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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 8 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 8

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 8: Wilderness

In the store, the members of team #641 focused their eyes on a small, pink PDA with anime. This was Wen Rou’s pick.


“Don’t underestimate it,” said the young man in a very serious tone: “Products from Bloody City are very different from those on Earth.”


When he said that, he turned on the PDA and readily entered commands into it, a large energy screen appeared above the computer.


The young man said: “This handheld computer is designed to store and analyze information, it have multi powerful functions: automatic scanning capabilities, can scan a virtual image and analyze, can automatically connect to the network no matter what mission world it’s in, there is no need to pay network fees…” He smiled: “In addition, you can also use it to record information, and collect and process a variety of information. If you enter an adventurer’s ID, their corresponding Bloody Crest will receive the information it sends. “


“You don’t have to worry about memory crashes, nor about losing battery power. Not having to worry about all the things you need to worry about, it’s always safe to use. You should know that technology is also an enhancement direction in Bloody City, it is also a versatile one. If you are a computer expert, you can even use it to break through some of the system which has a complete firewall defense. This thing is made of high density alloy, is shock resistance, water resistance, and heat resistance. Even if it was broken, as long as the hard disk is intact, you can still read the data. It’s storage capacity is staggering, has a fast computing speed, and all the results can be sent directly through to each team member’s Bloody Crest and make a complete record.”


Shen Yi touched the PDA, Bloody Crest prompted:

“Multi-function handheld computer, mainly for information storage and processing, Technology valuation: Rank D.”


“This small thing is worth 3000 BP?” Shen Yi asked.


The young man nodded: “If you are willing to buy better ones, I have a Rank DD that can send and receive any radio frequency bands. Rank C can install A.I systems, connect with the satellites, and become the control center of the corresponding level of technology systems.”


“This thing is enough.” Shen Yi did not hesitate to agree, and then he pointed to the anime stickers above: “Please change its color to black, and remove all the anime stickers.”


Wen Rou was clearly dissatisfaction.


Shen Yi had always been very clear about the importance of  information. With this PDA, nothing else was needed, Shen Yi could now record all the skills and equipment information in the store. If he encountered unknown adventurers later, with this information, he could quickly analyze the opponent’s strength, or even find a method to deal with them early. This is what he realized when he was fighting that Northern adventurer.

But due to this, the young man who was the store’s sales person was busted. To access all the information, it must be read one bit after another in the name of “buying”. He never imagined that the first thing Shen Yi would do after buying this PDA would be to ask him to show all the details about the skills and equipment. According to the rules, as long as there was an adventurer who wanted to buy a skill, the young man must show that skill’s data. As a result, Shen Yi had become the trickiest guest, abruptly making the young man tired.


Of all these data, the skills section was the most detailed in the introduction. After all, it was impossible for adventurers to purchase skills without knowing their details. In addition, information on equipment and potions was also very detailed. Contrary to this, the introductions for Practicing Manual, Bloodline, high-tech equipment and others were the most basic because getting them required special items plus BP. When all of this data scanning of records was completed, a long time had passed.


The young man stared angrily at them, breathlessly saying: “I will not sell this stuff to anyone anymore. It will make me work to death. I’ve never met a group as crazy as yours.”


Shen Yi and the others laughed.


Shen Yi readily opened the Bloody Crest, traded 200 BP to the young man, and then said: “This is for your hard work, in fact, we want to ask you to not say anything about what happened today. It’s good for both you and me, this also includes the fee for keeping it a secret.”


“Count as you know how to behave. Rest assured, I’m very professional.” The young man immediately felt that all the hard work today was worth it.


“Then sign a contract.”


“… you’re cunning.” The young man cursed, but still agreed.


Completing the contract, Shen Yi said: “Oh, you work in the store so you should be more well-informed than us. Can you help me a favor?”


“What’s up?” Young man asked.


Shen Yi conspired with the young man, whispering softly: “After a period of time, there will be some people that will come to bother me, they’re from the Common District. Maybe you can help me find information about their enhancements.”


“I’m not working in a Common District store.”


“There should always be a way.”


The young man thought for a moment and nodded: “I can help you investigate, but what can you give me?”


“500 BP per person for their information, plus one sixth of the harvest after I have slaughtered them. I have only one requirement: Information must be complete.”


“Deal!” The young man was overjoyed.


The price Shen Yi offered was definitely not low, of course, the risk was also great. If he let someone in the Common District know that someone helped Shen Yi to spy on their information, then the young man himself would face danger too. However, this young man had long been working in the store, so he was the kind of person who knew best about the strength of adventurers in various regions.


He saw the enhancing process of Shen Yi ‘s team. It could be said Shen Yi’s team was the most powerful team he had ever seen in Slums District.


Although right now they were not yet eligible to confront people in Common District, who could guarantee future events? Weren’t the Common District adventurers also rising from the Slums District? There were many examples of rising stars in Bloody City who surpassed their predecessors, so the young man was quite willing to bet on them. Not to mention that he only needed to be careful about this incident and it may not bring much trouble to himself.


Thinking for a moment, he said: “But I have an additional condition. First: every once in a while, Bloody City will disrupt everyone’s deadline to enter mission worlds, only members of the same team are not affected. If we enter the same mission, you have to help me pass the mission unconditionally. Second, under no circumstances will you attack me if I don’t take the initiative to hurt you. “


“Deal, but I want you to understand that I’m buying someone else’s information for you, and maybe someone will want to buy information about me… If you run into such a thing …”


Shen Yi did not go on, but the young man quickly replied:


“Then they will get completely wrong information.”


Shen Yi smiled: “So, happy cooperation. Sign the contract.”


After signing the contract, Shen Yi casually asked the young man: “Yes, have you heard of the wilderness?”


The young man stammered: “The wilderness is a place where only adventurers at Difficulty Level 2 or above are qualified to enter, why do you ask about that place?”


“Then you know where it is?”


“Of course! The wilderness is right there, outside Bloody City.”


Outside Bloody City?


Everyone was shocked by this answer.




Since there is a city, it is natural to have suburbs. This is the consensus universally on Earth. However, in Bloody City, the outermost edge here is an invisible wall of energy. There is no way to go in and out. Perhaps due to preconceived ideas, most adventurers regarded Bloody City as an individual.


People live here, fight here, and that wall of energy is like the end of the universe. Although there is no shortage of people who daydream about what is behind the wall, but for the adventurers in the Slums District, most people still can only daydream about the answer.


But today, Shen Yi finally knew. Outside this Bloody City, there really is a world. Suddenly he remembered the lake he had seen from the rooftop of the novice building, an island …


Suddenly he thought of something and said to the young man: “The Difficulty Level 5 district is called ‘Independence Island’, but obviously there is no island in the city. Does that mean …”


The young man smiled: “Your response was really fast. Yes, that Difficulty Level 5 area in the middle of Bloody City, in fact, is just the place where the top adventurers purchase goods and enter the mission world. All of their residences lie outside the city. Everyone has their own island. To get to their place, you have to pass Lake Mirror.  The Lake Mirror and its shore are Difficulty Level 5 wilderness, but for the generals it is their backyard and hunting grounds. “


“You mean there are animals in the wilderness?” Shen Yi asked.


“Yes.” the young man nodded: “You have entered Bloody City for a period of  time, and you should know that the city stores only sell ordinary goods. The really good things, in fact, can only be gotten through other means. How many ways do you know of right now?”


Shen Yi replied: “One is from the mission world, one is from the special rewards. You don’t mean to tell me, the wilderness…”


The young man nodded: “Yes, the wilderness is the third way to get unique items. A place where the beasts are a super ferocious existence, even the weakest one is equivalent to a Difficulty Level 1 Boss, but it’s also where you have a chance to get anything.”


“In other words, as long as we enter the Common District, we are eligible to go wild hunting?”


“That’s right, but that place is even more dangerous than the mission world. According to Bloody City’s rules, after entering the wilderness, you must kill at least one wilderness beast of the same Difficulty Level to qualify for the Door of Return. Otherwise you can’t return to Bloody City. These evil beast aren’t easy to deal with, I have even heard that dragons exist. In addition, the wilderness itself has many dangerous places, each place with a variety of different existences. There are beasts, monsters, and even robots. But what’s truly frightening are not these things, but other adventurers. “


Shen Yi: “You mean the generals, right? Or visitors from other Difficulty Levels?”


“Yes,” the young man replied affirmatively: “The wilderness is a chaotic place, and adventurers in all regions are in the same place and are not bound by the inability to attack each other in the city. You come to the wilderness, after years of hardships and death to kill a single fierce beast, and finally get a good reward. At that moment an adventurer of Difficulty Level 3 or 4 suddenly appear, want you to submit that thing, what do you do?”


Shen Yi team look at each other.


Now he began to understand the phrase originally said by Chen Tao, “Even in Bloody City, strength is still very important.”


Obviously, he referred to the wilderness.


According to the young man, the wilderness was more dangerous than the mission world, where you have to be careful about everything around you, each of which can cause death and attack. To live in the wilderness one not only needed to have great strength, but also to have enough luck, otherwise, encountering a General from Difficulty Level 5, the result would most likely be death. For adventurers in high Difficulty Level, killing lower level beasts gained no benefits, but killing fierce beasts with the same level had many unsure factors. The best option for them was to rob adventurers from lower Difficulty Levels. After all, the risk of facing other adventurers was not as high as that from the mission world and the wild, fierce beasts.


Therefore, if someone encountered Generals in the wilderness, the wisest move would be to hand over all their equipment immediately. As for whether they will easily slaughter you afterwards, that depended on their mood and character. Because of this, adventurers who come back alive from the wilderness have each inevitably experienced a difficult and bloody war.


The reason why team Strike The Blood could become a leader in the Common District in ​​the Eastern Region was because they had experienced returning from the wilderness twice.


That’s right, twice!


Team Strike The Blood had been to the wilderness twice and returned safely, and whether or not they had had any chance to encounter other Difficulty Level adventurers, the courage alone could fully demonstrate the quality of the team.


However, team #641 did not care. Since it’s already done, they didn’t regret it. Rather than being complacent and wallowing in self-pity, what should be done is to face reality, work hard, and strengthen themselves.


Speaking of this, the the young man approached Shen Yi again: “I say, buddy, is this information still worthy? Do you still know how to behave? Because it is you, so I only take money after. For others, I absolutely take money first.”


Shen Yi transferred another 200 BP.

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