Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 24

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 24: HMS Rover (Part 2)

Vampire Touch, like a shadowless poisonous snake, cut towards the Baron. The Baron’s reaction was very fast, as his right-handed sword stopped it. Although he couldn’t see the dagger, he also saw his soldiers were being cut off at the throat by the “hands” of Shen Yi.

When the dagger tapped on the one-handed sword, Shen Yi flashed to the sideways, his left leg silently kicked at the baron. However, the baron once again out of his expectations: dodged horizontally, blocking Shen Yi’s attack, the right-handed sword quickly stabbed at him again.

This stab came quickly and violently, Shen Yi countered it with Thunder Strike.

The bare fist hit the blade, blood leaked out of Shen Yi’s left fist, but Baron Orthop even backed a few steps, apparently seriously injured.

Shen Yi quickly used Appraisal:

“Commander of the British Royal Navy light frigate HMS Rover, Sir Igor Orthor: Low level swordsman, Defense 12, 240 HP. Passive ability: Quick Sword, increased attack speed when using sword weapon. Equipment: One-handed sword (Rank D), attack power 9-16. Expert-level Swimming Forte.

Expert-level Swimming Forte: In the special terrain such as the boat figHMS, has the forty percent bonus. When fighting in the water, all attacks, moving speeds and attack speeds will be reduced by 30%.

It is no wonder that this Baron’s sword is so fast. Not only there is even a passive ability to increase the attack speed when using a sword, but he also had a 40% bonus on water.

But even so, he was still far weaker than Shen Yi.

Shen Yi chuckled and moved forward, a consistent continuous attack officially launched.

He was now becoming more and more accustomed to this normal attack mode without skill, relying on his own high-speed continuous blows, giving him a sense of pleasure comparable to smoking marijuana. In order to further exercise his own special combat method, Shen Yi even weakened his attack strength in particular to avoid this “weak and frail” captain being beaten to death by himself.

Although Baron had poor Vitality, and having no combat skills, his reaction speed was not slow. The passive ability of the Swift Sword made it possible for him to always block several times during Shen Yi’s offensive. This also made Shen Yi’s interest rise higher and higher.

At the excitement, Shen Yi swung his arm and swept his opponent. Baron Orthop walked to the left and was catching Shen Yi’s right arm. Since Shen Yi’s right arm swept from the inside to the outside, it would have been impossible for Shen Yi to hit him. However, Shen Yi’s right arm suddenly bent and moved snake-like, sliding out the Baron’s palm and slamming into the baron’s face.

This wasn’t the only bad thing: Baron only felt that it was a dark and dizzy sight.

“Your attacks cause Blinding effect on the target. The target is in a temporary state of blindness for 3-12 seconds.”

The Baron wielded his long sword in his hands and tried to attack Shen Yi. Unfortunately, Shen Yi only moved his body from side to side, easily avoiding Baron’s attacks.

In fact, he was also shocked at the moment.

The snake-like attack just now was also out of his expectation. Unexpectedly, the Aggile effects of Winged Serpent Martial Art can actually reverse the bending of one’s arms, and it can make the skin feel slippery and difficult to detect. The current layer is only 1, so the effect is not significant, and the odds of special effects are not high. Once Winged Serpent Martial Art is trained to a higher layer, it would have a better effect.

As for the Blinding effect, it won’t make him too surprised. He just attacked the Baron with dozens of fists and calculated that even a 2% chance should trigger something.

Seeing the baron fall into a state of blindness, Shen Yi also had no intention of giving him the chance to recover. He quickly cut his throat and tossed his head from the top and stabbed him with his hand.

Skill Steal, activated.

“Skill Steal success, acquire the item: Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Swimming).”

Shen Yi didn’t expect that he could easily get such a good thing.

Although Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Swimming) was far less valuable than Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting), in the current world, the former was more practical than the latter.

It could be seen that the Pirates of the Caribbean was a water world, the rewards are mostly related to water. In order to prove this point, he continued to use Steal against other sailors. He used it for more than ten times but did not get any benefit. His Steal had no cooldown time and they can be used at will, but the success rate is not high.

Seeing these dead people could no longer give him any benefit, he kicked all the bodies into the sea one by one.

Bloody Crest prompted: “You killed the captain of the light frigate HMS Rover and all the sailors. You received a reward of 250 BP.”

The baron’s strength was too low, even the reward was also very poor, not as valuable as the scroll he plundered.

At this time, the naval soldiers on the frigate had also been killed by No. 1. HMS Rovers easily fell into the hands of Shen Yi. During this time, except the one time he was surprised by its sudden attack, everything went smoothly.

Once again, Bloody Crest reminded: “Team Break Blade captured the light frigate HMS Rover . You can now choose to occupy or destroy it. If you choose to destroy it, you get 250 BP. Choose to occupy at least 20 sailors. The Royal Navy The warship sequence will be deleted and you cannot use it to disguise close to any British ship. The appearance of the warship will change significantly and will not give any BP after being destroyed.”

“Damn it!” Everyone groaned at the same time.

Bloody City had already taken into account Shen Yi’s plan to impersonate the British ship. These warships weren’t strong in a melee fight, their dread was mainly came from guns. If you can occupy a warship, you can take this opportunity to raid other British ships.

But obviously this plan had been thwarted.

However, he has understood the BP calculation method of the warships. The price of the boat was half the price, and the price of people was the other half. This light frigate was obviously the cheapest kind of warship, worth 500 points. If he chose to occupy, he could only harvest one half.

However, Shen Yi still made a decision: “Choose to occupy.”

Hong Lang was puzzled: “Where do you intend to get the sailors from? Do you plan to abandon The Potato? It doesn’t make much sense, this ship is no better except for a few more guns.”

“Who said that I would give up The Potato? Others may not have sailors, but I have!” Shen Yi smiled.

With his hand raised, ten airborne soldiers have appeared.

“Clean up the deck and get ready to sail!” Shen Yan ordered loudly.

Hong Lang and others rolled their eyes.

These airborne battalions were used as labour forces anywhere they went. Their practice of servitude seemed more promising than cannon fodder.

Although the paratroopers were not part of the navy, they are special forces and good at fighting on various terrains. For them, every airborne was highly likely to land on the surface of the water, but it would not drown or swim. Although there was a lack of knowledge about this type of old-fashioned warship, it did not matter that hundreds of soldiers have their own specialties. It may be difficult for all of them to have ability to drive a boat, but there was no problem with the limited number of people, not to mention adventurer’s help.

The big advantage of a large population base was that you could always find talent that suits your needs.

Shen Yi later summoned ten elite soldiers, including Lyle, Frost and Ralph.

Then he took out the summoned soldier’s equipment.

“Lyle, this is your demolition soldier badge and soldier’s backpack, the acid bomb in the backpack and the C4. Protecting these equipment is like protecting your life.”

“Yes, sir!”


“Yes, sir!” the young soldier Arias stepped forward. It was this young soldier who had survived the World War II mission because of Shen Yi’s rescue, who was also an important factor for Shen Yi to get the Medal of Honor. He is currently the best sniper in 2nd Paratrooper Battalion.

“The sniper badge and sniper rifle are for you. There are 3,000 sniper bullets in your backpack. I hope you enjoy it.”

“Thank you, sir!” Arias smiled innocently.

Shen Yi readily took out a M72-750 rocket launcher from the Bloody Crest. Compared to the rocket launcher used in the world of World War II, this rocket launcher was obviously more advanced, and could be used permanently, but worth up to 3,000 BP.

“Frost, Ralph, this is for you. It’s up to you. The backpack is used by Ralph. There are three hundred rockets in it. I can’t use them without my command.”

The rocket launcher was bought from the city, but rockets were brought in from the home world. The remaining two Rank D Scroll of Identify, Shen Yi used them to carry out a large number of bullets, rockets and explosives.

Both Frost and Ralph were officers and were good at leadership rather than rocket launchers. Shen Yi gave them a rocket because the two previous missions wanted them to be protected. He couldn’t dare to allow them to take part in the fighting. As a result, the two battalion commanders were still level 1.

With rocket launchers, the upgrading of these two officers would help greatly.

Only by allowing Frost and Ralph’s levels to go up, could Shen Yi confidently use them boldly.

“Yes, sir!” The two officers responded at the same time.

“Others use the M12 assault rifle. Dabinit, Evans, you both use the flight pack. Habib, Knight, John, you three each have a saber. Everyone, one bulletproof vest and a pair of military boots.”

Dabinit and Evans were the most accurate control points in all airborne forces and were good at air glide. Habi, Knight and John were fighting specialists and were good at close combat. If the wrestling special scroll wasn’t so expensive, it was possible to let his soldiers learn all the wrestling tricks.

The last remaining elite soldier Gan Boer was a navy expertise, had a vast knowledge of naval battle. Shen Yi did not provide him with equipment, but arranged for him to be the captain of the HMS Rovers.

The soldiers hailed a military salute to Shen Yi and began to distribute the equipment.

These equipment had long since been allocated to them. It was just a summoning that required BP, and Shen Yi did not want to waste it. Therefore, he waited until he entered the mission world before he allocated them.

The ten elite soldiers were all the highest rank soldiers in their hands. Among them, Lyle 5, Arias, Dabinit and Evans were 3, and the others were all 2, which are all very close to 3 levels. Just summoning elite soldiers would cost 840 points. Together with the previous ten ordinary soldiers, they spent a total of 990 points. When he entered the world this time, he only left a total of 1,000 points. Now he only has 260 points in his hand. It can be said that in order to deal with Team Strike The Blood, Shen Yi’s soldiers had to be summoned and the blood points had to be spent till it reached single digits.

With these equipment, the combat and survivability of the soldiers had obviously increased by a large margin.

Among them, Lyle had the highest attributes.

Lyle Charlemagne, Level 5 soldier. Strength 14, Agility 14, Vitality 14, MP 24, Will 12. The specialty is xingjing god. Expertise: Directional blasting. Learnable skills 1, limited to blasting skills. Summon requires a blood point of 150 points. The soldier can be equipped and can be strengthened.

Current equipment:

M12 assault rifle, gun kinetic energy bonus 8, using normal bullets, bullet damage 6.

Soldier Backpack: Can carry 2 cubes of space items.

Bulletproof vests: Increased Defense by 5 points, and reduce received firearm damage by 20%.

Military boots: can be used for walking on special terrain, not affected by the terrain.

The demolition soldier badge: all attributes increased by 3 points, when using explosives, damage increased by 10%. Exempt a fatal attack/per mission world.

Carry explosives: acid bomb, C4.

With such equipment and attributes, the soldier Lyle was equivalent to a weaker adventurer in the Slums District. If it was carefully analyzed, it is similar to Shen Yi’s before he entered the world of World War II missions, only, the soldier lacked the skills.

Without considering the investment needed to equip it, the 150-point summoning price alone could get such a soldier was definitely worth buying and selling. Unfortunately, other soldiers had to be developed to a level 5 and they had a long way to go. However, with the equipment, they were at least not as easily sacrificed as before.

Having completed all this, Shen Yi had completely cemented his control of the HMS Rovers.

“I have finished on this side. How are you over there?”

Jin Gang replied: “Okay, that is, Maxim Manor is a bit miserable. Can your Activation repair the ship?”

“…It is reasonable to say that everything that is invented by mankind and used to serve mankind can be regarded as a machine, but something like a wooden boat is still not an area of ​​application for Activation.” Shen Yi replied with frustration.

Because of Shen Yi’s attack, HMS Rover’s artillery firepower gradually turned down, finally making the danger to the merchant ship greatly reduced. Even then, Maxim Manor had also received four shots and lost two sailors. The Princess Ivana and the Beautiful Lover each had a shot. The Young Boy was unharmed, every round of shells hitting the young boy was blocked by Fatty’s own body. His Mana Shield was broken but he did not receive any real harm.

Despite this, everyone still saw the power of the Royal Navy. The strength of a 500-BP light frigate was actually not strong, but their long-range firefighting was indeed a great deal of trouble. This was only a light warship. If it was heavy ship, they couldn’t imagine how much damage it can inflict.

The navy warships are like this. So what about a pirate ship?

On the Caribbean sea, HMS Rover had led five merchant ships to continue their march towards their destination.

Adventurers did not know how many dangers there would be in the future, but it was certain that this naval battle in the Caribbean sea had only just begun.

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