Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 26

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 26: Assault (Part 1)

Young Widow had first sailed at the forefront of the fleet.


This was the symbol of the captain, also the soul of the team.


Xie Rongjun stood at the bow of the ship and 11 members gathered behind him.


Far from the vast horizon, on the ground film line, five small black spots appeared.


“Captain! We’re catching up!” The voice of his own members rang in his ears.


“I see. Lan Bin, speed up for all boats, this time we can not let them run!” Speaking of the last word, Xie Rongjun gritted his teeth in anger.


He actually let Shen Yi and his people slip from under his eyes.


These damn bastards, I did not know one of them learned a transform skill and made a fool of me!


However, in combat, that skill would be useless.


The breezes hovered in the air gathered and turned into invisible power. The sails blew up and the speed of twelve merchant ships suddenly accelerated.


Wind Control (Class Skill): The basic ability of Wind Mage. Can be used to lead the wind, but there is no attack power.


The ship was advancing in the wind and waves, slamming ripple waves, and the black spots in the field of vision gradually enlarged. They were turned into five large sea vessels.


It seemed that realizing the chasing from behind, these vessels stopped moving and lay in horizontal rows, quietly waiting for the arrival of the rear ships. This looked more like a certain kind of trap.


Team Strike The Blood did not stop in the slightest. They did not come to stay and observe, but to fight and kill.


Twelve ships formed a thick arrow and came straight at the enemy as if it were a huge pen*s heading to the sensitive spot, and there was only a desire to meet. So that their momentum was instantly raised to the top.


The momentum was sometimes so important, more important than everything.


Before the fight, two sides could use all the means to explore each other, but after came in contact, the situation often turned into “meet on a narrow road, the brave win”.


Xie Rongjun gained the captain position through fighting and killing. He knew the importance of momentum and knew that sometimes a hot-headed impulsive leader was more likely to be respected than a calm and calculating leader – at least the latter always wants others to charge, while the former charged himself forward.


When the fleet rushed to a distance of approximately 300 meters from the target, Xie Rongjun could clearly see Shen Yi’s grumpy smile without using a telescope.


The anger in his heart was ignited in an instant.


However, he could not make his ship go further.


A rocket whistled and flew to the fleet. A huge fireball was blown into the small widow’s hull.


The three sailors cried as they fell from the boat and fell into the water. Not just that, a sailor’s chest suddenly exploded with blood, and he fell to the deck with no sound.


“They have rocket launchers and sniper rifles!” Clown’s squeak voice sounded.


“Stop advancing, go back fifty meters!” Xie Rongjun shouted.


The wind direction suddenly reversed, and the ship was halted by hard living. Instead, the ship was blown backwards.


Behind Xie Rongjun, the adventurer who was wearing a white robe, had a look of desperation on his face.


“Boss, they are very prepared! I can’t believe they had such heart to play with us using a long-range canon!” The one talking was a reverser team member, Lu Chio.


In combat at sea, the first was the contest of long-range firepower.


The main strength of team Strike The Blood was mainly reflected in the close combat, and their long-range strength was relatively weak. However, Shen Yi and others were prepared for a long time. Before entering the Pirates of the Caribbean, they deliberately purchased a lot of long-range weapons such as the rocket launcher. This created the current situation.


Regardless of the mission that the Pirates of the Caribbean world gave them, as long as the mission was carried out at sea, as long as the background is wide, the long-range weapons are better than any other equipment!


Shen Yi did not know this mission would have required the protection of the ship, otherwise he would give up studying Winged Serpent Martial Art to buy heavy guns, so fighting Xie Rongjun would be much easier. With heavy cannon in hand, no ship could bear a strike.


Even if this was the case, Shen Yi’s existing firepower was enough to make the opponent feel a headache.


In particular, he was using a sly tactic. His rockets only aimed at the ship. The sniper rifle only hit the sailor. He did not touch the adventurers, because he knew that it was not effective to deal with them. The ship and the sailors were the common weakness of all adventurers in this mission world.


“Chen Yi! Can you get to them?” Xie Rongjun yelled.


“No! This distance is too far, I didn’t have any skill that improves attack range.”


Xie Rongjun’s face became more and more twisted in fury.


The distance of three hundred meters was like a great wall that separated them. To break through this distance, they would have to pay a great cost.


After considering, Xie Rongjun said: “Lan Bin, you send us to their ship.”


“Three hundred meters away… Boss, I am afraid that my remaining MP is not enough to support that.” The adventurer in a white robe answered.


“There is no need to deliver all people.” Dreamy suddenly interrupted: “Look, Shen Yi was alone on the ship. Other member can’t be seen. They are definitely waiting to ambush us. If we’re all come to the other boat, they can take the opportunity to destroy our ships… in that case we will have a very big trouble.”


Xie Rongjun’s eyes narrowed slightly: “Interestingly, Shen Yi wants to play tactics with us. Since that’s his plan…. half of us, that is enough to deal with them. Ming, Arnold, Yu Li, Clown, Pandora. Five of you, come with me to kill Shen Yi. Everyone else, stay here.”


He seemed to have casually named people, but in fact it had been arranged carefully. Both Ming and Arnold were both close-combat fighters, suitable for being DPS. Ming’s Dimension Walk a great skill for chasing the escaper. Clown could counter healing skill. Pandora’s demonic summoning ability could deal with the paratroopers. Yu Li had the ability to disable the firearms and was the most suitable candidate to deal with special bullets.


Buying information was not to create trouble to the enemy, but was used to take action against them. With these members, even if Shen Yi summoned hundreds of airborne soldiers, he had no chance to escape.


In addition, there were six people on each side, and the power distribution was roughly equal. No matter which side Shen Yi wanted to attack, the remaining six people were more than sufficient to deal with him. Once another six people come together, it would form a pincer movement.


From a tactical point of view, there were no problems with such an arrangement, which gave advantage in both offensive and defensive.


Hearing Xie Rongjun’s arrangement, a full-body armored man took a step forward: “Boss, let me go too.”


“No. 47, your weight is too heavy. It would make Lan Bin use more MP, and you are not suitable for fighting at sea. It is better for you to stay!”




“I know what you want! Rest assured, I will bring Shen Yi back to you alive. He will not die until he spits out what you want!”


The armored man were not happy with the arrangement but didn’t dare to defy it.


The robes adventurer raised his hands and released six light groups one after another in the palms of the hand, covering Xie Rongjun and six others.


Wings of Wind (Class Skill): Give a target the flight ability. Continuously consumes MP according to the target’s weight.


Wings of Wind has no cooldown time and can be used continuously. It only needs to consume the MP of the caster when flying. Using Wings of Wind for the six people at the same time, Lan Bin’s mana was quickly drained, even with his attributes he could not persist too long.


After gaining the Wings of Wind, six men flew toward the sky at the same time. The distance of 300 meters was not a long distance when flying. Finally, when Xie Rongjun and others flew over the merchant ship and insisted that they would land, Lan Bin dispelled the skill, at this time his MP has already been consumed by half.


Six people including Xie Rongjun finally came to The Potato.




On The Potato’s deck, Shen Yi stood alone.


Seeing Xie Rongjun, he finally smiled.


“Finally, we meet again, Captain Xie.”


Xie Rongjun looked around coldly and scanned the ship. Except for those sailors who were shocked and scared, he couldn’t see any other adventurer.


“Yeah, we are indeed meeting again.” Xie Rongjun said in a cold tone of voice: “I guess you expected it right? For today’s battle, you prepared for a long time: Take the initiative to choose water world, using Swimming Forte to close the gap between us and purchase long-range weapons to deal with us. Your preparation seems to also sufficient.”


“If it’s just what you said, that’s not enough.”


“Yes.” Xie Rongjun nodded. He looked back at the ship behind him, then looked back at Shen Yi. “It seems that you also got some information about us, so you have some understanding of our strength. Knowing that both in terms of number and individual combat power, you can’t fight against us. Even if you have advantage in water, you can’t make up for this huge gap. At best, you’re getting a little closer. So, think about it, the best way to defeat us is to separate us.You deliberately used a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle to force our ship to get out of the way. You want us to divide it into two parts so that you can defeat a part by your collective power.”


Shen Yi’s face overflowing with a smile: “I know that trick can’t fool you.”


“But I still came. I knew your intentions, yet I still choose to take the initiative to divide.” Xie Rongjun said: “Do you know why?”


Not wait for Shen Yi to answer, Xie Rongjun already said to himself: “Because I want to give you an opportunity. The world’s most difficult to catch is not the wolf, not the tiger, the lion, but the rat. Rats are scared and timid, they know that they can not win against an opponent like humans, so it will never face humans. When you hit it, it will run away. But tigers and lions are different. They have strength. They think they can deal with humans, so when they see people, they don’t flee. Only if they do not run away, we have a chance to kill them.”


“So you deliberately divide your team and weaken your strengths, so that you gave me the opportunity. Only then would I not run away?”


“You have run once, haven’t you?”


Shen Yi shrugged.


What Xie Rongjun said was true. If he did not walk into Shen Yi’s trap and not divide his people into two parts, then the only thing Shen Yi could do was to escape.


For Xie Rongjun, he was absolutely not patient with playing hide-and-seek games with a small team.


Only by giving Shen Yi a chance, Shen Yi would gamble, and he would be able to quickly solve the problem.


Shen Yi took a look at Xie Rongjun: “Then you should already know that Hong Lang and several of them are preparing to ambush your comrades from under the water.”


“It’s true that they are lurking close, but successful attack is another matter.” Xie Rongjun smiled.


On the sea, four figures rushed out of water at the same time, bullets were sprayed towards Young Widow.


These figures were Hong Lang, Jin Gang, Wen Rou and Luo Hao.


The six adventurers who stayed on the ship had been prepared for the attack. At the same time, they launched the counterattack.


Looked at Shen Yi with cold eyes, Xie Rongjun showed a disdain smile: “Hey, my people are already ready. 6 vs 4, with strong vs. weak, your people will lose. As for you… Shen Yi, today is the day you meet death!”


Through the corner of his mouth, Shen Yi whispered a sneer: “You are not an idiot, Xie Rongjun, but you still made a mistake.”


“What?” Xie Rongjun said.


Shen Yi replied with a word and said, “I said… One of the biggest mistakes you made was that you ignored how I had slipped under your eyes.”


As Shen Yi’s words dropped, his face suddenly began to distort, and a metallic cold light appeared in Xie Rongjun’s eyes, revealing an astonishing silver brilliance.


Looking at this amazing scene, everyone was stunned.


Xie Rongjun finally realized that the one who can transform was not Shen Yi, or even anyone in his team!




Shen Yi actually owned a T-1000!


In the next moment, he finally realized and yelled at the team channel: “Be careful! Shen Yi is not here! He also went to ambush you!”


On the Caribbean Sea, another figure emerged rapidly from the bottom of the water. Spirit Flame Gun released a series of burning bullets, hitting Dreamy.


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