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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 67

Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Avis, Kunoichi Jade, Favonian Fantasy

Book 4 Chapter 67: Final Battle (Part 5)


Seeing the electric storm linger around him, and drain his life like a vampire, Shen Yi’s left hand suddenly waved the Vampire Touch, and slashed it towards his right arm.


His right arm went into the air, his blood massively flowed out. The coiled electric light still  lingered on Shen Yi’s arm, leaping furiously and knocking it into a mass of carbon.


It could be said that this powerful electromagnetic storm was one of the most powerful killing moves of Zeus, which was enough to deter most of the Common District adventurers. Nobody could survive the torment unless their Vitality was at least 80 points. Unexpectedly, Shen Yi was forced to use this method to interrupt the attack.


The electromagnetic storm still had a small amount of effect on Shen Yi. However, the damage that it could have caused had been greatly reduced. Despite this,  a large amount of electro-optics were constantly bouncing on his body. His arm looked like it had been grilled in an oven, and there were burn marks all over his body.


He resisted the pain and drank out a bottle of medium-sized Healing Potion. He then used the Despicable Healing Art to restore his declining HP. He had lost an arm, and his combat power had dropped, but he still smiled proudly, as though he was not the one with a broken arm but Zeus.


“Do you have any tricks left?” he smiled.


Although he was laughing, his body was trembling all over. It was because the numbing effects caused by the intense pain still affected him. He could barely control his muscles.


But he still smiled happily.


Because he had found that the Gravity Bind had disappeared.


Even the Tractor Beam in the air had also gradually faded away.


This showed that Skynet also had an energy limit. The previous Electromagnetic Storm clearly consumed too much power from Skynet, therefore, he could no longer keep maintaining those facilities.


There were only forty-one seconds left.


Just half past the time, Shen Yi has been hit hard. What else can he still l use to resist the remaining attacks?


In the Zeus’s eyes, this was a fierce battle.


During the period of its contact with Shen Yi, not only had it fully come to understand humans’ creative ability, but it had also been able to feel different kinds of wonderful human emotions.


At this moment, in addition to the strong desire to kill the opponent, it actually felt a strange feeling within itself – admiration.


It has a form of respect towards the opponent. With Skynet’s original point of view, it could not understand why humans respected their enemies, but it understood this emotion at the moment.


It was Marcus’ own emotions, they were not under the control of Skynet, or it could have been said that from the beginning Skynet had no intention of controlling Marcus’s feelings so that he could also experience the feeling of human emotions.


In  his opinion, this was just a means by which it could experience feelings and enhance its own wisdom.


But just then, when it had prepared for the next round of attacks, it suddenly felt a peculiar voice ringing in its heart: “Marcus, wake up… Marcus, wake up!”


This voice shocked Skynet as it could not figure out where it had come from.


Looking at a distance, he saw a strange light in Shen Yi’s eyes, staring right at him .


His mouth squirmed slightly, as if he was trying to tell him something, Zeus only felt a flame of rage ignite in his heart.


“No!” Zeus yelled .


It found that his own hands and feet did not listen to it anymore.


This body actually resisted it using its own instincts.


“What did you do to me?” Zeus screamed.


“If you want to know , I can answer you.” Shen Yi smiled. He did not mind spending a little time on explaining and stall for time with Zeus.


As if hearing the clock ticking, Zeus shouted for the sixth time.


The top covering on the ceiling opened up, and four gun barrels were exposed.


A pair of machine guns aimed towards Shen Yi, and two others pointed at Xi Xiaofan.


Shen Yi turned his left wrist, and a Spirit Flame Gun appeared.


Without the Traction Beam, Zeus could use the internal firepower system, but he could also use the gun again.


“Piercing Bullet!”


Two Piercing Bullets whistled, flew into the air and hit the two barrels and interrupted them.


At the same moment, the other two guns had already fired the bullets at Xi Xiaofan.


For Zeus, Xi Xiaofan was the first person he needed to kill. As long as he killed Xi Xiaofan, then he would have enough time to get rid of the troublesome guy who kept interrupting his plans .


Four paratroopers appeared out of thin air and stood  in front of Xi Xiaofan. The bullets penetrated their bodies and the soldiers were beaten one after another .


Shen Yi fired two bullets towards the remaining gun barrels. However, he did not expect Zeus to suddenly raise a hand. An invisible wave reverberated, and a change went through  the command center.


“Magnetic Oscillations: Bend the trajectory of all high-speed flying targets.”


Two bullets swept towards the two barrels and struck the ceiling.


The next moment another wave of bullets shot toward Xi Xiaofan.


The four airborne troops had all already died by this time. There was no one to take the bullet for Xi Xiaofan. However Lyle yelped and rushed in. There were more than a dozen rounds of bullets that hit him, and he was shot. He flew up into the air with the impact.


“Lyle!” Shen Yi roared in anger.


“Cure Bullet!” Two Cure Bullets flew towards Lyle. Simultaneously, Shen Yi took out his own bulletproof item and threw it to Xi Xiaofan.


The bullets and the bulletproof items arrived at Xi Xiaofan at almost at the same time.


A wave of white light rose , keeping all those bullets out of the opening .


Two rounds of Piercing Bullets simultaneously struck again, and this time Shen Yi finally succeeded in breaking the two remaining barrels.


Right at that moment Shen Yi heard a sound that came from the back of his head. It was Zeus’ angry and crazy roar.


He was too focused on rescuing  Xi Xiaofan and Lyle, and thus had no time to escape from the attack .


As the fierce steel-like heavy punches hit him, Shen Yi could even hear the sound of the bones breaking in his body. Zeus sent him flying into the air, and he rushed past him.


The one it wanted to kill right now was not Shen Yi but Xi Xiaofan, and then it could come back to pick up where he left.


However, when  Shen Yi was sent flying in the air, the gun in his left hand was replaced by  Flying Claws, and he swung it toward Zeus’s thigh.


Zeus felt something hold his leg. Turning back, he saw Shen Yi pulling on his leg.


Because Shen Yi’s was flying backwards, Zeus was dragged towards him.


“Unless you kill me, you won’t be able to kill him !”


“GRRR!” Zeus was extremely angry.


It found  that human emotions were  not fun at all. Now it only wanted to return to its own world, where it belonged.


The iron fist slammed madly at Shen Yi, and it desperately tried  to get rid of this leg pulling lock. However, Shen Yi didn’t let it go.


He punched and punched again like he was at a boxing session. Shen Yi felt that his vision blur and his head became dizzy.


The scenery began to blur and he could not see clearly anymore .


After all, he was seriously injured. He was not only attacked by the poisonous gas, but he was also hit by the electromagnetic storm. Zeus’s steel-like fists hit him again and again, he was almost dismantled into pieces.


Shen Yi’s HP decreased rapidly, he wondered how long he could keep going on.


Maybe I will die here? Shen Yi thought.


Jin Gang was right, ah, I go adventuring every day, one day I will die while adventuring.


This time … I really will have to pay with my life.


But at this moment, Zeus’s attack suddenly slowed down.


His hands seemed to have stopped listening to his commands and even paused when he was attacking Shen Yi.


Zeus’s was startled.


“My hand… What happened to my hand? Damn, Marcus… Marcus, you bastard, you can’t  stop me! You’re my creation, you have to take orders from me!”


Is it Marcus?


Didn’t he really die? Was he reluctant to be controlled by Zeus?


Shen Yi smiled.


The Zeus in front of him right now was like a mad person who was fighting himself. The attacks on Shen Yi had also weakened a lot.


Zeus was still yelling, the expression on his face was changing constantly between anger, anxiousness, sadness, and even despair. All kinds of emotions appeared on his face.


If someone had told him previously that Skynet was a cold-blooded program that couldn’t display emotions, he probably would not believe it.


But now, he had seen it with his own eyes.


Perhaps for Zeus, it was  equally incomprehensible. Why did humans have such a strong will to confront it?


Xi Xiaofan, Shen Yi, Marcus, and even John Connor, these weak human bodies had infinite power, and there were always some unexpected things that they did.


That may be what it really wanted to understand.


And now, it had finally understood.


It fought like crazy and suddenly raised its hand. Its right hand was like a knife as it squatted down and slashed at its own leg.


The right leg that was made of the steel, which even bullets could not inflict damage upon , were cut into pieces by the razor blade-like hands of Zeus.


The moment one of its legs was destroyed, Zeus finally escaped from the bondage of Shen Yi. It jumped towards Xi Xiaofan.


How much time is left? Shen Yi did not remember.


But he knew that this moment was the last moment.


Ten more soldiers were summoned, but they could only block Zeus for a second.


He lifted the muzzle with his left hand and aimed at Zeus.


“Piercing Bullet.” He whispered.


The gun continuously fired.


One shot, one shot, and one shot.


Even though the bullet hit Zeus, it was ignored. Ten soldiers who had rushed to its side were shining because of the electro-optical shields. One by one, soldiers were repelled. Suddenly Zeus had stopped walking. Its mechanical brain seemed to have become numb. Xi Xiaofan was the only one in its eyes.


A dripping sound was heard.


A voice sounded in a cold tone : “You successfully gained control of the Skynet’s host. Now the entire Skynet base is under your command. All systems are open to you. You can use Skynet’s attack and defense systems.”


“No!” Zeus desperately screamed .


It rushed out with all of its strength, and a powerful arm was inserted into Xi Xiaofan’s chest who had just turned.


“Xiaofan!” Shen Yi screamed.


The Piercing Bullets went towards Zeus in a crazy way, and it shuddered until it fell.

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