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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 61

This project has been absent for a long time, but now we returned.

Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Avis, FavonianFantasy

Book 4 Chapter 61: Counterattack (Part 5)

With the departure of a large group of Terminators, Shen Yi finally moved. Activating the item skill Sprint of his boots, he passed through the wilderness like a ghost.


Several airborne soldiers took Xi Xiaofan with Marcus close behind him and just arrived at the edge of the base. They jumped on the fence, cracking the barbed wire on the wall. After confirming there were no Terminators in sight, they jumped down.


“I got in.” He whispered through the team channel.


“That’s good!” The reply from Hong Lang showed that he sighed in relief.


“What about you guys?”


The rumbling of gunfire was heard on the channel.


Hong Lang replied, “We’re being chased, that’s all.”


Jin Gang also inserted, “Shen Yi, we are now being chased by dozens of Harvesters, hundreds of Terminators and drones. We are now using the mountain terrain to evade attacks, but we will not be able to support you for long. You must destroy the command center as soon as possible so that you can stop them from chasing us.”




“Remember to be fast! We don’t have much time!” Jin Gang shouted through the channel, and the sounds of guns rang louder.


Ending the call, Shen Yi quickly walked toward the inner area of the base.


It was not easy to find Skynet’s command center in such a large base. Shen Yi took out the Medal of Honor and summoned 20 ordinary soldiers.


With both hands pushing forward, Shen Yi reverberated: “All scatter, look for the command center. Remember, there may be a small number of Terminator guards at the base. Try not to get entangled with those machines, and bypass them. You don’t have enough strength to be a Terminator’s opponent.”


All the paratroopers nodded their heads and left.


Although these paratroopers had limited combat power and consumed quite a lot of BP while summoned, they were more than adequate in terms of quantity currently being more important than quality. They were particularly trained soldiers who had unique methods for hiding, sneaking, and stealth approaches. They were not as powerful as the adventurers. If stealthy searching was like a lighter, then the stealth of the paratroops was like a fire igniter. The efficiency of one or two igniters is definitely not enough. If dozens of drills take igniters, then the efficiency will increase by a lot.


After dispersing the airborne troops, Shen Yi walked towards a building not too far away.


Pushing the door open, Shen Yi saw a warehouse full of discarded Terminators. Each metal skull was neatly placed on a shelf, and the body was hung on the wall.


Finding nothing, Shen Yi shook his head and walked to another place.


The architectural pattern of the base was so large that Shen Yi was not too clear about the terrain distribution of the base. He had to travel as far as possible to find out more about the architectural pattern here.


While walking, Shen Yi opened the radio and said, “Have you found anything yet?”


A rustling sound was heard through the radio.


The soldiers replied: “Nothing was found, over.”


“No discovery, over.”


“I found an arsenal here, sir.”


“Don’t bother, I want to find the command center as quick as possible.”


“Yes, sir!”


After giving out instructions, Shen Yi went into the next building.


While he was not paying attention, a dark shadow fell over his head.


Shen Yi stepped to the left and his right fist went up. From the bottom up, an uppercut landed on the dark shadow. The dark shadow flew up, hit the ceiling and fell again.


When it fell to the ground, Shen Yie clearly saw that it was just a human-shaped mold that was covered with a layer of human skin. It just looked just like a Terminator.


These man-type molds were hung on the perimeter wall, and they might have come loose,  fallen down, and shocked Shen Yi.


“What happened?” someone asked.


Shen Yi picked up the mold and put it back up. He answered casually, “Nothing, just a clothes rack falling down.”


After putting the mold away, Shen Yi had been planning to leave the room, but he suddenly felt a change in the situation behind him.


He instinctively lowered his head, and a strong wind fanned behind him.


Shen Yi crouched down and hit the sneak attacker behind him with his right elbow.


The power of the elbow was even greater than that of the fist, and the heavy blow made the attacker fall backward. Shen Yi didn’t turn but kicked back toward the attacker.


Even though he encountered a sudden attack, he didn’t make any useless actions. Although he was moving toward the back, he was quick and efficient, but he was not obstructed. He was kicking back at the sneak attacker like a horse. The kick pushed the attacker back by a few steps.


Shen Yi turned back, and at the same time he took out the Vampire Touch and Spirit Flame Gun. At that moment, he saw the one attacking him was a T-800 Terminator.


Although a T-800 Terminator was pretty tough, it couldn’t match him. What gave Shen Yia a headache was that he did not know whether the fighting here would catch Skynet’s attention, so he had to quickly eliminate the opponent with minor movements. This demanded a lot of effort from him.


The Spirit Flame Gun in his right hand disappeared. He rushed forward and the Vampire Touch wiped the T-800’s body.


Shen Yi was trying to enter that kind of rare state again. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he worked this time, he could not enter. The feeling was the kind of thing where sometimes, the more you want to have it, the further away it is from you. When you don’t think about it, it automatically appears before you.


It was like an author’s inspiration, which was unpredictable and hard to control but extremely important.


Fortunately, although it was important, it was not the basis of his skill, so Shen Yi could still deal with this T-800. After his thirty-seventh stab, the arduous Terminator finally fell.


Shen Yi felt relieved.


He took out the T-800’s Energy Core, but his Bloody Crest prompted that it was not a reward, so he could only sigh and throw it away.


At this moment, the voice of the soldier Lyle was heard through the radio. “Sir, I think I have found the place you are looking for.”


Shen Yi: “I’ll come over in a bit.”




In the end, the command center was not that hard to find. It was at the center of the base, and there was hardly a single Terminator guard on the road.


From a human’s point of view, you may have thought that this was an incredible thing, but from Skynet’s point of view, this was normal – Skynet did not need to worry about its destruction, since it was everywhere, so its demand for safety was the lowest.


If one cannot die, it is believed that he will not be bothered about his own safety, and will neglect to lay down heavy layers to protect himself.


From that point of view, the defense outside the base is the most difficult part of the task. As long as that problem is solved, it will become much easier after entering the base.


However, all of this is considered from Skynet’s point of view. If it is from the perspective of Bloody City, then this difficulty is unavoidable.


Therefore, when Shen Yi was standing in the command center’s main room and looked at the image on the screen, he felt a bit unreal. It seemed that he could not believe that he was standing here so easily.


He carefully inspected the room a bit to confirm whether there were any traps in the area. After he really could not find any hidden traps, he quietly said, “Bring Xi Xiaofan over here.”


Xi Xiaofan was brought over.


He still had a lost look on his face.


He never seemed to get bothered by any foreign affairs, and only lived in his own world.


Maybe because Shen Yi was good to him, he still listened to Shen Yi. Normally, he didn’t react too much to the outside world, but this cold metal building was too silent, even for him, so he constantly twisted his body, like he was protesting silently.


Shen Yi touched Xi Xiaofan’s head and smiled. He said, “Hey, come here. After this last step, our task in this world will be completed. I think I’ll need you to help me one last time.”


Xi Xiaofan’s eyes stared at the front of the base console.


“No, I don’t want you to invade the system. I know it’s hard to the point it’s almost impossible, so I don’t need you to help me control it, but I want you to do another thing for me.”


Xi Xiaofan turned his head and stared blankly at Shen Yi.


Shen Yi pointed to a machine not far from the command center: “See that? If my guess is right, that machine should have been used to transform Marcus and make him a cyborg. I need you to help me control this machine, and find out the manufacturing principles and design drawings of this machine so that I can reproduce it… I will use it to transform my soldiers.”


Since a long time ago, Shen Yi had had this worry: Although the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion’s soldiers were easy to use, their individual strength was too bad. This led Shen Yi to use them as little as possible during battle to avoid unnecessary injuries.


As a professional soldier, he could only play a role outside the battle. This was a matter of disgrace for the military, and it also added to the helplessness of the commander.


After all, the mission world was not designed for an ordinary person, even if he was a well-trained military man. How to make the soldiers strong had always been a matter of deliberation.


Elite soldiers may have also been able to gradually become stronger by upgrading during the battle, but their numbers also decreased with the numerous deaths, and training them was extremely difficult.


In contrast, ordinary soldiers were not afraid of death, and as long as there was enough BP, recruiting them was not a problem, but they could not be upgraded. Thus, they were doomed to be unable to compete in a more difficult combat environment.


In the Difficult Level 1 world, ordinary soldiers had already demonstrated their lack of strength. What would happen after they reached the Common District?


When the difference in strength reached a certain level, even by compensating for quality with quantity, they would not be able to win.


Paratrooper Battalion soldiers could be strengthened through equipment. However, the cost would be huge. For example, if Shen Yi wanted every ordinary soldier to be equipped with a magic gun, he would have to pay hundreds of thousands of BP. This was obviously not an amount that Shen Yi could afford.


So, Shen Yi had been trying to find a solution to this problem, but he had not found it.


That was until this time in the Terminator 4 mission world when he saw the changes in Marcus and suddenly realized that he might have another way to strengthen these soldiers.


That was, to get the machine-made drawings and methods for remaking soldiers.


Little by little, Shen Yi had learned more and more about Bloody City.


He may not have been able to take unidentified items from the mission world, but knowledge was an exception.


Knowledge is an invisible existence that belongs to the understanding of the world. Bloody City could have made all the unidentified substances he acquired in the mission world impossible to take away, but it couldn’t stop him from bringing out the knowledge that he gained in the mission world.


Therefore, when seeing Marcus’ stats, Shen Yi found that cyborg Marcus was far more powerful than ordinary people. At that moment, he realized that if he could make his own soldiers also have a transformation like Marcus, the soldiers would certainly become much stronger. Although this kind of power was only one-sidedly promoted at the level of life, it would undoubtedly have greatly increased the chance of survival in battles for airborne soldiers. Perhaps it was weaker than the strengthening of the city, but it was the most cost-effective way to strengthen his soldiers.


It was also since then that Shen Yi had decided to take a trip to Skynet’s Base to obtain design drawings for the mechanical warriors.


But at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded. “I’m afraid you can’t do this, stranger.”


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