Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 6

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Book 4 Chapter 6: Enhancing (Part 1)

“In addition, Wen Rou got 2 Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting) specifically for Hong Lang. I carefully weighed it and I think Hong Lang still would not use it well, so I suggested we sell it.” Jin Gang said very seriously.


These words made Hong Lang very anxious. he jumped up and shouted: “Why?”


Not waiting for Jin Gang’s reply, Shen Yi immediately said: “Jin Gang is right, I also think you don’t have to use the Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting). Hong Lang, you have learned Basic-level Fighting Forte for two months, right?”




“In other words, during this month you should be able to break into the Advanced-level Fighting Forte, there is no need to use Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting) now. Those scrolls were very hot in the market price wise. Today I checked in Common District market and found a Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting) being sold for about 8000 BP, two scrolls were able to be exchanged for a Rank CC skill. I remind you that the true meaning of Fighting Forte, in fact, is to increase the performance of attributes. If your attributes aren’t high enough, what is the point of increasing performance? Instead of having a base Strength of 20 points with 30% increase, isn’t it better to have a base Strength of 30 points with 10% increase? I think this math problem is easy even for you, not to mention Fighting Forte can also be trained to raise level, only needing a longer time.”


Hong Lang thought Shen Yi was right, nodded and didn’t continue to object, but pointed to Jin Gang saying: “Kid, you use a belt to cheat my two scrolls, I’ll remember you.”


Jin Gang laughed: “Don’t worry, there are specific distribution plans later, and we will give you compensation.”


Just then, Wen Rou’s voice was heard from outside: “What compensation? Do I have a share?”


Upon hearing her voice, Jin Gang was overjoyed: “How was it?”


Wen Rou and Luo Hao came in from outside, hugged Shen Yi affectionately, then asked: “What happened?”


“It’s not bad, anyway, we had already expected the consequences.”


Wen Rou turned to Jin Gang and said: “All done.”


She opened the Bloody Crest and traded several Psychic Energy Spheres to Jin Gang.


Shen Yi’s heart fretted: “Are they from other adventurers?”


Jin Gang smiled: “You guessed so quickly.”


“It’s a good idea.” Shen Yi laughed.


These Psychic Energy Spheres turned out to be bought from the other adventurers who had been in the X-men mission. In this mission, only the first three were awarded with Psychic Power. Among the 12 surviving adventurers from Eastern Region, in addition to Jin Gang, Hong Lang and Fatty, there were 6 adventurers who had not received Psychic Power. So if they had any Psychic Energy Spheres, they wouldn’t have been able to use them. Jin Gang had counted on these adventurers being willing to sell.


During the final battle they had harvested 5 Psychic Energy Spheres and Jin Gang had used all of them so he currently had 310 points of Psychic Energy capacity, only lacking 190 points to level up. If they could gather the Psychic Energy Spheres collected by the other six people, it was quite possible to help him break through this barrier. Since there was still a third place in the Eastern District, it was certain that he had acquired a Psychic Power and may even have thought of this method. Therefore, Jin Gang thought of it sooner rather than later, urging Wen Roun to quickly find the other adventurers who had completed the X-men mission to purchase their Psychic Energy Spheres.


Women always have inherent advantages in this area, and sure enough she completed Jin Gang’s request.


“A total of 12 Psychic Energy Spheres, 6 level 1, 4 level 2, 2 level 3, a total of 200 energy, just enough to help your Psychic Power break into level 2.” Wen Rou smiled and said.


Jin Gang was overjoyed.


After using all the Psychic Energy Sphere, Bloody Crest prompted: “Your Psychic Power has upgraded to level 2. Consumption has decreased by 10%, accuracy has increased.”


At this moment, Jin Gang’s Psychic Power had finally become decent.


His Telekinesis was actually very good and had a wide range of applications, but exactly because of this reason, the consumption was also large. Now that his Psychic Power had leveled up to level 2, his Psychic Energy capacity totaled 510 points. Situations such as what happened before, when he had to intercept a round of shells and it drained half of his HP, wouldn’t happen anymore.


“How much?” Shen Yi asked.


Wen Rou playfully answered: “Not much, a total of 1000BP. I paid 5 BP for each point of energy, they were already very satisfied.”


“…” Shen Yi sighed: “Jin Gang made the right decision when he chose you to negotiate with them.”


6 adventurers, fought life-and-death battles for three days only to get several Psychic Energy Spheres totalling 200 points, but they had to sell them to Wen Rou at such a low price, even Shen Yi had to admire her. Of course, although adventurers themselves did not need Psychic Energy Spheres, some people didn’t not even know their uses; there was the undeniable factor that Wen Rou was a beautiful woman. If Hong Lang had gone instead, the price would have skyrocketed.


Jin Gang joyfully said: “I don’t need to wear the Energy Earrings anymore! Wen Rou, you take them, your Super Reflex also needs to reduce its consumption. For Shen Yi, his Innate Talent is effective enough to reduce consumption.”


Everyone laughed, it was the first time anyone had taken the initiative to give up on equipment. Having solved the problem of Psychic Energy Spheres and equipment allocation, the remaining issue was how to use BP.


The team now had a total of 34,500 BP, and two of Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting) could be sold. According to Jin Gang’s proposal, since they had formed a team, after this they wouldn’t need to set aside some BP, but the team deducted three to four thousand bloody points as a reserve before entering the next mission in order to buy some public items, including potions.


How to use the remaining BP had become the key among key factors.


“Honestly, I didn’t really know how to allocate them in the end,” Jin Gang said earnestly: “You have to listen to everyone’s opinions in this respect.”


Wen Rou thought, then asked Shen Yi: “Do you need to restore the Friendliness Rate for Medal of Honor?”


Shen Yi shook his head: “Forget it, restoring the Friendliness Rate to the max value requires 2280 BP. Even if the Friendliness Rate isn’t full, I can still summon soldiers, but the number can not exceed the value of Friendliness Rate . Summoned soldiers need to consume a large number of bloody points. It may not be worth investing so many bloody points into it, so as long as it doesn’t drop to the lowest point, we don’t have to hurry to restore it.”


During the final battle, the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion lost 42 soldiers. 33 of them were ordinary soldiers, 9 were elite soldiers. In the entire mission world, Shen Yi had lost 102 ordinary soldiers and 24 elite soldiers, including a level 2 soldier. The Friendliness Rate dropped by 126 points leaving 374 points. That meant he could now summon 374 soldiers at most. Considering the summoning price, Shen Yi didn’t want to rush to restore Friendliness Rate.


The pensions price was the same as the summon price. After the pensions have been completed, all the dead soldiers will be replenished. However, no matter what type of soldiers were killed, only ordinary soldiers who could not be upgraded would be added. Among the original 156 elite soldiers, 24 were lost just after a mission, so it made Shen Yi feel great heartache. He also secretly made up his mind that he must be more careful in using such nonrenewable resources.


“Hey, how about we let Shen Yi learn Winged Serpent Martial Art?” Hong Lang somewhat hesitated and asked: “It is too wasteful to have a good Practicing Manual wasted there.”


Shen Yi immediately said: “Not necessarily. I have checked, and almost all of the outstanding Practicing Manuals are the cultivation type, mainly for adding attributes, but not immediately. It usually takes a long time to practice in order to bear an effect. My attributes haven’t broken through the 40 points bottleneck yet, so I’m in no hurry to learn one. I want to wait until all my attributes are over 40 and then learn it, or attributes price difference is too large. In addition, I suggest that we don’t rush to buy skills and equipment, but should add more attributes and enhance our basic strength. “


Attributes were the basis of adventurers.


This time, team #641 got a great harvest from the X-men mission including the acquisition of many items and equipment, but it was precisely because of that, the first thing they had to consider was how to effectively use things they already had, rather than simply buying more skills. They were still lacking in attributes, the average attributes were less than 20 points, physical abilities were about three times the average normal human. Such physical abilities, at best, could only be called relatively strong.


In Bloody City, when the your average attributes reached 40 points then it could be said that you ‘meet the standard’. When one’s average attributes reached 100 points or more, you could be called ‘a real might’. Reaching 200 points or more, would be termed ‘superhuman’.


Shen Yi felt that in this regard most of the adventurers had a deviatory enhancing direction. They focused too highly in pursuing skills and equipments, but seriously lacked basic abilities. According to the division of five Difficulty Levels, in fact, the best reasonable arrangement should be to strengthen attributes, and then learn a skill at each Difficulty Level to develop a competent system. However, there were many examples where adventurers would overly emphasize on certain aspects, leading to a deformed enhancing direction.


Therefore, Shen Yi thought it was necessary to correct it. In Difficulty Level 1, there was no need to work hard to get skills and equipment. In addition, there was a very important attribute, but most people ignored it, that was Will. Most of the adventurers in the Difficulty Level 1 had low Will, mainly because it did not have much practical effect in combat, but Will was actually a very important attribute. For the time being, Shen Yi also gradually understand the meaning of each attribute.


The importance of Will lay outside the battle. Will not only increased resistance against crowd-control type skills as well as negative status, it also increased the speed of mana regeneration.


In combat, the speed of mana recovery didn’t play much of a role, but in training skills it was the determining factor. As there was no place in Bloody City to buy Mana Potions, almost everyone had to rely on their MP’s self-regeneration. If their Will was too low, their mana recovery speed would also be slow resulting in an insufficient training effect. For example, most of Shen Yi’s team’s skills were now level 3, but with their current speed of mana regeneration, they could only practice one skill throughout the month to level it up by one. Subsequent leveling up of the skill may take two to three months, and the required time would continue to extend.


Not enough Will, the level up of skill sooner or later would meet a bottleneck, unless they had a skill point. Therefore, according to Shen Yi’s idea, this time they basically did not need to buy any skills, but should instead add more attributes, especially Will, to level up their skills.


The damage from a level 5 skill would not be much worse than two level 3 skills of the same rank. Instead of pursuing more and more skills, it was better to level up a skill first, and then buy better skills later on.

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