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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 66 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 66

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Avis, Kunoichi Jade, Favonian Fantasy, Arya

Book 4 Chapter 66: Final Battle (Part 4)

Shen Yi had planned this attack for a long time, and it had not been easy to take advantage of Zeus’s ‘heart-wrenching’ moment to attack.


The heavy impact sounded on Zeus as if the blows had struck a drum with a heavy stick, and it even made a buzzing noise.


Although Thunder Strike was fierce, it was nothing to Zeus. After all, its body had 1,000 AP, a high Defense, and a variety of technical assistance capabilities. At this base’s command center, it was invincible.


However, after Shen Yi threw out this punch, he suddenly stomped on Zeus’s foot.


At this time, in the triple gravity environment, everyone’s actions were strained. Even Zeus itself was influenced by the triple gravity, causing its reaction speed to be much slower than usual.


However, because he had attacked from above, this stomp of Shen Yi was not affected at all, instead, it was subject to an additive effect.


This stomp was heavy, and the sound of metal deforming could be heard clearly. Zeus’ foot sunk into the ground.


If normal humans were to suffer such an attack, they would scream in pain, but Zeus just smirked and shook his head. “It’s useless.”


He did not see how it moved, but its left fist suddenly burst out and punched Shen Yi. If it weren’t for the pressure of the triple gravity, this punch would have sent Shen Yi flying.


At the same time as it hit, Zeus seized Shen Yi’s collar with that hand, and its right fist hit Shen Yi heavily. In terms of his AP and defense power, if he traded blows with Shen Yi, then Shen Yi would be the one who died.


However, Shen Yi’s reaction was completely unexpected. He didn’t even try to avoid it. The middle finger of his right hand fist was prominent. It was the Phoenix Eyes Fist against Zeus’s iron fist.


There was a muffled sound, two fists collided, and Shen Yi’s lips blew a trace of blood.


He had been brutally defeated by this attack, but his offense was more aggressive. He actually made it clear that he wanted to play against Zeus.


This fierce attack dumbfounded Zeus, as even his computer-like brain with human assistive thinking could not figure this out.


But in the next moment, its face changed dramatically.


Because at this moment, it suddenly received a signal: the main host had encountered an invasion!


Zeus suddenly turned around, only to find that when he had been distracted, Xi Xiaofan had been standing in front of the host of the base’s command center, where the mainframe of the entire control center was. He had docked the PDA and had begun to try to take control of the host.


“No!” Zeus grunted.


“Yes! The variable is him, not me.” Shen Yi had already spit out the cold words.


Zeus did not think that he would find its weakness so quickly.


Skynet, as an advanced intelligent program, could not be attacked by any hacker under normal circumstances, because its system had a strong self-healing ability – After all, it was an intellectual brain. Xi Xiaofan could only start with the peer system, and there was nothing that he could do to the system that was supported by Skynet’s main program.


However, after the main program of the Skynet entered the body of Marcus, everything changed. Skynet’s command center was still responsible for the operation of the control center, but the main program was not in the control center, but inside Marcus’s body. The relationship between Marcus and the control center had become like the connection between the puppeteer and the puppet. It was no longer like the relationship between the brain and the body.


In other words, the current control center was actually an independent system and was no longer the original ultra-intelligent system. The body and brain of Skynet had actually been separated.


Marcus only controlled the host through the “Guide” ability and had extended it to control the entire Skynet system. Although control could be achieved while it was away, at the same time, the protective effect was minimized.


This was the one and only weakness of Zeus.


Finding this weakness was not an easy task. Few people would think that when Skynet entered Marcus and became more powerful, it would inevitably produce a deadly weakness.


However, Shen Yi did it.


After he finally found the weakness of Zeus, he knew that the outcome of this battle had completely fallen upon Xi Xiaofan. So he immediately informed Xi Xiaofan with Communication and asked him to control the Skynet console, while he struggled with Zeus himself.


Without a base supporting Skynet, it was like a brain without a body. There was no threat at all.


Seeing Xi Xiaofan start the invasion of the control center system, Zeus snarled. Shen Yi stepped in front of Zeus in a flash. “If you want to kill him, you must first pass through me!”


Zeus had previously taken the initiative to fight Shen Yi, but this time, the situation was reversed. It was Shen Yi who took the initiative to play against him. He had to keep Zeus occupied here until Xi Xiaofan acquired control of the central system.


At the same time, the host hub system alerted them with a whining whisper: “System is under attack. Expected resistance time is one minute and twelve seconds.”


Without the support of the main program, Xiaofan could compromise the host in 74 seconds. This fact made Zeus almost collapse.


“Go die!” Zeus’ eyes glowed bright red.


A flash of electric light appeared.


“Electromagnetic Shock: electromagnetic waves that produce up to 10,000 volts of voltage attack the opponent, and the initial damage is 650. It can jump three times, and each time the damage diminishes. Skynet Technology Products.”


This was a method used most often by Skynet to deal with powerful opponents. Zeus originally wanted to keep Shen Yi in order to study him. So at first, he had been reluctant to use more powerful killing moves, but now that he had encountered a fatal problem, he no longer cared about the consequences.


A huge beam of light shined in the air, like a giant snake.


Are you trying to block my way? Then I’ll burn you to cinders first!


A paratrooper appeared in front of Shen Yi in no time.


The snake-like streak of lightning fiercely hit the paratrooper and, while emitting a powerful electro-optic light, passed through the soldier’s body and continued to arc towards Shen Yi. However, a second paratrooper appeared and stood in front of Shen Yi.


Four paratroopers were struck by Zeus’s electromagnetic waves and formed a long electric chain. The four soldiers seemed to be strung in the air like a string of candied fruit, swinging wildly.


At this time, three more paratroopers appeared and flew towards Zeus. In order to block Zeus, Shen Yi would also do everything, regardless of the cost. He had to obtain enough time for Xi Xiaofan.


There were 62 seconds remaining before the system could be compromised.


At this time, Zeus finally realized the two most important emotions in humans: anxiety and anger, tinged by slight fear.


The impact of these negative emotions on it was so fresh, so wonderful and intoxicating. Zeus roared and a large mass of white gas spewed out in all directions, spreading like moonlight.


“Nerve Gas: Inflicts intense neurotoxin damage on the target, producing 28 points of erosion damage per second for a duration of 1 minute. Skynet Technology Products.”


With the spread of this nerve gas, Shen Yi immediately felt depressed.


Three soldiers who were rushing most ahead started to hide their faces and wailing.


With 7 points of Vitality, an ordinary soldier could not stop this dreadful nerve gas. The three soldiers felt like they were rushing into water vapor. The skin of their whole body suddenly swelled into a huge plural and concentrated green fluid burst out.


The speed of this poisonous gas was quick and fierce. Even Shen Yi was taken aback.


The poisonous gas engulfed the three soldiers, and at the same time, it flowed towards Shen Yi. He immediately felt like his bones and skin had numerous ants crawling all over them. Ever since he entered Bloody City, this was the first time that he had seen such an intense poisoning effect. It was indeed the quest of a Difficulty Level 2 Boss.


How do I resolve this? Shen Yi’s brain flashed with innumerable thoughts in a moment, and at the same time, he had to block every one of Zeus’s punches and kicks. This momentous attack of Zeus, fueled by self-inflicted madness, became fiercer and fiercer. Its armored body was almost unaffected by this toxic gas erosion.


“You are dead!” Zeus growled loudly.


“Not yet!” Shen Yi coldly said two words.


In his hands, the Spirit Flame Gun suddenly appeared, pointing away.


“The gun is useless on me!”, roared Zeus.


“Who said it was for hitting you?” Shen Yi smiled. Seven seconds had passed. The gas had already reached Xi Xiaofan. Soldiers, including paratroopers such as Lyle, had all been attacked by the poisonous gas.


“Fire Bullet!” With a shout from Shen Yi, a dozen bullets came out of the muzzle and flew upward.


Under the action of the traction beam, these fireballs were hovering in the air only for a short distance. They could not harm anyone, but they were burning with flames like meteors.


Apparently, Zeus did not understand what Shen Yi was doing this time, but in the next moment, he suddenly realized something and shouted: “No!”


On the ceiling of the command center, more than ten smoke detectors suddenly sounded, and at the same time, they began to use inert gas to extinguish the fire. Thus, the nerve gas was washed away.


Using science and technology to deal with technology was the best thought in this critical moment. The best way to deal with nerve gas was to clean it with water, and in places like the command center, there must have been fire prevention.


Shen Yi actually used Zeus’s own technology to break its technology, an exploit that it had never thought of.


The countdown time went down to fifty-four seconds.


All soldiers, except Lyle, had died, and only Shen Yi, Xi Xiaofan and Lyle had survived. After all, their Vitality was higher than the average person, thus enabling them to endure for more time.


“You’re tougher than I thought.”


“Thanks for your praise.” Shen Yi shrugged.


It was just a matter of a few seconds where he had taken a life and death journey between hell and heaven. The shock in his heart could be imagined.


Skynet’s strongest and most terrible feature was its numerous technology. It was said that there is only one “Guide”, but in fact, they were almost infinite.


However, Zeus did not have time to chat.


As if a blazing, burning sensation leaped up in his heart, Zeus hurriedly lifted his hands, and a group of purple and black electric balls suddenly rose above the command center. There were countless tiny electric lights jumping around the electric balls, like thousands of tiny beetles slamming down against Shen Yi.


“Electromagnetic Storm – Gathers electricity to form an electromagnetic storm in a fixed area, causing a high level of continuous damage to the target. Damage 100 points per second, duration 8 seconds.”


The electromagnetic storm rushed to Shen Yi as if it was furious.


Shen Yi could not hide again. All he could do is to raise his right hand high to block in front of him. Thousands of electro-optical strikes hit Shen Yi’s arm at the same time. They slid down his arm and instantly tore his coat apart, showing a muscular body. Shen Yi’s hair stood on its ends, and his whole person was surrounded by a surge of lightning.


His HP fell straight down during the escalation of the electromagnetic storm at the rate of 100 HP per second, due to the damage ignoring defense. Shen Yi’s Vitality was only 35 points, and because the distance was too far, 30% of the damage could not be transferred to Wen Rou, which meant that he could not withstand this powerful and terrible blow in any way. Therefore, if he let the electromagnetic storm continue, he would be dead after four seconds.

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