Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 21

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon, Sadisthacker

Book 5 Chapter 21: The End of The Storm


The storm is coming.


The sky already became dark, as if night had descended.


The lightning that was flashing in the dark clouds suddenly flickered off like a light bulb.


Clouds thundered as if a sea god was roaring.


The waves rolled by the hurricane have a height of tens of meters. They came one by one, like a tall building that can move, throwing everything on their path to the sky.


If a person wanted to survive the storm, they would have to advance in the wind.


Only by facing the storm head on and standing on the cusp of waves, they could be proud of being able to stand against this ever-changing ocean.


Those who could survive in such a sea mostly had extraordinary courage. They were either rebellious or had a strong fortitude, or were bold or open-minded, or aggressive.


Only by bravely facing the waves, they could advance.


The sailors on The Potato’s board, under the command of their captain, were struggling to fight the storm. Releasing the rope, taking off the sail, swinging the paddles, and the helm of the boat desperately controlled the balance of the ship, heading towards the flood peak. On the contrary to the sailor’s attitude, their action was uniform.


Shen Yi stood tall on the ship’s bow. His feet were rooted on the surface of the boat and remained motionless.


Before the great power of nature, he neither resisted it nor shrank before it, but he stared, and savored it, as if he was watching a painting, and was unaware that he was already in the painting.


This was certainly his own strength, but it was also related to his ability.


Basic-level Swimming Forte: Unaffected by the adverse effects of special terrain such as shipboard. When combating in water, all type of attacks, movement and attack speeds are halved, and the tolerance to water life increases.


The Swimming Forte greatly enhanced his ability to adapt to the sea. Team Break Blade had to pay a full 10,000 points for this.


“Shen Yi! The waves are very big! The ship seems to be unable to hold up!” The voices of Jin Gang, Hong Lang and others were heard from the channel.


“Is it difficult for you to have an appetizer before the official task?”


“This appetizer is a bit hard and could get stuck in our throats!”


“Don’t worry, the ship is not so easily destroyed, otherwisee how can we perform the task?” Shen Yi said, looking at the sky overhead: “But it seems we still have to do something to ensure safety.”


“Do what?”


“That depends on what the trouble is.” Shen Yi leisurely answered.


A fierce big wave came in, caught a sailor and threw him toward the ocean. The sailor yelled as he danced in the air.


Shen Yi did not lift his head but his right hand rose. The Flying Claws flew over the air and seized the sailor. He simply took him back from the hands of Poseidon.


The sailor fluttered down to the ground and looked around in amazement. Obviously he could not figure out how he came back. His ass was then kicked by the first officer: “This bastard, hurry to work if you’re not dead! Turn 12 degrees!”


The sailor rushed to work.


Shen Yi looked calmly at this scene and he shouted: “We take care to protect the sailors! Without enough sailors, the boat’s ability to move will be greatly limited.”


“Got it!”


“The other storm should be a good time for us to take the opportunity to meet each other. Everyone, approach Wen Rou’s location immediately. You can go forward as far as possible and rush to the front!”




Shen Yi walked quickly to the captain.


Captain Courtney of The Potato was roaring and directing sailors to fight this storm. He tied himself to the main mast, waved his hat, and took a bottle of rum in his hand and shouted, “Come on, my children! Add strength! This f*****g weather can’t maintain for long! The dawn is in sight!”


Shen Yi came to Courtney and asked, “Captain Courtney, what do I need to help?”


Courtney looked at him in wonder: “How did you come up?”


He saw Shen Yi holding onto the mast with only one hand and then sitting down with ease. Although the storm hit him all over the body, his face looked slightly weathered like he was taking a shower in the hot spring.


“It doesn’t matter, Captain. I’m asking where you need my help?”


“No, no, kid. It’s just a small wind. It’s no big deal. We’ll be able to get through quickly.”


“Small wind?” Shen Si looked at the captain with some skepticism.


Courtney scratched his head and corrected himself: “Not too small, but it is definitely not the worst I have ever seen.”


“Since this is the case, maybe I can ask you to deflect the heading slightly and head southwest!”


“That is not easy. It is very difficult for us to keep sailing in such a storm. We must adjust the position according to the wind direction, or if there is a cross wind, you know what the consequences are!”


“Of course, the ship will be toppled. But in this case the crosswinds are not powerful. Maybe we can top it?”


“I think it is difficult unless there is enough ballast to make our ship more stable.”


“How much?”


“At least 20 tons.”




Two giant metal arms suddenly appeared on the board of The Potato, which forced the entire ship and Shen Yi deeper into the water.


Everyone was stunned and Courtney himself looked even more shocked: “Oh my God, it’s…”


“The ballast.” Shen Yi replied: “About twenty tons. I can adjust the weight according to your needs, as long as you can let me quickly pass through this area.”


Using the Harvester as a ballast, there was no adventurer had such a reckless thought before. If the Harvester had a mind of its own, it would surely mourn with sorrow.


Courtney rolled his eyes: “You must be the son of Poseidon. It must be!”


“Even if I am, I would only be just a step son.”




The Potato bravely marched forward in the storm.


Shen Yi no longer paid attention to sailing. He left professional things for the professional people to do. Even with superhuman abilities, in this vast ocean, his performance may not be better than professional sailors.


The storm on the sea was still fierce.


It was always hard to imagine how people could protect themselves before the power of this world, without experiencing the stormy waves. The sailors cursed loudly about the bad weather but worked bravely, and managed to control the wooden boat so it would not to tip over. The prepared knowledge before entering the mission made it possible for him to understand how much the sailors were doing and why they did so. This made him occasionally available for help. Adventurers who had passively entered the world of Pirates of the Caribbean would collapse and fail.


An hour’s preparation was not enough for them to learn and understand the knowledge of the ship. Water fight was not a must for every adventurer. Many people did not even do the most basic preparations. Even the compass and the chart were forgotten. With the waves on the boat, their head was dizzy and they cried.


Occasionally, when a wave striked, one or two sailors would be taken from the boat. Some adventurers simply did not care about the life and death of “insignificant” sailors.


However, as the waves increased, these people have to pay for it.


Under the squat of a lightning brush from the sky, the mast of a ship on the sea was cut into two.


The main sail pole broke and fell, and the sailors panicked to escape. The boat was not controlled and began to tilt in the storm.


When a big wave hit, the ship was slammed from the side, like a hand on a toy, and the ship turned over…


The storm would not break the boat, but it could overturn the boat.


Seeing all this from the telescope, Shen sighed.


“One out.” He said.


“Is it going to be a person from team Strike The Blood?” asked Wen Rou.


“I don’t know, the night is too dark, and it’s too far to see. But I think they shouldn’t be that bad.”


“I hope that they were that bad.” Hong Lang muttered.


Everyone laughed loudly in the channel.


For adventurers who were not yet able to control nature, and whose strength was not yet able to compete with the forces of nature, the battle at sea was more comprehensive than normal. The ability to adapt to water, the knowledge of the ships, the understanding of the sea, the degree of utilization of weather changes, there were various unplanned factors which could give advantages.


Shen Yi did not know if team Strike The Blood could survive this storm, but he knew that if he felt uncomfortable, Xie Rongjun would not feel better.


The storm in front of the room was like a hurricane that whistled in the secret chamber. It was low and with a strange swirling sound. The waves surged and waved against the surface of the boat.


Looking at this raging storm, Shen Yi’s eyes glowed in excitement.


He opened his arms and suddenly shouted to the sky: “Just let the storm come harder!”


The thunder rumbled in the sky as if it wanted to satisfy Shen Yi’s demand.




The storm was like a naughty God, playing the adventurers with their hands.


Xie Rongjun’s face had grown into a reddish purple with rage and frustration. “Little Widow” is now supported by seasoned captains and sailors. He had superhuman strength but did not have any use. His Dragon Flame Blade were all invincible, but were useless in the storm; his Bloody Sabre was fierce and unparalleled, but it couldn’t push back the thunderbolt; his Guarding Fortress could guard himself, but he could not protect the merchant ship. This damn mission made him fall into passive position from the beginning.


“Captain! The ship is not going to support it!” Some members shouted in the team channel.


“Shut up! How many winds and waves have come over. Can a simple mission like Pirates of the Caribbean keep us all useless? This storm is just a prelude to the task, brushing off some unqualified adventurers. If even we, team Strike The Blood, can’t pass this test, everyone should go die!” Xie Rongjun’s fury spread through the team channel to every member of the team’s ears: “Keep your ship and protect the sailors. I believe that these waves must be Bloody City’s creation, so it must put a limit on them! It’s impossible to create an uncontrolled storm!”


In the end, as a veteran adventurer, Xie Rongjun also saw the key to the problem.


In the end, this storm would just a trick to scare people. As long as adventurers themselves caused no problem, they would certainly survive.


However, as if mocking Shen Yi’s and Xie Rongjun’s predictions, the weather suddenly changed at this time.


A large tornado swept in the center of the ocean. The circling wind column passed through the sky. It was followed by clouds and the sea was next. It was like an upright giant who inhaled the sea into the air and poured out a sky over the sky, falling from the sky, creating a storm in a region.


“Oh, hell no!”


All the captains on this route and adventurers also made sounds of amazement.


Although this spectacular scene was shocking, it also made everyone’s heart fall to the bottom as hopes were dashed. Even Shen Yi was stunned and looked at this huge column of wind, and wondered if the tornado went towards him, what would that be like? A complete disaster.


Would Bloody City plan to take away most of the adventurers before the official mission begin?


The wind column was spinning rapidly, roaring and rambling on the sea, as lightning flashed one after another. The night sky was dark and uncertain. The sound of wind in the ear was like the roar of a large truck engine. The shocked people were unsettled and this put their minds under a great test.


Everyone’s heart grew a little desperate.


At this moment, there was a sudden burst of sunlight in the sky.


The sun ray broke through the clouds and spilled to the ground.


Although it was just a glimpse, it brought with it endless vitality.


Suddenly, the giant tornado disappeared, as if it had never existed before.


The storm rushed back and forth, and the sky clouds disappeared and disappeared. The sky was bright.


As the hurricane ceased, the sea suddenly returned to calm.


Everything had happened so suddenly, just as the raging sea had just become like a gentle woman under thin light, a slight wave hit the side of the ship and only issued a quiet splash.


“This…what’s going on?” everyone yelled.


How did the storm suddenly disappear?


“Shen Yi, do you know what’s going on?”


Shen Yi did not answer.


He was enjoying the beautiful scene in front of him.


Under the blue sky, seagulls flew in groups, and the sun shone in the waves. Some ships on the sea were re-elevating their sails. After experiencing that storm, adventurers were once again on the road.


After thinking about it, he replied, “I don’t know how the storm suddenly disappeared, but perhaps we will soon see the answer.”


As if to confirm Shen Yi’s words, the calm sea suddenly rose again and again.


A peculiarly shaped ship suddenly emerged from the water, and its huge spikes of the bow opened like a shark’s mouth. The ship looked like a horrible sea monster.


The speed of the boat was so fast that just after it rushed out of the water, it sailed at a high speed to a merchant ship. The long, sharp spikes were like the brute force of a strong man who forcibly entered the woman’s body!


“Ghost ship! It’s a ghost ship!” All adventurers shouted loudly.


“It’s the Flying Dutchman…” Shen Yi also muttered to himself, “I think now we know how the storm has stopped, right? Some people think that the ghost ship is better to deal with than the storm ….”


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