Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 1

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Avis, Dion

Book 5 Chapter 1: Law Enforcer

A sad voice sounded from the PDA: “I said that we would meet again.”


A face appeared on the screen. It was Marcus’s image.


Shen Yi smiled: “I don’t think that I need to explain to you who I am, right?”


Zeus sighed. “Yes, from now on, you are my master.”


“Good.” Shen Yi shut down the computer.


The big screen in space finally emerged, and the city had begun to calculate everyone’s contribution.


Everything had finally returned to normal procedures.


In addition to the main mission, Shen Yi had destroyed the pursuing force three times and had gained an additional 4,800 BP. Together with the original 3,000 BP, he had received a total of 7,800 BP. After deducting the penalty of punching  Kyle, there was 7500 BP left.


As for the other people, because they had only destroyed the pursuing force twice, and the reward for the Main Quest 1 was 500 BP, only 4900 BP was awarded.


The BP reward of this mission was not high. Fortunately, Shen Yi still had some BP that he had accumulated before, plus the BP he had exploited from Lu De and Jing 12, so he now had a total of 11,000 BP.


“Request to combine three Rank D universal Energy Cores and exchange for the T-1000 Terminator.”


A soft white light spilled and shone on Shen Yi’s hands. The three Rank D universal Energy Cores had disappeared. Instead, a Terminator robot had appeared on the ground with a body of glowing metal: T-1000.


“T-1000 Terminator, Defense 20, AP 600. Liquid metal Terminator. Technology evaluation: Rank C. Use evaluation: Elite force.


  1. Having no weak point.
  2. Ability to transform
  3. Automatic repair. This feature is limited by the nano-cell batteries, which has a maximum energy value of 3000 points. If this robot is completely destroyed after the power is exhausted, it cannot be repaired. The nano-cell batteries have an automatic charging capability and can regenerate 20 points of energy per hour. Charging items of Rank C or above can be used to supplement the T-1000 with additional power.”


Seeing the T-1000 that had appeared before their eyes, everyone cheered loudly. Skynet’s program had exceptional value, but this T-1000 was capable of playing a significant role immediately.


It went without saying that everyone could understand it’s value.


At that moment, the T-1000 Terminator stood in front of  Shen Yi and bowed to him. “T-1000 pays tribute to you, sir!”


“We should give it a name.” Wen Rou laughed.


“Don’t bother with it. We can call it No. 1.” said Shen Yi while he lifted his PDA.


“I don’t know how strong it is.” Hong Lang looked at No. 1 in  his eyes, and he had a lot to say about his opponent.


“If you don’t drink any potions, you can’t be its opponent.” Jin Gang laughed.


“I don’t believe it, should I try?” Hong Lang was not convinced.


“This is not the place for experimentation.” Putting No. 1 into his storage space, Shen Yi said: “When you go back, remind me about it , there are a lot of things we need to do anyway. We will have enough time to study it later on.”


In addition to the T-1000, there were some more Energy Cores in Shen Yi’s hands, but he had no intention of exchanging them  now. The Harvester, as well as the other types of Terminators required a large number of BP for each exchange. Despite a lot of gains, the number of points everyone had  was obviously not enough to meet such a huge demand. Fortunately, Shen Yi did not have to care about this.


Out of the reward space, everyone appeared on the square of Bloody City. Not far from them stood the healing priest. There were  no other people around than the team #641. Zhou Yiyu and The Monk did not appear. The team didn’t know if they had come out yet, or if they had already left.


The Bloody Crest prompted:

“The team #641 has completed the task and their level has been upgraded to 2. You can now name your team.

Team combat function has been upgraded:

– Positioning (level 2), when a teammate is within a distance of 2km, Positioning can pinpoint any member.

– Blood Bond (level 2), can be connected to all teammates within 20 meters in diameter to share the damage for a duration for 1 minute. Can only use this function once per mission world.

Each time a team member dies, other will be deducted [2500 x Difficulty Level] BP.

“You can now go to the Common District for housing. The next mission will enter Difficulty Level 2.”


Shen Yi looked at his own Bloody Crest, which reminded him that his military rank had been promoted to Corporal, and the storage space of his Bloody Crest had been upgraded to 20 cubic meters.


“Finally we are no longer poor people.” Hong Lang laughed.


Jin Gang muttered: “I don’t think there is any need to be happy about this. If possible, I would like to always remain at the bottom, it’s much safer.” While saying this he went towards the healing priest to receive treatment.


Indeed, for most adventurers, the promotion was not a good thing. It only meant that the difficulty would increase, and the chances of death also increases.


In order to save lives, some adventurers would even consciously treat the mission negatively, only for the purpose of prolonged entry to the next Difficulty Level.


However, Shen Yi did not care about this. After Jin Gang had recovered, he also went to the healing priest and said: “At last, I need to trouble you once.”


The old man looked at him and suddenly said: “You have a good skill, but you haven’t really learned to understand it.”


While Shen Yi was still dumbfounded, the healing priest’s body suddenly produced a peculiar gold ring that spread around him.


This aura was so great that Shen Yi and others were all enveloped in it. Even other people could feel that it was extraordinary.


Shen Yi only felt that a warm current flowed into his wounds, and his broken arm had begun to heal and grow;. However, it was the familiar feeling that shocked Shen Yi. This was clearly the feeling that the Despicable Healing Art brought him when he healed himself.


Each healing skill had a different role and could give people a different feeling. As he had used it so many times, Shen Yi could have never mistaken this feeling.


However, how could the Despicable Healing Art regenerate severed limbs? Its greatest feature was to use low MP at the cost of full healing.


As if knowing his thoughts, the healing priest said: “You are a smart person. You should figure it out: If the skills can become variable, why can’t it be restored to the original?”


Restore? Did he mean that the Despicable Healing Art can also be restored to its original, which can regenerate limbs? Which consumed more MP, and had more powerful healing effect?


The reminder of the healing priest was like knocking on his mind’s door.




Despicable Healing Art was a variable skill.


Since it is a variable skill, it should be developed from other already-existing skills.


The original skill may be some kind of skill that can restore the severed limb and have a higher Priority. If it is possible to restore it to the original skill, does it mean that the flexibility of this skill will greatly increase?


Is this the real origin of the name of Despicable Healing Art? Use one skill to achieve the effect of two skills?


Shen Yi almost cried.


But… But why did  the healing priest remind him of this?


At this moment, he looked at him and seemed to think of something. Suddenly he said, “You are a law enforcer!”


Everyone heard this sentence and looked back at the healing priest.


The old man did not deny: “This time, I will not charge your fees, and the previous reminder will be your compensation. I hope that when I see you next time, you still don’t need me.”


“This compensation is not enough. You cannot rely on a reminder to solve all problems!”


The healing priest giggled. His figure gradually faded away, leaving only an ethereal voice: “Don’t be too greedy, boy. The seed has been planted for you. How to make it sprout depends on you . In the end, I’ll say this to you : The border between original and variable skills are not necessarily clear. In many cases, the starting point is the end point and the end point is the starting point…”


“Wait!” Shen Yi shouted.


However, healing priest had already disappeared.


Wen Rou rushed over and supported Shen Yi: “What did you just say? The healing priest is  also a law enforcer?”


“Yes! He must be! Lan Yan said that the city needs the law enforcers! Lan Yan is one, the healing priest is also one, and I’m sure what he just used is not the usual treatment, but skills, and that’s my Despicable Healing Art!”


If it weren’t for the appearance of dimension managers, he really couldn’t imagine that the healing priest was actually a law enforcer.


In other words, he was also an adventurer!


Everyone was stunned.


They learned a lot about Bloody City in this mission, but they also found that the more they learn, the less they know about the city.


“How is this possible? Your healing skill cannot repair a lost limb .”


“This is where the problem lies.” Shen Yi stared  at the place where the healing priest disappeared: “He can restore the variable skill back to the original skill… Another healing skill, a more powerful one.”


Jin Gang had some difficult to say: “Are you telling me… that  he is … the inventor of Despicable Healing Art?”


“I don’t know…I once thought that the person who invented this ability was a pervert. Maybe my judgment was wrong. Maybe he wasn’t the one who invented it…” He smiled wryly.


“This is incredible.” Wen Rou shook her head again and again.


“This is not the most incredible thing.” Shen Yi said.


“What do you mean?”


“You didn’t notice it? Lan Yan and the healing priest, they didn’t have a Bloody Crest on their wrists.”


“You mean…” Everyone froze for a while, and realized that something was wrong.


If these two individuals were like other adventurers, and were simply selected by the city as workers, but then they also had to enter the mission world.


However, there is no Bloody Crest on their hands, which is why no one thought that the healing priest was an adventurer. It wasn’t until Shen Yi had seen the dimension manager and heard the healing priest speak .


So how did this special group of adventurers exist?




Some questions, unless faced, would never be answered. If you don’t get an answer, it’s better to not think about it.


It’s was already late afternoon. Everyone walked towards the store.


This time no one had the desire to go to the bar and drink.


There were too many problems that needed to be resolved.


In the store, A Li saw they come in. His face showed an excitement: “Well, you have finally come back alive. I was worried all day!”


“Do you mean the wanted reward?” Shen asked.


“You already know? That’s right. Now everyone knows you’re wanted by team Strike The Blood. I wanted to inform you, but I can’t help you in the mission world.”


“Thank you for your kindness, don’t worry, we have already solved this problem. What I want to ask is, do you have the intelligence I want?”


“Not yet, but I’ll have it soon.”


Hong Lang intervened: “You better be fast . You have wasted our time for a month.”


A Li was very dissatisfied: “You should first thank me for not betraying you. You better understand that who you want to spy on is team Strike The Blood, one of the most powerful teams in the Common District. I have to guarantee my safety. Not selling your information is already very kind of me.”


“Then the good news is you can give up on your kindness.” Shen Yi patted A Li’s shoulder: “When you have free time, go to Xie Rongjun and tell him what he wants to  know about us.”


“What?” A Li was stunned.


Shen Yi whispered a few words in his ear.


A Li came to understand, his eyes were filled with excitement  : “Well, I will do it. I will inform you later on.”


“That’s it.”


A Li glanced at them: “So from today on you will have to go to the Common District, take a little rest over there and then, everything will start fresh.”

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