Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 17

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Sadisthacker

Book 5 Chapter 17: Team Strong Wind

On their way back, everyone was not in a good mood, and Hong Lang was even more sly. He almost cursed at Zhou Yiyu’s ancestors for eighteen generations. In history, all of Zhou’s names were barely missed by him. All of them were cursed. Regardless of whether and in the end there was a relative relationship with Zhou Yiyu.


He usually talked harshly, once he had to, he had a lot of tricks. Fresh words came up one after another. After a while, even Jin Gang couldn’t stand listening to his rants and kept persuading him to not accumulate any karma.


Hong Lang said: “Karma? I don’t f*****g care about accumulating karma! Zhou Yiyu dared to betray us. I want to curse all over their entire family! When that brat falls into my hand, I have to hang him up and use an eighteen centimeters long sextoy to shove his a*****e, I want…”


“Hong Lang, you really make me sick!” Wen Rou quickly covered her ears.


Shen Yi suddenly whispered: “Enough, Hong Lang, you absolutely do not need to be so angry… Zhou Yiyu did not betray us.”


“What did you say?” Hong Lang was shocked.


Shen Yi sighed: “Say it after we go back, do you want to discuss this kind of problem in public?”


Shen Yi’s living room had always been a meeting room for everyone.


Back to the residence, everyone’s attention was fixated on Shen Yi.


Jin Gang said to Shen Yi: “Now, it’s okay, Shen Yi. Can you tell me why you said that earlier?”


Shen Yi did not hurry to answer, but first lit himself a cigarette, took a few sips and thought for a moment in a haze of smoke:


“Because he didn’t expose all my cards. Think about what he said before. He said… ‘I leaked your information to Captain Xie. At the end, Shen Yi’s skills, including Activation, Crystal Tears, Medal of Honor, the invisible Vampire Touch, Piercing Bullets, Fire Bullets, and Cure bullets, I talked about it all to him’… He said he told all, but don’t you think he’s short on something?”


Wen Rou realized: “He did not say that you have Innate Talent, and also he did not say that you have double Psychic Power! Do you mean to say that he is telling us that he has retained some of your secrets?”




Hong Lang intervened: “Maybe he just didn’t list it.”


“No, he’s deliberately not leaking those, it’s a reminder for us!” Shen Yi shook his head immediately: “Think about the capabilities he said, all of which I used in the Terminator world. Communication, I haven’t used it yet. Innate Talent was used, but it can’t be seen. In addition, he also knows that I have a great chance of getting T-1000, and also have the ability of replicating the Harvester. If he was just simply leaking them, why was it missing something? You could think of it as a coincidence, but if that was not a coincidence, what did it mean?”


Everyone was stunned at the same time thinking over it.


For a moment, Jin Gang’s eyes suddenly shone bright: “The things that he revealed to Xie Rongjun about you, in fact, another person also knows.”


Wen Rou also exclaimed: “The Monk! When you kill them, The Monk is also present! The information that Zhou Yiyu told Xie Rongjun was mostly known to The Monk!”


In the process of Shen Yi’s killing of Jing 12 and Lu De, he used the Vampire Touch and Steal, he also revealed Crystal Tears Pendant when he exposed the intention of the monk, and healing skill when he healed Fatty, when fighting the Terminator he used Piercing Bullets and Arc Trajectory, then using Fire Bullets in the process of killing The Monk. Medal of Honor was known to The Monk  because of the presence of soldiers, and the Harvester exposed Activation.


It can be said that in addition to the Appraisal and Cure Bullets, other abilities had been seen by The Monk. Xie Rongjun had already known Appraisal when he and Shen Yi met. Zhou Yiyu also knew this.


Hong Lang understood: “You mean to say that Zhou Yiyu didn’t really sell you, only he saw The Monk is still alive and realized that he was going to sell your secret, so he took the first step to sell your information to Xie Rongjun. In order to win Xie Rongjun’s favor, he said one more thing – Cure Bullets. The other content is not what Xie Rongjun already knows, is that The Monk already knows. Because of Zhou Yiyu’s timely intervention, The Monk did not get any benefit from it.”


Luo Hao also added: “So he just said a lot of words on purpose, but it actually reminds us that he did not sell us. It’s just that he doesn’t sell the information, but also sells it selectively. That’s why he said ‘we owe nothing to each other’.”


Shen Yi laughed and said: “Yes, he not only did not sell us, but also helped us a great deal.”


“What is it?”


“In the past, we have focused too much of our attention on the team Strike The Blood itself. We have overlooked one thing. But Zhou Yiyu reminded me… That team is a level 5 team. They not only have full official members but also have reserve members.”


Everyone’s face changed at the same time. Hong Lang murmured: “What the hell are you saying … are there more than seven guys?”


“Yeah. The bastard who gave us the information concealed this fact. This should be the easiest to know. It’s also blame to me. I only wanted to get the information of the official members…no wonder why he’s so generous.”


“Is there an estimated number of reserve members?”


“Xie Rongjun is a team of seven people, and we, too, show that team Strike The Blood is also likely to use The Blood Oath. It’s not surprising: Xie Rongjun can get one, naturally he can get two. Our team is level 2, we can now have two reserve member positions, then Strike The Blood should have at least five reserve team members. Zhou Yiyu said that they are in full staff…they must have five helpers.”


“That is twelve people? Really f*****g!” Hong Lang stood up.


If there is no reminder of Zhou Yiyu, maybe everyone really thinks that they have to face only seven full members of team Strike The Blood, which means that they will have major problems in determining the strength of the enemy.


Everyone’s face sank down. 5 vs 12, this contrast is too disparate.


Jin Gang thought for a moment: “Is it possible to pull Zhou Yiyu to us?”


Shen Yi shook his head: “Impossible, Zhou Yiyu has already made it very clear. He has already paid off his debt and owed nothing to us. It is not a joke or a shirk. He is not sorry for us, so it is not necessary either to die with us.”


Zhou Yiyu’s sentence, in fact, to tell Shen Yi that he did not sell him, but he would not help him either.


Hong Lang calmly said: “If we tell Xie Rongjun, Zhou Yiyu hides other important information about you…”


Not even waiting for Hong Lang to finish his words, Shen Yi suddenly rejected: “This is absolutely impossible! Hong Lang, this kind of idea, you better not even think about!”


In any case, the person who had helped him so much would never he implicate on this problem anymore.


Zhou Yiyu reminded him that this was actually quite enough price of his loyalty. If he did not believe in him, he would never be able to do so. But what he could do is going to stop here. This is the sign of their friendship, Zhou Yiyu is not indulge in the life and death friendship that they had experienced in several missions before, so they realized that they could not ask him more.


Perhaps one day, when we will eliminate team Strike The Blood and we will be able to absorb him. Before this, don’t expect Zhou Yiyu to put his bet on a team that has obviously had weaker strength.


“What are we going to do now? There are five more reserve members that we don’t even know how strong they are. This is very troublesome.” Hong Lang worriedly replied.


Shen Yi also had some headaches: “First think of ways to figure out the five people’s information. In this matter we can only find A Li. I think that they already have information on the other side, just waiting for us to come and ask them. It seems we have to spend a lot of BP.”


At this moment, Shen Yi’s Bloody Crest suddenly came to the notice: There are adventurers requesting to enter your residence.


Everyone was surprised.


This time, who would come to find them?




When he opened the door to see the visitor, Shen Yi can’t help but stunned.


He originally believed that the only people who would come to see him were Zhou Yiyu, Xie Rongjun, A Li, Daoqi, and even The Monk.


One of them could come to look for a provocation, or trade for sale.


But what stood before him at this moment was a man he knew but never thought of.


Chen Tao.


The adventurer who bought his Dracula blood.


Shen Yi still remembers that when Chen Tao wanted to follow him, his expression was confident and calm, and the nearby adventurers aloud about him.


Behind Chen Tao, there was also a middle-aged man.


It turned out to be the guest in the building opposite Hong Lang when they had just moved into the Common District.


The middle-aged man looked a bit like a Chinese actor Chen Daolin. He looked calm and relaxed, and he still had a beard on his chin. He had quite demeanor.


If Xie Rongjun reveals a domineering stance on his body, then this middle-aged man’s outflow is a king of temperament, and it can easily lead to the goodwill of others.


“Hey, hello.” Shen Yi first nodded to Chen Tao.


Chen Tao smiled: “Hello, kid, I didn’t expect to see you here after three months. You went into the Common District and even became a captain. It seems that I was right to win over you. It’s a pity that you still refused me. .”


Saying that, Chen Tao pointed to the middle-aged man behind the finger: “This is my boss, the captain of team Strong Wind, Ben Tung Ming.”


Team Strong Wind? Ben Tung Ming?


Shen Yi’s eyes narrowed slightly: “Team Strong Wind, one of the top three teams of the Eastern Region. It’s no wonder that Captain Ben is extraordinary.”


The middle-aged man smiled and said: “Thank for your phrasing. You said ‘one of the top three teams of the Eastern Region’, but you should add, ‘in the Common District’.”


“That is not necessarily.” Shen Yi also laughed: “The current strength of Captain Ben, compared to those ordinary adventurers of the Difficulty Level 3, may not be weak.”


Ben Tung Ming only smiled, but did not deny it, then he said lightly: “I know brother Shen Yi must be very surprised why I suddenly came. It’s actually nothing. It was about the last time I saw you, because we found out that you were living in Building 125. So just letting one of my little brothers to check out our new neighbors, I didn’t realize that you even had a bit of fate with Chen Tao. I know it’s late, or I’ll come back to meet you soon.”


This person speaks generously and does not hide his behavior.


Chen Tao added: “Actually, there is no malice, nor is it deliberately investigated. It’s only here that it is where Nether Wolves lived before.”


Nether Wolves was the other one of the other top three teams in the Common District. They had just entered the Difficulty Level 3 recently, so there are only two top teams in the Common District, Strong Wind and Strike The Blood.


Shen Yi did not know that Building 125 was originally the home of the Nether Wolves and but he did hear a little about them.


Ben Tung Ming said: “We have nothing special about Building 125. It’s just that it’s easy to observe the surroundings. The location is between several important areas. It’s more convenient to observe and move. It’s Building 133 that we live in. Along with Building 156 they just formed a golden triangle, so some people had previously called this three buildings ‘Golden Triangle buildings’. Because adventurers could not change places after choosing a place to stay. The adventurers who have just entered here do not know the meaning of the Golden Triangle and what it represents.”


Shen Yi understood the meaning of this.


Living in a bloody city, every detail is important.


There was nothing to choose to live in Building 125, but it reflected a behavioral habit of the occupants, that is, the importance attached to the surrounding environment was not ignored because of the inability of the bloody city to attack.


So people who can live here without knowing the Golden Triangle building, if not an occasional factor, are adventurers who have adapted to survive in dangerous environments and form their instincts. Therefore, people who can actively choose to stay here would not be weak, at least in observing the enemy. Maybe in the future, team #641 will become one of the top three teams in the Common District. It is no wonder that it will attract Ben Tung Ming’s attention.


At this moment, after hearing Ben Tung Ming said so, Shen Yi said lightly: “Just lucky.”


Chen Tao smiled and said: “Brother Shen Yi, you should say that lie to Xie Rongjun, but not us.”


It’s not surprising to Shen Yi: “You seem to know the relation between us and team Strike The Blood.”


“The reward order are coming out. How can people not know it?” Ben Tung Ming  answered clearly: “We are here for that matter.”


Shen Yi took a step back: “Please come in!”



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