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Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 2 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 2

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Avis, Damnation

Book 5 Chapter 2: The Private Residence

Life is sometimes like a dream, one person’s dream may be the another person’s nightmare.


Adventurer’s attitude towards the higher districts has  always been very contradictory.


On one hand, it’s what they are longing for – being there  means they had finally become strong.


On the other hand, it’s exactly what they feared – being here  means more difficult challenges.


Common District was still the Common District, whether it was  Shen Yi, Hong Lang, or other member, they has been here more than once. However, this time, standing here and watching the surrounding scenes, the feeling was completely different.


From today onwards, they would not be passerby instead they would be  a part of this place.


As a city with only a few tens of thousands of people, the architectural layout here is open and the area is relatively large. In addition to the trading area, the bars were relatively lively and most of the other areas were relatively quieter . Going down a street, it was difficult to see anyone’s  figure.


Most of the houses were  scattered, and there was enough rooms for adventurers to choose from. Once selected, they cannot be changed .


“At least here, I will never have headaches for house prices.” Standing in one of the streets, Hong Lang groaned.


They laughed together.


Taking  a look at Shen Yi, Jin Gang asked: “Where do we choose to live?”


Shen Yi thought for a moment and opened his PDA.


“Zeus is ready to serve you, master.”


“Scan the pattern of buildings in the Common District and enter all buildings data.”


“I can only scan the area within 50 meters, someone needs to take me and go through the entire Common District so that I can record the data of all the buildings .”


Shen Yi handed the PDA to Fatty and said, “Luo Hao, run around the entire Common District and come back  here.”


“Oh!” Fatty started running.


Looking at Fatty’s back, Hong Lang was somewhat confused: “Don’t we  just need to find a place to live in? Is it necessary to make this so complicated?”


“Yes.” Shen Yi’s reply was concise: “I don’t want to be spied on even if Bloody City doesn’t  allow us to attack each other.”


An hour later, Fatty came running back with the PDA. Zeus had  recorded the entire Common District’s data.


The entire Common District had  about 2,200 adventurers. This number was one thousand fewer than the 3,300 in the Slums District. It is estimated that there will be only one thousand people left in the Apartment District, and even fewer people as they go up.


In addition, there are about 1,000 buildings in the Common District. With the exception of a small number of functional buildings, all of them are habitable buildings. The vast majority of buildings are empty and can be selected by adventurers to stay in.


“Show 3D images of the buildings and their position.”


With the existence of Zeus, Shen Yi didn’t have to input things manually anymore.


The map of Common District rose from the screen.


In addition to the existing shops, bars and trading squares in the slums, there are obviously several important buildings in the Common District. They are the Research Institute, the Training Ground and the Duel Field. The Research Institute is used to upgrade weapons and equipment, and the duel field is the venue for adventurers. Here, adventurers can duel  each other.


Shen Yi carefully measured the distance between these buildings and then looked at the free space in this area, as well as the confirmed unoccupied areas, and finally pointed to one of them: “We’ll live here.”


Building 125 is located at the corner of the outer edge of Exchange Square. Because there is no sun in Bloody City, it is not clear whether it is in the northeast or southeast. Therefore, it is only possible to use the simplest dichotomy to determine the position.


Building 125 has ten floors and about 80 rooms, but only a few  adventurers lived in it. The five people came to the top floor, everyone took a room. The size of the room is not small, the area is  about more than 100 square feet, but there is nothing inside. It seemed that they would have to buy furniture from the supermarket shopping malls.


“What the hell.” Hong Lang looked at the empty room and said, “The city is too stingy, not even a bed.”


“At least there is no dust, no rats and no crickets, we have automatic lighting equipment and don’t need to pay the electricity bill.” Wen Rou smiled, her room was located next to Shen Yi’s, at this moment she stood with him, watching the open space.


Shen Yi also laughed: “You’re not poor to the point that you don’t have enough BP to buy the bed.”


He stepped into his room and stood before the window.


From here he could clearly see the head of the trading area below. Further away, it was  the training ground. In another window, he could see the bar and supermarket.


Shen Yi turned around and entered the room facing the flood. From here, he could see the duel field and the bar. Basically, all the most important architectural patterns in the Common Districts are well-viewed, and all adventurers’ dynamics are invisible to him.


This is why Shen Yi has chosen to live here.


This is one of the best observation angles in the Common District.


In addition to Building 125, there are two other buildings that also have excellent views, but the top floor there has been occupied.


No one knows that there have been a few new adventurers coming from the Slums District occupying the last best observation point in this area, and nobody pays attention to this. Shen Yi of their arrival is like the leaves falling on the surface of the river.


On the opposite side of Building 125, a middle-aged man was drinking tea.


His way of drinking tea is very strange, because there is no teacup. The tea is flipped in the air and blends naturally with the tea. It seems to be bound by an invisible force field that neither falls nor spreads. After stirring in the air for a moment, the man sucked it up like a whale.


No drop was spilled.


“Captain!” A wretched man appeared at the door.


“What’s the matter?” asked the tea man to close his head.


“Building 125 was admitted to the new tenant.”


“Oh?” The man’s eyes opened and said: “Nether Wolf has just ranked up for a few days and we has already had a new neighbor. Is it a single person or a team?”


“It seems to be several people.”


“That’s a team?”




The middle-aged man stood up and came to the window. From here, he was able to see Building 125.


Then he saw a young man looking out at the window.


The two people’s eyes touched.




The distance between the two buildings is about 30 meters. When Shen Yi and the middle-aged man faced each other, the two men both squatted, then gestured to each other and smiled and nodded, indicating that they were friendly.


But the next moment, the two have left the window at the same time.


When the middle-aged man just left the window, he ordered the wretched man outside: “Ask anyone who knows that team.”


Shen Yi swiftly walked out of the room of Hong Lang: “I will go to the supermarket to buy some curtains, and all the windows must be covered with curtains.”


“Why do you have to manage the layout of the room?” cried the Honglang disgruntled.


“Because I’m willing to.” Shen Yi said, opening his Bloody Crest: “Confirm the choice of room, open protection measures, non-permitted personnel shall not enter.”


The Bloody Crest returned a message: “After confirmation of private residence is completed, shelter protection is opened, and non-invited personnel will be subject to the city’s punishment if enter without permission. Team 641 members formally become members of Common Districts. Members of Common Districts can choose to hide their own appearance rights and make non-permissible adventurers can’t see their faces, and the privilege doesn’t block the ability to penetrate vision or detect the class. After confirming the selection, you need to pay 100 BP per month.”


“Confirm hidden.”


The five men also had a haze at the same time. Since then, no one but their own has been able to see their faces. However, it is only the face that is masked. Through clothing and behavior, it is not difficult for a caring person to tell who the other person is.


After completing this incident, Shen Yi was relieved.


“What’s next?” Jin Gang asked.


“Of course it is first to add some necessary items to our room. Let’s go, we go shopping.” Shen Yi laughed.




The shopping malls in Common Districts were not responsible for sales. Adventurers can pick goods here, put them in their Bloody Crest after selection, and BP would be automatically deducted.


After coming to the mall, the members of the team 641 soon discovered that the biggest difference between having a place to live and not having a place to live was not that their quality of life had improved, but that the amount of money they had spent to ensure basic living needs had increased.


For example, before everyone used sleeping tents or sleeping bags, the only thing to do after solving the eating problem was to train every day.


However, now that there is a place to live in, everyone suddenly realized that there are many things that they must buy. Such as beds, and tables and chairs sofas, curtains and so on.


If they wanted to make their living environment better, then these expenditures are actually not small numbers. The problems that can be solved in the past with dozens of BP have instantly risen to hundreds or even thousands.


The consumption of BP caused by the living suddenly increased at this moment, making people become uncomfortable.


For example, at this moment, Hong Lang stood on a double bed and touched his chin, his face had the hesitation expression.


“What’s wrong?” Jin Gang touched him with his shoulder.


“How do you think of this bed?” asked Hong Lang.




“Unfortunately, it’s a bit expensive. It’s about 50 BP.”


“Why do you have to buy a double bed?”


“Sleeping comfortably.” Hong Lang replied, “I don’t have a good night’s sleep. I lie down straight every day and climb up.”


“Then I think you’re better off sleeping on the floor.”


“F*ck your mother. I had been sleeping on the floor for half a year and that’s enough for my entire life.”


“Then you will buy it.”


“Too expensive.”


“Then you don’t buy it.”


“But I want a bed!”




Standing not far away, looking at Hong Lang and Jin Gang were bickering like children, Shen Yi and Wen Rou laughed.


He said: “The most interesting thing in the world is the same thing. When you look at it from a different perspective, it will have completely different feelings. Think about this before, we have come to the Common District so many times. But it has never really been known before, and it’s no wonder that Lan Yan said that we are truly one of the Bloody City’s adventurers from now on. Before that, life was actually just a basic training before entering the city… Fortunately, our foundation is playing well.”


Wen Rou said immediately: “I feel that from this aspect one can see different people’s different attitudes toward life. Some people choose to lower the quality of life in order to live. Some people prefer to live a short life and they must cherish every moment of their lives. Even if the former enters the Common District, it may still live in a slum area. The latter, at least, will not be so much wronged.”


“What about you?” Shen Yi asked. “Are you the former or the latter?”


Wen Rou’s beautiful big eyes circled around, and after thinking very much, she answered with certainty: “You and I belong to the latter.”


Shen Yi laughed.


He whispered softly in her ear: “If this is the case, I suggest that you buy a luxury bed worth 320 BP, it’s very comfortable to sleep.”


“My sleeping position is good. I don’t need such a big bed.”


“But my sleeping position is very bad…” Shen Yi said meaningfully.


Wen Rou face immediately rose red, and her legs kicked toward Shen.


Shen Yi laughed and did not dodge because a white energy shield surrounded him, blocked the blow. At the same time, Shen Yi loudly declared: “Each one of you must spend 500 BP, otherwise you are not allowed to leave!”




Author note: There are agreement guarantees on the trading behavior between Shen Yi and A Li. I will not write it. If I have these basic behaviors later, I will skip them all. Because I found that describing the basic behavior is often easy to lead. Skipping these basic behaviors later will eliminate some unnecessary content and avoid lengthiness.


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