Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 23

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 23: HMS Rover (Part 1)

At the sunset, The Potato finally caught up with Princess Ivana.

Five large ships proceed in parallel on the sea.

They deviated slightly from the route so that they could avoid encounters with other adventurer ships. A considerable number of adventurers who are unwilling to find trouble in the mission world will also make such a choice. A few adventurers who think they are strong or who will form gangs will still sail on the main channel.

Shen Yi is sitting on the bow to see the chart.

Wen Rou grabbed a sailing rope from Princess Ivana and swung herself onto The Potato, acting like a pirate.

Then Jin Gang and others also ran to this side and landed in front of Shen Yi.

“Why didn’t you keep your own boat, but instead came to mine?” Shen Yi laughed.

“Anyway, nothing is happening right now, so I want to come to chat with you.” Hong Lang replied: “The team channel is unlike a walkie-talkie. Not to mention people of this era cannot understand it. Even if it is in the 21st century, most people will think that you were talking to yourself. People think you’re crazy, that kind of look is really uncomfortable.”

Jin Gang sat beside Shen Yi: “Speaking face to face is really more comfortable. The biggest problem in the mission world has been resolved. Now, Shen Yi, what are the plans?”

Initially, before entering into the Pirates of the Caribbean, team Break Blade had a comprehensive plan for dealing with team Strike The Blood, but everything was related only to the selection of the mission world and related preparations.

Team Strike The Blood was an extremely powerful combat team in front of the battlefield. To win this game, Shen Yi must choose a mobile battlefield with special terrain and features. Oceans, deserts, snow-capped mountains, and even space were all within the options of Shen Yi. Although the mission worlds of Bloody City were a myriad of wonders and weres not limited to the world of movies, the world with the above-mentioned topography still existed in abundance. With normal odds, they could definitely wait for such a world.

The problem is that they could do data collection and preparation for these worlds, but they would not know what world they would eventually enter and what they would face later.

What would the mission mode be? What was the mission’s content?

After entering, would everyone be together? Or they would be split?

No one knew.

This was also the most unpredictable and controllable part and could only be determined by luck and strength.

Plans made without knowing anything were meaningless, so everyone’s preparations were limited to just the entry. Only after entering, they could go one step further.

At that moment, Jin Gang asked him, and Shen Yu replied: “Team Strike The Blood is a problem, but we can’t only pay attention to them and ignore the Main Quest. In addition, to send the goods to the Port of Tortuga, we must reach the standard of 9,000 points. That is to say, in the process of transporting goods along this road, we must also get more than 7,000 blood points per person.”

Seven thousand BP means that each adventurer would destroy at least three or more high-ranking warships or pirate ships. Of course, you could also choose to directly grab the goods from other adventurers—destroy four and accomplish one.

“I don’t know if the British ships can deal with them in the end.” Hong Lang murmured.

“We don’t know until we fight.” Jin Gang said.

“Where?” asked Hong Lang.

“That.” Shen Yi smiled and pointed at the distance.

In the light of the setting sun, a British ship was appearing at the far end of the horizon, slowly moving over the sea.


HMS Rover came from the wind and waves.

As a light frigate, it had sunk two ships in two naval battles, setting an impressive record. Its commander, Baron Igor Orthop, was a proud young man who was eager to defeat the enemy and let himself take another step.

In the field of vision of the telescope, five merchant ships were emerging parallel to each other.

The baron’s mouth curled in slight disdain: “These nasty smugglers must learn to pay for their own greed.”

Turning around, he gave a loud command: “Turn 50 degrees right! Gunners in place!”

HMS Rover number slowly passed its hull and used one of its sides to face the merchant ship.

Hong Lang confused and asked, “What does this mean? What are they doing?”

The captain, Courtney, was frightened and shouted: “Damn, they’re going to fire! They’re going to attack us!”

Since the naval guns were mostly located on two wings, when fighting at sea, the warring sides always used their own side to aim at the enemy’s front as much as possible, thus using a powerful firepower advantage to defeat the opponent.

When a warship traversed the hull immediately after seeing you, the meaning it represents was self-evident.

At the next moment, dozens of naval guns on HMS Rover’s were fired towards the merchant ship.

Despite being the 16th-century artillery, the power could not be compared with those of real cannons, but it was sufficient for dealing with wooden merchant ships.

On the surface of the sea, a giant water column was shot by shells. It was as if numerous fountains were in bloom at the same time.

A few shells landed on Maxim Manor, shattering a boat and several sailors wailing into the water.

“Damn, my boat!” Hong Lang yelled heartily.

He was now beginning to understand the problem of maritime operations. Adventurers may not be afraid of these ordinary shellings, but ships and sailors were.

No ship, no sailor, how could he complete the Main Quest?

It was equal to a fatal weakness Bloody City made for them.

When NPC of the mission world was not strong enough, the difficulty was adjusted through the Mission Mode – this was an important conclusion that Shen Yi got.

At this moment, the shells flew to the merchant ships one after another, hitting several merchant ships one after another. The sailors ran the call sign and wood chips fluttered everywhere.

The East India Company’s British fleet was more greedy than pirates, crueler than pirates, and absolutely not vulnerable to any possible violation of their interests.

Hong Lang shouted: “Shen Yi, what are you waiting for? Why didn’t you hit the boat?!”

When fighting at sea, ranged firepower was the most important. Although they did not know what Quest they would get was before they arrived, team Break Blade made full preparations for the remote exchange of fire.

However, Shen Yi raised his head and said: “No, you can’t break the boat. I want to capture it!”

“What did you say?” Everyone was stunned for a moment, Shen Yi waved his left hand, and Vampire Touch silently cutting a springboard into two.

Grabbing the springboard and flinging into the sea, Shen Yi jumped into the sea and said, “I’ll go and capture the boat. You protect my boat!”

“WTF! What can I use to protect the boat!?” cried Hong Lang.

“Use your body.”

“Damn!” Hong Lang stumbled.

It was at this time that a shell came and the wave rushed up against the shell without hesitation, and the big iron bomb hit him heavily, painfully licking his teeth. Just because of his current physical, this kind of gun really couldn’t hurt him much.

As soon as he landed, Wen Rou looked at him with sympathetic eyes and said: “That artillery shell has missed. It was originally going to fly above our heads. Why did you have to stop it?”

Hong Lang was suddenly dumbfounded.


As if surfing, Shen Yi stepped on the springboard and rolled over the rogue in the waves. In the past, he would not be able to do this, but the ability of Basic-level Swimming Forte, and coupled with the high control effect of Delicacy, it was easy to complete this seemingly impossible feat.

In the vast sea, Shen Yi seemed to be walking straight in the wind on a leaf boat, so that everyone was stunned and even the artillery fire on the ships stopped for a moment.

The old captain Courtney kept rowing cross: “The son of Poseidon, the son of Poseidon…”

At this moment, he was already full of trust and adoration for Shen Yi.

Baron Igor Orthop received a single-lensed telescope and pointed at the sinking waves on the sea: “Aim at him!”

The muzzles of at least three guns turned to Shen Yi at the same time.

However, for high-speed, smaller-sized targets, the hit rate of this old artillery could be far worse. Cannonballs exploded around Shen Yi. The churning waves turned out to be a better place for people to use. In the blue sea and blue sky, they rushed through the waves and scampered in the rain. He was like a flying fish, smart and fast, go straight to the target.

Seeing Shen Yi coming closer and closer, a group of British navy soldiers rushed onto the deck and pointed at the long barrels of fire in their hands.

Shen Yi’s right-handed musket fired up, and a series of bullets flew. With his current Firearm Forte, he did not need to aim at these soldiers.

However, at this time, Shen Yi suddenly felt uneasy.

A flap on the ship’s side of HMS Rover suddenly opened. A black hole’s barrel protruded from the inside. Its caliber was larger than other guns, but the speed was faster.

The fire at the muzzle flashed, accompanied by a huge roar, and a shell was fiercely flying to sink.

Dodging instinctively, his body bent down and the shells flew over his head and landed on the sea more than ten meters behind him. The waves caused by the impact immediately covered him.

At the same time, two equally-caliber guns protruded, slamming into the sea, shaking the waves over the sea, and artificially torrential rain fell over the entire area.

“What kind of shot is that?” cried Wen Rou.

The old captain, Courtney shuddered: “British people’s new fast guns, they rely on this cannon to defeat the Spanish Armada, that is their masterpiece!”

“No, it is not a British masterpiece.” Jin Gang did not respond well.

There was no doubt that the strength of these British ships has been enhanced by Bloody City so that they have more powerful artillery to deal with adventurers.

After a round of artillery offensives was over, the sea finally recovered its calm, but they could no longer see Shen Yi.

“Shen Yi, are you okay?” Hong Lang shouted: “Quickly answer me!”

No reply.

Everyone’s heart turned cold.

Was it possible that an old warship could make Shen Yi buried in the sea?

At this moment, a flying claw suddenly flew out of the sea and was grabbing the master of HMS Rover.

A figure flew out of the water, and the man was in the air. The muzzle had been fired with bullets burning in the sky.

As the bullets flew, Shen Yi had landed on the deck, his left-handed Vampire Touch had swiped at the soldier’s throat. Since he had battled with the Northern adventurer in X-men, he especially liked his throat-cutting trick.

The soldier took a few steps back and held his throat, but he was not dead. Instead, he took out a sword and rushed up.

Shen Yi was surprised, he immediately used Appraisal.

“British Navy Soldiers: Defense 6, Life 120. Equipment Weapons: One-Handed Swords (unranked), Attacks 7-12. Advanced-level Swimming Forte.”

Advanced-level Swimming Forte: In the special terrain such as ships to fight, with 20% of play plus. When fighting in the water, all attacks, moving speeds, and attack speeds will be reduced by 40%.

Although the strength of these naval soldiers was limited, on the ship to combat it could better play its own strength, no wonder that a soldier could survive his fatal attack.

Shen Yi deceived the soldier and the left arm bent forward, clinging to the soldier’s head and twisting it, twisting the soldier’s neck completely. This technique was Yin-Yang Opposite in Bone and Joint Dislocation Hands. The soldiers squatted and attacked two consecutive critical attacks and died on the spot.

Seeing Shen Yi was unharmed, Hong Lang exclaimed with excitement: “If you don’t die yet, why didn’t you answer?!”

“Try to speak in the water.” Shen Yi replied, and a dozen other navy soldiers rushed over.

No. 1 was escalated, and Shen Yi ordered: “Kill them!”

“According to your wishes, sir.”

The T-1000’s right arm changed into a sharp sword and cut towards those soldiers.

Shen Yi lifted his right hand and lifted him. Flying claws had brought him up high and he flew to the command tower. Vampire Touch stabbed towards Baron Igor Orthop…

To capture the bandits, capture their leader! (TL’s note: this is one of Thirty-Six Stratagems in the Art of War)

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