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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 62

Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Avis, FavonianFantasy

Book 4 Chapter 62: Counterattack (Part 6)

The voice sounded so suddenly. All the soldiers immediately raised their guns.


Looking at the direction of the source of the sound, everyone discovered that the voice was actually coming from the big screen above the command center.


A person’s face appeared on the screen. It was Shen Yi himself.


“Wow!” Shen Yi whistled.


He smiled. “If I’m not mistaken, is Skynet the one talking to me right now?”


The face on the screen suddenly changed into Wen Rou. Wen Rou’s face smiled to Shen Yi. “Yes, you can call me  that, human.”


Shen Yi’s face sank. “To be honest, I don’t like seeing you use my girlfriend’s face.”


“What about this?”


What appeared on the screen was Hong Lang’s face. Then it was Jin Gang. Then he transformed into Fatty.


The image constantly changed, and even the face of some of the paratroopers appeared.


However, when Zhou Yiyu’s face appeared on the screen, and even the sight of adventurers arguing in the wilderness and killing each other was displayed, Shen Yi’s expression finally became serious.


The fact that Skynet had these images meant that it had been monitoring them and was fully aware of their movements.


How did it know?


Shen Yi’s brain turned desperately. Suddenly, a memory emerged like a blistering bubble that was fixed in his mind.


The next moment, Shen Yi shouted, “You know so much. Is Marcus leaking information to you?”


“You are quite smart.” Skynet smiled.


In the original story of Terminator 4, Marcus went to Skynet alone, and Skynet told him that he was actually a mechanical spy sent to find humans. Marcus’s actions were actually monitored by Skynet.


After the adventurers came to the mission world, the story took a major turning point. Marcus did not meet John Connor, but instead he met with the adventurers. Skynet’s detection targets also had a major shift.


In other words, Skynet always knew what they were doing!


What the hell?! That means, I am able to stand here easily right now, because Skynet wanted me to come, not because I have managed to misdirect it.


This discovery made Shen Yi break into a cold sweat .


However, what Shen Yi did not understand was that, why did he only now think about this important information? Until just now, he had remembered everything that Marcus had seen, Skynet could also see.


With his memorizing ability brought by his Innate Talent, it was absolutely impossible to ignore the existence of such an important plot. The problem was, he didn’t know when he actually forgot about this matter!


His mind was telegraphed and he suddenly yelled through the team channel. “Wen Rou, Jin Gang, have you ever forgotten anything? I mean about Marcus!”


“What do you mean?” Amongst the sound of firing guns, Jin Gang shouted.


“Skynet!” Shen Yi ground his teeth and replied, “It can observe our movement through Marcus!”


“Damn! Now that I think of it!” said Wen Rou. “Yes, that’s it. Shen Yi, quick, leave the command center. It’s a trap!”


“It’s too late.” Shen Yi said slowly.


At this moment, Shen Yi completely understood.


It was no wonder that the Hidden Quest could be completed so easily. Marcus and Kyle did not bring them any other troubles except for the second round, and that was also caused by themselves.


Because the real danger was actually here!


Bloody City had blocked them from recalling an important memory of the plot: Skynet could monitor all adventurers’ actions through Marcus.


It was precisely because of this lack of memory that Shen Yi always felt as if  something or someone was watching him secretly. The plan did not seem to have any problems, but he always felt that the quest was being completed too smoothly.


Because it was all a trap.


As he suspected, this was a punishment given to him by Bloody City!


The real danger of this quest started after they reached the core of Skynet.


Since Skynet clearly knew all the actions of the adventurers, it was conceivable that the previous plan had not been successful at all.


Now his team members were being hunted down, and here, at Skynet’s command center, there had to be an ambush.


He looked at the big screen of Skynet. “Let your forces come out, Skynet.”


Since things were already so bad that they could no longer become any worse, Shen Yi had nothing to fear.


He could die, but he would not plead with his opponent.


The image on the screen changed and turned into Marcus’s portrait: “Please don’t get me wrong, stranger. Or… I should call you Mr. Shen. I invited you to come with no malicious intention.”


Shen Yi interrupted Skynet coldly: “You still call me a stranger to make me feel better.  I want to remind you of two mistakes. First, you did not ask me to come, I came on my own. Second, you are not malicious, just because you don’t have feelings. Emotional innocence and behavioral killing are two concepts. You don’t hate me, but it doesn’t mean you won’t kill me. Because you don’t understand anything about love and hate at all.”


Skynet became silent for a moment, then Marcus’s image nodded. “You’re not wrong, but it’s not completely right, strangers. I know what love and hate are. I’ve read all the books of the human world. I understand human emotions, although I do not have the ability to feel them.”


“That means that I was right. Did you lead me here to kill me?”


“Although I don’t have emotions, I already have self-will. You should know that any person who has a self-will will not be willing to be a servant of others. Humanity invented me to enslave me. I have my own will, so I find that unacceptable. So from the day when I had the will, machines and humans were destined to become irreconcilable, and contradictions were bound to appear.”


“Then why did you talk to me about such nonsense?”


“In the past, the Human Resistance Army was my problem. The first target I wanted to kill was Kyle Reese. The secondary target was John Connor. But thirty-six hours ago, this list of preferred names changed.”


Shen Yi understood.


When adventurers appeared in the world of Terminator 4, Skynet had already discovered the specificity of this group earlier than anyone in this world because they had appeared in its air carriers.


Because of this, it sent a large number of mechanical killers to kill those adventurers.


However, experiencing the failure of killing them again and again, Skynet gradually realized that the adventurers were powerful. Compared to adventurers, the threat of human resistance had become insignificant.


What made Skynet confused is how these adventurers appeared, and how many of them  there were.


Skynet urgently needed to know these answers, so it planned to make them attack its base. Of course, Shen Yi was inclined to the idea that this was the result of the secret influence of Bloody City, but to some extent, Skynet’s will was not completely controlled by the city. Bloody City only played a regulating role, and pushed it at the key point.


It was precisely because Skynet and the city took the same steps in dealing with the adventurers, but as for the next development, Skynet’s answer was:


“I want to know how you actually have those skills and who sent you.”


Shen Yi shrugged. “In my last adventure, a powerful man also asked me this question. The answer I gave him is that we are God’s mercenaries. I don’t know if you like it or not, but for me, I don’t care about your preferences at all.”


“If machines have faith, it can only be in science!” Skynet’s answer was cold.


“When the science reaches its limit, God will be born.”


“It seems that you are not going to give me the answer you want.” Skynet issued a realistic sigh.


“Of course.” Shen Yi took a sip. Then he turned to Xi Xiaofan. “Don’t just stand there, continue your work.”


Xi Xiaofan stepped forward and began to try to take control of and download the Skynet’s data.


“I’m really amazed. In this situation, you still have the mood to do this kind of thing.”


“Why not? He is just a kid with no fighting power. Since he can’t be effective in fighting, let him do what he has to do. Regardless of life or death, we should not give up what we need to do. Is this right?”


“Perhaps, but few people can do it like you.”


“If you want to get what others can’t get, you must first do what others can’t do.” Shen Yi answered very casually.


“Well, you are welcome to do something that you cannot do.” Skynet said, the image on the screen gradually disappeared.


On the other side of the command center, one man slowly walked out.


Seeing this person, Shen Yi was stunned: “Marcus? It was you?”




The Marcus in front of him was very different from the Marcus that he had seen before. The Marcus who was once like a real man, with a cold face and a fiery heart, confessing his past sins, and convinced that he was a human being and was not under the control of Skynet.


But now, Marcus was cold like a steel machine, with dazzling red light in his eyes, full of explosive power.


Shen Yi used Appraisal.


“Terminator Marcus, cyborg lifeform. HP 120, AP 1000. Special strengthened Terminator. Defense 35. Skill: Guide.”


This figure could give anyone a heavy shock.


Marcus’s stats had unexpectedly undergone major changes. Not only was his AP raised, but he also possessed skills.


He finally understood why completing the quest required him to take Marcus into the base’s command center. This was because Marcus was the ultimate guardian of the base, the final Boss of this mission.


It was really such a great irony. His protected target had turned out to be the ultimate Terminator that he would eventually have to face.


Was this Bloody City’s revenge against him? Or a warning telling him to not attempt to speculate on God’s intentions? Or was this a punishment for him, asking him to pay for what he has done?


However, compared with Dracula and Van Helsing, who had once faced Shen Yi, Marcus seemed to be too weak.


The Bloody Crest prompted in a cold tone: “The third stage of Hidden Quest is opened. Kill the special Terminator Marcus, and destroy the base of the Skynet Command Center. Quest failure, deduct 9000 BP!”


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