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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 9

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 9: Home World (Part 1)

On a piece of green on the slopes of Bloody City, Shen Yi was lying on the grass, looking at the sky.


Wen Rou sat by his side, poked him and said: “How do you feel?”


“Very good, very excited, very interested.”


Wen Rou smiled: “I knew you would say that, you have never been afraid of death.”


“Those who have died once are either particularly afraid of death, or particularly not afraid of death from then on. I earned my second life for free, why would I have to fear losing it?”


“To put it another way, I guess after you complete the next mission, you’ll go explore the wilderness, won’t you?”


“If adventurers of the SlumS District could go, I would be there right now.”


“Alas!” Wen Rou issued a sigh of helplessness: “I already figure it out, ‘the brave die satisfied, the coward dies wanting’. You always choose to die satisfied, so you will never back down.”


“That may not be entirely true.” Shen Yi turned her face and answered: “When choosing to kill or release Magneto, I choose to back down.”


“It only shows that you are not stupid enough to make such a big mistake, you are the kind of person who is not going to make any silly decision.”


“Really?” Shen Yi suddenly sat up. He clung to Wen Rou and whispered into her ear: “Maybe that night in the ward, I made a big silly decision.”


Wen Rou blushed, pinched him hard, then fiercely said: “You aren’t allowed to mention that night!”


Shen Yi laughed.


Wen Rou couldn’t stand this ambiguous scene, she quickly stood up, saying: “Are you interested in seeing my home world?”


Home world?


He had even forgotten about this matter.


Shen Yi didn’t say anything. He looked at Wen Rou as she said earnestly: “I have given all of you permission, and now we can enter the home world at any time, but can only stay in it for ten days every natural month, and in the same day can freely go in and out.”


“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go.” Shen Yi quickly replied.


He also wondered what the home world would bring them. The next moment, team# 641 re-appeared in New York Central Park. It seems that they would return to where they had left.


A distance away, the battlefield of their last stand, which was originally filled with smoke and bullet shells, had all these traces now disappeared. Central Park’s calm had been restored, only the soil that had a hint of red confirmed a bloody and brutal battle had once happened here.


Shen Yi looked at the time on the Bloody Crest’s prompt: “It has been five days, the time flow rate is 1:10.”


They had been back in Bloody City for more than twelve hours, during which time it had been five days since the war was over.


Hong Lang also took a look at the Bloody Crest on his own hands, then grinned: “Not hearing those hateful quest’s prompt makes me feel uneasy.”


Everyone laughed.


Wen Rou said: “There is good news. As Bloody Crest prompted, Bloody City has cleared us from both the humans’ and mutants’ blacklist, they still remember us, but the hostility has been eliminated. Bloody City also gave us new legal identities, so we don’t have to worry about encountering any trouble from our past actions, but if we get into trouble, it will not be eliminated. Another thing is The Twelfth Amendment is being revised, negotiations between human and mutants finally broke out under the coordination of Professor X, and social order is recovering. “


Shen Yi said: “In this case, then we don’t have to stand here again, let’s go out and walk.”


Along the way, they found that order in New York was a lot better.


The three-day competition led New York into chaos, but the city finally regained its original status after the adventurers vanished. In the past, despite the mutants’ war against humans, the essence of the war had been to fight for rights and freedom, so destruction was not an end but a price. Adventurers were different, they would do anything in order to complete their quests. In three days of mission time, Shen Yi’s team alone had caused unbelievably massive damage to New York City. Therefore, relative to these three days of chaos, New York City, which was once disorganized, at this moment actually gave a very special peaceful feeling.


Walking like this for a while, some people soon became impatient.


Hong Lang said to everyone: “I suggest we try to kill a few mutants to see if they drop Psychic Energy Spheres or not?”


Shen Yi laughed: “The Bloody City did not give you quest, but you yourself want to find a quest to do?”


Jin Gang whispered: “He is always so humble.”


Hong Lang readily gave him a punch, Jin Gang flashed to the side as the punch hit a lamp post beside Jin Gang, bending it although he didn’t even use his full strength. The passers-by gazed at them and jabbered.


Wen Rou was the one to finish this: “No need to try, I just got a prompt that killing mutants in the home world will not give any rewards, including Boss figures like Professor X and Magneto.”


Hong Lang was angry: “Then does this f*****g trash place have any use? Getting a home world is for us to play in?”


Shen Yi waved: “First of all, you only need a Perfect evaluation to get a home world, you really don’t need to expect that it can give us a large benefit. Secondly, the ratio of one day to ten days means that for each home world we have is equivalent 9 days more than other adventurers, which itself is the benefit. In these extra 9 days, we won’t have to live in Bloody City, but can live like normal people, have entertainment, and even training … It’s equal to one-third more skills training time. We no longer have to see abnormalities every day and everywhere, but normal people, ordinary people … to some extent we can even enjoy the fun of being a superman. “


Hong Lang was dumbfounded, thinking about this word he felt it really makes sense.


In the next moment, Shen Yi added: “But I’m sure the role of the home world is definitely not just to give us 9 days to rest and train, it can’t be so simple. It must have other roles, but we need to figure that out ourselves. But also, don’t expect anything else that can bring us great changes unless it costs us. “


“If so, then we can simply play here for fun first.” Wen Rou laughed: “No need to be anxious, why must we always have thoughts of getting stronger and killing? Like Shen Yi said, we are slowly losing our humanity by killing so often. I think none of you want to end up like that, so we need to relax when it’s time to relax. We are a group of mercenaries who fight and die in mission worlds, train ourselves in Bloody City, and enjoy the life in our home world. Hong Lang, Jin Gang, Shen Yi, and Fatty, you may all have your own home worlds later, we can relax in one after the other. Calculating like this, it is equal to us only needing to carry out a mission every three months. Is it a good deal?” Wen Rou laughed.


For her, having a good, relaxing time was probably more delightful than getting some rare items. Engaging in slaughtering and being tense for too long, even the strongest minds also needed to relax.


She pointed to a few of them: “No training is allowed, at least not in my home world. You can’t train, or I will drive you all out.”


“Then what are we doing here?” Hong Lang pestered.


“What you love to do, and now it’s time for free activities! If anything happens, contact through the team channel, I am now the king of this world(1)! Haha! I want to go shopping! Shen Yi, follow and carry my stuff!”


Wen Rou rushed in excitement, shouting and jumping in the street, relaxing and enjoying her own free time. Her image right now wasn’t a valiant heroine on the battlefield, but a childlike girl.


To be able to release the pressure in one’s heart, for everyone, this was indeed a good choice. In this way, Shen Yi was pulled by Wen Rou to the Fifth Avenue. Jin Gang, Hong Lang and Fatty, these three people looked at each other.


Hong Lang was very dissatisfied, muttering: “See, the handsome one is always welcomed. The beauty is gone, the handsome boy disappeared, what should we do?”


Jin Gang patted Honglang’s shoulder: “This is New York, buddy. The western woman is very open, understand? Why do you want to hang in a tree? Let’s go, I will invite you for a drink, by the way find some babes.”


“Well, let’s see who get a girl first. Do you dare?”


“Ha, who’s afraid of you? Be careful not to dare to find a girl after losing.”


“With your hairy gorilla body? Girls will be scared away.”


“Go to hell, this hair is sexy, Western women like this, unlike your salvage face.”


“Hey, I am handsome. Look at this sturdy body, bronze muscles, coupled with my fascinating smile, there is no girl that can resist my charm.” Hong Lang showed a pose which he thought was flattering, every woman passing by immediately kept their distance.


Jin Gang rolled his eyes, looking back at Fatty behind, shouted: “Hey, why are you still standing there, come! Let’s drink together and find girls.”


Fatty marched step by step, he said seriously: “Two big brothers, I think I have to remind you about one thing.”




“The rest of the money is in big sister Wen Rou’s hand … we didn’t bring any money.”




In a mall on Long Island, Wen Rou was happily picking clothes for herself.


She picked up a velvet coat, draped it over herself, swung her body around in the mirror tweaking the look, then asked Shen Yi: “How do you feel about this?”


Shen Yi came up, slightly turned her collar up, and then said: “This looks better.”


“Too wrapped up and feeling bloated.” Wen Rou mumbled and shook her head: “I’ll change it.”


She took off her coat and picked it up again. Shen Yi was quite patient and waited for Wen Rou try one after another. He did not seem to have the slightest impatience, looking relaxed, although he had been shopping with Wen Rou for a full three hours.


Wen Rou picked clothes very casually, she wanted to try coats, she also wanted to wear skirts. United States’ shopping malls weren’t like Chinese ones. No matter what season, in the mall she could buy any kind of clothes here, so she tried every store.


This moment she wore a sky blue evening dress, her chest showed a beautiful scenery, looked at herself in the mirror and asked Shen Yi: “What do you think of this piece?”


Shen Yi came over, held her waist in his hands, tightly hugged her a little and whispered into her ear. “Very charming, like a swan on a lake, noble and gorgeous.”


Wen Rou half-leaned into his chest and slightly closed her eyes: “You’re very good at flattery, you know how to pamper women and also be very patient … you must be very favored by college girls.”


“Maybe, at that time in order to take revenge, I missed a lot.” Shen Yi lightly said.


From his point of view, the mirror itself and Wen Rou looked like a pair of wedding photos, men’s suits and demeanor, elegant, ladies Hua Sheng clothing, Wen Rou and moving.


“Now is not too late. At least for the next nine days here, you can enjoy life like normal people.”


Shen Yi smiled wryly: “I think it’s unlikely.”


Wen Rou’s body was a bit stiff: “What do you mean?”


Shen Yi sighed: “Don’t play dumb, you know what I mean, right? It’s impossible that Bloody City didn’t give you any prompts, you must have received a task.”


TL note:

  1. This is a reference to Titanic (I think).

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