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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 68

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Avis, Kunoichi Jade, Favonian Fantasy, Arya

Book 4 Chapter 68: Final Battle (Part 6)

Time seemed to stand still.


The command center’s lobby was littered with corpses.


Xi Xiaofan was laying in a pool of blood.


He died. Zeus’s attack directly hit his heart and Xi Xiaofan, who had experienced barely any enhancing, was killed in one hit.


Before his death, he gazed  at the ceiling above. In a daze, he only whispered two words: “Daddy… Mom…”


Shen Yi gently closed Xi Xiaofan’s eyes and sighed.


He couldn’t protect Xi Xiaofan after all.


The shortcut to success was indeed rugged and full of dangers – people are  doomed to pay the price with their life.


With a cry, he regained his senses and came back to reality.


“Hey, hey.”


Shen Yi slowly turned back.


He looked at Zeus lying on the ground: “Are you Marcus?”


“No.” The other shook its head: “I’m still Zeus. To be exact… Zeus who has Marcus’ thoughts and feelings.”


“Is it?”


Zeus laughed twice.


Its AP was reduced to zero, leaving only a bit of human life to support itself after losing control of the Skynet base. It was no longer possible to use any ability to fight against the opponent . It could be said that it had been defeated.


At this moment, it was extremely calm , as if it was watching someone else’s performance before their final mortal battle.


It was a manifestation of helplessness and acceptance of cold reality.


It said: “I think I am beginning to understand what humans are. Human beings are unpredictable creatures. You may seem weak on the surface, but when the situation is dire  you erupt with extreme explosive power. But what’s important is that I finally understood that I made a mistake.”


“Oh is that so? Tell me?”


“I’ve neglected to you in desperate. I shouldn’t have focused just on killing that boy. He didn’t actually pose any threat to me. If I had concentrated on you in the last 14 seconds t, I could have  easily killed you. Even if that teenager took control of the base, I could have easily killed him with my remaining strength and taken control of the base again…”


“You finally understand …” Shen Yi’s eyes showed sympathy.


Xi Xiaofan was  actually just a means by which he diverted Zeus’s attention from himself  . He made it such that Zeus’ attack was no longer concentrated and thus failed. Without Shen Yi, even if Xi Xiaofan gained control of Skynet base, he would not be able to  use it to attack Zeus and pose any threat to him . If Zeus had just killed Shen Yi, he could have easily dealt with Xi Xiaofan and regained control of the base .


Looking at the present, it was a mistake that humans often made. It was reasonable to say that with  in the calculations and analysis of Zeus, it was impossible for him to make such a mistake.


However, he committed that mistake.


The reason was actually very simple: It was influenced by human thinking way and emotions.


Having human emotions allowed Zeus to feel more emotional through the process and enhanced its wisdom, but at the same time it also restricted its computational ability. It may never understand why a human’s decision has such close connection to their hearts. With  the possession of human emotions, Zeus had actually lost the most important ability of an AI brain – calmness.


From this point of view, Zeus actually seemed more like a human than Shen Yi. At least the former had emotion and be controlled by it. The latter was totally unaffected by emotion. Even in the most difficult moments, he must make a calm analysis to defeat a strong opponent .


“In fact…” Shen Yi thought for a moment and then  said: “A machine will always be a machine, there is no need for it to go through  the course of human development. Machines are good, their life is worth mentioning, and they all have their own development history. Your actual  mistake is not making wrong decisions in battle, but from the very beginning, you have been going in the wrong direction of evolution. I used to talk to my friends about this, if machines started having ideas, then what kind of intelligence would they develop. The conclusion was that different types of soil give birth to completely different types  of life, so they would all have different ways of thinking. But unfortunately, you didn’t want to go down that road, but instead you wanted to learn about humans. This may be a sprouting branch of an evolutionary journey, but I personally think that this path is not meant for you. This was the most important reason why you failed . You are trying to get  something that does not supposed to belong to you, so of course you will fail miserably.”


“You’re right. Machines… should learn and survive by the way of machines. When I try to take short cuts, I actually embark on a process of self-destruction. You just accelerated this process… But do you know what? I don’t regret it at all.”




Zeus had a smile on his face.


He whispered: “To be able to become a human being  and to feel those wonderful emotions was really good experience. Although the emotions of anger, fear, and despair made me uncomfortable, I still preferred to have  such feelings. After experiencing the feeling of being a human I deduced that your thinking is actually pretty similar to machines. I advise you not to give up some of the qualities that human beings have. Too much rational thinking will make you lose your feelings and turn you into something not too different from a machine, completely emotionless, no longer a human being.”


After a long pause, Zeus continued: “The machines can’t be extravagant with human emotions. Humans shouldn’t go too far with high-speed calculations of machines. Otherwise, you’ll go on the exact opposite path like me.”


Shen Yi thought for a moment and finally nodded. “Thanks, I understand.”


“Unfortunately, I ultimately wasn’t able to understand what happiness and joy are, what sadness and grief are. What I can feel right now is Marcus’ final mood – atonement.”


Zeus gazed at Shen Yi  and said, “Kill me. When you finish doing this last thing, you will win against me. The program is in the core component  of my brain. I guess you really want to get this. It might actually give me another chance to survive and learn more about your answer…”


It closed its eyes calmly.


After thinking about it for a bit, Shen Yi aimed the gun at Zeus’ chest.


The sound of gunshots sounded.


Zeus’s body moved a few times on the ground, then it finally stopped.


Shen Yi  did not know why, but when he eliminated this terrible Boss, his heart did not feel   the slightest accomplishment and neither did he have any happy feelings.


The completion of this mission was really too difficult and full of unexpected factors.


Shen Yi did not like it at all .


In fact, no strong one like accidents.


An  accident can sometimes be a pleasant surprise and mostly it bring loads of  trouble .


As for the strong, they were willing to not have any surprise if it could bring troublesome matters. But after all, accidents are uncontrollable factors, and an  actual strong person is more than willing to achieve good results through their own efforts instead of waiting for a pie to drop. Surprises may bring momentary happiness, but trouble may be  the end of someone’s life.


The latter’s problem was  obviously greater.


However, in all these accidents, there was an accident that Shen Yi  really wanted to know about, and if so, it might be a factor that he can control .


That was… the white girl.


Thinking of her, Shen Yi closed his eyes.


He once again started his three-dimensional image memory.


He hoped to see the little white girl again in this way. Unfortunately, apart from seeing his own dialogue with Zeus, he never saw anyone in the entire command center.


A cold voice came from the Bloody Crest: “You have completed the Hidden Quest. The mission has been  completed early. All adventurers can return immediately.”


Shen Yi quickly grabbed the body of Marcus.


He still had not gotten his hands on Skynet’s main program.


However,at this time a white light suddenly curled up at him, and warped him back to the reward space.


“No!” Shen Yi issued a reluctant roar.


The bastard city, actually did not give him the opportunity to collect the loot!




Once again Shen Yi came to the reward space, this time he was no longer alone.


Wen Rou, Hong Lang, Jin Gang, and Luo Hao also stood around him.


When they saw each other, they all cheered at the same time.


Wen Rou rushed over and hugged Shen Yi. Her red lips were placed on his mouth. This sweet kiss made Shen Yi’s anger more or less calm down.


“I’m glad to see you again,” she said softly.


Hong Lang also rushed over and said, “Ha, do you know how much danger we faced  just now? Fatty said that we would be in less danger if we left. In fact, I didn’t feel the danger becoming any lesser. It was only because the terrain was wider and it allowed us to deal with it. The space was  also bigger. Just now, four Harvesters fired at me the same time. Four Harvesters! I almost died, and then I heard the prompt of Bloody Crest, and I was already here . Ha, I don’t expect that we can receive the quest reward together this time.”


“This should be the reason for setting up a formal team.” Jin Gang said.


It was indeed very dangerous, but if it  wasn’t for Shen Yi completing the quest in time, perhaps no one would appear here unharmed.


Fatty said, “Captain, your hand…”


Everyone noticed that Shen Yi’s right arm had disappeared.


“It’s nothing.” Shen Yi replied: “To do great things, we always have to pay a price.”


“It looks like this task was extremely difficult for you?” Jin Gang frowned. He was not worried about Shen Yi losing an arm because when he returned to the city, he could always fix it. The problem was the look of recklessness on Shen Yi’s face, it looked very unfamiliar to him .


In fact, he had never seen Shen Yi having  such an expression ever since he knew him. His face was filled with anger, sadness and joyfulness after surviving.


Never had he once thought that one day, he could see so many of Shen Yi’s expressions.


Jin Gang  didn’t knew that such expression appeared on Shen Yi’s face because of the words spoken by Zeus: As human beings, there is no need to deliberately suppress their emotions. Although calmness was an excellent quality, but too much of calmness would actually make them getting more and more like machines .


That is not the right path to strengthen themselves, just as machines do not have to be like humans .


Perhaps it was because of Zeus’ advice that he did not hide his emotions at the moment.


He said: “Xi Xiaofan is dead… He didn’t need  to die.”


This statement surprised everyone.


“How could this be?” Wen Rou asked.


” If you want the answer why don’t you ask this damned Bloody City.” Shen Yi coldly replied.


Shen Yi  screamed loudly: “Don’t you think that you should give me an account for  it? Bloody City! You took Xi Xiaofan’s hand to force us to accept the Hidden Quest. You prevented me from remembering an important piece of information and let Skynet enter Marcus’ body to make it better for us right?.”  You even took away the trophy that should have belonged to me! That’s not what you’re supposed to do !”


When Shen Yi shouted this statement out loud, he did not expect any response.


But at this moment, a glum voice of a man suddenly sounded in the space: “Of course, E5371, I am also planning to talk to you.”

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