Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 25

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 25: Warning

The sun had risen from the end of the sea by half.

Dawn spread on the sea, creating gold ripples on the waves.

The calm sea is vast and charming.

Shen Yi sat on the bow of the HMS Rover, tucked in to enjoy this stunning sea view, overlooking the distant heaven.

Wen Rou walked behind him, placed a hand on his shoulder: “When you are here, it is a good time to sit and see the scenery.”

Shen Yi laughed: “When I was young, I once dreamed to be a traveler, who traveled all over the world, went to every good-looking and fun place. But unfortunately, the dream was always a dream, I don’t have that strength, and I don’t have enough money. I did not think that after coming to Bloody City, I would have the opportunity to complete this dream.”

After saying that, Shen Yi has counted his fingers: “The beautiful Romanian snow-capped mountains, the lingering European Rhine River, the bustling New York City nightscape, the mourning of the end of Los Angeles, and the chaotic and disorderly Caribbean Sea… …we can not only visit any corner of the world horizontally, but also go back to the end of time to see the origin and disappearance of human beings. We can even go to the distant lands of vast and distant universes that have never been visited before and begin another period of time. Life… Don’t you think it’s fun?”

Wen Rou lovingly inclined her head: “Do you like the sea or outer space more?”

Shen Yi replied: “The sea is vast but the sky is wider.”

“It seems that you still yearn for more space in the sky, and I’m afraid that my life will be too stressful so I don’t have much time to appreciate the scenery.”

“So we must seize the time to enhance ourselves.” Shen Yi said.

“It’s not easy to relax if you are facing the enemy.”

“The sun always rises, no matter how the world changes…” Shen Yi said profoundly: “Is there any interest in fishing with me? Let’s relax if the enemy hasn’t come yet.”

“Well, I’ll call them all over.” Wen Rou laughed.

Everyone ran when overhearing that Shen Yi was going to fish. Hong Lang laughed while holding a fishing rod and said: “Haha, finally I can find a place that l am better at than you.”

Shen Yi was very surprised: “Can you fish?”

“You asked the right person,” said Hong Lang, reluctantly. “When I was young, I used to go fishing with my dad.”

“That’s good, see who catches more.” Shen Yi said.

“Do not involve me.” Jin Gang replied: “I have never gone fishing before.”

Wen Rou laughed: “Me too.”

Fatty was honestly picking up the fishing rod: “I know a bit.”

Five people sat on the bow and fished together while gossiping.

In two hours, everyone had caught at least one fish.

Hong Lang, who boasted the loudest, had caught only two fishes. To explain this failure, he said: “Sea fishing is not the same as river fishing. I have not tried it before.”

Shen Yi caught one. He was doing this on a whim, and he hadn’t gone fishing before. It did not matter if he won or lost.

Wen Rou and Jin Gang didn’t even touch the fishing rod.

Surprisingly, the best fishing technique was displayed by Luo Hao. In two hours, he had already picked up five big fish.

Wen Rou was quite unconvinced by this: “I didn’t expect Fatty to have such a hand.”

Luo Hau smiled: “I used to go to the sea with my dad and played several times fishing. If you want to learn, I will teach you. It is actually very simple.”

Shen Yi smiled and said: “Sure enough, the louder the boast, the more useless when acting for real. Hong Lang, you should learn modesty from him.”

Hong Lang’s face was red: “I was always better than you. If you have the ability, then catch five like him.”

Shen Yi was going to say that he couldn’t do it but suddenly stopped himself from finishing the sentence.

He swung the fishing rod and activated Communication.

Thoughts were like silk, spreading to all life around him.

Shen Yi consciously skipped the Wen Rou and other people, explored the consciousness in the sea, and tried to establish a spiritual connection with the fish in the sea.

Communication was actually the ability to connect one another’s souls.

This kind of spiritual connection does not require the expression of language. Instead, it directly communicates through thought directly, so it can establish a communication channel with any life. The lower the life form, the lower the ability to think, the less energy it needs to consume, but the more meaning it can express.

He had never used Communication with fishes in the past, as their thinking was so simple that they could only eat, communicate slowly, and avoid danger, and therefore the ability had little effect on communicating with such a life. But what Shen Yi was doing was stimulating their eating instincts. Through Communication, the fish in the sea would know that the fishing rod have their favorite foods, and innumerable sea fish would rush to the hook.

Shen Yi reeled in his line and a big fish had been caught up by it. The poor fish kept biting at the food in the hook.

Shen Yi took the fish off and didn’t even look, continued to throw the fishing rod. Another big fish bit the hook.

He repeated a few times, and a big fish was caught each time. Countless fish on the sea churned and leaped out of the water. This scene stunned everyone.

“You…how did you do it?” asked Hong Lang, pointing to the scene before him.

His fishing rod waved several times, but those fish did not care about him.

Wen Rou quickly understood the key: “He uses Communication.”

Hong Lang suddenly realized this, pointing at Shen Yi and shouting: “You cheat!”

Shen Yi did not care.

He used Communication at that moment and built a bridge of communication with countless lives in the sea. He was having a lot of fun, simply expanding his influence, and conveying his thoughts farther away.

On the surface of the sea, a wave of responses took place. Countless fish leaped out of the water. These fishes were all a different breed, all of which were long and slender in shape. They were squid-brown with leopard prints on the leopard prints, lionfish on the leopard prints, and pimple-like prints. There were also various species of fish, such as golden threads and mottled groupers, that were named or unnamed, big or small, and the scenes were spectacular.

A white-spotted star shark also swam in a hustle and bustle, wagging its tail in the water, swaying the sea with the most graceful gestures, and turning around the HMS Rover.

Everyone who saw this was stunned and Hong Lang was screaming even louder: “When will it be possible for your ability to be powerful enough to control all living beings in the sea?”

Shen Yi smiled and answered: “It’s not controlling. It’s just communication. Professor X said that communication is the power of the soul. To use it well, you have to learn to control your own mind. I didn’t quite understand before, but I was always limited to energy, but now I understand.”

He raised his right hand and pointed to the numerous fish in the sea and said: “Energy is only a driving force, it is a foundation that supports our ability to use, but the same motivation, in the hands of different people, plays a different role, it is like the same car. There is also a difference in the level of energy consumption. Controlling your own mind is the key to mastering communication, letting go of your own heart and understanding them. The demand for energy consumption will be greatly reduced.”

“With fewer calculations and more understanding and tolerance”, this was the advice Professor X gave to Shen Yi. He had never forgotten.

That was to say, to establish communication with so many people at the same time was a matter of great expense, and Shen Yi quickly lacked energy.

Fish scattered across the surface of the sea regained their calmness.

There were occasional and distant cries in the distance.

It was dolphins who had been attracted. After losing their spiritual connection, they still refused to leave. They rushed around and searched for something near the Roamer. From time to time they yelled.

“Why is it still unwilling to leave?” Luo Hao asked curiously.

“It is looking for the partner that attracted it, wondering why it suddenly disappeared.”

“You mean…” The crowd widened their eyes and looked at Shen Yi. He nodded: “Communication is just the method to establish contact. Facing different lives and different needs, you must know how to meet their needs and know what they want before they can be driven by you.”

“So you say it is falling in love with you?” Wen Rou smiled.

“…” Shen Yi fell silent.

The dolphins in the sea were still buzzing from time to time, and their voices were slightly mournful.

Luo Hao murmured: “It looks like it is very sad, it does not know it was deceived.”

“No, it is singing love songs.” Shen Yi Road.

“Singing love songs?”

“Yes, singing love songs. Dolphins are the smartest creatures in the world. They have intelligence and emotions that are second only to human beings. They can express more content. They can sing love songs and have their own expression of meaning.”

“Maybe you can translate?” Wen Rou blinked and looked at Shen.

Shen Yi smiled and whispered:

“From the distant world, you broke into my heart and bewitched me.

Beloved girl, your beauty quietly conquered me.

I’m infatuated with you.

My heart loves involuntarily, my mind is swayed, and I look around for your image.

I ask you, the girl I love: Are you willing to be my intimate partners?

I am dedicated to you my most precious treasure.

Who are you in love with?

The danger from the faraway sea is approaching.

When the red clouds rise, please accept my accompany and caring …”

Shen Yi’s voice was low and sad, and everyone listened.

Hong Lang opened his mouth: “Are you sure this is a love song written by a dolphin?”

“No.” Shen Yi shook his head: “I helped it to make some changes… It was originally intended to give its unknown lover a fish.”

“…” Everyone looked at each other, then suddenly burst into laughter at the same time.

On the opposite, Luo Yan heard something: “What do you mean by the end? What is ‘the danger from the faraway sea’, ‘When the red clouds rise’? Why do I feel there are some problems in these words…”

“Some words are not quite right? It sounds like we are talking about us?” Shen Yi’s eyes curved slyly.

He took a look at everyone and whispered in a low tone: “Yeah, that’s what I just discovered. The dolphin… It was before it came here that it saw a boat… a flag with blood ferry.”

“Team Strike The Blood, they caught up.”

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