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Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 10 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 10

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 10: The Peace Treaty

The moonlight of the night sprinkled on Wen Rou’s body, made her face become more and more noble.


Relying on the balustrade of the balcony, looking back, Shen Yi was still working on the PDA under the lamp, studying various scientific and technological knowledge that the program carried.


After the test on the T-1000 and the Harvester ended, Shen Yi began to be busy as soon as he returned.


Looking at his serious meticulous expression, his brow furrowed occasionally as he was thinking, Wen Rou’s eyes showed fascination.


Some people say that men are the most attractive when they work hard.


This comment was very reasonable.


When focusing on the work, men showed their perseverance, seriousness, hard-working, removing the slick and impetuous, leaving only strong and responsible.


Men are born to support the pillars of the family, a woman’s cover, which makes men more used to being described as the steel, not so inadequate to support, but also make men more demanding but generous, not so insufficient to be tolerant.


In front of her, Shen Yi was such a man.


Seeing this, Wen Rou felt that even if the other party is not an adventurer, she is willing to stand with such an ordinary man and enjoy the care from him rather than the protection of an empty and unresponsible person.


Those who have strength may be powerful; but responsible men are trustworthy.


Fingers danced on the keyboard, giving a crisp sound, and Shen Yi was still busy with the study.


Wen Rou walked from the balcony, and supported his shoulder from behind: “What studying make you that busy?”


Shen Yi laughed: “I’m just studying how we can develop our mega-factory. You know that every kind of technology has different basic needs. There are too many technological developments in the Skynet program, and we basically have no possibility to have all of them.


For example, we need to choose the direction of the Terminator. Then we can first think of ways to build the Terminator production line, first T-600, T-650, then T-700, T-750, step by step upward. If we want to have drones or even a mothership, then a completely different production line must be built, which will hardly help the Terminator. Of course, Skynet’s traction beam is also good. It belongs to another form of science and technology and requires new technological development routes. Some of these are interrelated. Some of them are the basis for others, and some are irrelevant.


I must distinguish them clearly and design the best development route that allows us to have the most benefits in the shortest time, with the lowest cost.”


“Why try so hard? These things can be done later.”


“But we may miss this time.” Shen Yan looked at the Bloody Crest: “There are still 40 hours till we have to return to the city. I hope to finish the design work before this, and then hand it to Paul and tell him that when we are not here, he has to add equipment to the factory.”


David Paul is the new general manager of the factory. He once served as the head of the technology development department and the deputy head of the European Department at a large-scale machinery manufacturing company. He has a fairly high standard in terms of technology and management and is also quite a famous manager.


What is interesting is that he is willing to “condescend” to Newman Brothers, not because of the high salaries they have given, but to “responsible for all”.


For managers, in addition to enough rewards, enough space is also what they are looking for. After all, no one likes to be tied to work. The more excellent managers are, the more they hope to have sufficient authority.


So when David Paul heard that the operation and management of the factory will be fully handed over to himself, the boss never asks, only to release basic tasks each year, and the main task of the task is to expand the scale of operations, increase the designated production line instead of profitable requirements of these conditions, he did not hesitate to agree.


When adventurers are helpless for only a ten-day stay, they do not know how to reduce their own power but have become an important reason for attracting talents.


“I hope he will not be frightened by your request.” Wen Rou laughed.


On the screen of the handheld computer, a large row of production lines needed for indulging is listed.


This part also belongs to the part that can be purchased. Afterward, it will also require the production of more advanced equipment and production lines. The future Newman Brothers may first become a top mechanical manufacturing company before becoming a mega-factory.


Although Shen Yi has repeatedly avoided the technological impact of the Terminator world to the world of X-men, it is still inevitably present.


Shen Yi only hoped that this kind of technological change would not affect the balance of the entire world, or that before he affects the balance, he has already got everything he wants.


The two said a few jokes, then Shen Yi said: “That’s right. The improved Harvesters consume much less material than planned. This leaves a lot of material left. It is better to use them and save waste. ”


Wen Rou said: “How about the cyborg conversion plan?”


Shen Yi’s brow slightly wrinkled: ” To be honest, it’s not easy. The cyborg conversion plan needs some medical equipment, and some of these devices can only be found in very few places. Our previous behavior has caused a lot of sensation in New York. I am worried that if we do it again, we will attract government and even mutants. That will have a great impact on our factory.”


Wen Rou’s ears suddenly twitched, her face changing slightly: “I’m afraid someone has already found us.”


With Wen Rou talk, the sharp whistling outside the room suddenly rang, as though a hurricane blew over, and a cold current swept over.


Shen Yi and Wen Rou separated. At the same time, Shen Yi lifted his right hand, the Spirit Flame Gun fired out a series of bullets, Wen Rou’s left hand waved the katana, her right hand lashed her whip toward the window, issuing a sharp sound.


The window was suddenly covered by a wall of ice that blocked the bullet and the whiplash and spread rapidly around the window. As if it had divergent thoughts, the wall of ice quickly frozen the whole room into a huge ice shell.


Wen Rou was stunned, and Shen Yi had already called out: “Don’t do it! It’s the Iceman Bobby!”


As Shen Yi’s voice sounded, the ice wall in front of the window suddenly showed a crack.


Then only listened to a loud bang, the ice wall turned into a sky flying debris, a figure rushed in from behind the ice wall. Scattered ice pieces stuck in his body, he did not know it.


It is “Wolverine” Logan.




Ever since they gained the home world, Shen Yi had also asked himself more than once whether they’re likely to deal with those mutants in the future.


Bloody City did not give any quest for this. For the city, the home world is a small logistics base where adventurers cultivate their own strength and turned some of their hard work into their own strength. Under this premise, the quality of the world had become less important, and the intersection with the original story characters is no longer important. What is important is that adventurers themselves live, develop and grow in the home world.


However, fate sometimes exceeds will. Since this is the world of X-men, then in the course of their development, they will inevitably encounter mutants.


Shen Yi had also thought that he would encounter some mutants, but he did not think he would encounter such a powerful one as a Wolverine. Unfortunately, he is obviously wrong on this issue.


At this moment, Shen Yi and Wolverine looked at each other. From their eyes, anyone could see they were surprised to see each other again so suddenly.


“What the hell, I thought I couldn’t see you anymore.” Logan shook his head.


Shen Yi smiled and said: “I also thought that when coming here … Do not misunderstand, we are not malicious this time.”


“If robbing the bank is not malicious,” came a soft female voice.


The silver-haired Storm and ice-man Bobby appeared in the window.


These three people are really old partners and always like to fight together.


Shen Yi shrugged: “Hey, beautiful woman, it’s nice to see you.”


Storm stared at him peculiarly..


For Shen Yi, she also had a very strange feelings.


Although the Bloody City had erased their hatred for those adventurers who hunted the mutants, it did not erase their memories. Storm still remembered clearly that this man had defeated the powerful Magneto with his own strength.


His strength was not much stronger than that of anyone present, but he had done what not even Professor Charles could do. Now, this man was once again in front of her eyes.


She could feel that he was stronger than before.


Wen Rou sneered at this time saying: “When did the mutant begin to fight for humans?”


Wolverine glared at her: “That’s not your thing!”


“You’re not so polite to women.” Shen Yi very seriously reminded this grumpy guy.


Then he smiled at the Storm: “How about you relax and talk a bit with me? Anyway, it’s all old friends meeting once again, and it’s not necessary to be so arrogant.”


He knew that in this trio, Storm was the head.


“We were the enemy once.”


“Okay, okay, no matter what you guys think, anyway, I have never treated you as enemies. We came here for our own reasons, not anyone else’s. The problem is you guys. Why are you here? Because we robbed the bank?” Shen Yi said, taking a step back as his gun disappeared.


This action made everyone relax a lot.


The three mutants looked at each other.


Finally, Storm said: “We thought it was actions of mutants.”


“It turned out to be this…” Shen Yi touched his chin while thinking. He did not ask Storm how they found him. It was not too difficult for the mutant. There are always some people who have a variety of bizarre capabilities.


After a moment of contemplation, Shen Yi said: “So, all this is related to the peace treaty?”


“Yes. The peace treaty stipulates that the United States and mutants have reached a comprehensive cooperation and all discrimination has been abolished. But on the other hand, mutant’s organizations are obliged to maintain order and maintain human law. When a mutant break the law, mutant’s organizations have an obligation to assist humans in their pursuit. After the bank robberies happened a few days ago, there were indications that it was a mutant, and that it was a very powerful mutant. We received a notice, so we searched… I didn’t think it wasn’t the mutants who robbed the bank. It was you.”


Is this the case? Although Shen Yi had long anticipated the consequences of looting, he still did not expect that even small-scale shots would cause such trouble.


This caused Shen Yi to laugh with wryness. Then he came to the wine cooler and gave himself a glass of red wine. After he had taken a light drink, he murmured: “Then you already know now, this is not the work of mutants. What are you going to do next?”


This question is very direct and correct.


To the mutants like Storm, what they have to do is to ensure that the mutants do not endanger public social safety. They are not responsible for others. In fact, humans do not want them to manage too much.


The fact is that the one who robbed the bank is not a mutant, which means that they can choose to leave.


Considering Shen Yi and others are not good at handling this, it is the best practice in itself.


But on the other hand, if humans insist that Shen Yi and others are mutants, the problem will be much more troublesome. The peace treaty had just been signed and was still in a state of fragility, and it was likely that it could be destroyed because of some special factors.


Under such circumstances, how to choose becomes a difficult problem for Storm.


Bobby and Wolverine took a look at each other, and in the face of this problem, they did not know what to answer.


At this time, a voice with the vicissitudes of wisdom sounded in the minds of all the people present: “I have seen this is not a deliberate attempt. Young people, if you don’t mind, I hope to invite you to come to my school. Maybe we can talk about it.”


Professor X?


Shen Yi said innocently: “Of course, Professor X. Thanks to your invitation, I feel very honored!”


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