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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 63

Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Avis, Kunoichi Jade, Favonian Fantasy

Book 4 Chapter 63: Final Battle (Part 1)

As the voice of the Bloody Crest sounded, the red light in Marcus’s eyes suddenly shone  and he rushed toward Shen Yi.


An airborne battalion soldier fired two shots. Seeing the bullet hitting Marcus but not being able to cause any damage, he rushed forward and tried to stop Marcus. Marcus punched the soldier, and his arm went through the soldier’s chest.


Then he grabbed the soldier and threw him away.


Shen Yi said to the other soldiers, “Don’t go for him, you can’t match him. Protect Xi Xiaofan!”


The paratroopers retreated and gathered around Xi Xiaofan.


Shen Yi lifted the gun and directed it at Marcus. “Piercing Bullet!”


One Piercing Bullet was fired from the gun.


The bullet spun at high speed, hitting Marcus’s chest, and causing 35 damage.


Marcus’s body only wobbled slightly, and he continued to rush forward.


The corner of Shen Yi’s mouth slightly lifted up. As Marcus got closer to him, Shen Yi’s Flying Claws suddenly grabbed a beam on the ceiling and lifted him up into the air. As he rose, his Spirit Flame Gun shot bullets consecutively.


Now, Shen Yi was no longer the one who had just joined the beginner’s mission.


At the time when he faced the Boss Dracula, he had to prepare and set up traps and find helpers to complete the quest of eliminating Dracula.


But now, his strength was far greater than that time.


The damage of a Piercing Bullet was 35 points. Theoretically, Marcus, who had 120 HP and 1000 AP, was just a moving target for more than 30 rounds of Piercing Bullets. What’s more, Shen Yi still had Flying Claws to ensure his flexibility.


Of course, Shen Yi himself did not think that things would be so simple. After all, the World of Terminator 4, essentially reached Difficulty Level 2 standard.


If a Boss in Difficulty Level 1 can have 3,000 HP, how could a Boss in Difficulty Level 2 have only 1,000 AP?


Since his HP was so low, it could only mean one thing: Marcus had to be terribly strong in his other aspects.


As a result, his AP value would be relatively weakened, just like Magneto, who required a shortboard to balance the difficulty.


If this was the case, then he had to kill Marcus quickly. If he didn’t, problems could arise once Marcus had a chance to display  his power.


Three Piercing Bullets flew towards Marcus’s eyes and nose. Shen Yi’s choice of angles was relentless and definite. He had absolute confidence in his shooting skills.


The power of Expert-level Firearm Forte and Piercing Bullet was indeed difficult to stop.


However, the moment Shen Yi fired a shot, Marcus suddenly stopped and shouted.


As Marcus’s shout rang through the room, the entire command center space seemed to change. A peculiar red light filled the entire space.


“This is?!” Shen Yi was shocked. He still couldn’t understand what had happened. He clearly saw the three Piercing Bullets he shot flying out of the gun’s muzzle, but now they were being tied by numerous rays of red light. The bullets were like an insect that had fallen into a spider’s web; the bullets which rushed out of the gun’s muzzle traveled for a certain distance, then stagnated in the air. The huge impact shocked the red light and shook it, as if the insects were struggling, but were not able to escape from the constraints of the spider’s web.


“Traction Beam: a non-energy beam is placed in a space, and it restrains all high-speed impact objects, making it impossible to move.”


Appraisal gave Shen Yi the answer in a timely manner, and he was stunned.


This skill could actually create a space where guns could not be used normally.


The problem is that Marcus clearly had only one inexplicable “guide” skill. How could he release such a traction beam?


Shen Yi couldn’t figure it out, but he didn’t have time to think too much.


He put the gun into Bloody Crest and fell back onto the ground. Then, with his left hand, he took out Vampire Touch and swung it towards Marcus.


Since guns could not be used, he would have to fight in close combat.


The Vampire Touch drew an invisible wave, grazing Marcus’s chest. It caused 18 damage on the opponent’s body, but unfortunately, it failed to create any additional special effect. In the world of science and technology, the skills of adventurers were indeed restricted, and most skills that were effective against living beings were ineffective against the Terminators.


The moment Marcus was hit, he jabbed his elbow towards Shen Yi. Shen Yi blocked, he did not expect Marcus’s blow to be so powerful that he could actually slam his fist back. Shen Yi’s fist landed on his own chest, causing severe pain.


Shen Yi immediately concluded that Marcus’s Strength was at least 50 points.


Succeeding in landing a hit, Marcus continued to press, using his shoulder to slam into Shen Yi. Shen Yi tried to escape, but he did not expect Marcus’s real weapon to actually be his head, and so Shen Yi took a direct hit to the chest.


A flash of surprise appeared in Shen Yi’s eyes, as the technique Marcus was using turned out to be Shen Yi’s consistent continuous attack style, hitting the opponent continuously in a short time and giving them no time to counterattack.


Shen Yi immediately understood that Marcus had to be using his record of all of Shen Yi’s actions, and he had just copied what Shen Yi used to kill Jing 12.


The robots may not have been flexible, but they had superior learning and computing skills.


However, at this moment, Shen Yi didn’t feel angry when he saw this set of combat methods; rather, he felt happy.


With no melee skills, his close combat methods had been supported by fast breaks and his other skills. This way of fighting could have been said to be extremely rare in Bloody City, so it was difficult for Shen Yi to find an opponent who had the same style of fighting as him.


Learning to fight is a process of learning from each other in bloody battles. The content learned from the enemy is often much more plentiful than that of a teacher, and it is also much more useful.


Shen Yi learned the fast break style from the Northern Region adventurer, but he could not find an opponent that could match him.


But now, he had found Marcus.


How could he not be excited?


Through Marcus, he could understand the deficiencies of his fighting method and greatly improve his fighting ability.


For Shen Yi, survival had never been the most important thing. As long as he was alive, he would continue to learn and make progress.


So this time, when he saw Marcus using his own style, he was initially surprised, but then he laughed. “I like this way of fighting.”


Lifting his left leg, Shen Yi kicked Marcus.


Marcus chopped with his hand like a knife, and Shen Yi quickly pulled his leg back as his body moved forward. Marcus’s left fist met Shen Yi’s right fist. Shen Yi’s Strength was obviously insufficient, so he was knocked back. Just as the impact’s effect passed, he closed his arms and hit Marcus with his elbow. Marcus’s reaction was just as fast, and he also attacked with his elbow, but Shen Yi stepped sideways, and the Vampire Touch in his left hand cut towards Marcus’s throat.


If his strength was not sufficient, he had to be better than him in skill and speed, and it had to be supported by more complicated changes and better fighting skills.


The two people met each other in a mad confrontation, trading injuries. Marcus’s AP value was constantly falling, and Shen Yi’s HP was also declining.


However, Marcus’s AP value was 1,000 points, much higher than Shen Yi’s HP. This put Shen Yi at a great disadvantage.




With a clash, Shen Yi and Marcus punched each other and separated.


Marcus rushed towards Shen Yi again, but the latter raised his hand. The Flying Claws grabbed the ceiling and carried him into the air. During the jump, he used Despicable Healing Art on himself and recovered 60 HP. For him, a person who was good at protracted warfare, he was actually not really suitable for a head-on fight against opponents. By stopping the battle to restore his HP, Shen Yi held the battle at a stalemate against Marcus.


However, just as he was flying, the red light in Marcus’s eyes appeared once again.


Suddenly, with a fierce momentum, he swept through the room, his face showing a savage look which could chill a man to the bone.


Marcus raised his head up and shouted, the sound echoing back from the sky. A “Bang” sounded in Shen Yi’s mind.


“Sonic Wave Attack: Inflicts 80 special damage on the target, ignoring the defense. Skynet’s products.”


Shen Yi only felt that his head was startled by something. He spat out a large amount of blood and looked dumbfoundedly at Marcus.


How could it be?


Appraisal clearly told him that Marcus only had one ability. However, he used Traction Beam and Sonic Wave Attack in succession. How was this possible?


However, this was only the beginning.


After the sonic attack, Marcus made a third shout.


This shout was as loud and strong as a dragon’s roar.


With that shout, Shen Yi suddenly felt that his body’s condition was getting worse.


He could no longer stay afloat in the air and slumped to the ground.


Although he was only more than three meters high from the ground, he felt as if he was falling from a height of more than ten meters. He almost fell right in front of Marcus and fainted.


“Gravity Bind: Creates an environment that is three times the Earth’s gravity within a space, Skynet’s products.”


What does triple gravity mean?


The simplest example is that your weight suddenly increases by three times, but your load-bearing capacity does not increase along with your weight.


This increase in weight not only affects the endurance of the skeleton, but it also has a great impact on your internal organs. The latter is particularly deadly, and may even lead to death for people in poor physical condition.


However, this does not mean that ordinary people cannot withstand three times of gravity.


In general, in a Formula 1 racing car, the lateral acceleration caused by the rider’s acceleration, deceleration, or cornering can be brought up to 5g. What an ordinary person feels in his daily life is actually an acceleration of 1g. 5g is equivalent to five times your body weight pulling you horizontally. If this kind of power is placed on an ordinary person, 2-3 g is enough to cause shock, but a rider who has undergone training can withstand up to five times the force, though they can handle it for a significantly shorter time. (Author’s note: It is said that a pilot can bear 9g. It has not been verified and cannot be confirmed.)


According to scientists’ calculations, 2.5g is the limit of gravity a human being can withstand for a long time.


Therefore, theoretically speaking, in this kind of situation, the internal organs’ load capacity may be greatly enhanced, but the weight and height will be smaller, and everyone will become a dwarf.


This was a digression. Anyway, three times of gravity led to a steep increase in weight, and the Flying Claws could no longer support Shen Yi. The effect of gravity acceleration over a distance of more than three meters seemed to feel like falling from a height of more than ten meters. There was no wonder he was dizzy.


Fortunately, an adventurer’s constitution was different from ordinary people’s. If he changed to another person, it would not be unusual for him to die on the spot.


Even so, this fall caused him to lose more than 30 HP.


Worst of all, his distance from Marcus was instantly narrowed at the moment, and though he had been relying on his speed and skills advantage, this was offset almost completely in the triple-gravity environment. His “victory by endurance” tactic had also become completely ineffective because of this change of gravity.


He returned to Marcus’s front again and the situation reverted to his disadvantage.


However, none of this matched the worst thing of all.


The worst thing was that Shen Yi finally understood how Marcus could do this.


He stared at Marcus’s cold, expressionless face, a face that seemed natural that way.


Marcus was in no hurry to attack Shen Yi. His demeanor was that of being above him as if he was looking down at a humble ant, which he would be able to do whatever he wanted to.


Shen Yi smiled wryly. “That’s what it is… You are not Marcus.”


Marcus’ cool eyes glowed with red light as he spat out the words in a cold tone. “You finally understand, stranger.”


“Yes,” Shen Yi replied. “You are Skynet! Marcus… was just your vessel.”

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