Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 15

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Sadisthacker

Book 5 Chapter 15: Comparison Between Companions and Enemies

There is no sun in Bloody City, but there are days and nights.


When the light touched the land, the once deposited city changed the moment daytime comes, the once silent city in the night slowly became bustling with noise.


Shen Yi was making breakfast for himself in the kitchen.


“What are you cooking?” Hong Lang’s loud voice already sounded across the living room.


“Corn with butter, a caviar plus two omelette, if you want to eat, I have some pumpkin pie right here… You better learn to say hello before you come in next time, or I’ll cancel your access privileges.” Shen Yi answered and looked out, and relaxing on his sofa while smoking.


“Damn it!” Shen Yi rushed out and grabbed his cigarette and threw it in the garbage can. “Don’t lie on my sofa and smoke, it will leave burn marks.”


Hong Lang screamed: “A sofa is only 15 points.”


“Saving is a virtue!”


“Then how do you explain the problem of letting us spend 2,500 BP for renovation?”


“Improving life quality is also a necessity!” Shen Yi handed the pumpkin pie over: “Or not?”


“I want omelette.”


Shen Yi shook his head: “Don’t think so nice.”


The heads of Jin Gang and Luo Hao appeared at the door.


Both men laughed at the same time: “Is there breakfast?”


The two guys actually came to eat.


Shen Yi sighed and shook his head: “I’ll give all of you breakfasts…”


“I’ll call big sister Wen Rou.” Fatty ran away immediately.


Ten minutes later, Wen Rou was wearing a floral pajama, and lazily walked to Shen Yi’s room.


Standing in the doorway, she slowly walked behind Shen Yi as he was busy in the kitchen.  She gently held Shen Yi’s arms and said: “Yesterday I saw 8000 BP more on our books, but in less than two minutes, these eight thousand points became four thousands. Did you you spend a fortune again?”


Shen Yi did not turn back: “That is a public expenditure.”


“What expenses?”


“Team Strike The Blood’s information.”


Wen Rou’s face changed and the arm goes down: “Where?”


“Look at it while eating, and it’s all in the computer.” Shen Yi turned back and handed out their meals.


At the table, everyone had no intention of eating, and only looked at the information in his computer.


Although the information sent by A Li was simple, the contents inside was extremely valuable.


Taking Xie Rongjun as an example, not to mention his high attributes, a few of his skills are extremely powerful.


Moon Blade Impact ­ (Rank D) – Release  a high-speed swiftlet crescent-shaped slash on the target, inflicting 80 damage, within 30 meters of the effective distance. Cost 4MP, cooldown 20 seconds, can only be used when using sabre weapons.


Backtrack (Rank DD) – With the ability to trace back time, after using it at a fixed location, the user can see all the events that have occurred in the area over a period of time. After using the traceability ability on adventurer, you can obtain all the capability information in the previous two missions. This ability cannot be used on someone who has the military rank higher than your own.


The greatest advantage of Xie Rongjun’s retrospective ability is that it can be used to judge some ability that cannot be changed, and it is not completely affected by the Will of the other party, but it has no effect on the status of attributes and the newly added ability at any time.


This is exactly the opposite of Shen Yi’s. Shen Yi can easily see the adventurer’s attributes, but most of the time he can’t see the other’s skills.


However, one of the benefits of this ability is that you can see events happening in the area. It is good to solve the case.


Fortunately, this ability to deal with low-level adventurers is far less practical than dealing with highly-advanced adventurers. After all, when Shen Yi met Xie Rongjun, his fighting power almost no different from when he had just returned from the World War II mission. Even when Xie Rongjun used his ability, he could only see his strength from Van Helsing’s mission.


Guarding Fortress (Rank DD) – Increases Defense by 10 after use and weakens the melee damage by 20%. For every 10% reduction in HP, increase 3 Defense, duration 1 minute. Cost 6MP, cooldown  10 minutes.


This is a very strong life-saving skill, and it is also the ability of most melee adventurers wanted. Hong Lang once heated his eyes for this ability, but unfortunately he eventually had no money to buy it.


Regardless of the unknown skills and equipment, Xie Rongjun’s strength has far exceeded any of the 641 team.


And according to the enhanced order of adventurers, in general, the more advanced the ranking is, the more powerful it will be. Adventurers, after all, have come through step by step. Almost no one learn Rank C skills before learn Rank D skills. This shows that Xie Rongjun still has an unknown skill, which is likely to be Rank C or CC.


What’s more, he still has an unknown Bloodline.


This is only his own strength.


The entire list of seven people, each one is quite strong. Spiritual Seal, which belonged to Dreamy, is the skill that is used to seal Shen Yi’s Appraisal.


The data searched from the Pocket PC is as follows:


Spiritual Seal (Rank DD) – After using this skill, the target will have a skill that is unusable for 30 seconds and causes 40 damage and 2MP degeneration. Can only be used on the skill with a lower Priority than its own. If the skill is in use, the skill is given priority to be sealed.


Shen Yi’s level 3 Appraisal, the priority of 16 points, plus the addition of Bracelet of Lover, has reached 21 points, was still easily blocked by Dreamy, showing that the priority of this skill was at least 25 points or above, the rating is not low. And this skill also deal damage to it’s target, and is also a ranged skill. But at that time Shen Yi was still in the city, so he didn’t receive any harm.


It can be seen from this that the 641 team is a top team in the Difficulty Level 1, but it still has a clear gap compared with those.


Shen Yi’s breakfast was doing well, but at this moment no one has the appetite to eat their food.


After seeing all the information and making an investigation, Jin Gang hoarsely laughed and says: “Oh, it is a strong team that can safely return from the wilderness twice. It is indeed powerful and terrible.”


Wen Rouly also said: “Seven individuals, adventurers with far-reaching and near-experienced special abilities have … perfect combinations. Everyone has the ability to be an independent combatant, whether it is melee or group combat, they can attack or retreat freely.”


Hong Lang also swallowed: “Whether it is the number of people or individual strength, it is stronger than ours. Plus there are some unknown cards in their hands… It’s no wonder that people are not so optimistic about us.”


In general, adventurers are willing to face powerful Boss and super-hard Quests, and are not willing to face adventurers who are only slightly stronger than themselves. After all, adventurers are not Boss, it is not easy to give anyone a chance. The difference in strength is directly related to life and death.


After learning about the strength of team Strike The Blood, everyone looked at Shen Yi. They knew that at the moment, they could only expect Shen Yi to come up with something.


Shen Yi is eager to drink a thick soup, eat fried eggs, and look relaxed and contented.


His leisure time gave everyone some confidence.


With a napkin, he slowly wiped his mouth and asked, “Are you scared?”


Hong Lang’s eyes widened and said: “Scared my ass! From the moment I came to this place,  danger was coming from everywhere, how can I be afraid of a few bastards?”


“Why would you look so bitter? Well, I have given you breakfast, if you don’t want to eat, don’t come back to eat again.”


Hong Lang’s face immediately fell down: “I’m not afraid, but the enemies are truly strong. We still have to think of a solution, right?”


“Then eat it well.”


All people start to work at the same time.


Seeing everyone fretting about their breakfast, he said, “This is already here. Here, I have to say two things first. One: We spend a lot of money on intelligence, not for the sake of letting the information of the enemy scare our courage. If we have paid a great deal for the information we obtained, just only to scared of their fighting power, thus this will make us lose even more  spirit to compete with the opponent, then collecting this information is meaningless. Two: We killed Xie Rongjun’s younger brother, this is a dead feud, and from the moment we decided to accept the contract, we knew that we would have an endless battle with our opponents, so we should not hold any fluke on the issue of fighting. Only after these two issues can we talk about the latter.”


Everyone  looked at each other and nodded at the same time.


Hong Lang grinned: “I understand what you mean, then you talk about how to deal with it.”


“To deal with the enemy, we must first understand them. Collecting intelligence is only the first step. The second step is to analyze the intelligence. Only after analyzing the intelligence can we take the third step – planning. Now let’s analyze the team Strike The Blood. Tell me, what do you think from these resources we have,  is it enough to help us?”


Hong Lang screamed: “I only saw that they are very strong.”


Luo Hao said softly: “It’s equal to not saying.”


Jin Gang wanted to answer: “The information is not accurate, thus making it a bit troublesome to analyze.”


Shen Yi said flatly: “No analysis has to be done with the data intact.”


Wen Rouly laughed: “We only watched for three minutes. You studied one night. Isn’t this just enough?”


Shen Yi laughed: “Women really are the best creatures to find reasons. Ok, the reason is established.”


After leaning on the chair, Shen Yi thought for a moment and after sorting out what he had to say, he slowly said, “It’s undeniable that team Strike The Blood is indeed a very strong team. To deal with such a team, we must avoid head-on battles with them. The seven adventurers of team Strike The Blood mostly have only fighting abilities, except for Backtrack and Spiritual Seal, with little to no assistance capacity. From this point of view, the team’s continuing combat capabilities are relatively weak, so if you want to fight with them, you should choose to fight guerrilla warfare and attrition wars.”


Wen Rou eyes light up: “Hit and run, guerrilla tactics, splitting the siege, breaking one by one?”


“In theory, this is, of course, it is not easy to accomplish.” Shen Yi laughed: “This is the first point. The second point is: our hatred with team Strike The Blood, all originated from Xie Rongjun. In other words, the grievances is not for the entire team. In this case, the blood-sparing team may not be willing to work hard with us.”


Jin Gang suddenly realized: “Yes, even Xie Rongjun himself is not necessarily willing to fight with us. They want to kill us, but do not want to pay any life as a price. So on this case, we have an advantage. In order to live, we can give everything, they can not!”


Wen Rou also said: “So Xie Rongjun only issued a reward order. He now has information about us, and the strength comparison should make him feel at ease. For safety reasons, he may make some arrangements, but certainly not to pay more, at best, it is to do some maneuvering. If we go all out, we might be able to restrain him.”


Shen Yi ate and laughed: “It’s all about inferring things.”


Hong Lang: “It is not enough to rely on these two points.”


“Then let’s talk about the third point. Xie Rongjun must have known that we have just entered the Common District. Maybe he is now sending people to spy on us. When we enter the mission world, he will certainly follow in. If there is no surprise, in the next mission we will meet them. Do you know what this means?”


Hong Lang curiously asked: “It means that the next mission will determine the life and death of everyone?”


Shen Yi gave him white eyes.


Wen Rou asked: “It means that we have to put all our limited resources into fighting them this time?”


“It’s kind of interesting, but it’s not the point.”


Jin Gang thought for a moment, murmured: “It means that we can choose the mission world that is beneficial to us.”


Shen Jing looked at Jin Gang with a glance: “Yes! On the surface, team Strike The Blood’s pursuit of us will create a disadvantageous position for us because we cannot escape the battle. But for the same reason, if they wants to kill us, they have to be led by us.Which mission world we want to go to, they have to follow, there is no other choice. In this battle, our disadvantage is that our own strength is not enough. Our advantage is that we have the right to choose which world we want to go. When, where and in what way to fight, it is up to us to decide!”


“Fortunately, this incomplete information does not allow me to fully grasp what they are good at, but at least no one had told me what they are not good at, not used to fighting in what kind of mission world…”


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