Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 14

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Sadisthacker

Book 5 Chapter 14: The Fighting Power of Team Strike The Blood


“Professor X.”


Shen Yi approached Professor’s study room and sat down at the desk, opposite of the old man.


“First of all, I would like to thank you for your help in assessing my partner in facing his fears.”


“I didn’t help him, I just made his mind stronger. The danger is still there. He just can face it more bravely. But in his current situation, it is not enough to support and face the real crisis. There will be situations like this in the future that is beyond his reach, and he still needs the courage to face it by himself.”


“It’s enough. When we fought against Magneto, my partner was once in trouble. At that time, Luo Hao stood up and managed to save everyone. The human potential is sometimes endless, the surface is weak, but behind there is tremendous power. In peacetime, he is useless, but at every crucial moment, he’ll step forward.”


Professor X looked at Shen Yi: “I guess you didn’t come all the way here to tell me this.”


“Oh.” Shen Yi smiled. “The second thing is to quit your business. In an hour, we will leave here.”


“When are you coming back?”


“It’s almost three hundred days later. If it doesn’t come back then… then we will never come back.”


Professor X stunned: “Is there a third thing?”


“I hope you can help me see the girl in white dress again.”


When Shen Yi made this request. Professor X was not surprised at all.


He just looked at him and asked, “Why do you want to see her?”


Shen Yi opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. Thought for a moment, he said: “When I saw her face yesterday, I had a strange feeling. I felt that she was lonely, helpless,  and desperate… it was like… It’s like a wandering child looking for their parent, or a ship drifting around in the sea and looking for a dock… or a person lost in a strange place, only saw unfamiliar faces… It’s like a child looking at the sky out of jail… I can’t tell. That’s what it feels like. It’s complicated and weird, but it’s full of sadness and sorrow… I want to see her and want to know what she is. Why every time I see her, it’s in such a strange situation.”


Silence filled the room for a moment, Professor X said: “That girl is a very special existence, more like a conscious being.”


“Conscious being?”


“Or I should say so more appropriate … the soul.”


“You mean it’s a wandering soul? How can you be sure?”


“I can’t be sure, but I did have a similar experience before,” Professor X answered.


Shen Yi shocked.


In X-men 3, Professor X was killed by Jean Grey. During the period of his death, relying on his own strong mental ability alone, he let his consciousness exist without being scattered, staying in the world, and successfully found a new body.


No one knows the post-death world better than him.


Professor X said: “Not everyone can have a soul. The soul is a manifestation of consciousness, and it needs to be supported. It is like a powerful force you have, you also need muscles and bones as a support. However, only a few can break through this limit, so after their own death, their consciousness will not die out and form a soul. Even so, the soul cannot stay in the world for too long. Without a physical body, it is like a flower with no root and only dead ends.”


“How long can a soul hold?”


“Ordinary people may hold for three to seven seconds. I insisted for three days.”


Shen Yi had to admit that Professor X’s spiritual power is indeed too overpowered.


Shen Yi shook his head: “That’s not right. When I first saw her, it was…” He thought for a moment and didn’t know how to calculate the time.


The first time he saw the girl was in the mission of X-men. If it was calculated in terms of the time flow rate of this world, then the existence of this soul has exceeded the whole year. However, if the calculation is based on the time flow rate of Bloody City, the time has only been around forty days.


After thinking about it, he said: “Her life will not be shorter than two months or even longer.”


Professor X said a faint response: “I said that I can’t be sure what she is. I can’t give you an exact answer about that child. What I’m talking about is just one possibility. If you want to see her, you don’t need my help.”


“How can I see her again?”


“You need to cultivate your mind slowly feel it and experience it. You have Jerry’s ability to communicate. That’s the power of the soul. Just like Mr. Lou, you must control this power by controlling your heart. What Mr. Lou needs are calmness and strength, then what you need is understanding and tolerance. If you relax your heart, you will find that between life and life are no longer strangers. Less calculation and more understanding, it is the key to your spiritual ascension.”


Looking at Professor X indifferently, for a long time, he finally stood up and said to the professor: “Thank you very much for your reminder, Professor. I now know what to do.”


He did not ask again from the Professor to help him see the girl and turned away from the room.




An hour later, everyone finally returned to Bloody City.


Left the homeworld, everyone has a long breath.


In these ten days, everyone was busy. Now they felt so tired. They didn’t want to do anything now, they just wanted to go to bed early.


Returning to their respective residences, Shen Yi first went to the bathroom to take a shower. The hot water was like a lover’s hand and fatigue was washed away.


A sudden knock came from the door.


When he came out and opened it, he found that was A Li.


“You finally came back. I’ve been looking for you for the whole day.” A Li said excitedly.


“I hope you have some good news for me.”


“Of course!” A Li replied with excitement: “All your Energy Cores are sold, and the information you need is also handy.”


Speaking of that, A Li transferred 8000 BP to Shen Yi: “Someone still wants to buy more Energy Core, I don’t know if you still have it.”


“No more. Information?”


“The return you promised?”


Shen Yi throws a T-600 and a T-800 Energy Core to A Li: “T-600 is the reward for selling Energy Cores for me. T-800 is payment for the  information, it worth at least 3,000 points.”


“This is seven people’s information. It may not be all, but almost every basic things. 500 BP for each. You are 500 BP short.” A Li transmitted the data to Shen Yi.


“Thank you, yes, if free, help me to collect some of the summoned soldiers’ equipment from CrossFire, especially the badges. I also need more Writ of Favouring. I will try and look for them the next time I return from the mission world.”


Shen Yi traded 500 BP to A Li and threw a box of cigars to him. A Li caught it and took a cigar and sniffed it on his nose: “Wow, Cuban cigar, it’s a good thing. How many BP did it cost? Thank you.”


“You’re welcome, if you have something I want, you can come to me at any time.”


Shen Yi returned to the sofa and began to look at the information.


He looked up and saw that A Li was still standing in the doorway. It was a bit strange: “What else is there?”


A Li shrugged his shoulders: “You know after reading the data.”


Shen Yi looked at him, then opened the data and carefully read it.


The content of the data is not too much.




“Xie Rongjun, captain of team Strike The Blood, melee adventurer.

Attributes: Strength 56, Agility 43, Vitality 42, MP 37, Will 30.

Skills: 1. Moon Blade Impact, 2. Backtrack, 3. Guarding Fortress, 4. <Unknown>.

Expert-level Fighting Forte.

Bloodline: <Unknown>.

Practicing Manual: Bloody Saber.

Equipment: Dragon Blade (Rank CC); Chainmail (Rank D). Other unknown.

Evaluation: The most powerful close combat adventurer in Difficulty Level 2.”




“Dreamy, Official member of team Strike The Blood.

Attributes: Strength 10, Agility 25, Vitality 40, MP 45, Will 30.

Skills: 1. Spiritual Seal, 2. Illusion Spirit, 3. Dream Space.

Basic-level Firearm Forte.

Equipment: Diffusion Bracelets – Enhance the effects of spiritual Skill or Psychic Power, Item Skill: Mind-Blowing Shockwave. Other unknown.

Evaluation: Xie Rongjun’s best friend and excellent partner, the strength in the team is general.




“Arnold, Official member of team Strike The Blood.

Attributes: Strength 32, Agility 30, Vitality 30, MP 22, Will 18.

Skills: 1. Block Parry, 2. <Unknown>, 3. Close-combat weapons Expert (passive).

Equipment: Predator Equipment Set

Evaluation: This guy took the enhancing direction to become Predator and changed his name to Arnold for this purpose. He is the best guy in all the members, the only adventurer in Difficulty Level 2 with a complete Equipment Set. Rumors said that even Xie Rongjun is jealous of him.”




“Ming, Official member of team Strike The Blood.

Attributes: Strength 38, Agility 32, Vitality 38, MP 22, Will 30.

Skills: 1. Sneak, 2. Weak point Break, 3. Dimension Walk, 4 <Unknown>.

Advanced-level Fighting Forte.

Psychic Power: Hard Skin.

Equipment: Assassination Blade (Rank C), the other is unknown.

Evaluation: Have a deep understanding of the battle. He is the most fighting fanatic in the team. If you are his target, your outcome will often be death.”




“De Yu, Official member of team Strike The Blood.

Attributes: Strength 32, Agility 28, Vitality 32, MP 18, Will 12.

Skills: 1 Weak point Transfer 2 Blood Fury 3 Death Drift.

Advanced-level Fighting Forte.

Bloodline: Only know that his bloodline belongs to a demon of Hell, specific unknown.

Evaluation: Terrible Combat Maniac, the best partner.”




“Lan Bin, Official member of team Strike The Blood.

Attributes: Strength 12, Agility 20, Vitality 25, MP 52, Will 28.

Class: Wind Mage. Has a variety of Class skills, mainly good at the wind’s ability to control, specific unknown.

Equipment: Crane Cloak, other unknown.

Evaluation: One of a few adventurers who had Class in the Common District, with a variety of means of attack.”




“No. 47, Official member of team Strike The Blood.

Attributes: Strength 40, Agility 18, Vitality 25, MP 12, Will 10.

Skills: 1. Quick Firing, 2. Spiral Shot, 3. Charged Shot, 4 Heavy Weapon Expert (passive).

Expert-level Firearm Forte.

Equipment: 1. Death Revolver, 2. Vulcan gun, 3. A water-attribute gun, specific unknown.

Evaluation: an abnormal guy who can transform himself into a semi-human semi-mechanical body for the sake of strength, Defense is extremely high, pure mechanically strengthen route.”


In the list of seven people, there is an additional message from the collector:


“All of the above-mentioned attributes are the attributes after wearing the equipment, basic verification is correct, but do not consider the strength of their post-mission growth.


I don’t know who is going to deal with team Strike The Blood, but it doesn’t matter. I only care about getting money to do things. If I guess correctly, it should be the team that Xie Rongjun recently issued a reward order to collect information. If you are one of its members, I’ll give you a word of advice: You are not their opponents.


A Li is an idiot, he signed an unequal agreement. Xie Rongjun’s shot is much more generous than you. I’m not optimistic that you can get rid of team Strike The Blood, so I give up the one-sixth harvest you promised.


If it weren’t for me to owe him a share of human relations, I would never agree to take over the deal. Damn, I’m losing.


Give you a suggestion: modify the contract. Thing so-called one-sixth harvest, I would rather give up.


Finally, good luck to you. ”


Shen Yi finally understood.


He looked at A Li: “Do you want to modify the contract?”


A Li shrugged: “My friend is not optimistic about you, I have no way to convince him… I have sent your information to him. From the point of view of power, you really did not have any possibility to win against team Strike The Blood. Because of incomplete information, plus a modification of the agreement, so he is willing to make concessions. For each person’s information, you only have to pay 500 BP.”


Shen Yi nodded and said: “Yes, I agree, but I hope you won’t regret it.”


“Of course.”

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