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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 69

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Avis, Kunoichi Jade, Favonian Fantasy

Book 4 Chapter 69: Dimension Manager

The unexpected sound surprised everyone.


A white robed man appeared out of nowhere .


His face was covered with a layer of haze, which made him  look indistinct, but from the vaguely visible outline one could tell that he would  be a handsome young man. What was surprising was that his voice and his appearance were not synchronized, it seemed a bit vicissitudes.


“First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on completing the Terminator mission world. You are about to enter the Common District and become a real and formal adventurer. Maybe I should say that from now on, you’ll truly enter Bloody City and embark on the road of an adventurer. ”


Wen Rou coldly said: “Maybe you should introduce yourself first, who are you and how can you get into this space?”


“This question is difficult to answer. Because I have many similarities with you, but there are some differences. My responsibilities stipulate that there are some things I can say and some things I cannot. Thus I am uncertain of what I should say at this moment. After all, a situation like today is rare in Bloody City. In fact, this is the first time this has happened since I became a dimension manager.”


Dimension manager? The team looked at each other.


Shen Yi suddenly said: “You are also an adventurer, right? What you are doing now is like a novice instructor, a bar girl or a store salesperson, it is a job of Bloody City?”


The dimension manager issued a hearty laugh: “You can understand it this way, but it is slightly different.”


Shen Yi immediately said: “Of course, your job seems to be more senior, and you are even able to enter and leave the adventurer reward space, and can make direct interfere on the operation of the mission world. I do not understand why Bloody City has set up this kind of job?”


“Oh, I can answer this. Bloody City is a world. It has its own laws. The authority of the laws is like a country’s constitution, it is sacred, majestic and unshakable. However, we all know that there is no law in the world that has no loopholes and things will always change with time. This requires someone to review the situation to make up for these loopholes, just as the law also requires law enforcement. I am responsible for this part of the work. My task is to ensure that the core of the Bloody City laws is sacred and inviolable.”


“You mean to say that you are a law enforcement agent of Bloody City?” Wen Rou could not believe her ears.


“Yes, but it’s different. There is no privilege in doing this. It’s exactly the same as other adventurers who work.”


Hong Lang sarcastically said: “Maybe I spent too much time on Earth. I really didn’t know that the government and the civilians could be equal.”


Everyone laughed at the same time.


Although “the dimension manager” sounded big, in essence it was still only a job.


In Bloody City, no one could have and abuse privilege.


“That’s right, but not everyone can do this. There are very special requirements. Rest assured, do not worry that I will sell your secrets. If there is no accident, you will not have any chance to meet me again.” The man laughed again: “But this is not what we are talking about now. If I reveal more about me to you, then I will violate the laws of the city. Let’s talk about this mission. In fact, you have brought me some troubles, some troubles that I don’t like very much. I must communicate with you without revealing much and without violating the principles of the city.”


“Is the trouble you mentioned the fact that I am trying to test Bloody City?”


The dimension manager sighed: “No, not this. The temptation of testing the city does not violate Bloody City’s laws. Any adventurer can test the city by his own method. The laws themselves are semi-public and confidential. However, while you are tempting to test the city, you must also accept the test of the city.”


Shen Yi sneered: “You mean shielding our memory, letting us fall into traps and increase the difficulty of the task. Is this a normal test?”


“…No, it’s not a test. The formal test, you guessed it earlier, is the Hidden Quest. It’s not that hard for you.”


“So what’s the trouble that brought me in the end?”


The dimension manager sighed. “You shouldn’t study the Terminator’s manufacturing technology. As I said, I am the guardian of the city laws, and your actions have caused us trouble.”


“You mean that my research on Terminator’s manufacturing technology violates the city’s laws?”


“It’s more complicated than that … I say this, according to the laws of Bloody City, there are only three ways to bring back any item in the mission world. The first is the formal reward method. The second is the special items or methods that are licensed. The third is a person with special authority.


On the other hand, there is a law in the city: any adventurer can learn the way to become stronger in the mission world.


Beyond that, the definition of power in Bloody City says: Knowledge is also a part of power and can be used as a reward. These laws were originally very simple and there were no problems until you emerged….”


Shen Yi suddenly understood: “Bloody Cityregards the Terminator’s manufacturing technology as a kind of enhancing and classifies it as part of the reward system, so it essentially does not belong to the three ways mentioned above. .”


“Yes, from this point of view, you cannot bring back manufacturing technology.”


“The problem is that the city has also provided that any adventurer can learn the way to become stronger in the mission world. I learned it myself. From this point of view, it is reasonable, isn’t it?”


“…Yes. This law was originally designed to let you learn fighting skills from some powerful characters in the mission world. Of course, you can also learn some unfamiliar knowledge, but no one has ever used it to study the complete Terminator’s manufacturing technology… I have to admit that you are a mechanical genius. You can figure out how to make them from the finished product. You are the first to do it.”


“Then contradictions have emerged. If I let go of those technologies, it would obviously violate the first law. If you do not let me go, then it violates the second law. This is the focus of the problem, right? I made the laws of the city self-contradictory.”


“There are always loopholes in the laws. After all, the city is not a country. The laws it formulates are not complicated, and therefore there must be flaws. The meaning of our existence is to ensure that these defects will not be touched and induced.”


Other team members looked at each other, they did not think that replicating Terminator production technology would lead to such a thing.


“What happens if it is evoked?”


“I don’t know. But I know that if I can’t stop you, it’s I miss my duty, and the result of me will be terrible.”


“So…” Shen Yi looked at him with a questioning look.


“So I must stop you from acting. But I neither have the authority to directly interfere with the adventurer’s actions in the mission world, nor do I have the right to amend the Bloody City laws. So the only way to solve this problem is to make the originally contradictory behaviors not contradictory. ”


“So you designed to let us attack the Skynet base, and the reward is the core program chip of Skynet. Because the knowledge that I copied is also on this chip, then when it is officially awarded to me, everything is in line with the laws. Now, the problem is solved naturally?”




“Because Skynet is monitoring us all the time, I would never go there if I knew the circumstances, so you erased some of our memory and let us ignore the risk of going to Skynet.”




“Why didn’t you just erase my memories of Terminator’s manufacturing technology? Isn’t that simpler?”


“The memory of the Terminator’s manufacturing technology belongs to the your knowledge. Eliminating this part of the memory is tantamount to weakening you. This behavior is counted as an attack in the city. I have no right to attack adventurers, so I can only wipe out other part of your memory which is unrelated to fighting. Even so, I still have to restore your memory immediately after you enter the Skynet base to ensure that the impact on adventurers is minimized.”


“To make up for this loophole, we almost died all in there.”


“I must ensure that the system of the city runs smoothly. You can either die in the task or complete the task, but you can’t just make the Bloody City laws self-conflict like you do now. That’s what my job means.”


“It seems that your approach is more like me wanting to die in the mission… You let a Difficulty Level 1 adventurer to deal with a Difficulty Level 2 Boss. You might as well attack me directly.”


“……I’m very sorry.”


“I don’t want to hear apologies for anything. Since the city doesn’t allow you to attack us, then I guess it also doesn’t allow you to give us certain-death quests. Let a Difficulty Level 1 adventurer to deal with a Difficulty Level 2 Boss, I can fully understand that as a certain-death quest.”


The dimension manager’s face showed a wry smile: “Yes, so I prepared a remedy.”


“I didn’t see any.”


“Don’t say that, you actually gained a lot in this matter. If I had not reduced the difficulty of the quest, how could you beat Skynet?”


“You said that you reduced the difficulty of the quest?”


“Otherwise, did you think that you could defeat Skynet by yourself? If Skynet did not enter Marcus’s body, how can it have weaknesses for you to discover? It was only that I did not think that you would actually find the weakness.”


Shen Yi was slightly stunned.


The original reason why Skynet would have a more calculate result is that dimensional managers have made special arrangements to reduce the difficulty. Bloody City did not allow to set up certain-death quests, so after Shen Yi was led to the base, the dimensional manager had to do something else to make Skynet a problem.


It’s only so that he can find that weakness. Although he has his own hard-headed thinking, there is no shortage of guidance from the white girl.


This hand script body is also so difficult to capture from the view of the dimension manager that he did not even think that he could survive.


No wonder his expression is so embarrassing, and from the tone of the dimension manager, he didn’t seem to know the existence of the girl in white…


After sorting the clues, Shen Yi still said: “It doesn’t seem to be a reason for you to take away my reward.”


The dimension manager turned his wrist, and a small chip appeared in his palm, the core program of Skynet. He asked: “When it comes to rewards, do you mean this?”


“Robbing other people’s rewards, I guess that is also an unacceptable behavior.”


The dimension manager laughed: “Shen Yi, you are a smart person, but I am not stupid. You are benefiting me, right?”


“Anyway, I was under the cover of this incident. Your behavior of lowering the difficulty is only a small remedy. I still reserve the right to complain to the city. I guess the city also has the principle of fairness. It is equally inconceivable. “Shen Yi did not mind the other side to point out his intentions, but the anger of his face is gradually eliminated, and turned into a smile.


“…well, I’ll make up for you…you guys.” The dimension manager looked helpless.


“Before that, you’d better return that thing to me first.” Shen Yi pointed to the chip in the hands of the dimension manager.


Skynet’s main program can be said to be the greatest gains from Shen Yi. He doesn’t want to give up.


“Of course.” The dimension manager looked at the chip in his hand and suddenly gave a squeaky voice: “One of the best, also one of the most useless reward in Bloody City… Its value is huge, but few people who have it can really play its role. Although it is rare, there still are  people can acquire it, but no one have been able to really play its role … Oh, its value is far beyond imagination, but always have not been used properly…”


Then he looked at him: “Don’t worry, you will get what you deserve, but you must make a choice before you get it.”


“What choice?”


“The Skynet intelligence program has two main functions. First, you can use it to control high-tech equipment, but you can’t break through and control the other types of AI brains. Therefore, the limited effect is like the dead idiot boy.”


“He’s not an idiot, just some autism.”


“You and I don’t have to deal with this issue. Another role of Skynet is also a real effect. Skynet can develop a large number of high-tech weapons. Skynet is a production-oriented brain-brain, and its general combat ability, but its research and development capabilities Out of the box, even the most out of the box, you can develop a variety of high-tech weapons. But Skynet can give you only the manufacturing technology, that is to say you must think of ways to make it out … that does not easy.”


The dimension manager continued: “Regardless of whether it is control or R&D, there is a corresponding level limit. This main program is Rank CC and can control and develop mechanical products with Rank CC and below. Now, you have to make choice, you can choose a Skynet program that has both control and R&D capabilities, but the program can not be upgraded, its capabilities will end there, or choose one of these capabilities, or control, or R&D, the program can be upgraded. Whichever type you choose, will be your reward for Hidden Quest, while canceling the Perfect performance rewards, you will not be able to get any other reward.”


The meaning of the dimension manager is very simple. Accepting the main program reward will no longer receive other bonuses. In addition, the main program of Skynet also divides the control and research and development of two functions, and Shen Yi can only get one. If he chooses a R&D project, he will not be able to use this program to control any state-of-the-art equipment.


After thinking about it, Shen Yi took out the three universal Energy Cores from his Bloody Crest: “I would like to ask two questions first. First, can I apply to combine these three Energy Cores  into a Rank C one and exchange for a T-1000? Second, whether all Energy Cores can be manufactured?”


The dimension manager quickly replied: “You can combine and exchange for a T-1000. If you choose the R&D function of Skynet’s main program, you can create Energy Core. But as I said before, it’s not easy. The more you want, the more you have to pay.”


“I understand that I have chosen R&D function to keep the program smart and scalable.” Shen Yi quickly said.


The dimension manager gently wipes a hand on the wafer and then throws the wafer to Shen: “Receive it. This is the reward you deserve. You are a smart and daredevil person if you can. As you go along, you may become the most powerful adventurer. By then, you will know everything.”


“Thanks, but I remember you said you would give me extra compensation?”


“You don’t think I stand here and tell you that the clear content of the laws of the city is a worthwhile compensation in itself?”


“When the court judged the plaintiff’s victory, the judge would never say to the plaintiff that you learned a lot of legal knowledge in this lawsuit, this is a compensation for you, so you don’t have to claim a…nothing. ”


“…you will be compensated. Remembering you and my conversation today is only limited to those present who know that you can’t talk to anyone about the existence of law enforcers, let alone reveal this incident, otherwise you know consequences. You must not do this kind of thing in the future again, you really make me a headache!”


“Then I have to give you a suggestion and leave a contact. Afterwards, before I do something I will ask you first, if you say no then I will not do. How about it?” Shen Yi said with a smile.


“You really dare to ask! After that, is it equal to I become your personal secretary? Have to answer your call any time?” The dimension manager at first glance saw through Shen Yi’s intention, this guy will really look for opportunities to use people.


Shen Yi extended both hands: “It’s better than messing up with other troubles later.”


The dimension manager took a hard look and said, “I’ve only had one chance to call me. Remember, don’t let me do anything beyond my authority. I can’t help you complete the mission. I can only tell you what to do and what not to do.”


“This is enough.”


The man retreated backwards, and the figure gradually faded.


“Wait!” Shen Yi suddenly exclaimed: “You haven’t told me what your name is, how do I call you?”


“My name is Lan Yan (1)… And, in this trouble, you are not the plaintiff, you are the defendant…” With this whisper, the figure finally disappeared completely.


Shen Yi looked at Wen Rou and others, and their eyes flashed inexorably at the same time.


Shen Yi inserted the chip into the PDA.


Bloody Crest prompted: “You have gained Skynet’s smart program chip, which can be used for the design and research of a variety of technology products.”


TL’s note:

  1. Lan Yan means “blue face”



This is the end of Book 4. Next is Book 5: Writ of Black Wanted

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