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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 7

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 7: Enhancing (Part 2)

Jin Gang nodded: “I support Shen Yi’s view. It is time to strengthen our attributes, but how to strengthen attributes is different for different people. Wen Rou, because of the Bracelet of Lover, you must add more Vitality, and then add Will. Shen Yi, you learned Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand. Although you have no melee skill, but your normal attack’s power has surged, you can add more Agility. In future battles, if we follow the echelon formation, Hong Lang and I are at the beginning, Wen Rou in the middle, and you are last, but since Hong Lang is the main DPS, I intend to take the control route.”


Control route, that is, using skills such as Heavy Strike which had low damage but had crowd-control effects. According to Jin Gang’s intention, he intended to learn another crowd-control skill to cooperate better with Hong Lang’s destructive power.


Jin Gang’s skill, Heavy Strike, not only had a pitifully low damage, but even when the skill’s level increases, its Stun duration wouldn’t increase, it had no escalation potential. Therefore, Jin Gang did not intend to add Will, but intended to strengthen Agility so he could quickly approach the opponent using high-speed movement, and control opponents using the special effects to gain the initiative. To create favorable conditions for partners, this was Jin Gang’s idea.


Wen Rou also said: “I think this idea is good. If so, it is best to choose the kind of skills that can seal the enemy’s ability to move, so it can coordinate with my skill.”


Shen Yi and Hong Lang also agreed.


Just then, a low voice sounded: “Then … what about me?”


Looking back, that one turned out to be Fatty. Shen Yi remembered that they had had a heated discussion and even forgot about Fatty.


Patting Fatty’s shoulders, Shen Yi laughed: “Everyone here has chosen their own position: Hong Lang is the main DPS, Jin Gang is the main control, Wen Rou is the middle-range attacker, and I am a supporter and long-range attacker. These positions are not ones we chose previously, but were based on the characteristics of each battle and our performance gradually formed a tacit understanding. How about you Luo Hao? Did you find your own position? If you didn’t … then it’s so regrettable, you will always remain in the reserve members. I’m sorry that I can’t help you in this matter and you have to find your place yourself. “


Fatty stared at Shen Yi for a while, and thinking for a moment, he said: “I’m slow, stupid, unskilled, courageless, almost useless. Since I entered Bloody City, the bravest performance I have ever had is probably the action in the last battle … I can’t do those things that need fierce confrontation; I can’t do things that need to be analyzed by wisdom; I can’t do things that require a fast response; but fortunately I found something I can do.”


Saying this, he slowly looked up: “I’m the one with highest Vitality among us, and I have a Mana Shield skill. Maybe I can’t beat people, but being beaten … I can do that. Not to mention that I have Mask of Deceiver, I think I’m most suited for… to be the shield at the forefront. “


Everyone was stunned. The meaning of Fatty’s words, turned out to be …


“WTF!” Hong Lang shouted out loudly: “Did the sun rise from the West today? Fatty even wants to take the most dangerous job? He wants to give us a meat shield!”


Wen Rou laughed: “Now that you say it, I realize it’s really suitable for him, but …  a meat shield who is extremely afraid of death, our team is really interesting yet.”


Shen Yi meaningfully said: “A coward tanker, a smart gorilla, coupled with a good-looking SM queen who can go berserk at any moment … It is indeed very interesting.”


Hong Lang touched his chin, showing a ‘thinking hard’ expression: “It seems that I am the only normal person.”


“If you say that a melee fighter with the lowest HP also can be called normal, then you’re normal.” Jin Gang said.


Wen Rou added: “Plus a captain who doesn’t even have one offensive skill … haizz!”


Everyone fell silent.




After the discussion, everyone started to take action as planned.


The first was to sell two Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting), they earned 16,000 BP. This way, the team had about 50,500 BP. Saving some to maintain their living needs for the month, in addition to purchasing a batch of medicines and special items, they decided to keep 15,000 BP as reserve for Shen Yi’s summoning of the soldiers, and then they spent 9,000 BP to buy a Rank C skill for Jin Gang.


Skill: Cangue And Stocks(1) (level 1), after hitting the target, deals [ 0.5 x Strength ] damage, also produces a sealing effect, the target cannot use skills (not including equipment skills), duration of 3-5 seconds, while the target lost mobility, the duration of 3-6 seconds. After the effect ends, continues to cause a 10% reduction in movement speed, duration 1 minute. Priority 32.


This skill, coupled with Jin Gang’s Heavy Strike and Wen Rou’s winding, if used to deal with a single adventurer, basically the opponent would only be abused.


Shen Yi also transferred 3000 BP to Fatty, regarded as his reward in the last battle. After that, they had 28,000 BP remaining.


(Author’s note: Originally, I had already written the specific process , but after re-reading, it was full of numbers and too cumbersome. If I really write it out for everyone to see, it is estimated to give readers a headache, so I only wrote the results, skipping the process. From now on I will try to shorten the process of enhancing.)


After the enhancement, the team members’ attributes were:


Hong Lang: Strength 40 (50), Vitality 25, Agility 25 (37), MP 25, Will 37 (42), Used total 7000 BP.


Jin Gang: Strength 15 (20), Vitality 35, Agility 40 (45), MP 30 (35), Will 15. Used total 4000 BP.


Wen Rou: Strength 18, Vitality 37 (40), Agility 28, MP 25, Will 25 (33), learned Basic-level Fighting Forte. Used total 10000 BP.


Finally, she added all two skill points to the winding skills, the winding skills leveled up to level four and a half.


Whip Wrapping (Level 4): Uses whip weapons to wrap the target, making the target temporarily unable to use skills to attack while causing the target to take 7 damage per second. Skill duration depends on the gap of power between the two sides as well as skill level and the opponent’s Will. The greater the gap, the longer the duration. Maximum Time: 18 seconds. Cost: 3 MP. Priority: 26.


Level 4 Whip Wrapping’s Priority was only 16, but Bracelet of Lover added 10 points in priority to this skill. Throughout the Slums District now, there were only a few adventurers who could interrupt Whip Wrapping.


Shen Yi: Strength 15 (35), Vitality 35, Agility 33, MP 35, Will 35 (38). Used total 6000 BP.


Shen Yi used the Crystal Heart on Vampire Touch, and after paying 1000 BP, Vampire Touch become transparent immediately. Vampire Touch’s name also changed: Vampire Touch (permanent transparent). Other than Shen Yi and formal team members, no one could see the existence of this weapon.


As a result, Team 641 members’ average attributes were 28.65. Not to mention few in the Slums District, even within the Common District such attributes were absolutely qualified. Even one of the strongest adventurers in Common District, Xie Rongjun, had only 37 points as his base average attributes whilst his team’s average attributes were estimated even lower, reaching 35 points at most.


Attributes were the foundation of everything. A strong enough attribute was an important symbol of the difference of adventurers from ordinary people. Only at this moment could they really feel the difference between themselves and ordinary people.


Agility added to 30 points or more, would enable the adventurers to run like a gust of wind.If they were to attend the Olympic Games, even Usain Bolt would also be deterred. Their physical strength was also more powerful, their body’s defensive ability was higher, and the general fatal damage for normal human, such as from a car crash, had basically no effect on them.


Finally, the one who had had the last turn was Luo Hao.


In accordance with ​​everyone’s idea, Fatty had no need to strengthen his attributes, anyway, he was a tanker. He currently had 6000 BP, and since he was determined to follow the purely defensive route, Shen Yi offered him a suggestion: to buy powerful defensive equipment.


Heavy Shield (Rank DD): defense 30, AP 900. Can be used to block an attack, resist damage, can not resist special effects. Attacks whose damage are higher than the shield’s defense will reduce the shield’s AP, can be repaired through charging energy. After AP drops to 0, the shield will be broken and can not be repaired. Requirements: 42 Vitality.”


As Fatty still lacked two points of Vitality, Shen Yi could only draw 600 BP from the public reserve to help him enhance his attributes.


Completing this, Shen Yi looked at the remaining team points, then laughed: “There are 9,900 BP left. It’s  no wonder people say spending money is one of the fastest things, we have already spent more than 40,000 BP without feeling anything. But first, don’t be distressed, we still have to find ways to continue spending this money. In addition to some of the necessary potions and items, what else do we need to purchase?


Wen Rou said: “For purchasing public items, I have an idea.”


“Tell me.”


“This mission is actually very difficult. The reason we can do it, apart from our concentrated efforts, a 200 BP map played a major role. That made me realize that information is always very important. In fact, undertaking a mission is equivalent to fighting a war. In addition to the need for a strategic vision for the war, we also need to have a good ability to grasp details, such as your Innate Talent. And these things are inseparable from information support. So I feel that we should use a lot of information-providing items like maps, but most importantly, we need a complete information processing terminal. “


“Information processing terminal?” Shen Yi’s eyes narrowed.


Wen Rou smiled and shouted to the young man in the store: “Hey, A Li, take out what I’ve just checked.”


No one expected the information processing terminal Wen Rou mentioned would turn out to be that thing: a mini handheld computer(2).


TL note:

1.This skill is named after two physical restraints which were frequently used in ancient China:



2. From the next chapter, this device will be called PDA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_digital_assistant

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