Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 22

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 22: Safely Departure

After completed the assault, the ghost ship drifted away, leaving a glimmer of nightmare in everyone’s hearts.


Countless debris, of the shipwreck were found scattered floating on the surface of the sea. Occasionally, some survivors called for help but they were ignored.


This was the Free To Kill mode. No adventurer trusted another unless they were good friends or members of the same team.


No one knew if the adventurers on each ships were still alive.


He may have been captured by Flying Dutchman’s captain Davy Jones and had to work hard for a hundred years on the ghost ship – being an adventurer, it meant that the mission has failed, in other words it meant the death penalty.


Maybe he was still alive, drifting on the sea, waiting for a man to save him. But his ship was destroyed and the shipments were gone. Even if he was saved now, he still had only a dead end. For adventurers, rescuing him  only meant creating a danger for the shipments on boat and for themselves.


Wen Rou’s “Princess Ivana” and Jin Gang’s “Beautiful Lover” have already met.


The distance between Hong Lang’s “Maxim Manor” and Luo Hao’s “Little Boy” is not far away.


Shen Yi’s “The Potato” was able to venture closer to everyone’s distance, as he ventured through the storm zone. From the telescope others could see that The Potato is coming from the wind and waves.


Wen Rou put down her own far-infrared telescope: “We can see The Potato. Shen Yi, let your sailors work harder, we are waiting for you here.”


“Don’t just wait for me but be careful about the surroundings.”


Shen Yi was also looking around with his own telescope.


More and more ships were visible on the sea. The storm did not drive everyone away, but it had brought many people closer.


Adventurers were looking for friends and watching out for their opponents. Unless it was a someone they knew, no one wanted to be close to anyone.


However, there were some boats that were trying to get close to each other .


They were looking at the adventurers on board and trying to see if they could spot any familiar faces they are looking for.


Xie Rongjun heard from his team members from time to time:


“This boat is not it.”


“I didn’t see any of them.”


“Nothing found!”


“One of the guys thought I was going to attack him and desperately sent me a warning. Haha.”


Young Widow moved quickly on the sea, and Xie Rongjun was constantly searching.


Although he was not fully prepared, he still didn’t forget to carry necessary equipments like the telescope.


A ship in the distance caught his attention.


“The Potato… The name is interesting.” Xie Rongjun looked forward along the direction of the potato. He saw four ships being assembled at the farthest end.


“Attention, there are five ships that are assembling. It may be Shen Yi’s team. All people come closer to me.”


“I also saw the captain. I’m closer to them. I’ll take a look first.” Dreamy said in the channel.


“Be careful, if they are, they will certainly preempt you.”


“Rest assured, I know what to do. I will not fight head-on. They can destroy my ship at most. I can rob someone else’s boat later.”


“Very good.” Xie Rongjun nodded with satisfaction.


The strength of Dreamy may not be considered as strong in team Strike The Blood, but he was a careful person and not easy to take risk. In the Bloody City, this is an important quality.


After thinking about it, he still felt uneasy, and added an order: “Don’t try to catch the four-person team, stop The Potato first. Clown, you go and form a double-teaming with Dreamy. If the ship does belong to Shen Yi, don’t attack. Wait until we come in. Pandora, Chen Yi, Lu Chi, No. 47, Yu Li, you five chase the four ships. Remember carefully, if it’s an enemy, don’t rush to fight, drag it out!”


“Understood!” Everyone agreed.




In the telescope, two sailboats were heading towards themselves from the left and right sides.


“The Dolissa” and “The Cheese”.


“Shen Yi, you’re careful, it must have been team Strike The Blood’s boat.” Wen Rou had also discovered the situation, and was anxious.


“See. Xie Rongjun must be nearby. They must have seen the problem. You must leave first.”


“how about you?”


“I will catch up with you.”




“If you don’t go, they will even doubt me more. I can’t go.”


Wen Rou bite the beak, finally agreed: “Well, let’s go one step ahead and take care of yourself.”


“Ivana Princess” took the lead along the route and the remaining three followed.


Team Strike The Blood saw all of this.


“Captain, four ships has left! Do you want to catch up?” Chen Yi called.


“Captain, there are more than a dozen ships there have not been checked! All the boats are leaving, what should I do?” This is the blue bottle calling.


“We call them to stop the boat, but no one cares for us.”


“What about the bleeding banner?”


“I’m afraid they will run faster!”


Xie Rongjun’s brow furrowed: “First look at The Potato.”




The Dolissa and The Cheese continued to move closer to The Potato.


Seeing that the two ships were getting closer and closer, Shen Yi took out the T-1000.


“You know what to do, right?”


No. 1 nodded.


The body of the liquid metal began to deform, and a rough Chinese figure gradually generated. The T1000’s simulation ability was very powerful, not only looks, even the display of Bloody Crest could also be simulated.


The captain next to him looked stunned.


After putting a telescope in No. 1’s  hand and a trench coat on No. 1’s body, Shen Yi said to the captain, “He is now your owner instead of me. I hope you can accept him.”


“Oh my Poseidon…” The captain almost fell down.


Shen Yi took his hand off the bow. Going to a sailor, he picked up his sailor’s cap and put it on his head. Then he said to him, “Give me your clothes. I’ll help you. You’ll go there for a rest.”


The Dolissa approached gradually.


Dreamy was standing on the bow and looked at No. 1 with prudence.


The other party also looked at him with warning eyes, probably suspecting that he wanted to take the goods.


The two boats were about fifty meters away from each other and faced each other for a moment.


Dreamy’s sleepy eyes stayed on the Bloody Crest of No. 1 and finally replied: “It’s not them.”


Xie Rongjun’s sigh came from the channel: “To search for other boats, the four boats are too far apart to be chased for the time being, and it is not for you to come back.”




The Dolissa and The Cheese began to turn.


The potato number glided forward with the Dolissin, far behind the two ships.


Staring at the back of the Potato, Dreamy felt that something was wrong, but couldn’t think of it at that moment.


As the time passed, members who went to check other boats returned with no sign.


“We still missed several ships and did not check?” Xie Rongjun asked.


“In addition to the four ships that left previously, eight of them have not been inspected. Some haven’t even been touched, and others are too far away from us. Now all of them have already left.”


“In other words, Shen Yi’s team should be in these twelve ships.”


“Not necessarily.” Dreamy, who did not feel so, suddenly said.


“What?” Everyone stunned.


“The adventurer of The Potato is very strange. I have never seen him before. I doubt that…”


Xie Rongjun’s face sank: “Send his picture to everyone and compare with the data in the computer.”


“It has already been painted.” Before entering the bloody city, Dreamy was a talent student for the art department. He has already drawn a good sketch.


The picture was passed to everyone’s hands through Bloody Crest. Xie Rongjun took out a laptop from his Bloody Crest.


Compared to the PDA, this notebook is much cheaper and only costs 300 BP. It is the most common type. It does not have such functions as scanning, but fortunately, the power is also endless. The most important thing is that there are a lot of data of adventurers was stored on this computer.


Whenever a member of the team comes into contact with a person, his name, identity, and information are all recorded on this computer for use as a backup.


This is a vast and arduous task, and it requires a long-term commitment.


From above it can also be seen the difference between team Strike The Blood and team Break Blade. In the former’s eyes, other adventurers are the first enemy, and the mission world is second only. In the latter’s eyes, they do not have a clear imaginary enemy, but strong self is the key.


The fame of team Strike The Blood was created not through the missions, but through the killing of other adventurers. In the course of fighting against the enemy, they also had a wealth of experience.


In the opinion of team Strike The Blood members, killing other adventurers was indeed easier than gaining benefits from the mission, although the risk was even greater.


The Free To Kill mode was the favorite of the strong teams like them. Not to mention that they were only checking other ships now because they had not yet converged and the Main Quest of this mission had not yet been resolved. Once they met the main goal, all remaining adventurers would become their targets.


In this case, being good at collecting information from other adventurers was an important guarantee for success and victory.


Some people may think that this was inconsistent with the irresponsibility that Xie Rongjun respected before. However, in fact, not harassing usually means that you don’t incur troubles that don’t bring benefits to yourself, and you don’t cause troubles that you can’t afford to deal with. As for the trouble that could bring you benefits and is untouchable, you should try your best to provoke them.


Whether it is Xie Rongjun or Shen Yi, it is actually the same in this regard.


At this moment, Xie Rongjun compared the portraits sent by his dreams with all the adventurers on his computer, and found that none of them matched. At the same time, other members of team Strike The Blood also stated that they have never seen this person.


“Captain, can you say that there are still people in Shen Yi who can transform?”


“I haven’t said that they have this ability in our intelligence.”


Xie Rongjun’s brow was frowned: “There may not have been before, it does not mean that it is not present. Zhou Yiyu also said that he left Shen Yi in the midst of that mission. As for the people who have fallen after that, is it right? Nobody knows anything else.”


“The problem is that the last time they passed was the Terminator 2018 world. I didn’t hear about this ability.”


“It’s not only available from the mission world, it can also be purchased from stores.”


“Perhaps some kind of item?”


“Perhaps it is someone else who has a transforming ability.”


“It may also be a newcomer who has just entered Common District.”


There were be too many opinions, but there were no accurate answers.


Xie Rongjun’s heart sank: “Enough! There are twelve ships that haven’t been checked. All of them are gathered and sailing toward Tutujia Port. As long as Shen Yi is still in this world, as long as he doesn’t want to be obliterated by the city, he will go there. We must go to Tutujia Port. We have too many opportunities to find him on this road….Assemble the ships! Raise the blood flag!”


After the assembly of the fleet was completed, twelve blood red flags rose over the Caribbean Sea.


It was a symbol of the ranks of the strong in the Common District.


Any adventurer who sees this flag would automatically withdraw.


Putting down the telescope, Shen Yi sighed in relief.


“Wen Rou, Jin Gang, I’ve been out of the concentration area. Let’s see … we’ll meet in an hour from now.”


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