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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 65 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 65

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Avis, Kunoichi Jade, Favonian Fantasy

Book 4 Chapter 65: Final Battle (Part 3)

Outside the command center, blazing fire brightened the entire night sky.


There were rumbling explosions everywhere, as if the earth was breaking apart.


The SUV’s rushed around the base in the wilderness, followed by a large number of Terminators.


This was the sixth lap they had made.


The drones in the sky dove in and sent a missile towards the SUV.


Jin Gang turned the steering wheel to the side. The missile exploded at a distance not too far away from the SUV, and the shock wave set the car off.


At the same time, another drone dived down and its rattlesnake missile locked onto the target.


Suddenly, a tall figure jumped out of the car. It was Hong Lang.


A Motor Terminator rushed in, but Hong Lang caught it in his hand and then tossed it into the air.


The drone’s rattlesnake missile flew right at this moment and collided with the flying Motor Terminator.


A huge explosion happened and a dust cloud appeared in the air, and the drones and the Terminators together formed a fireball.


A tall Harvester in the distance fired a heavy artillery shot against Hong Lang.


Hong Lang swiftly jumped into the air, but saw that the heavy artillery of another Harvester had already targeted him.


Horrified, he shouted, “Jin Gang!”


“My Psychic Energy has been depleted!”


“Oh, no!” Despair appeared in Hong Lang’s eyes.


On the other side, the Harvester’s muzzle flashed.


A whip which looked like a snake coiled around Hong Lang’s waist and pulled him back.


The second artillery shell whistled over the SUV, hitting a cliff, and causing the rock to fall.


By the time Hong Lang breathed a sigh of relief, the two Motor Terminators were already flying towards him.


Hong Lang’s punch sent one flying away. He even had the mood to criticize Jin Gang. “F*ck you, I was almost dead, and you always drop the ball at the most critical moment! Jin Gang!”


“F*ck your mom, let me hear you say that when it’s not critical.”


Hong Lang thought for a moment and replied with grief: “Since we came to this world, there is no longer a time when it is not critical.”


“That’s right.” Wen Rou raised a hand to whip another Motor Terminator. The katana in her left hand dazzled with a splendid brilliant movement, instantaneously chopped it into pieces.


If Shen Yi’s fighting style was long-lasting but lacking in explosive power and impact, then Wen Rou’s was just the opposite. Her Super Reflex allowed her to use the maximum amount of attack energy in a short duration, but it was too short.


Instantly killing the Terminator, she sat back, breathed heavily, and said, “My Psychic Energy is almost all used up.”


Hong Lang shouted through the team channel, “Shen Yi, you better get rid of Skynet quickly. We will not be able to support you for a much longer time!”


Wen Rou shouted, “Don’t distract him. He can’t even protect himself now!”


“A*****e!” Hong Lang yelped furiously.


As the team channel had been opened, all of them had heard Shen Yi’s and Skynet’s words clearly.


They knew that they had been tricked by Bloody City this time, and they could imagine the terrible situation Shen Yi was facing at the moment, a situation with the death rate being 99%. Everyone was full of despair.


Jin Gang asked Luo Hao, “Fatty, tell me, is there any hope for Shen Yi?”


Luo Hao quickly replied, “I can’t feel what the boss’s situation is like, but I feel like we still have a little bit of hope left to survive!”


“Where is it?” everyone asked at the same time.


“Anywhere far from here!”


Jin Gang and Wen Rou looked at each other.


Wen Rou suddenly turned and looked back.


The distant bases were brightly lit, and behind them were the numerous robotic killers who were still on the chase.


The fire was burning everywhere, and the air was filled with pungent black smoke.


She knew that at the end of the base, Shen Yi was facing the most powerful enemy, and they could not do anything to help him. At this moment, all they could do was struggle to survive.


She slightly closed her eyes, and said through the team channel, “Shen Yi, listen to me now and don’t reply, we can’t keep waiting here… we can’t hold on anymore. We must leave this area. The problem is, if we get further from the base, we may get rid of some of the pursuers, but the consequence is that the chasing forces will be returning to the base… and they might join Skynet in attacking you…”


She wasn’t able to continue talking anymore.


Jin Gang patted Wen Rou’s shoulders.


More and more heavy artillery fire came from far away, and their numbers kept increasing.


Taking a deep breath, Wen Rou continued to speak through the team’s channel and said: “You must be careful while getting rid of the troubles and you must do it as soon as possible. I believe you can get through any difficulty… nothing can stop you…”


She turned to Jin Gang and shouted, “Go!”


Jin Gang slammed the gas pedal, and the buggy rushed deep into the wilderness.




Skynet’s base, command center.


Shen Yi stood with his eyes closed, and carefully felt the incredible changes brought about by entering the state.


Since Shen Yi had his Innate Talent Delicacy, he had gradually become accustomed to the benefits that this Innate Talent had brought to him, but he focused more on the use of specific things, including observation, memory, and the use of power. However, he had never used it for thinking.


Thinking is a very vague process. It is different from the computer’s processing, which finds answers by high-speed calculations. In fact, human thinking is more like a web. People use the mode of thinking that they are accustomed to, to turn each solution into a problem and each problem into a path and allow them to be intertwined.


What people need to find is not only how to reach their destination, but also the fastest way to reach their destination.


This is the biggest difference between human brains and computers.


This was originally a metaphor in words, but when Shen Yi entered the meticulosity state, the metaphor became a reality.


Shen Yi felt like he was living in a blood labyrinth extending in all directions, surrounded by a large sea of ​​blood; it felt as there were monsters growled, waiting to devour him.


There were countless roads down, the roads leading to all different directions. On each  road, there were various kinds of strange light symbols, which were composed of words and numbers and were transformed into various contents.


On the road that was the widest and longest, there are words such as “fight”, “run forward.” But at the end of the road, Shen Yi only saw an empty, endless void.


There was no doubt that it symbolized death.


There were still some other paths, such as “escape”, “surrender”…


There were many roads here, but each one had been submerged in the sea of ​​blood and turned into a path of no return.


Looking ahead, all roads resulted in dead-ends, and he couldn’t find a way out.


Could it be said that this quest of Bloody City was a certain-death task?


Could he really not find any chance of survival?


Shen Yi did not believe it.


The large webs woven into dense webs almost made him faint.


What should he do in the end? Which road could lead him to defeat the terrible opponent and grant him victory?


In his confusion, a white shadow suddenly flickered over his eyes.


A white girl suddenly appeared in front of him.


Long black hair, barefoot, walking on a small road that was small and narrow…


It was the mysterious white girl that he had seen in the X-Men world!


Shen Yi was shocked.


How could this be?


This place was his thinking world. It was his virtual space formed by using his Innate Talent to visualize all vague thoughts. Apart from himself, no one could exist in this world.


That little girl… how could she appear in this place?


Was she the condensation of his own thinking? Was she real?


He felt as if he had lost his mind and he didn’t know the answer, but he instinctively chased her.


The little white girl walked forward, step by step. Surprisingly, he couldn’t catch her. Her bare feet walked on that small path, wandering about, snarling and growling, but it did not shock her.


“Wait a minute!” he yelled.


The little girl seemed to hear something and looked back.


Shen Yi saw a pair of eyes, clear and bright like the morning star.


She looked at him, and then she looked around. Her mouth opened, and she seemed to be saying something.


Shen Yi did not hear clearly. “What did you say?”


The little girl looked at him and suddenly turned to run away.


Shen Yi hurried to catch up.


A light shined in front of his eyes, and then it formed a huge door of light flames. Shen Yi rushed in without turning back.




The loud noise sounded in his mind.


The next moment, Shen Yi found himself having left the labyrinth of thoughts and returned to reality.


In the command center hall, Zeus still stood as proud as God.


Not far away, Xi Xiaofan had completed the reconciliation of the desecration, controlled the machine for the transformation of the soldiers, and obtained drawings and methods of manufacture. Unable to receive a new order, he shuddered with shock in a corner, beside the soldiers who guarded him.


They watched Zeus nervously, but Zeus barely registered them, as they were like ants who weren’t worth spending his time on.


He was waiting, waiting for a reply.


Shaking his head, Shen Yi exhaled a long breath.


He didn’t know whether the little white girl was really in his thinking world, or whether he had dreamed it out on the fly, but the important thing was that he had finally found a way to defeat Skynet. In the process of chasing the little white girl, he had accidentally completed his own exploration.


“I’m afraid I’ll let you down, Skynet, or Zeus.” Shen Yi spread his hand. “This is a war. Apart from playing it, you will have no other way.”


“Then the one who loses must be you.” Zeus’s words carried a vague anger. Since it could feel human emotions, it had become more and more human.


Shen Yi laughed and said, “Maybe you are right, but it is clear that you still do not really understand humans. You do not know there are things human must do, no matter the cost. You also do not know there are times when we have to not be afraid of death in order to win against it. You are a machine, even if you occupy Marcus’s body, you still cannot change the true nature of your own, a special program. In addition, you are accustomed to computing, used to believing in the consequences of computing. According to  your calculations, my strength can’t compare to yours anyway, so if I fight you, the one who will lose is definitely me. It sounds like it’s true that, in the current situation, I don’t have any chance of winning against you. But you made a wrong choice… Perhaps that’s not a mistake, because in your program, there is a concept that does not exist …”


Shen Yi’s tone suddenly became soothing. “That’s… variable! You don’t understand what that variable is, you don’t understand that nothing in the world is constant forever, and no one can fully control all the changes. What humans can do is beyond what machines can calculate!”


“What’s the variable?”


Shen Yi laughed instead of answering.


In his eyes, there was a new and strong sensation. Zeus’s mood suddenly turned soured.


This was the first time it had felt this human emotion as a program. When this emotion appeared, it found that its self-confidence was disappearing, and the inexplicable feeling of tension pervaded the entire body.


By the time it was struggling to figure out what had gone wrong, Shen Yi had already rushed over and punched its face.


Thunder Strike, activated!

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