Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 19

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 19: Learn the Practicing Manual

Ten minutes later, a loan contract was signed.


In addition to the provisions of the original content, the contract also stipulated that Ben Tung Ming and Chen Tao must keep their secrets and must not reveal them to anyone, including members of team Strong Wind. Once the 641 team dies, the chip will automatically belong to Ben Tung Ming. The contract would take effect from now on until Shen Yi has the ability to repay all the BP.


For the sake of safety, Shen Yi specifically requested an advanced contract that cost 100 BP. However, this fee was paid by Ben Tung Ming. This is the biggest loan borrowed by Shen Yi so far. If it was not a strong team like Strong Wind, no one really could come up with this money.


After the contract was completed, Ben Tung Ming sighed: “I really don’t know whether I should hope you can succeed or fail.”


Shen Yi laughed: “Succeeding or failing, for you, this time you have already made a steady investment. If I win, you can even recoup your investment. If I just lost, you still gain the Skynet chip. Anyway, you can’t afford to lose. Is there anything better than to always make a profit? Your troubles are simply because you want more.”


Ben Tung Ming stunned for a moment and finally smiled and said: “That’s right! No matter who wins or loses between you and team Strike The Blood, I’ve only made a profit for this investment. I’m really greedy. Hahahaha!”


At this time, Ben Tung Ming smiled very happily and did not realize that the contract had problems.


This was sometimes the case with people’s thought. It was easy to be deceived by the immediate interests but ignored the dangers behind them. Even if he was intoxicated by excitement, he did not expect that there was a small problem behind this seemingly well-conceived contract that would eventually lead to a disaster…


Things had already been completed but Ben Tung Ming was not eager to leave. When people first meet, they must always say some gossip and set up some friendships. Relationships between people couldn’t rely solely on interests.


A few people were free to talk about topics, mainly to explore the past experiences and understanding of the city. These two people also had a lot of understanding. After Ben Tung Ming signed the contract, he asked Shen Yi: “Right, your team hasn’t got a name yet?”


Shen Yi revealed a helpless smile: “I was too busy some time ago and I hadn’t had time to think about it. My team members have also had many proposals. Hong Lang said that he like Rising Dragon and Tyranny. He has been criticized as too common. Wen Rou offered two names Blue Rain and Tiny Herb, apparently ignoring the men’s feelings. Jin Gang took the most names, Void, Troubling Rain, Thunderclap, Samsara, Heavenly Punishment, Hundred Blossom… Luo Hao also took a lot of names, Hungry Dragon, Hungry Tiger, Hungry Wolf, Hungry Hawk… every kind of hungry animals. So I found that to get a name for the team, in fact, more difficult than to complete an ultra-difficult Hidden Quest. This matter has been dragged until now.” (1)


Ben Tung Ming and Chen Tao were stunned and did not expect that there was such a thing. Then two people could not help but laugh hard.


Ben Tung Ming smiled and said: “Since this is the case, I’ll take a name for you.”


“Thank you.”


After thinking about it, Ben Tung Ming said: “The reason why team Strike The Blood is called like that was because they had defeated a famous team at that time. That team’s name is  Blood Killing. After that, Xie Rongjun named his team a Strike The Blood to commemorate his victory. You have to fight with team Strike The Blood, to break the blade in his hand. This is also in line with my request to you. Since this is the case, your name should be… Break Blade.”


To be honest, Ben Tung Ming’s cultural level was not very good. His explanations are far-fetched. The name “Break Blade” is also considered to have no new meaning. However, when Shen Yi heard the word, suddenly there was a special feeling, as if he could feel the unyielding dominance from this name.


What Ben Tung Ming wanted him to do was to cut off team Strike The Blood’s blade. But in his heart, he had more than one blade to break.


After some thought, Shen Yi nodded: “Well, it’s called Break Blade!”


After chatting for a while, Ben Tung Ming decided to leave.


After sending off Ben Tung Ming, Hong Lang and Luo Hao returned to the room.


Seeing Armor of Guardian, Hong Lang’s excitement led him to almost faint.


The Guardian Equipment Set has a total of four components: armor, belt, helmet and boots. Now Hong Lang has two pieces and the dream of having a Equipment Set is not far away.


Shen Yi said: “I want to learn Winged Serpent Martial Art at once.”


“You want to learn that Practicing Manual?” everyone was taken aback.


“Yes, this time we will learn!” he replied resolutely: “We have a complete plan for dealing with team Strike The Blood. The rest depends on what kind of battlefield destiny has given us. It’s icing on the cake, not a fire in the snowstorm. The only important thing is that the reserve team member information, but I have seen it earlier and there are no members who can destroy our plan. Since the plan can remain unchanged, then I will learn Winged Serpent Martial Art. It is meaningless to delay.”


Practicing Manual, due to the need for cultivation, was always good to be learned as early as possible.


It was not too late to strengthen. Since it had been decided, everyone had no opinion.


Shen Yi directly took out the scroll to apply for learning.


Bloody Crest prompted: Learning Winged Serpent Martial Art needs to pay 18000 BP, whether to confirm learning?




A flash of white light flashed, and the scroll disappeared. Instead, he felt a refreshing feeling that he could not tell.


“You learned Winged Serpent Martial Art. This Practicing Manual is currently layer 1, all attributes increased by 2 points. With each layer that is raised, increasing all the attributes by 2 points. This Practicing Manual has total of nine layers.”


“You acquired Snake Fist. When using Snake Fist to attack, melee damage increases by 10%, 2% chances of cause a random effect: Paralysis, Aging, Weakening, Poisoning, Blind, Stun, Binding, Confusing, Sealing. Each time you raise a layer, you increase the trigger chance by 2%. This Snake Fist can be combined with other Practicing Manual.”


“Passive effects: Agile (level 1). Your body is more flexible and more physically coordinated. You can make more actions that ordinary people can’t make.”


As Shen Yi expected, Winged Serpent Martial Art is indeed a very special Practicing Manual, not only to enhance the cultivator’s attributes, but also with other special effects.


For each layer, attributes were increased by 2 points, which means that if , Winged Serpent Martial Art was trained to the top layer, it would increase the 90 points of attributes. If calculating with the cost 100BP per point, then there was no doubt that this was a loss, but it was obviously worthwhile if you were calculating 300BP per point. It can be seen that it was better to wait for their respective attributes to reach 40 points and then practice Winged Serpent Martial Art again. If there was anything bad, it was that the growth of the Winged Serpent Martial Art was a little slow, and this greatly offset the value of its enhancement.


Shen Yi now learned that the Winged Serpent Martial Art is actually a waste of some BP, but it did not matter. He can use BP to upgrade his attributes to all 40 points before the Winged Serpent Martial Art raised to the second layer.


What he really cared about was Snake Fist.


It was important to understand that Shen Yi decided to learn to use Winged Serpent Martial Art because he did not have any attacking skills. However, his skill bar has only one slot left, and he dared to not to use it lightly. Therefore, if he wanted to improve his combat strength, he can only improve his normal attack power through Practicing Manuals.


At present, his normal attack had been summed up as a tactic of war due to prolonged battles. Under the condition no one uses skills, even a melee adventurer will not be able to ensure victory against him unless his strength and fighting skills far outweigh him. If there was an auxiliary method, then his strength would surely increase. It may not be possible to deal with a strong team member such as team Strike The Blood, but it was not necessarily bad for the average adventurer.


The Snake Fist of the Winged Serpent Martial Art increased by 10% of the melee damage. It is equivalent to two upgrade of the Fighting Forte. This alone was amazing, and it could be superimposed with the Fighting Forte’s effect, which was currently equivalent to an Expert-level Fighting Forte.


As for the incidental effect, although there was only a 2% chance, normal attacks didn’t have cooldowns like skills, and they may be able to compensate for the lack of quality by using high-speed combos.


Shen Yi’s melee features were high speed, continuous and injurious. This Snake Fist effect was extremely helpful to him. Together with the unique effect of Bone and Joint Dislocation Hands, it was conceivable that Shen Yi’s opponent must face a storm of continuous attack.


As for the passive effect Agile, Shen Yi tried it and found that his body was indeed a bit more soft, but the improvement of strength was limited and unclear. It could also be related to the fact its layer was still low.


It was a pity that, even so, the enhanced effects that the Winged Serpent Martial Art brought to him were nowhere near as good as a Rank CC skill. This could only be said to be a congenital deficiency of the Practicing Manuals, if one did not practice to a certain extent then you could not to play its true value.


When he revealed the characteristics of this Practicing Manual, everyone was speechless.


After thinking about it for a while, Jin Gang said: “This is indeed a good Practicing Manual in conscience, but I think it’s still weaker. To know that this is a special reward after all, it should be more than a normal Practicing Manual. In addition, this book is worth 18,000 points, which is much higher than the price of a general Practicing Manual book. This thing worth 36,000 points plus special rewards, and I’m still feeling a bit illogical with this performance.”


“Who knows? It may also improve performance after several levels.” Shen Yi also felt that it seemed weaker.


“In addition, this method is more suitable for the Agility-Type adventurers, and it requires a strong Fighting Forte to fight. In both of these areas, you have a lack of, I fear that you can not play its role.”


“Now lacking does not mean that there will be a shortage in the future. I can think of ways to make up for this disadvantage.”


Wen Rou immediately said: “You are not going to major in summoning you? Zhou Yiyu suggested that you choose the Maskman Class, you can play the advantages of Delicacy, if you spend more in this area, I’m afraid you can’t master it …”


Shen Yi smiled: “When I was in college, my major was not only a mechanical engineering course. Although people often say that there is a specialty, mastering one thing is better than knowing everything. But it does not mean that it is miscellaneous. There are hundreds of intensified classifications in Bloody City, and I only train two more of them, which is not too much of a business. Compared to Da Vinci’s genius of a dozen fields, I am still far behind. .”


Hong Lang opened his mouth widely and exclaimed: “Are you boasting about yourself or are you showing modesty?”


Shen Yi very seriously answered: “It must be modesty, otherwise I may have to really look for something else. Don’t say something like ‘master of all is master of none’, even if it is true, is it really matter? What about fighting? The overall strength of the comparison is not a single strength. I am not Hong Lang’s opponent in the close combat. but add a gun and summon soldiers, then the situation is different.”


Everyone booed, but when they thought about it, they couldn’t help but admit that he was right.


The next time, everyone continued to train their skills.


Luo Jing’s Mana Shield finally reached level 5, consume 5 MP, the shield has 250 HP, Defense 5.


Hong Lang’s Strong Impact successfully rushed to level 6, causing [2.2 x Strength] damage to individual targets after use.


But for everyone, they were not concerned with this now, they were looking forward to the mission of the world.


Since the last day had not come yet, the Bloody Crest wouldn’t not take the initiative to prompt. If adventurers wanted to know the mission world content of the day, they must go to the transmission area every day to learn the mission of the world through other adventurers.


Every morning, Fatty collected information of all the mission worlds of the day in the transmission area.


As the time passed by one day, with the approach of the 30-day deadline, team Break Blade became more and more nervous.


When it was the twenty-sixth day after their return, there was a shout of excitement in the team channel: “Captain, Pirates of the Caribbean! Today’s mission is Pirates of the Caribbean!”


“What mode?”


“Free To Kill!”


“Everyone, immediately go to the store to buy things, ready to enter the mission world! Remember to drive to the portal in the forty-fifth minute. Don’t give them time to react!”


TL’s note:

  1. There are many names that’s hard to translate, so I changed a bit. It’s not affect the plot at all.


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