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Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 11 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 11

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 11: Labyrinth of the Mind

New York’s Western area, Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

This school for mutants was destroyed by a civil war. The school was re-established after the signing of the peace agreement. The mutants headed by Prof. X must not only help mutant children of different regions develop their abilities and control abilities. The most important thing is to instill in them the truth of human beings, to know how to not use their own abilities to commit evil, and how to get along with humans.

When Shen Yi, Wen Rou, Hong Lang, Jin Gang, and Luo Hao came to the mutant school, it was the colorful garden that they saw first.

Some children were playing cheerfully in gardens and squares, some playing basketball, and some were quietly reading books on garden benches. Behind the square, you could see a large red building.

There was a place where the mutant children live and learn.

“Are you the new teachers?” A voice suddenly rang in their ear.

Everyone quickly turned around, but they only saw a small tree behind them. The tree shook a few times and turned into a little girl in a green grass skirt, looking at them curiously.

“Amy, don’t be rude! They are the guests of the professor!” Storm scolded the girl. The girl named Amy made a grimace at them and then ran away with a laugh.

Shen Yi was somewhat curious: “How many mutants are there?”

Storm replied: “There were only a few dozen before. After the end of the civil war, humankind hopes that there will be better ways to control the mutants, but it will not cause the mutants to rebound, so it will expand the scale here in the reconstruction process. There are now more than 200 variants of children here and there may be more in the future.”

“To take care of more than 200 mutants and children… It must be very hard.”

Storm nodded: “Their ability to make trouble is extraordinary.”

As the voice of Storm fell, only a muffled ring was heard and a lawn mower suddenly burst into smoke in the distance.

A child yelled loudly: “Ike, you bastard, you broke the mower again. This is the third time this week!”

A little boy next to the weeder who appeared to be only about six or seven years old was watching everyone with innocent eyes.

“Oh my God!” Storm grabbed her hair in frustration. She rushed over and shouted, “Ike, you go and call Jerry and let him fix the mower. Mao, take Ike away. I already said don’t let him touch any machine. He’s still quite bad at controlling his own power.”

Shen Yi smiled and came over: “Let me help.”

Saying, he put his hand on the lawn mower and used Activation.

The mower restarted.

Storm shouted in horror as she watched. “Oh, my God, you have Jerry’s ability!”

Even Wolverine and Iceman Bobby were shocked by this scene.

A big boy was running in the distance. It was Jerry.

At the moment he saw Shen Yi, he obviously stayed, and then he jumped up excitedly and rushed to his sinking arms: “Oh, I know I can see you again!”

Not seen in a year, Jerry had obviously grown a lot, and his body had obviously become much stronger.

Shen Yi gestured at his height and smiled. “Oh, our little Jerry is starting to grow.”

Jerry was a little flushed, as he asked Shen: “Where did you go during this time?”

Shen Yi touched Jerry’s head and laughed: “I went very far.”

Jerry’s eyes turned and he asked, “Where? God’s pantheon? Heaven?”

In the mission before, Jerry had personally heard Shen Yi claiming that they were God’s mercenaries, so he immediately realized where Shen Yi was talking about.

Shen Yi smiled: “Maybe. Some people think that it is heaven, others think it is hell… Jerry, it is Professor X who invited us. I think Professor has many things to say to us.”

Shen Yi did not intend to discuss this topic too much.

Jerry was immediately thrilled. He shouted: “Come with me. I’ll show you to the professor!”

Storm stopped but said: “No, no.”

“Why?” Jerry shouted.

Storm ignored him and turned to see Shen Yi: “Before the formal contact, the professor hopes to talk to you separately. He is waiting for you on the second floor study.”


Enter the building, Shen Yi walked slowly.

There was a row of classrooms in front of the room. There were oil paintings on the walls. The environment here was clean and elegant, and the smell coming from the window was faint.

Going up the stairs, Shen Yi looked around.

A man was feeding a puppy on the right aisle. Surprisingly, the puppy leaned upside down to eat. Its two front paws were caught on the ground and the whole body was vertical in the air.

Shen Yi walked a few steps forward: “Hello, may I know where the study is?”

The man raised his head up and looked at Shen Yi. At that moment he found out that the man didn’t even have a face.

The man with no face looked at him, then he pointed his finger at the end of the study.

“Thank you.” Shen Yi nodded to the faceless person.

He walked toward the end of the corridor.

The corridor was not long, but after walking for a long time, Shen Yi found that no matter how much he walked, he couldn’t even reach the end.

All of a sudden it became quiet, as if the wind had stopped blowing.

Shen Yi looked back to the faceless person.

He stood there, motionless.

At his feet, the dog also looked at himself with a strange light in his eyes.

Shen Yi tried to take a step closer to the faceless person, but found that he could not get closer to him too.

He stood between the faceless man and the study, but he couldn’t go either way.

Even the surrounding walls were similar. They seemed to be so real, but Shen Yi could not touch them, as there always was a distance.

Shen Yi’s brow wrinkled: “Professor X, do you welcome your guests in this way?”

He didn’t know what was going on, but he was able to calm himself down in this situation where he couldn’t go back and forth. Besides Professor X, he couldn’t anyone else who be able to do this.

No response.

Only the squeaking sounds echoed from far to near.

This strange atmosphere made Shen Xin feel tense.

He loosened his neck tie and closed his eyes.

One step, two steps, three steps…

After ten steps, he blinked and found himself still standing still.

The man without a face stood behind him and always looked at him.

What was the problem?

He took out the guns and directed the door to the study in the distance: “Professor X, dispel the illusion, otherwise I will fire.”

After waiting for three seconds without results, Shen Yi fired the gun.

Then he saw that the bullet stuck in the air at the moment they flew from the muzzle.

The attached flames bloom like flowers.

Then the whole building actually burned a raging fire.

“No…” Shen Yi murmured: “This is not true… these are all illusions.”

He tried to reach out to touch the flame, only to hear its flicker.  The flame left a little burning scar on his finger, with a clear sense of pain.

If it was an illusion, how could he have burnt himself?

Shen Yi looked back and saw the faceless people in the distance still standing there.

The faceless man suddenly reached out his hand, leaned in with his finger and then pointed himself again.

Shen Yi stood still

He noticed that the faceless person was referring to his own head.

He seems to be reminding himself what.

“What do you want to tell me?”

The faceless person shook his head.

He stepped back, step by step, and disappeared into the flames.

With the disappearance of that innocent person,a white figure appeared in front of him.

It turned out to be that white girl?

She stood in a corner not far from himself, with her bare feet, standing in the middle of the flames.

Long hair masked her so he could not see her face.

Looking at the girl in white, he suddenly felt clear in his heart.

He raised his head up and shouted: “Professor X! Is this a labyrinth of mind that you have created for me? You deliberately designed this. What do you want to find from inside my head?!”

A melodious sigh finally rang out: “I’m sorry, young person, please believe that I am not malicious, I just want to know more about you.”

Shen Yi looked around in a circle: “Why don’t you peep into my thinking?”

“I tried. I can’t do it.”

“But you didn’t give up, but instead gave me a labyrinth?”

“No, to be exact, I just let you go into your own thinking. What you see is what you think. It reflects the subconscious in your heart. I hope to find something through them. The secret I’m looking for can also make you more aware of yourself.”

My subconscious? Shen Yi was stunned.

Then that the faceless person, the dog, the flames, and the white girl are the things that my subconscious mind seeks? So what do they represent?

As if he knew what Shen Yi was thinking, Professor X’s voice came from the air: “The faceless person represents your confusion of some unknown power. From the perspective of your subliminal manifestation, it is well-meaning, which means that you think there is a kind of power in the dark that is helping you, or has helped you, but you lack understanding of it. As for the dog that eats upside down, it means retrograde, that is, the consequences of violating something. It’s a dog because you can’t be sure what it is. As for the flames, it means your understanding of the situation around you. It can be seen that the environment you are in is so dangerous that you may be engulfed in flames at any time. You experienced tremendous pain because you’ve been hurt. You can see the study, but you can’t get close to it. That’s because you know that the road you walk in has a finish but you have to be very strong to be able to get there. Where you are now, you… have only walked one-fifth.”

Shen Yi understood.

All this is the embodiment of his own consciousness.

What is interesting is that what Professor X said were something in his subconscious that he himself hasn’t discovered. It meant Professor X’s explanation may be correct or it may be wrong.

In other words, what he said didn’t really represent Shen Yi’s idea.

Which these potential consciousnesses represented, even Shen Yi himself was unable to determine, not to mention others.

Fortunately, Professor X did not harbour malicious intentions towards himself. He just hoped to take this opportunity to discover something. As for how much he can see and how much he can understand, that is his personal problem.

Shen Yi referred to the white girl: “Then the white dress girl? She is also my subconscious manifestation?”

“There are many types of subconsciousness, some are ambiguous and abstract, and some are concrete and real. Those ambiguous are things that you cannot identify yourself, such as your future. Those specific ones are contents that were once buried deeply in memory, such as this girl.”

Is this the case? Shen Yi stared at the white dress girl in front of him.

He involuntarily raised his hand toward the young girl and tried to separate her long hair to see the face under it. Although he also knew that the girl was just a projection of his consciousness, he had not seen the real face of the girl, thus it simply could not project the girl’s face.

However, setting aside the long hair, he was surprised to see a fair face and a pair of closed eyes.

The face was beautiful, and was still had some innocent trace. She seemed to be sleeping, her expression was as peace as a newborn baby, her eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and she twitched a few times from time to time.

At that moment, Shen Yi suddenly had a peculiar feeling in his heart.

Sadness, grief, despair, helplessness, confusion, and other emotions were all on his mind. He felt as if he had experienced numerous changes in life and death. Time had expanded into an extended line, with no end in sight, and his mood had risen rapidly….

The eyes of the girl’s that were originally closed suddenly opened and she looked down at him.

Shen Yi only felt his own brain hurt like a needle was piercing it.

He yelled “ah” and fell backwards.

As soon as he stepped back, the white girl had turned and ran away.

“No!” Shen Yi shouted: “Wait!”

He chased after her but the white girl waved. The space suddenly changed and the flames disappeared.Everything disappeared.

Time and space changed, the entire world shook and Shen Yi found himself back to the corridor of the study.

He went to the study.

This time, he easily arrived at the door of the study.

Opening the door, an old man was sitting at the opposite of him.

Professor X!


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