Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 20

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 20: The Oncoming Storm

Walking through the portal, the adventurers who were just in the city had suddenly appeared on the blue sea.


Under their feet was a rocking shipboard, the sound of the waves crashed into the ears, and the wind blew in the breeze.


Shen Yi looked around and found himself on a three-masted sailing vessel.


The sailors were running up and down the ship, and some were shouting: “The storm is coming, set sail, set sail!”


A sailor shouted to Shen Yi: “Mr. Deerman, please go to the cabin!”


Shen Yi’s Bloody Crest has sent a prompt.


“Mission World: Pirates of the Caribbean.”


“Background: At the beginning of the 17th century, a group of businessmen established the East India Company and launched a world-wide economic plunder with the support of the United Kingdom. Through large amounts of maritime trade, the United Kingdom’s government made huge profits. During the process, a large imperial navy fleet was established and became a sea hegemon. In order to establish a maritime trade monopoly, the East India Company devoted itself to the development of maritime forces and attacked all non-East Indian companies’ merchant vessels. From the 16th century, the Caribbean became a Pirate’s paradise: The East India Company’s maritime trade was greatly affected by the existence of piracy in the Caribbean, and for this reason, the East India Company has repeatedly launched a war on piracy. In this ocean, the British Royal Navy fleet has become the East India Company. The most powerful weapon, attacking all targets that can be attacked, including pirates, also includes personnel trading vessels that are not licensed by the company…”


“Main Quest: Escort shipments to the Tuyouga Port for trade. The mission is completed: Reward 2,000 BP for each cargo. If the cargo will be partially destroyed, an appropriate amount of BP will be deducted. The execution time is one month for the mission to be defeated.”


“Side Quest 1: Clearing up the pirate. Eliminating the pirate ship and pirates on board during the escort process. With each destroyed ship, reward of 500 to 3,000 BP. Destroy Black Pearl, reward 6,000 BP. Failure to complete the task does not incur any punishment.”


“Side Quest 2: Clearing up Navy Fleet. In the escort process, the Royal Navy’s warships and battleship commanders are to be eliminated. With each destroyed ship, reward of 500 to 3,000 BP. Destroy HMS Dauntless, reward 6,000 BP. Failure to complete the mission does not incur any penalty.”


“Mission Mode: Free To Kill. There are 42 adventurers in this mission. Adventurers can attack each other and damage won’t be reduced by default. Killing adventurers can get three random items or a specified item.”


“All adventurers will be trade ship owners. During the execution of the mission, they will also be attacked by both the British Royal Navy Fleet and pirate ships.”


“This task has a standard score of 9,000 BP. Above the standard score and the first three are harvested, they receive a 10% to 30% BP bonus. The harvest is below the standard score, excluding 4500 points. Those with insufficient blood stasis are obliterated.”


“Optional Quest: The commander of the ghost ship Flying Dutchman, David Jones, issued a wishing order to satisfy people’s various wishes on the condition that they will work on his ship for a hundred years. With the acceptance of this quest, you will get a help from the Flying Dutchman, but at the same time, you will also be hunted down by it for refusing to go to work on the ship.”


Seeing this information, Shen Yi basically understood the full situation of this mission.


There was no doubt that this time he was separated from all his teammates.


This situation was not very good, but it was not too bad – much better than encountering team Strike The Blood right after entering the mission world.


Shen Yi was very sure that team Strike The Blood had entered here. Before team Break Blade entered the portal, he clearly saw Xie Rongjun’s angry face. He led a group of people coming to the portal.


To his astonishment, this Free To Kill mode was obviously encouraging the adventurers to kill each other. Every shipment of goods to the Tuyouga Port can be rewarded with 2000 BP. The meaning of the city was simple and clear – you can grab goods from other adventurers as long as you like. Not only that, killing each other can also get the other’s legacy.


In this one, the Main Quest must be completed. The Side Quest was plainly self-imposed. You couldn’t do it as you couldn’t reach the 9,000 BP standard by merely transporting goods. Once it deducted 4500 points, the consequences would  still be useless. It takes less than a month to transport cargo to Tuyouga Port. What was the extra time for? Obviously it was for everyone to complete Side Quest.


This Side Quest was actually a mandatory task. The only difference was that you could decide how much to complete. Killing a target is killing and killing 100 targets is also killing.


Perhaps this is the significance of the Free To Kill mode.


In addition, this mission even had a standard score, requiring adventurers to harvest no less than this number.


It looks like the pass line that the city has designated for adventurers. Punishment would be required if you did not meet the standards.


His thinking was interrupted by the cry of the sailor: “Mr. Deerman, please come to the cabin! The storm is coming!”


“Thank you for your kindness, Philip, but it is not necessary.” Shen Yi now knew the full condition of the ship he was on.


This ship is called “The Potato” and is a cargo ship from Jamaica, but the captain is not a Jamaican but a Spaniard. At the end of the last century, the Spaniards and the British once had a sea battle in the English Channel. The defeat of the Spanish Armada indicated the beginning of the decline of Spain. The United Kingdom was encouraged by the naval battles and made considerable progress in commerce, exploration, and colonization. It had become a feature of the “Elizabethan” era and has also led to the rise of the “East India Company.”


Shen Yi’s identity at this time was the employer of The Potato. After importing a shipment from Jamaica, he hired The Potato to ship the goods.




There were dark clouds in the distance and it seemed that there was a big storm coming. The sailors were all busy.


Shen Yi, who was dressed in a trench coat, stood on the bow.


His costume was still from the 21st century, which completely distinguished him from the ragged sailors.


The sailors were not surprised that this shipper was strangely dressed but instead  wondered if he wanted to have a taste of the storm. “Let him taste it. He will know it.” Of course, they did not know that Shen Yi did not care about the storm. He was now in contact with his teammates.


“Everyone is all right?”


Wen Rou voice clearly came out: “Very bad, I’m with a large group of stinking men. But this is not the worst. The worst thing is that they even treated me like a man!”


The voice of Hong Lang’s laughing voice spread through the channel: “That’s your own fault for wearing male clothes.”


“I just don’t want to grab the limelight of the heroine. I didn’t expect that we wouldn’t even see Captain Sparrow at all.”


Jin Gang immediately said: “This is better. I like the world without plot restrictions.”


“But there are restrictions on goods. Captain, the city this time does not have good intentions, let us fight with other people.” Luo Hao also said.


“Yes, I know.” Shen Yi replied: “My ship is shipping a lot of cloves. Damn, it is one of the most valued goods of the British people. In order to monopolize the trade rights of cloves, they did not hesitate to wage war. Its value may be second only to opium. The most ridiculous thing is that these goods cannot be put into our Bloody Crest, that is to say, anyone can take the goods away.”


“Or burn.” Jin Gang added: “And the size of these goods in the boat is not big, a ship can load at least twenty shipments. Bloody City leaves enough space for each boat for us to rob others. ”


“This issue is not considered for the time being. Our main goal is to deal with team Strike The Blood. As for the quests… Do everything as far as possible. Now we first identify our respective positions and try to get together early.” Drawing lessons from the last separation, this time each member had their own compass and chart, which made it easy for them to find each other and establish their positions.


But even without this, they could clearly identify each other’s position – they were not too far away from each other, 42 ships were located in the same area of the sea and could see each other far away, not to mention positioning.


However, this was the problem.


For Bloody City, it didn’t need to consider the enmity between adventurers. Therefore, the ship closest to you may not be the teammate’s boat, but may be your enemy.


The problem that caused Shen Xin a headache wass that there were at least seven ships between him and his closest companion.


He was s not sure how many of the seven ships belonged to team Strike The Blood.


As long as there were two ships that belonged to team Strike The Blood and they were discovered by them in time, the consequences would be worrying.


In this case, it was necessary to make careful choices and treat each other carefully. If you found yourself in the encirclement of the enemy fleet, you better take advantage of the chance to escape. If you have surrounded an enemy, you must chase him and kill him!


This was a change caused by the special marine environment, but this was not the most important.




Xie Rongjun stood on the bow of the ship. His expression was even darker than the black clouds on the horizon. The external storm had not yet arrived. Xie Rongjun’s heart was beating wildly with horror.


Was it a coincidence? Or deliberate?


Why did Shen Ye suddenly enter the mission world in advance and chose Pirates of the Caribbean?


Marine operations and land combat are two different things. It had too many things that were completely different from land requirements.


The ship was like a floating island. It moved forward in the waves and bumps. Compared to the stationary mainland world, the world on the water was always active, intense and at the same time also unpredictable.


The worst thing was that almost all members of the Pricking Blood team have not had any reinforcement in this area.


With this thought in mind, Xie Rongjun watched the Bloody Crest again:


“You are currently located in a special terrain: shipboard. Affected by the waves and waves of the sea, all of your abilities will be reduced by 20%. When you fight in the water, you are affected by water resistance, all your attacks, moving speeds and attacks. Speed will be reduced by 60%, and further weakened according to the depth of diving. Long-term water life will further reduce your physical fitness and disease resistance.”


This fact almost made Xie Rongjun crazy.


In the team channel, Dreamy came to an unheard word: “Captain Xie, the situation is somewhat untrue, and our strength is greatly affected by the environment. In addition to Clown, no one has Swimming Forte.”


Ming sneered: “Then what? They didn’t have Swimming Forte too.”


“Fool, they didn’t have it before, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have it by now.” De Yu’s voice drifted away: “The battlefield was chosen by the enemy. Since they dare to choose this, of course, they will prepare.”


Is this right?


Xie Rongjun suddenly has an ominous premonition.


He croaked in his voice: “If this is the case, then who can tell me how Shen Yi knew we were not good at water warfare? Where did our information come from?”


This time, no one could answer him.


The dark clouds in the distance were getting closer and closer, and a storm was coming.


In order to display their skills in this vast ocean world, adventurers would first experience a wild baptism of nature.

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