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Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 13 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 13

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Sadisthacker

Book 5 Chapter 13: Danger Perception

In the mutant school lab, Prof X, Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Lou Hao, and Jin Gang were looking at the physical analysis shown on the screen.


It was Dr. Moria that was responsible for hosting.


Pointing to the graphic, Dr. Moria said: “These are bone analysis chart for the five of them. The analysis shows that their bone composition ratio is exactly the same as normal people, but the bone density and stiffness are completely different. And not only it is different from ordinary people, even if they themselves are different from each other. You see this, the greatest bone density is Hong Lang, his bones are very strong against impact, which gives him a great strength. As for Shen Yi, his bones are the toughest, his cartilage tissue is also made of collagen, but it shows flexibility, unlike ordinary people.


Besides the bones, their muscle strength is also very well developed. It is interesting that their muscle composition is also the same as ordinary people and they are different from each other. Their cells are full of vitality and organs function well. The gap between them is like an adult compared with a child.”


“You mean, they are just ordinary humans?” asked Wolverine.


Moria replied: “Yes, but they are far more robust than ordinary people. If ordinary people’s strength difference is represented by the numbers 1 to 5, then they are 1 to 100 or even more.”


“What caused this huge difference?”


“I don’t know. We all know that mutants’ abilities come from genetic mutations. But their genes don’t have any mutations. We can explain it this way: Assuming that the human body is like a building, then the genes are the designer of the building that decides the final form and function of the building. Different designs make the building have different functions, it can be built into a skyscraper, or it can be built like an ordinary bungalow. Most human genes are like an ordinary bungalow. The functions are monotonous and unified, and mutations in human genes have made the human body more functional.”


“So what about us?” Jin Gang asked.


“You are very different from normal humans and mutants. Your body looks like a self-adjusting building. The design of the body is not determined by genes, but depends on other forces.”


“This is incredible! What determines their physical development?”


Moria shrugged: “You can only ask yourself.”


Everyone looked at Jin Gang at the same time.


Jin Gang whimpered.


Dr. Moria was right, but she would never understand what caused this phenomenon.


After clearing his throat, Jin Gang asked, “Dr. Moria, we also have some special abilities in addition to our physical fitness. Since the mutant’s ability is caused by the gene mutations, then you can find out what our ability is. Is it produced?”


“I’m sorry I can’t find it. I think you’re right. There is God in this world and you are the work of God. God is your designer. God’s secret is not what we can understand.” Moria apologized.


“No.” Jin Gang shook his head: “Our body, our function … all designed by ourselves, God just follow our wishes …”


These words were heard by all people.


Prof X said slowly: “I can understand this way. All your abilities come from artificial vertical rather than natural existence, and you choose your own direction of power. So your strength does not come from your genes. Can’t it be inherited or studied?”


“That is indeed the case.”


At that time, Luo Hao suddenly said: “No, not all this, Professor X, sometimes in some special circumstances, we will also get some unwanted abilities … Professor X, I have a request, I hope you can help.”


“What request?”


“I don’t want to have the ability. I want to ask Rogue to help me suck it away.”


Jin Gang stayed, and then he immediately understood the meaning of Luo Hao, he shouted: “Are you trying to commit suicide? Don’t be stupid! Your sense of danger is useful to everyone!”


“But it also makes me feel miserable. I don’t want an ability that I can’t control!”


“Didn’t Shen Yi teach you how to deal with your fear?” Jin Gang did not understand: “And you also have Mask of Deceiver.”


“He just taught me on how to face fear, not eliminate it. What I need to face is still there!” Luo Hao shouted at Jin Gang.


This may be the first time he yelled at Jin Gang. After a short pause, he said slowly, “I don’t like to wear a mask and behave like a mask. Also, it is meaningless in a machine world.”


For Luo Hao, Danger Perception may be the nightmare for his life.


Although Shen Yi had enlightened him, he was no longer afraid of danger as he had been. However, not fearing does not mean that there is nothing to fear. Every time he performed a mission, he has fought under the effect of the fear. On one hand, he wants to use this feeling to seek survival. On the other hand, this feeling tormented him all the time.


However, how can Jin Gang accept to let Rogue absorb Luo Hao’s ability? In some way, she is even more terrible than Jimmy. If there was any moment of carelessness in the progress, not just the Psychic Power would be sucked away, but also Luo Hao’s life.


Other mutants gradually came to understand what Luo Hao wanted to do.


Storm stopped the quarrel: “Please wait. If I’m not mistaken, you want to give up what you have now, because your sense of danger keeps you on the verge of fear and makes you unable to control it?”


“Yes,” Luo Hao answered.


“Also include this moment right now?”


Luo Hao hesitated for a moment and nodded.


“But you know there is no danger here.”


“Yeah… But I’m still nervous and scared.” Luo Hao honestly answered: “Fear is like a vicious dog, and it always clings to you. Even in a dangerous environment, it reminds you all the time. Its existence tells you that sooner or later it will hit again.”


“Is it that way?” Dr. Moria laughed. “Then your fear is not from your ability but from your heart.”


Luo Hao’s voice was somewhat discouraged: “I’ve always been a coward.”


“Don’t say that.” Moria patted his face: “Everyone has fears. It’s a good self-protection, to let us know how to avoid danger.”


“The problem is that we are not qualified to escape danger and can only face it.” Luo Hao whispered.


This statement caused the room to be silent.


At that time, Professor X suddenly spoke: “People want to have power, but they always ignore the importance of controlling power. People who cannot control themselves are often controlled by power. Danger Perception is essentially a kind of intuition in nature. Zooming in. This is a very useful mental power. To control it, you must first learn to control your own mind.”


“What did you say?” Luo Hao looked up at Professor X.


Professor X’s face shows a kindly smile: “I said that any force should be controllable, and your Danger Perception is no exception. It can only be controlled by controlling your own soul. You don’t have to give up on it. All you need to do is to make yourself stronger, and then you will find that this ability of yours is very useful…”


Saying calmly, Professor X slowly raised his hand and placed it on Luo Hao’s chest.


Luo Hao suddenly felt a strange feeling that he couldn’t tell


Bloody Crest prompted:


“You have received the help of Professor X, gaining a tough psychological effect and increasing your ability to resist the impact of the emotion.”


“Your Danger Perception changes into active Psychic Power.”


“Psychic Power: Danger Perception (level 1), Psychic Energy capacity: 100. You can feel the danger that is coming and absorb fear from your heart. The tougher your mind is, the more fear you can absorb. After activating, the fear can be released to a specific target. Each time this ability is used, it will consume all your current Psychic Energy. The power of each use depends on your fear accumulation and the target’s mental tenacity and Psychic Energy that is consumed.”


This sudden change made his mind much clearer. Suddenly, he felt that the entire world was clean.


The sense of ubiquitous crisis suddenly disappeared. He felt that his entire being had become different.


He shouted excitedly again: “I’m not afraid anymore!”




Newman Brothers Company.


Five cyborg soldiers stood in front of Shen Yi.


After a full day of hard work, Shen Yi finally completed his first batch of cyborg soldiers.


“Cyborg Soldier: Strength 12, Agility 7, Vitality 6, AP 120, Defense 12. Have human’s heart and brain, mechanical bones. Healing skill is effective on HP, Activation is effective on AP. Will be killed after receiving attack at fatal points. Ability: Self-explosion, damage 150 points. Basic armed forces, Skynet technology’s strengthen production.”


“Cyborg Soldiers were originally airborne soldiers. After they were converted into mechanical fighters, they gained weight and would not be able to summon by Airborne Summon.”


This is the attributes of the cyborg soldiers.


The original average of these soldiers was only 7 points, after being transformed into a cyborg soldier, all aspects also had a change. Their strength has been increased, their agility has remained unchanged, their physique has declined slightly, their defense capacity has been greatly increased, and their AP has been increased, thus their survivability has improved significantly.


Unfortunately, the soldiers who were converted into cyborg soldiers could no longer be summoned by Airborne Summon. This means that they have more restrictions when using them. In addition, due to the fact that the technology was incomplete, originally they should gain 200 AP after conversion, but only 120 AP has been added.


The only regret in this respect could only be remedied by the complete cyborg soldier equipment. However, Shen Yi has installed a heart-beating bomb in their body. It is controlled by their heartbeat. Once the soldier’s heartbeat stops, the bomb would explode, and it can also be controlled remotely. This is the kind of special bomb that Shen Yi told Wen Rou to get. Since time was not enough, Shen Yi only used a part of it. The rest can only be used later.


Since ordinary soldiers could be replenished after their death, this means that as long as there are enough BP, they can continue to create a large number of cyborg soldiers, so that their fighting power is greatly enhanced.


Although the strength of these cyborg soldiers was far worse than that of the Terminator, considering the summoning prices, he could not expect better.


Looking at the five cyborg soldiers in front of him, Shen Yi exhaled a long breath: “My soldiers, tell me what you are experiencing now.”


The five soldiers yelled in unison: “Sir, we think we are stronger!”


Shen Yi showed a satisfied smile.


The team channel rang: “Shen Yi, there’s a good news to tell you…”


The news about Fatty’s ability to control the power passed into Shen Yi’s ear.


“Today is really a good day.” Shen Yi smiled in joy.


Looking at the time, it’s almost when they have to leave the homeworld.


However, before leaving, he asked Professor X for one more thing.

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