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Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 12 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 12

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 12: Ally

This was an old man with white hair. His face was engraved with the marks of the years gone by. His forehead was smooth and his face had eyes full of kindness and wisdom.


Although his appearance no longer matched his image, when Shen Yi saw him, he could still see the image of Professor X in the movie.


Yes, this person was Professor X, who was reborn with the help of a patient’s body. Although his appearance had changed, none of his qualities could be imitated.


Professor X seemed to have suffered some harm. His face looked a bit awful and there was a trace of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.


Beside him, a girl was wiping the blood off him, it was Rogue.


“Professor X?” Shen Yi asked tentatively: “You don’t look very good.”


Professor X shook his head: “It’s nothing. The maze of the soul was forcefully broken. It caused some harm to me and threw my mind into disarray, but it will be fine after I have some rest.”


He looked at Shen Yi, smiled and waved to tell him to come over. “Come on, young man. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”


Shen Yi walked forward: “Professor, please tell me what happened just now.”


Professor X pointed to the chair in front of the desk. When Shen Yi sat down, Rouge glared at him. Then she left and gently closed the door.


Professor X gently coughed a few times before slowly saying: “To be honest, you can’t help me with this problem. I don’t know how to answer you. The little girl you seem to remember…she’s very miraculous, she can sense your consciousness and enter your mind.”


“You mean… she is not my subconscious image?”


“It was…at first. But obviously, later, it wasn’t. Can you tell me who she is? How did you meet her?”


Shen Yi sighed. “I’m sorry Professor, I can’t say it clearly. I didn’t even know who or what she was. When I first met her, it was just a coincidence… ”


As for how he met that ghost, Shen Yi did not intend to hide. He elaborated the process at the time seriously:


“… soon after that, when I met her again, it was in a very dangerous situation. At that time, I concentrated on thinking about the solution to the problem. She appeared at that time, here…”


Shen Yi pointed to his head: “She told me the way to success… Although it was difficult. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more about this. I can only say that the girl also puzzles me. If the first encounter with her is an unintentional coincidence, the second time she meets me here is likely to be intentional, then this time it should be an accident caused by a special reason. She should have been my subconscious projection. It suddenly became a real existence, and even broke through the maze of your mind… Professor, you are an expert on minds, what do you think this represents?”


“It represents a channel of communication between you and her.”


“A channel of communication?” Shen Yi looked slightly surprised. Did he refer to communication skills?


“Yes, it’s really interesting. In the process of building my soul maze for you, I discovered that you actually have the ability to change people and that we are acquainted with friends… Last time you didn’t have this ability.”


“Yes, Professor, then do you think what happened is related to this?”


“I don’t know, maybe it’s related, maybe it doesn’t matter, maybe there are other factors… It’s not the point. The point is you have to find the answer yourself.”


“In that case, why did you call me here?”


“Just to know if you will cause trouble for the peace treaty.”


Shen Yi understood.


For people like Professor X, the peace treaty between humans and mutants is what he cares most about.


No matter what kind of peculiar origin Shen Yi’s group had, it wasn’t important to Professor X.


Professor X did not hope that the peace, which was so difficult to obtain, would be undermined by the emergence of a group of uncontrolled people. Even if it is a world controlled by God, they all have the same goal for which they strive.


So he met with Shen Yi. He wanted to know them. He just didn’t want their actions hurting the peace treaty.


Shen Yi nodded: “Then you now know the answer?”


“Yes, the maze of the soul is a manifestation of a person’s true soul. I’m glad to see that when you were in a maze environment, you did not take violent measures. Instead, you first carefully observed the surroundings and took various tests. The method even worked hard to build a bridge of communication. Your performance was calm and steady. Your approach shows that you are not a person who will rely on force to solve the problem. But when you think it necessary to use force, you will never hesitate to do so. You are a strong-willed person, and I rarely see someone’s will being so firm… But because of this, I am still worried.”


“I don’t understand, Professor.”


“You see the road ahead. You know the road is difficult and the end is far away. But you still walk steadily. When you go to the finish line, no matter what kind of obstacles you face, they can’t shake you. This means if one day there is something that prevents you from moving forward, you will not hesitate to kick it off… For you, the breach of the peace treaty may not be your goal, but if breaching the peace treaty can help you achieve your goal, you will do that. Yes, this is what I see and what I am worried about.”


Shen Yi was a little silent and thought for a moment. He finally nodded. “Yes, Professor, you are right. Maybe I never thought about destroying the hard-won peace between humans and mutants, but if one day I think it is necessary to do that, I cannot ensure that I will not make that choice.”


“For example, you chose to rob a bank now.”


“I need a lot of money.”


“How much?”


“More than you can imagine … hundreds of billions.”




“I need to build a factory to produce something I need. Of course, I assure you that it is not to deal with mutants, or even to deal with anyone here.”


Professor X exhaled.


A factory valued at hundreds of billions of dollars, even Professor X, was shocked by the loss.


After thinking for a moment, he asked: “Tell me why you are willing to come to see me.”


“I need your help, Professor X. Although I am really a man who can do anything to achieve his purpose, I will try to avoid this if I can. If you can help me, the probability of occurrence of this kind of situation will be greatly reduced. Of course, you can also choose to kill me and destroy my factory, which may be easier, but I am not so easy to deal with. Professor, even if my factory is destroyed, as long as I or one of my partners is still alive, the factory will be re-established. Even if we are all dead, there will still be people coming… There are things you can never avoid and you can only face.”


“What kind of help?”


Shen Yi bowed his head and thought for a moment, then replied: “Finance, technology, and human resources, I need many aspects of support. Professor X, I don’t expect that the mega-factory to be built overnight, but I hope when I’m not here, it was still able to maintain normal operation and development. Although I have hired some credible people, I still need someone to protect it. In the future, this factory will produce many miracles, may attract some jealous men. I don’t want those greedy guys to give me unnecessary trouble. As for now, I need to borrow a batch of medical equipment…”




When Shen Yi came out of the building, three hours have passed.


Wen Rou walked to him: “How was it?”


Shen Yiwaved to Hong Lang and asked for a cigarette. After he lit it and took a breath, he replied: “I reached a deal with Professor.”


“I knew you would always be able to do this.” Jin Gang laughed: “What kind of deal?”


“The professor agreed to let us use their medical equipment. We know that they have the best medical equipment in the world, and the other mutants will be responsible for the protection of the factory during our absence.”


“What do we need to do for them?” asked Hong Lang. Obviously, it is impossible for mutants to work for adventurers for no reason at all. Even if Bloody City eliminated the mutant people’s hatred for adventurers, but only to eliminate hatred, the memories of the past are still there. At the very least, the guarded mentality still exists.


Shen Yi exhaled a puff of smoke and then said: “First of all, we must ensure that under no circumstances will the peace treaty be breached and, if necessary, even efforts should be made to maintain peace. In this regard, we must stand on the same line as the mutants.”


“Wow, the enemy has become a friend. We have become allies?”


“It’s not unusual. The other thing is, we have to lend our bodies.”


“Lend our bodies?” Hong Lang screamed.


“Yes.” Shen Yi said: “Professor X is very interested in why we have the power. You know that he is a knowledgeable expert in addition to being a psychic expert. His knowledge of genetics is very profound. The mutants have their powers because of their genetic mutations. So what about us?”


They looked at each other.


After a long time, Jin Gang just answered: “Our ability comes from Bloody City.”


“Yes, but the problem is that it should always have a form of expression. In the end, in what kind of form did these capabilities exist? Genes? Or other? To be honest, I am also very curious.” Shen Yi said with a smile.


“They may never be able to find the answer.” Jin Gang said.


“Maybe.” Shen Yi laughed. “But I still promised them.”


“Are you kidding? Just show them our body for research?” Jin Gang called out.


“Rest assured, they won’t cut us open.”


Speaking of this, Shen Yi looked at the Bloody Crest: “We have thirty-two hours before we are ready to carry out the cyborg conversion plan. We have little time. The first batch of cyborgs will be set to … five.”

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