Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 60

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Favonian Fantasy

Book 4 Chapter 60: Counterattack (Part 4)

The day darkened.


Walking all the way along the foot of the mountain, Shen Yi stopped when he was 200 meters from the outer edge of the base and curled up behind a large stone.


Behind him were Xi Xiaofan, Marcus, and his airborne soldiers.


As for those Terminators, he left them to Hong Lang.


Looking from here, they could clearly see the figures of the Terminators in the distance. The pairs of red electronic eyes were like candlelights in the dark. They shook constantly and illuminated the whole night.


Darkness was no visual obstruction for Terminators who had thermal sensors.


Shen Yi called Wen Rou. “I’ve reached the target location.”


Wen Rou’s reply came from the team channel. “Understood. Get ready.”


In the distance down the hill, there was a faint sound of a motor. After a round of wandering in the wilderness, they touched the other side of the base.


A moment later, the sound of gunfire sounded like a firecracker in the distance, and dim fire lights crossed the sky.


A team of Terminators rushed out of the base, and combat ensued.


Although Shen Yi’s group could not see the situation in the dark night, considering the flash of fire flying through the sky, the battle was short and intense.


“Shen Yi, Shen Yi, how are you over there?” Jin Gang’s screams came from the team channel.


Shen Yi looked at the area with the infrared telescope. “Damn! The Terminators who are responsible for the defense has not been sent out, and there is only a small group of the robots chasing you.”


“Damn!” everyone shouted.


Although this answer is irritating, it was not unexpected. If Skynet was so foolish, it would not have been Skynet.


There was still a constant exchange of fire registering in the channel, and the voice was swift and intense. The sound made their ears buzz like crackling beans.


“How could this happen?!” Hong Lang screamed indignantly.


“Let me think… I will find the answer!”


“Then you’d better hurry up! We’re still here!”


A loud blast covered the scream of Hong Lang.


Shen Yi was busy watching the distant battlefield with a telescope. However, besides the diffusing smoke and the raging fire of bullets, he couldn’t see anything.


“Hong Lang, are you okay?”


After a long while, Hong Lang’s cough came. “I’m fine, but if you can’t find the cause, we’ll soon not be fine. Your plan is about to be screwed up!”


Putting down the telescope, Shen Yi quickly proceeded to rack his brain again.


It was reasonable to say that Skynet was incompatible with humanity. Once there were humans attacking the Skynet base, Skynet would definitely be able to counterattack.


But why was it so weird at the moment?


Was the wisdom of Skynet so high that it could analyze the causes and effects of all human behavior?


This was absolutely impossible.


The product of programs, no matter how smart it was, it cannot be smarter than humans.


At that moment, a thought suddenly appeared in his mind.


He suddenly remembered his own encounter with the air carrier.


When he emerged from the cell of the air carrier, the Terminators in the mothership were in the ordinary state of ‘positioning and guarding’ mode.


When he invaded the reference room, the Terminators’ mode immediately rose to ‘active search and kill’ mode.


When he entered the central control room, the Terminators changed into ‘full assault’ mode.


With this in mind, Shen Yi suddenly realized the solution. He quickly said: “Skynet is a procedural product. All reactions are based on a fixed program! The reason why it did not fight back was not that it saw our action plan, but because your level of threat is not high enough! In order to mobilize all defenders, you must have enough threats! That is, it must be an offensive threat to the security of the base. I only have one chance!”


“Are you kidding? Just how could some of us possibly pose a security threat to Skynet?”


“Just make it feel threatened.”


“How do you do that?”


“You must destroy this group of Terminators on the spot as quickly as possible, and at the same time launch a direct attack on the base. You must convince Skynet that your power is beyond its imagination and may cause it greater harm, and only then will it feel the threat … it means that you must directly attack the base and open at least one breakthrough that can enter the base.”


Shen Yi was very clear about what he was asking his team members.


This was an extremely dangerous order. The team #641 had to attack the base under its firepower until all the Terminators of the base are attracted.


Therefore, the difficulty and risk would greatly increase.


However, while he was saying this, all the people on the channel had responded at the same time: “Understood!”


Hong Lang even laughed. “If you had said it earlier, it would’ve been easier to execute.”


The sound of gunshots suddenly became louder and louder.


The gunfire made the dark sky flicker between bright and dark continuously.


Fatty was at the forefront of the team. His bullet-proof items were already exhausted. Now he was relying on the Heavy Shield to resist most of the firepower.


Hong Lang shot a Terminator with a big gun and sent it flying back. Feeling that was not quick enough, he shouted, rushed at the Terminator, and smashed it with his iron fist.  The figure of Wen Rou passed through the electric light and quickly dismembered a Terminator.


The six Terminators under the adventurers’ control were constantly supporting Fatty under the command and control of Jin Gang from the two wings.


They finally wiped out the squadron and rushed toward the base.


The artillery at the distant base began to prevail, and a round of shells flew in with the screech of death. The entire sky was covered with smoke fragments.


Four people also responded with gunfire at the same time. One lifted the rocket launcher to face the base, and the roaring rocket impacted with the base wall and shook it. The firelight exposed their position, attracting more firepower to counterattack.


One T-750 Terminator was ripped in half by fierce artillery fire on the spot, scattering flying parts everywhere.


As the attack intensified, more and more Terminators began to gather toward that side.


Shen Yi could see that the drones in the sky had begun to gather and the Harvesters were turning their attention.


Shen Yi quickly said, “Hurry back! They will launch a massive attack!”


Wen Rou asked, “Have all defenders left?”


“Not yet!”


“Then let us continue for a while!”


“Come on! If you delay a bit, it will be too late to leave!”


“It’s all right now!” cried Wen Rou.


“Boom!” With a loud noise, a small gap was blown out of a wall of Skynet’s base..


This small gap severely stimulated the responses of Skynet.


A large number of Terminators finally flew from all directions toward the four.


Jin Gang shouted: “Withdraw! Withdraw!”


The members of the team #641 fled towards the rear and looked away. The innumerable red stars in the dark night were unimaginably dense, and came toward them like a tsunami.


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