Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 18

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 18: Pledge

In Shen Yi’s living room, Ben Tung Ming and Chen Tao first admired his room’s layout, and then Ben Tung Ming smiled and told Chen Tao: “It seems that our new friend knows how to enjoy life.”

“I like his kitchen.” Chen Tao responded.

“As long as you want, you can afford to buy it too.” Shen Yi beckoned to these two people: “Please sit down.”

When the two sat down, he slowly said: “Let me guess what the two of you have to come here for. Since you openly admitted that you came for team Strike The Blood, it would mean nothing but two possibilities. It is possible that you are friends of team Strike The Blood and come here to give me some threat, but it doesn’t look like that. It can only be another possibility: you are an enemy of theirs. So you rushed in immediately after the grievances between us and team Strike The Blood. The reason is very simple. The enemies’ enemies are friends.”

Ben Tung Ming laughed and patted Chen Tao: “It was a pity that you failed to invite him to join us.”

Chen Tao shrugged: “I feel it’s a pity too. Very few people can confront team Strike The Blood, and it’s rare to make them take you seriously. However, Shen Yi, you still guessed something wrong. Team Strike The Blood is not our enemy.”

“What is that?”

“Opposing, competitor!” Chen Tao answered very seriously.

“What is the competition?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. But I can clearly say: There is no personal grudge between them and us. There is only a competitive relationship.”

“So…” Shen Yi looked at Chen Tao.

Chen Tao looked at Ben Tung Ming and saw him nodded. Chen Tao answered: “So if you can prove to us that you have the ability to weaken the strength of team Strike The Blood, we can help you. But I want to remind you in this case, you did not qualify for making the conditions. For our help, you must also pay a certain amount of return.”

Hong Lang said: “Is it not an unconditional help?”

He glanced at him.

Ben Tung Ming laughed: “You are Hong Lang, I know you. Although the enemies of the enemy are friends, there is something must be made clear. You have grievances with them and they’ll take the initiative to find you. Even if we don’t intervene, your battle will be inevitable. In this case, why should we come to give you the benefits?”

His words immediately made Hong Lang speechless.

Hong Lang originally thought that there would be more than one powerful arm to help them. Now it’s not the case, the hope that had just ignited in his heart was completely extinguished at this moment.

Shen Yi said lightly: “I understand what you mean. You are in a competitive relationship with team Strike The Blood and what you compete with, I don’t know, it’s not important to me. The important thing is that because of this relationship, you won’t risk your life to fight with team Strike The Blood. So it’s impossible for you to stand beside us and confront team Strike The Blood. But in return, you also hope to use my hand to weaken their strength. This will make your success a bit more manageable.”

Saying, Shen Yi looked up at Ben Tung Ming: “The reason you are sitting here is like an investor looking at your investment goals. You want to see if we have investment value. If we do, you will invest appropriately. If we don’t, you will turn and leave. In short, you are willing to help us, but the premise is that, first, we want to prove that we have the qualification to be helped by you, that is, to prove that we have the ability to kill at least one of the official members. Second, for all of your help, we have to repay, but this repayment can choose to defer payment, and how much help depends on our ability to survive, after all, the dead are unable to repay the debt. Am I wrong?”

Ben Tung Ming laughed: “It’s worthwhile to an adventurer who can kill Count Dracula. That’s right, that’s it.”

“What kind of help can you give us?”

Chen Tao replied: “Information about team Strike The Blood. 2000 BP per person for each of the official members, and 1000 BP for each of the reserve members. You can choose to owe the account, but as long as you live out from the next mission, You have to pay. It’s okay to pay for it, the interest is 100% after each mission.”

Shen Yi shook his head and vetoed: “We already have information.”

“What?” Ben Tung Ming and others stunned for a while. They looked at each other and revealed surprises.

Ben Tung Ming made a face to Chen Tao. Chen Tao immediately said: “Can you show it?”

Shen Yi went to the room and used a computer to print a copy of Xie Rongjun’s data before their eyes.

Looking at this information about Xie Rongjun, Ben Tung Ming’s hand trembled. He originally thought he could sell his information about team Strike The Blood at a good price anyway. With intelligence, if team Strike The Blood wanted to deal with team #641, it was bound to be a lot harder. If Shen Yi’s team wasn’t weak, they may be able to kill one or two members.

This approach can be said to be of double benefit, after all, others may be too afraid of Xie Rongjun to sell team Strike The Blood’s information, but he wasn’t. As for the information, as team Strike The Blood’s rival, there are two sides who have experience in hand-to-hand combat. They may not even have to go to special collections, so this transaction can be said to be unprofitable.

Unexpectedly, Shen Yi did not care about this help, Ben Tung Ming felt a little disappointed. However, he was more optimistic about the strength of the other side.

“I would like to see other people’s information.” Chen Tao is not convinced.

Shen Yi readily took out several people’s information.

Ben Tung Ming and Chen Tao read together and they are silent.

Wen Rou coldly said: “Are you sending us information or are you taking intelligence from us?”

This sentence immediately made both people blush.

The captain of one of the most powerful teams in the Common District, went to a new adventurer’s house to extract information, if this rumor went loose then he would become a joke for everyone.

Ben Tung Ming shook his head reluctantly and threw out a pile of information: “Your intelligence collection is not yet complete. It’s just that there are still some things I can add here that I can give you. Our data is not very detailed, but it should be able to complement with yours.”

Shen Yi took over and turned it over and found that in addition to the information of the seven official members, five reverse members who were also on the list.

Ben Tung Ming had arrived with aspirations. When he was up, he was stunned by Shen Yi. His heart was wronged and he didn’t seem to be enough shameless to require to look at the full set of information.

A set of important intelligence was taken away free by this little misunderstanding.

Handing the data over to Hong Lang, he gave him an eye, and Hong Lang knew what he was implying. He stopped himself in time and before the conversation be affected behind him, he pulled Luo Hao out of the door and only laughed after walking far away.

Seeing that Hong Lang and Luo Hao left, Shen Yi said to Ben Tung Ming: “Thank you first for the information provided to us by the class leader. I think that the class leader will come over here. Isn’t it only for intelligence assistance? It’s a bit more cost-effective. After all, the more you help us, the more we will hurt team Strike The Blood .”

Ben Tung Ming thought of holding the chin for a moment: “Tell me first, what is your grasp against team Strike The Blood ?”

Although he originally appreciated the team #641, he did not expect much from them, thus he did not plan to invest too much. However, if the information is not sold at the moment, it is tantamount to an empty trip. His psychological state was somewhat unbalanced. As a result, there was a psychological need for increased investment.

Shen Yi nodded to Jin Gang.

Jin Gang knows what to say about the analysis of the previous day. Hearing about the analysis of the superiority of the battlefield, Ben Tung Ming also had to admit that Shen Yi had made the issue very clear. Although Jin Gang did not say what kind of mission world he would choose to fight with team Strike The Blood, it is conceivable that it would not be the battlefield that team Strike The Blood liked.

After thinking, he said, “Shen Yi brother, I admit that you are really smart. But you know that in order to live a happy life in Bloody City, you must rely on this.”

He pointed to his fist.

Shen Yi quickly replied: “If my fist is hard enough, you will not be sitting here now, but you will lie down on your own sofa to drink and eat popcorn and take a good look.”

“That’s right. Since this is the case, let us turn your fists hard enough.” Ban Tung Ming said with a smile: “You can ask for a loan worth less than 10,000 BP. Conditions are: 1. Kill at least one official member or two reserve members. 2: The interest rate is 50%, the next time you return, if you fail to repay, it will increase, and you will continue to repay until it’s clear or all members of the team are dead. If you don’t kill any member, the interest is 100%. What about this?”

Shen Yi answered: “20000 BP, interest rate 30 percent, killing an important member, reduce 10 percent of the repayment amount. Kill a reserve member, reduce 5 percent and so on.”

Chen Tao shocked: “Then if you successfully kill the four official members, we just get ninety percent back?”

“Yes. But then again, 2000 BP in exchange for the life of a main team member of team Strike The Blood, how is this price worth it?” Shen Yi nodded and answered.

“Then it’s too beneficial for you!” Chen Tao stood up in anger.

“The premise is that he can do it.” Ben Tung Ming took him, and he smiled and said: “Good boy, you really have courage. If you can really do this step, I’ll never mind losing some points. This loss should be  worthwhile to get a finish from a strong competitor, but just relying on your existing strength is not enough for our investment and such a small return.”

“If I have a pledge?”

“What?” Ben Tung Ming was stunned.

Shen Yi has already taken that piece of program wafer from the PDA.

Skynet program chip?

The Ben Tung Ming and Chen Tao’s eyes reflected greed at the same time.

This was a good thing in Common District.

“You actually have this thing!” Ben Tung Ming trembled and whispered.

In order to deal with team Strike The Blood, Shen Yi was prepared to fight with all possible resources. Even the most important items in his hand could be taken out. The main value of the Skynet program chip was to provide technologically enhanced technology that was ineffective in battle. However, it did not matter if one brought it into the mission world. That being the case, it would be better to use the mortgage to get 20,000 investment at this critical moment.

“Unfortunately, it was still a bit late and I didn’t have time to play its role. How about this thing, it’s worth 20,000 points, isn’t it?”

“Of course.” Ben Tung Ming took the wafer and refused to let it go.

“Since this is the case, will you two still need to do something to prove your sincerity?” Shen Yi laughed.

Since Shen Yi’s Skynet program chips are all taken out as pledge, it’s bound to require the team Strong Wind to pay more.

With this pledge, Ben Tung Ming was indeed willing to increase his help for Shen Yi, in order to weaken team Strike The Blood to a greater extent.

After thinking, Ben Tung Ming took out a scroll from his Bloody Crest.

Scroll of Skill Copying (Rank C): Can copy one of the user’s skills (only effective on skill Rank CC or below). After the stored skill is used, this item can be used to copy again. It can be used three times.

Shen Yi did not expect that Ben Tung Ming actually has this kind of thing.

There was no doubt that this is an extremely rare item. However, although it was hard to find, this item had low value.

This time, Ben Tung Ming took out this scroll, gently placed his hand on the scroll, let it go after a moment, and handed the scroll to Shen Yi.

Bloody Crest prompted:

“Scroll of Skill Copying (Rank C): Number of use remaining: 1/3.

Current copied skill: Brutal Wind Array (Rank CC) – After use, it releases twelve high-speed rotating wind blades to attack. Each wind blade has 40 fixed damage, an attack range of 5*5. Duration: 1 minute.”

Shen Yi wryly smiled when receiving this Scroll of Skill Copying.

Ben Tung Ming was really sly. It seems that he gave them a Rank CC skill, but in fact, it’s a skill that can only be used once. From this point, Ben Tung Ming’s sincerity was too cheap.

However, for the power of this Brutal Wind Array, Shen Yi was quite scared. Not only was it an AoE skill, but it also had a long duration time and each wind blade’s damage was not low. It was estimated that this skill was Ben Tung Ming’s trump card, and the skill level was also at least 3 or more.

Seeing Shen Yi’s look of disdain, Ben Tung Ming felt a little shame so he explained: “Although this skill scroll can only be released once, it does not have cooldown time, and after you have used this one, there is still a chance to copy a skill.”

Maybe he also felt that this statement was far-fetched so Ben Tung Ming took another thing from his Bloody Crest.

Armor of Guardian (Rank D) – Increases Defense by 12 after equipped, reduce 10% ranged damage. Item Skill: Exemption. When you encounter a skill attack, reduce special effects damage by 20%. This item is one of the components of the Guardian Equipment Set. Wearing Requirements: Strength 20 Vitality 20.

Seeing this armor, Shen Yi’s heart jumped up, but in the next moment, he still said in a calm tone: “A piece of Rank D armor, although it belongs to an Equipment Set, I’m sure Captain Ben knows that the Equipment Set is so rare. I guess that’s all of what you have in your hand.”

The Equipment Set is rare, this was a fact everyone recognized. If you were not able to collect all components, a single component was no better than ordinary equipment. When he heard Shen Yi saying this, Ben Tung Ming smiled: “Shen Yi brother, are you too greedy?”

“Then add a condition, count this equipment as 3000 BP, and I can buy it automatically when I have repayment ability.”

“Good boy, no problem.”

“Then I would like to thank Captain Ben.” Shen Yi smiled and agreed.

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