Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 16

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Sadisthacker

Book 5 Chapter 16: We Owe Nothing To Each Other!

In order to prepare for the upcoming battle, the 641 team has not bought any enhancing. In the meantime, they only trained their old skills while paying close attention to the mission world come out for each day. Fatty was already transferred from the reserve member to the official member in this period. After experiencing several missions together, he finally got everyone’s approval.


They were waiting for the arrival of the mission world they expect.


During this period of time, Jin Gang’s Armor-Eating Attack has been upgraded to Level 4, and Shen Yi’s Appraisal has also reached Level 4.


The biggest problem currently plaguing the team, was that they do not have much BP in their hands now.


Before entering the home world, they had a total of 15,600 BP. In their eyes this number was already too small. Afterwards, the acquisition of the Writ of Favouring cost them 3,400 BP, summoning soldiers consumed 300 BP, the Harvester was built with 1,000 BP. Selling Energy Cores earn them 8,000 BP. However, the intelligence acquisition cost an additional 4,000 BP, leaving 14,900 BP remaining.


How to make full use of this part of resources became a big problem.


On this issue, Shen Yi did not have a good idea. He only had to regularly visit the market area to see if there was any cheap and practical skill that might be useful to the team.


It’s a pity that this kind of thing can’t be found easily. Adventurers were not fools. If there are really good stuff, it’s impossible for adventurer to sell gold with dirt’s price. In fact, the vast majority of adventurers can’t wait to sell the dirt out of the gold price one by one. After all, the chance of meeting cheap but useful thing like Arc Trajectory was rare.


At the end of their training today, the team returned home. Since the selected address was near the trading market, every time they went back, they must go through that lively trading area. Everyone would come along and looking for something that they can buy at a cheaper price. Occasionally, they found some good things.


“Look! You see this?” Wen Rou suddenly pointed.


Looking at where Wen Rou’s finger is pointing at, an adventurer ahead was selling special bullets.


“Ice Bullet (Rank D): bullet damage 12, 8 frost damage after hitting the target, and slow 6%in the range 3*3 meters for 3 seconds. Can be stacked with other deceleration effects.”


Shen Yi eyes brightened, striding over: “How much is this Ice Bullet?”


The adventurer replied: “A magazine is around 1500 BP, that’s my last price. Take it or leave it.”


To be honest, the price was kind of reasonable. Shen Yi wanted to buy it, but somewhat hesitating.


After they returned from their last mission, almost all the BP were used by him. The other members had not made any reinforcements for themselves. Although everyone now trusts him, if he only considered himself and didn’t care about his teammates, then even good trust will be squandered.


As if to see Shen Yi’s thoughts, Wen Rou smiled and said, “If you want to, buy it. This is a rare special bullet after all.”


Hong Lang also laughed: “It really is, your strength will be beneficial to us in our future battles.”


Since everyone said that, Shen Yi didn’t need to be polite, and said to the adventurer: “I want this magazine of Ice Bullet.”


At this moment, a familiar voice came: “Sell this magazine of Ice Bullet to me.”


The adventurer replied: “Someone wants to buy it first.”


“I’ll pay 2000 BP.”


Looking back, a tall and handsome man stood not far from his side. There are still several people standing beside him. With the exception of one person, others did not use face disguise. They were just standing in this trading market and openly looting other people’s fancy items from others.


Hong Lang was a little irritated: “Who is this guy? Being so rude.”


Under normal circumstances, adventurers would not do this stupid offensive.


Shen Yi smiled wryly: “Who else? He is Xie Rongjun.”




In fact, as early as entering the Common District, Shen Yi has been waiting for the emergence of Xie Rongjun.


He knew that they will meet him sooner or later. In the case of Xie Rongjun, a haughty person, he would certainly say something to him before killing him.


Just as people choose to silently kill their enemy and abuse them enemy to death, the vast majority will choose the latter.


That means a kind of relief when venting.


Therefore, the appearance of Xie Rongjun was something predictable.


Just Shen Yi does not know that it will be the case under their current circumstances.


At this moment, he bought a magazine of Ice Bullet . Xie Rongjun tossed the magazine in his hand a few times and then he looked back and smiled at Shen. “In fact, this thing is kind of useless to me, but there is at least a benefit to buy it. That is, to make it impossible for you to use it against me!”


Shen Yi smiled and he simply dismissed his disguise and revealed his true face.


Then he said: “That can be a bit of a hassle. There are so many good things here in the market. Which one do you think I will buy? I fear that your assets are not enough.”


Xie Rongjun shook his head: “Half of your strength is on your gun. If something else is given to you, you can’t play any role. I’m also very sympathetic to you. You’re a very smart person. Unfortunately, luck is not on your side. Despicable Healing Art is a good skill, and Steal is a rare special skill. Appraisal is also a good sneaker. Arc Trajectory not only allows you to shoot curved bullets, but also allows you to lock targets… If these skills are placed on any one person individually, each of them can exert their value, but letting one person own all of them, it only weakens their true strength.”


He looked at him: “Engaging in combat is one of the nature of being an adventurer. All the assistive skills should occupy a subordinate position. The more you have  assistive skills, the weaker you will be. You have too much assistive skills, but the targets for them is not strong enough, which has led to a significant reduction in the value of these skills.”


Xie Rongjun really deserved to be the captain of a veteran team. At one glance, he saw the biggest problem of Shen Yi. If Xie Rongjun is said to be in possession of the Despicable Healing Art, he will certainly be able to maximize the advantages of this specific skill. However, Shen Yi was different. For example, in the battle, he often has only one or two chances of using this healing skill. It is precisely because of the limit, the ability of healing skill to recover was far less than the degree of his HP loss.


If he has Xie Rongjun’s Guarding Fortress, this kind of superior defensive skills can greatly reduce his degree of injury, so that he can further develop the value of his healing skill.


This is the so-called affiliation in capability.


After all, assistive skills are the relationship of the followers, and they are unlikely to become the main force. Too many assistive skills made Shen Yi to be weak in combat.


As for Shen Yi, he shrugged his shoulders indifferently: “Isn’t it easier to kill me?”


“It will be even more distressing. To be honest, you are not suitable as a captain, and it is more suitable to be a professional assistant. People like you will be re-used no matter which team you go…. Your real power is actually equivalent to an average adventurer in the Common Districts. It’s a pity that if you didn’t kill my brother, maybe I’ll consider absorbing you into my team.”


“That can be a bit of a hassle. Isn’t your team full? If there is no slots, how do you absorb me? Kill a member?”


Xie Rongjun’s face sank.


In term of fighting, Shen Yi was definitely not his opponent, but in term of tongue battle, he really wasn’t Shen Yi opponents.


Hearing Shen Yi’s careless laugh, in Xie Rongjun’s heart the fire of rage bursted.


This time he made a big reward for news about Shen Yi’s team. It was originally planned to give Shen Yi a blow, forced them to make enemies everywhere. Collecting information was only incidental.


After all, he is the captain of the most powerful team in the Common District. For him, having intelligence on the 641 team or not didn’t make much difference.


Unexpectedly, when Shen Yi’s gang returned to their base of operations, some people sold their intelligence to him.


The consequence of Shen’s “incompetence” is that he had to spend a lot of BP for it, and the reward for rewards is therefore forced to be cancelled. It can be said that he lost in this invisible duel.


In his heart, he was angry and naturally had to find a way to pay this humiliation back. By robbing the Ice Bullet and exposing the weakness of the other party, he wanted to give him a psychological blow. But at the moment, he saw Shen Yi’s performance and felt like he just hit the air.


The happiness of the enemy was one’s own pain, so he found it more and more unpleasant.


If he originally had no hatred for Shen Yi, things have turned out different. But now that’s not the case, as he turn to look toward at Shen Yi’s. He saw him smiling, and that made his hatred begun to rise slowly.


No one could despise him like that!


He laughed a few times and suddenly said:


“Zhou Yiyu, like you said, this guy is really very arrogant.”


Zhou Yiyu?


Hearing this name, Hong Lang, Jin Gang also looked behind Xie Rongjun.


The man who hides himself with disguise face makes a few wry smiles. “Oh, how are you?”


It’s the voice of Zhou Yiyu.


Both of Hong Lang’s eyes are red.


Although they had been prepared to the case Zhou Yiyu sell them out for a long time, not caring about it and the other party really did not do it were two different matter.


Selling their own intelligence, it’s a tactical need, it’s interest in demand. Others sold their information, that’s betrayal and perfidious.


To put it simply, it was because of Zhou Yiyu’s betrayal that their team gained less BP.


To put it more complicated, this is too unprofessional: they let him go, and he still dare to betray them.


At this moment, Zhou Yiyu looked helpless and smiled. Hong Lang couldn’t wait for him to punch him.


“Ungrateful bastard!” Jin Gang emerged from the teeth.


This sentence seriously irritated Zhou Yiyu’s nerves: “Jin Gang, well, we used to fight together back in the day, so don’t talk so badly. I’m not sorry for you, let alone your loyalty. Yes, I leaked your information to Captain Xie. At the end, Shen Yi’s skills; including Activation, Crystal Tears, Medal of Honor, the invisible Vampire Touch, Piercing Bullets, Fire Bullets, and Cure bullets, I’m all talking about it, but what about that? Shen Yi owe me a debt, and this debt is worth a few thousand BP. I cancelled his debt, and it is payback for his help in the mission world. Now Captain Xie gives me the benefits I deserve, it can not be considered excessive, can it?”


Wen Rou step forward: “Why don’t you say Shen Yi still spared your life?”


Zhou Yiyu shouted: “I didn’t owe him my life!”


“Then you owe it now!” Hong Lang glared at Zhou Yiyu: “Brat, I will surely kill you. I will certainly kill you!”


“You have to worry about your life first.” Zhou Yiyu disdainfully replied: “Want to kill me? Solve your problems first. Don’t blame me for not reminding you that you are only a level 2 team. The team Strike The Blood is a level 5 team. Even the official members of your team are not full, and you want to play with a full-fledged level 5 team. It’s kind of naive of you!”


When Hong Lang was about to rush to swear, Shen Yi stopped him with a wave of his hand: “Don’t talk nonsense, Hong Lang. This is Bloody City, betrayal and defector, is it a strange thing? In fact, when we spared him, hadn’t we already been psychologically prepared? Why are you still so angry now? Wanting to fight and kill me, I have no opinion, but I’m not interested in standing here, on the street, to curse each other. Zhou Yiyu actually said it rightly. In the Terminator world, I owed him a debt, but in the end the debt was not repaid. Since this is the case, it is fair to let Catain Xie to pay this debt for me.”


Zhou Yiyu seems to have never imagined Shen Yi to speak so polite. He stayed for a while before saying, “It’s fair to indulge you. Seeing that you had let me go once… Didn’t you want to know t information of the Marksman class? I’ll give you two passages: First, the most important thing for a good Marksman is the gun. Different guns have different roles and meanings. Think about it, with your brain you should be able to understand. Second: Every Class have advantages and disadvantages.”


Speaking of this, Zhou Yiyu spread his hands: “Well, I have already told you about the Marksman’s information. Now we owe nothing to each other. The next time we meet again, it is time for you to die.”


Looking at Zhou Yiyu’s serious face, Shen Yi’s face showed a smile.


He said: “Thank you for telling me such an important message, as you said, you and I…we owe nothing to each other.”

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