificial limbs, like artificial eyes, or even artificial organs. Technology allows human development so that we can put some objects that do not belong to us to become part of our lives. The greatest feature of life is tenacious, tenacious to have a sufficient degree of accommodation. You are too small to see your life, Marcus, small to see you think that someone put a few bars of steel in your body, you are not human? I don’t care what other people think of you, I never think of you as a machine. Do you have to treat yourself as a machine? If so…”


Shen Yi put a gun to Marcus’ hand and said, “You still have a heart that belongs to humans. You only need to aim at your chest and shoot, then you will be completely non-human.”




“No ‘but’, Marcus! What you are, it depends on your own choice!” Shen Yi’s voice became a bit edgy.


Marcus looked at the gun in his hand for a moment. He finally shook his head and returned the gun to Shen. If he had previously been skeptical about his identity and had maintained a certain degree of mentality, then Marcus, now, will no longer suspect that he has been indulged.


Everyone has their own troubles and helplessness. Marcus has already clearly realized this.


Compared to their “inhuman”, Marcus’s “inhuman” was even bigger.


Since the other party can accept his non-human self, why can’t he accept theirs?


He looked at him: “I need more answers.”


Shen Yi put a hand: “I’m sorry I can’t give you a more specific answer. You must find it yourself, but we can help you.”


Life is like being raped. If you can’t resist it, enjoy it.


Shen Yi can be said to thoroughly implement this sentence to the extreme. Since it is impossible to prevent the in-depth development of the story, simply push it and enjoy the task. Anyway, in terms of Shen Yi’s personality, developing quests like this was similar to finding hidden levels one after another in the game and accomplishing quest was one thing that keeps him entertained.


At this moment Marcus took a look at Shen Yi, who finally nodded.


Bloody Crest’s cold voice came in a tone only the adventurer can hear: “Hidden Quest – Kyle’s Request completed. The next phase of Hidden Quest is opened: Take Marcus into a Skynet large-scale base, destroy at least one Skynet System Command Center. You have the right to refuse to perform the second phase of the Hidden Quest, but you will not be able to get rewards of completing the first phase of the Hidden Quest, and at the same time, all your gains in this mission world will be halved. If you accept to continue Hidden Quest, by default, you will be counted as go through all the Main Quest, cancel the fourth round of killing, and reward all BP. Quest accomplished: You will receive a special reward, special rewards will be judged by performance. Quest failure: Deduct 6000 BP.”

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